Tom Bradley International Terminal

Airlines that operate from Tom Bradley International Terminal
Tom Bradley International TerminalTom Bradley International Terminal
Airline Code Phone
Aer Lingus  EI  (800) 474-7424 
Aeroflot  SU  (888) 340-6400 
Air India  AI  (800) 223-7776 
Air Pacific  FJ  (800) 227-4446 
Air Tahiti Nui  TN  (877) 824-4846 
Alaska Airlines  AS  (800) 426-0333 
All Nippon Airways (ANA)  NH  (800) 235-9262 
Asiana Airlines  OZ  (800) 227-4262 
British Airways  BA  (800) 247-9297 
Cathay Pacific Airways  CX  (800) 233-2742 
China Airlines  CI  (800) 227-5118 
China Eastern  MU  (626) 583-1500 
China Southern  CZ  (888) 338-8988 
Copa Airlines (Panama)  CM  (800) 359-2672 
El Al Israel Airlines  LY  (800) 352-5747 
EVA Air  BR  (800) 695-1188 
Japan Airlines  JL  (800) 525-3663 
Korean Airlines  KE  (800) 438-5000 
LAN (Chile)  LA  (866) 435-9526 
LAN (Peru)  LP  (866) 435-9526 
LTU International Airways  LT  (866) 266-5588 
Lufthansa  LH  (800) 645-3880 
Malaysia Airline  MH  (800) 552-9264 
Mexicana Airlines  MX  (800) 531-7921 
Philippine Airlines  PR  (800) 435-9725 
QANTAS  QF  (800) 227-4500 
Singapore Airlines  SQ  (800) 742-3333 
Spirit Airlines  NK  (800) 772-7117 
Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.  LX  (877) 359-7947 
Thai Airways  TG  (800) 426-5204 
United Airlines -
Paper Tickets and Non Ticketed
UA  (800)241-6522 
Varig Brazilian Airlines  RG  (800) 468-2744 

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ben BEHAR (not verified)

i love lax every much its every nice in sied it and you all are every nice and my feavrit terminal is tom bradley international a lot so rite back and tell me whant you think a but this comment

Anonymous (not verified)

How do I get from terminal 4 to the Tom Bradley terminal after my arrival


Hi, we are travelling from London to Melbourne Australia next year transiting through LAX and departing from the same terminal. Do we have to clear customs or can we just go through international transfer to the departure lounge? We have about 4hrs between flights. Would really appreciate comments. Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)


brian (not verified)

can anyone asdvise route from tom bradley to terminal 3

Anonymous (not verified)

Walk out the door and turn left. It's next door.

Anonymous (not verified)

i'm flying to fiji with 2 small kids, and have a 6 hr lay over, is there a play area somewhere?

Anonymous (not verified)

I want to get a driving map from USC medical hospital at 500 San Pablo St Los Angeles to Tom Bradley International terminal.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm flying in from Denver to LAX, and will be departing from Tom Bradley International Airport. The layover is 5 hours, where can I go at the terminals with a 2 year old boy? Is there a playarea or rest area?

Anonymous (not verified)

I've never flown through LAX before,
is there a transit system between the terminals?
I arrive at terminal 4 but then have to go to the
international terminal to recheck in and catch
a flight.
I have quite a long layover, but I'm a somewhat
paranoid traveler.
So is there a transit system?

Mexicana Passenger

I will be picking up a passenger from Mexicana Airlines and need to park in the parking structure closest to Mexicana. Once in the terminal, what is the closest way to get to the baggage claim area? I have trouble walking & can't be wandering around. Please direct me with the closest way possible. I do not wish to pick up curb side or take any shuttles, etc. This must be a personal pick-up to help with luggage. Thank you.


can anyone help...I've been trying to travel almost from the other side of the world to Mexico but looking for another route without crossing over the US as they want a transit visa which they refused to give. Can anyone know of any airline that will escort me from one terminal to my next flight out? I'm stucked and can't afford the airfare around the world to get to Mexico.

Mexicana Passenger

Thanks John for your insight and great information. Although it's not 'good' news for me or my passenger, it gives me a heads up to make an alternate plan. Have never traveled internationally before, so had no idea what to expect. I think I've narrowed it down that Mexicana is closest to parking structure 4. Appreciate your time in replying. Thanks again!

John Taylor (not verified)

I am assuming that since the airline is Mexicana, the passenger is coming from a location not in the United States (Mexico, probably). Since they are coming from out of the country, they must pass through customs. Before going through customs, they have to retrieve all of their luggage, therefore, you will not be able to meet them until they have already collected their luggage. Depending on the time of day of the flight arrival, you should be expecting them to come through the "cleared customs" area in Tom Bradley International Terminal about 30 to 60 minutes after their flight arrives (I have personally seen this be 2 1/2 hours, so your mileage may vary).

