Tom Bradley International Terminal

Airlines that operate from Tom Bradley International Terminal
Tom Bradley International TerminalTom Bradley International Terminal
Airline Code Phone
Aer Lingus  EI  (800) 474-7424 
Aeroflot  SU  (888) 340-6400 
Air India  AI  (800) 223-7776 
Air Pacific  FJ  (800) 227-4446 
Air Tahiti Nui  TN  (877) 824-4846 
Alaska Airlines  AS  (800) 426-0333 
All Nippon Airways (ANA)  NH  (800) 235-9262 
Asiana Airlines  OZ  (800) 227-4262 
British Airways  BA  (800) 247-9297 
Cathay Pacific Airways  CX  (800) 233-2742 
China Airlines  CI  (800) 227-5118 
China Eastern  MU  (626) 583-1500 
China Southern  CZ  (888) 338-8988 
Copa Airlines (Panama)  CM  (800) 359-2672 
El Al Israel Airlines  LY  (800) 352-5747 
EVA Air  BR  (800) 695-1188 
Japan Airlines  JL  (800) 525-3663 
Korean Airlines  KE  (800) 438-5000 
LAN (Chile)  LA  (866) 435-9526 
LAN (Peru)  LP  (866) 435-9526 
LTU International Airways  LT  (866) 266-5588 
Lufthansa  LH  (800) 645-3880 
Malaysia Airline  MH  (800) 552-9264 
Mexicana Airlines  MX  (800) 531-7921 
Philippine Airlines  PR  (800) 435-9725 
QANTAS  QF  (800) 227-4500 
Singapore Airlines  SQ  (800) 742-3333 
Spirit Airlines  NK  (800) 772-7117 
Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.  LX  (877) 359-7947 
Thai Airways  TG  (800) 426-5204 
United Airlines -
Paper Tickets and Non Ticketed
UA  (800)241-6522 
Varig Brazilian Airlines  RG  (800) 468-2744 

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It would be nice to have this site updated with the information of the Airlines and there correct terminal.
Varig Airlines does not fly to Los Angeles and many other Airlines showing the incorrect terminal.
Please keep this updated it should not be dificult.
Thank you

Annie (not verified)

My 14-yr son is arriving from Cancun on Friday on Alaska Air. Do we pick him up in the Tom Bradley Int'l terminal? Does he go through customs and get funneled out to a common exit/baggage claim area? Is that where we would greet him? Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

If your son is 14 years old, usually Alaska Airlines will send one of their reps to escort the passenger out to the arrival lobby. In airlines, this term is also known as UMR or Unaccompanied Minor. Baggage claim is located right after he clears customs at the customs booth in the arrivals area. Once he clears customs, he needs to claim his bags in arrivals and proceed to the upper arrival area.

Diana (not verified)

I am worried about my connection flight.

I am arriving in LA from Australia at 4:30 with Vaustralia. Then, I have a connection to Vegas with United at 6:18. I was wondering if someone can explain me hot to get to the domestic airport? would it be enough time for me to get my flight.

thanks in advance for any assistance.

Anonymous (not verified)

When you leave the international airport, you can two things, you can either catch one of the free shuttles which can take you to the domestic terminal or you can walk to the terminal. If you hurry and don't dawdle when you arrive at LAX airport then you should make the connecting flight on time :)


Hi I'm arriving from Australia at 4:30PM but need to board another flight from Terminal 6 which takes off at 7PM can anyone please tell me how long it will take for us to get to terminal 6 I guess pending on the time it takes to get through immigration etc haven't been through LAX in a long while can anyone help please.

Anonymous (not verified)

It doesn't take too long at all. If you're arriving at Bradley terminal, then get past immigration and customs. As you walk up the exit ramp, there should be two lanes, one for connecting passengers. See if you can check your bags in for the connecting flight there. If you can't, just exit the terminal and look for the LAX Terminal shuttle (I think it's the Blue sign). Get on that bus and it's the third terminal (Bradley, 4, 5 then 6). Get off there and take either the escalator or elevator up to the departure level to check-in/ticketing/security/etc.

If you're flying Qantas, they're usually good on time so as long as your immigration goes smoothly and doesn't take much time, you should be OK. But I would definitely check that "Connecting Passengers" lane by all means. That might save you the headache of having to wait in line at T6.

Hope you have a nice trip!

G. C. Rankin (not verified)

Arrived 6-22 from Australia and connecting flight cancelled. Luggage off - luggage on - luggage off and new flight arranged for 6-23 to Ft. Worth/Dallas and then to Washington, DC. Now in Dallas - Not finding passport used last evening in customs at LAX and at the Quantas - American desks. Stayed in hotel arranged by airlines. Please quiry for this item possibly being found and notify us by email or 1-800-761-0905. Advise on matter. Thank you. Sincerely, GC PS. Copy of item available at this location.

Anonymous (not verified)

Is the arrival area to the Bradley terminal under constructio? If so were would I park to meet up with my family who are arriving from Hong Kong CX pacific airways June 15th??