Bottom line is, you can't meet this person before they collect their baggage. Sorry!

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be on transit for about 5 hours in LAX after a very flight from Taipei. Is there any shower facilities to freshen up before catching next flight to MCO.

Mexicana Passenger

From reading on their site this morning, their aren't any. They suggest Gyms close to the airport. Information on these are available on this site. Try putting 'showers' in the search on their home page & you should come up with a link.

Anonymous (not verified)

Could Lufthansa have trouble with english language and they mean Terminal 8 or The Tom "B"radley International Terminal???
I'm finding so little on the LAX airport, that all I can find are indications that Lufthansa's actually at Terminal 7, no/yes/no telling as they don't answer their phone anytime in this century.

Anonymous (not verified)

hi......i will be picking up my daughter who will be arriving on China Air. she doesn't have a phone with her so we have to choose a meeting spot beforehand. I'm not familiar with the terminal. does anyone have any suggestions?

jimmy so (not verified)

I left a new Toshiba Protege silver laptop while passing through the security check at Tom Bradley Terminal on 21st may at 7pm. Please contact me at Singapore via email or hp +6563104648 for a reward. many thanks

Janet (not verified)

Can you please tell me how to get to the Tom Bradley Terminal from the 105 W freeway? THANKS!

sumi (not verified)

Please anybody let me know, How to go to TOM BRADLEY International Terminal from the Terminal 8? Is ther any shuttles available between two terminla or Is there any walking path between those terminal? This is my time going to flight myself, so I'm afarid to find the terminals...

Thanks for ur help!!!

Operations (not verified)

a) When leaving the terminal, you can take a 15 min stroll on the sidewalk to you left.
b) Catch the LAX Shuttle Bus (A), free shuttle to all terminals

Jay (not verified)

What is the quickest way to get from terminal 5 "Delta" to Tom Bradley International "Philippines airlines"...I am a 1st timer to LAX on march 24..when I get off at Terminal 5 do I go up, down, ??? Please help the newbie..thanks

Anonymous (not verified)


Your arrival gate puts you out on street level. Walk out to the street and turn& walk to your left. after you pass terminal 4 on your left, you will come to a corner which is end of the block. to the right of the corner is Bradley terminal. I have walked the distance in less than 7 minutes. Bradley street level is also good for departure. This is really simple, unlike JFK. Take care.

Sam Imani

Anonymous (not verified)

We are flying ANA from Singapore to LA and shall land at LAX at 10.45am. Our next flight on Mexicana to Guadalaraja is at 2.05pm. Is this 3hr 20min buffer sufficient? (as I understand that we have to clear Customs & Immigrations and go through Baggage Clearance at LAX). Thanks!

Seamus (not verified)

My wife is returning to the US from the Philippines on China Airlines and she will then connect to Northwest Airlines. This is a first time for her to being flying into the US by herself and she is a little worried about it. I have told her many times that this is really easy and she has nothing to worry about. Can you offer a guildline on what she will need to do after her China Air fight gets to LAX. Something I could pass on to her, and maybe who she can talk to at the airport if she is having a issue getting from one point to the other.

Thanks Lots
A husband with a worried young wife !!!!

apple (not verified)

can you buy a apple iphone from lax duty free shopping"?

jb (not verified)

Would someone kindly tell me if there is a first/business class lounge at TBIT for LAN CHILE passengers. Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

We will be arriving at the International Terminal with a connecting flight from T2 to New Zealand. Do we have to go through US immigration? also, as we have a 5 hours stopover, are there any shops, entertainment for smaller children, shower facilities etc available? i cannot get any info on the lax homepage so i rely on your help, thanks much!

Anonymous (not verified)

Will be reaching at this terminal on Cathay Pacific then I have to catch a flight to boston from terminal 4.Please tell me what is to be done? Where to take a terminal bus.

Anonymous (not verified)

A friend is flying out of the international terminal. Can I meet him at the International terminal for dinner? Will I have to go through security?

Anonymous (not verified)

there are a few resturants on the upper level of Bradley main hall. It won't be fine dining but they are restaurants. There are also a bunch of fast food places.

Lulu (not verified)

Where is the duty-free shop in lax airport?
Can you give a list of the brands in duty-free shops in lax airport?
If Clinique store is in the duty-free shop in lax airport,can you show me the goods on sale in the shop?