Anonymous (not verified)

My son has to meet a group of people at Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. He has to meet in the Arrival Area B near the currency exchange counter. He has flown in to terminal 2 by virgin atlantic, the question is, is the tom bradley terminal a separate building to terminal 2 in which he arrived? and is the Arrival Area B in the tom bradley and has nothing to do with terminal 2?

Anonymous (not verified)

Since I bought separate tickets. The first one in Thai Airways leaving BKK and arriving at LAX. And then, 3 hours later, I leave from LAX to PTY on Copa Airlines, are my bags going to be checked all the way? If not, do I have to pick them up after passing through emmigrations and customs? Where would the Copa Airlines Counter be located so I can check my bags to PTY and get my boarding pass since I only have an e-ticket? Does COPA has a counter inside the terminal? or would I have to go out in order to check in my bags again?
Please, let me know if both airlines arrive at the same Terminal since they are both International Flights?
Thanks for your prompt response.

Anonymous Passenger (not verified)

Arrive on JAL and need to meet person after Immigration. What would be an ideal location that is comfortable for the waiting person?

Zerlina (not verified)

I m flying on May7 from Philadelphia to LAX on United Airlines (arriving 12PM).
My parents are flying from Beijing international Airport to LAX(arriving 6PM).
My parents don't speak English. I wonder if I could go from the United Airline terminal to pick them up at their gate at Terminal 2, the international arriving terminal.
Thanks a lot

DavidB (not verified)

I am picking someone up from a flight on Asiana Airlines, and it says "Terminal B". I assume that means Bradley International, right?

Anonymous (not verified)

My parents are traveling from Sydney to LA and then flying to Dallas, the DON'T speak english, and we haven't been ever in that airport. I will need a brief description of the route they should take from the TBIT to terminal 4 (from the international to domestic terminal).


Anonymous (not verified)

we are arriving to lax on virginamerica (terminal 3, although I do not see them on the list) at 7:50am on 4/9/09, and will be connecting to Mexicana Intl which departs at 11:00am. how is my time for connecting and should I not registerd luggage with virinamerica to save time. How long is the trip from terminal 3 to intl?

iflytoomuch (not verified)

terminal 3 to bradley is a short walk..

is it a code share flight? if so you shouldnt have to worry about your baggage after you check in the first time.

Anonymous (not verified)

How can I locate a family in the LAX airport? They don't have a cell phone and they were not able to get on their flight.
What phone number to call? Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

I fly in from Sydney into LAX, arriving at 9:15, have a flight with Delta from terminal 5. Need to go thru customs, get lugagge, check in with other airline (Delta), and have next flight at 11pm. Is there enough time?

Dr O

Please see the posting from the Title: Transit time for connecting Flight.

Dr O

Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be travelling on April 1,2009 to Toronto, Canada.
My question is, from Philippines-Lax-Toronto, can LAX be my stopover without having a US visa?

Please help


Dr O

You will need to apply for C1-Transit Visa.

Transit Visas
Transit visa applicants must establish to the satisfaction of the Consular Officer that they intend to pass in continuous transit through the United States and that they have a residence abroad that they do not intend to abandon. Transit aliens must have onward transportation arrangements to their final destination and permission to enter some country other than the United States following the transit through the United States, unless the alien submits satisfactory evidence that such advance permission is not required

Dr O

Anonymous (not verified)

My kids are traveling alone from Manila to Toronto with a stop over in LAX.
They will arrive in Tom Bradley Terminal, and will depart using Air Canada in Terminal 2.
I know that they need to pass through customs.
But do they need to pass through immigrations as well... even though they are just in-transit?

Dr O

See previous Posting on the same topic!

Dr O

Casey (not verified)

I am travelling from Vegas to LAX where I will then fly onto London, UK. Arrival time into LAX from Vegas is 15:12 (United Airlines) and flight to London with BA is 17:35. Will I have enough time to go from Terminal 8 to Tom Bradley International Terminal and how do I go about doing this?

Anonymous (not verified)

Can I get BA boarding pass while check in at Sacramento airport ?? The flight is UA 6491 SMF-LAX 1846-2011 , CONNECTING with BA 268 LAX-LHR 2115-1530. And please advise if the time is enough between Terminal 8 & Tom Bradley terminal. How about the luggage ?

iflytoomuch (not verified)

United operates international flights for terminal 6 not Bradley so you should be ok. Unless you have a broken leg and have to crawl over there :)

Dr. O (not verified)

You are cutting pretty close. Assume flight is on time, and luggage arrives promptly. It take around 10-20 minutes after you have your luggage to walk or shuttle to the next terminal.


Can you tell me which terminal at LAX do I leave from to fly Virgin Australia to Sydney on Monday 9th March VA 2

Taylor (not verified)

I am getting into LAX at 10:27am @ Terminal 2 and then my next flight is at 12 noon from Tom Bradley on Korean Air. I am very concerned and wonder if someone could answer me this. Do I have to go through US customs to get to TB Terminal (from Terminal 2)? And secondly is an hour and a half enough time to get between the two flights? Your help is appreciated.

Operations (not verified)

You will clear Customs when leaving Terminal 2. It's a 5 min stroll to the International Terminal from Terminal 2. You will check in with KE, take your luggage to X-ray (If not interlined at Terminal 2)and then proceed through security to your flight.

Anonymous (not verified)

We have a long layover at LAX on Monday Feb 16th. Is it easy to go to Disney? Universal Studios? or what do you suggest?



Anonymous (not verified)

Nothing is easy in LA, i live here. Disneyland is an hour or two (depending on traffic away)plus unless you have a two day layover its just not worth it. universal is closer but is still 30 to 60 minutes away. You need to rent a car which will take you another hour. Sorry, LA is tough.


which car rentals agencies are found at Tom Bradley International terminal?

Anonymous (not verified)

all of the majors.. I suggest that you take a cab to Fox Rent a Car which is about 5 mins outside of the airport and get a car there.. they are the cheapest car rental in the area...

or find out if they have a shuttle

OzWolf (not verified)

Hi all,

I am making an international transfer in LAX enroute from Melbourne, Australia to Frankfurt, Germany. I am flying United on a codeshare flight from Melbourne to LAX which arrives at Terminal 6 and then have 4 and a bit hours to transfer to the Tom Bradley International Terminal to catch my Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt.

I was wondering if I need to actually clear customs to transfer between terminals or does United provide a gate-to-gate transfer bus?


Joao de Deus (not verified)

Have a stopover at LAX between flights to NY and return.
Are there any duty free liquor stores available and what are the operating hours? Also if there is a website to check what is available etc. Arriving/departure at/from American Airlines/Qantas terminal.

Much obliged.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am arriving LAX on LAN at Tom Bradley terminal and connecting to American Airlines Terminal 4
Is there a connecting counter for American airlines upon exiting customs at Tom Bradley terminal ?


there is a common transfer counter for all airlines right after u pass custom luggage check.

Betsy (not verified)

I have the same eldery mother arrives at Tom Bradley and needs to get to terminal 4 for an onward flight to Fla using American Airlines. Can you please explain by what you meant by "common transfer counter" and exactly how she will get to terminal 4 and how far away is it.

Anonymous (not verified)

from Tom-Bradley terminal go out side turn right and its just a short walk to Terminal 4 (American airlines)

Anonymous (not verified)

We had to catch a flight early in the morning from another terminal. We decided to stay overnight at the airport and just sleep on the chairs. All the terminals closed down, and everyone was directed to the Bradly Terminal. It was so horrible. There were no “comfortable chairs”, but only metal benches and iron café chairs. Many people were sleeping there, obviously waiting for flights in the morning. They were sleeping on the hard metal benches or the iron café chairs that they had lined up. We decided to sleep on the carpet, and a janitor lady was nice enough to give us a piece of plastic to lie down on. All of that was pretty bad, but the worst part was that it was SO COLD inside. The AC was on and blowing cold air all night. I was like sleeping out on the porch. You could not sleep, and you could not get warm. Every other terminal I have been in has been kept at a reasonable temperature. My husband and I took turns sleeping and keeping watch, but really, everyone was having the same problems that we were. We would get up and wander around looking for a warmer spot, but people were leaving the other areas also looking for a warm spot. It was like being homeless. We saw a couple of people who were smart and brought their sleeping bags. It was the worst night I ever spent in my life.

Anonymous (not verified)

I know this post is over a year old, but seriously, I could not refrain from responding.

Lady, what in the hell did you expect?? A five star hotel?? I mean, c'mon. There are plenty of shuttel services that will take you to hotels that are right there at the aport -- and they dont charge you a thing.

You -- and anyone else who is looking to stay at the LAX should keep one thing in mind... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.... You wanna go cheap and not pay for a nice comfortable bed, then you may have to sleep on an "iron bench" and you may have to deal with the feeling of "sleeping on your porch." Other than that, DONT COMPLAIN...

God Bless America... :-)

Operations (not verified)

The International terminal in undergoing a complete renovation. This includes power, A/C, heat, gates, Customs, arrival hall, departure hall, arrival and departure concources, baggage handling, VIP lounges and food court, in other words a 723 million dollar renovation. Please accept our sincere apology for any discomfort experienced during our construction phase. Expected completion date March 2010. Please visit again and experience the completed project.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be traveling to Italy from Los Angeles Airport with connecting flight at Washington DC. Do I get dropped off at LAX Tom Bradley International Airport, United Airlines?

iflytoomuch (not verified)

if you are flying with united then you will be dropped off at the united terminal.
United operates international flights from terminal 6 and not 4!

i take 8 international flights a year 4 with united and 4 with Cathay i am almost positive you will not be going to terminal 4 for any reason..

btw terminal 4 is AA


United airlines uses terminal 7 (double check with your airline). If you go to Tom Bradley Int'l terminal 4, you won't find United there.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello. I will be arriving in LAX from Australia at 4.30pm and was hoping to catch a domestic flight from terminal 3 with Virgin America at 8.30pm. Will 4 hours be enough time to clear immigration / customs etc and then go through the relevant security checks at terminal 3 to get my connecting flight?

debbie (not verified)

we are arriving from australia 24th Jan and have a 12 hour delay before flying onto vancouver. We need to shower - can you please advise where they are?

Jim (not verified)

How do I get from Terminal 1 to terminal 7