Tom Bradley International Terminal

Airlines that operate from Tom Bradley International Terminal
Tom Bradley International TerminalTom Bradley International Terminal
Airline Code Phone
Aer Lingus  EI  (800) 474-7424 
Aeroflot  SU  (888) 340-6400 
Air India  AI  (800) 223-7776 
Air Pacific  FJ  (800) 227-4446 
Air Tahiti Nui  TN  (877) 824-4846 
Alaska Airlines  AS  (800) 426-0333 
All Nippon Airways (ANA)  NH  (800) 235-9262 
Asiana Airlines  OZ  (800) 227-4262 
British Airways  BA  (800) 247-9297 
Cathay Pacific Airways  CX  (800) 233-2742 
China Airlines  CI  (800) 227-5118 
China Eastern  MU  (626) 583-1500 
China Southern  CZ  (888) 338-8988 
Copa Airlines (Panama)  CM  (800) 359-2672 
El Al Israel Airlines  LY  (800) 352-5747 
EVA Air  BR  (800) 695-1188 
Japan Airlines  JL  (800) 525-3663 
Korean Airlines  KE  (800) 438-5000 
LAN (Chile)  LA  (866) 435-9526 
LAN (Peru)  LP  (866) 435-9526 
LTU International Airways  LT  (866) 266-5588 
Lufthansa  LH  (800) 645-3880 
Malaysia Airline  MH  (800) 552-9264 
Mexicana Airlines  MX  (800) 531-7921 
Philippine Airlines  PR  (800) 435-9725 
QANTAS  QF  (800) 227-4500 
Singapore Airlines  SQ  (800) 742-3333 
Spirit Airlines  NK  (800) 772-7117 
Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.  LX  (877) 359-7947 
Thai Airways  TG  (800) 426-5204 
United Airlines -
Paper Tickets and Non Ticketed
UA  (800)241-6522 
Varig Brazilian Airlines  RG  (800) 468-2744 

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Anonymous (not verified)

Is it possible for me to enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants in the Tom Bradley terminal without being a passage. I have meetings at LAX and I really enjoy the restaurants there.

Simon Saul (not verified)

What is the schedule for the renovated terminal to be functional?

Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would be grateful if you can teach me how do i go to Terminal 7 of LA Int'l airport from Terminal B of Tom Bradley International Terminal. Do i need to get a shuttle bus? How long the time do i spend? if i only have one hour for transit, that is enough? (from Terminal B of Tom Bradley International Terminal.)

Anonymous (not verified)

Just want to check if Iberia airline is in Tom Bradley's International Terminal?

Tracey Hough (not verified)

I would like to thank the wonderful staff at Terminal Three security area. I was catching a flight back to Australia with my young son and required assistance. The gentlemen were very helpful and courteous. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

Does the Tom Bradley International Airport have a restroom for those with disabilities requiring an attendant?

Anonymous (not verified)

into which terminal at lax does emertates fly into. they are not listed as one of the airlines in that terminal. nor are they listed in any other terminal.

Joe Reynolds (not verified)

Does Singapore Airlines have any KrisFlyer clubs in Los Angeles International Airport?

Anonymous (not verified)

All I want is a list of shops at the airport. this is not much to ask but at a US airport this is impossible.

can i just walk to T2 from B2?(TBIT)is it very easy to find my way??i will meet a friend in T2 arrival area??could u explain where i go out and go in T2???its my first time...

Anonymous (not verified)

I know that allegiant air has flights out of LAX and see it on parts of the LAX website yet am unable to find contact information for the airline counter. Please give me that. Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

A very poor selection of restaurants at Bradley International

Anonymous (not verified)

We missed our flight the night before and China Airlines Front Desk Officer at Tom Bradley International Terminal Airport are very helpful. Thank you so much for your great help and attention. You're the best.......... God Bless U...
David Darianto, Caroline Jusak & Calista David Touw

Anonymous (not verified)


me gustaria saber si con 2 horas de diferencia es suficiente para llegar de la terminal 7 (desde las Vegas) y embarcar en la Internacional Tom Bradley hacia Pappete. Son 2 horas y 20 minutos la diferencia, aunque he de embarcar con unss 1,2 horas antes hacia Pappete. ¿cuanto tarda y que tipo de conexiones hay? ¿tengo que salir y volver a entrar para los controles? ¿dispongo de tiempo suficiente? ¿debemos pasar aduana?. Gracias

James Quek (not verified)

I'll be taking Spirit Airlines from LA to Las Vegas for 5 days. I'm visiting USA from Singapore and it is the first time I'll be taking this airline. Just discover that the checkin charges (2-way) are quite hefty for a group of us of 4 as we are travelling heavy for a stay in LA of 2 months. Any suggestion how to have some savings, eg., leaving some of our luggage in the LEFT Baggage at the LA airport or with the airport Raisson Hotel where we will be staying before the flight. Anyone knows the approximate costs of the airport Left Luggage charges?


Anonymous (not verified)

rent a car and drive to las vegas

Anonymous (not verified)

leave your excess bags at the hotel with the bell desk

Anonymous (not verified)

Credit card found at Chilis restaurant
Managers Picked up card from table, two guys left card 20 minutes ago

Anonymous (not verified)

My son will be arriving at LAX from Bangkok with a layover. He is traveling with his wife and one year old child. They are relocating to the United States and will have eight pieces of luggage with them along with a carseat for the baby and stroller. He will be staying overnight at a hotel and wondering if it is possible to store the eight pieces of luggage at the airport until boarding his connecting flight from LA to FL. He arrives Thai Airways and departs on Delta.

Anonymous (not verified)

There are no luggage storage facilities anywhere at LAX. Best advice would be to take the luggage to the hotel, but there are services like this as well:


I am currently in LA. I just found an item that are not sold anywhere except in the duty free. Can I buy in duty free shop even though I'm not traveling anywhere? thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

Do United Airlines have a transfer desk in the Tom Bradley Terminal?


Question: I arrive in LAX at 10.30am in November and am needing to transfer from Terminal 2 to the Tom Bradley International Terminal to catch my late Lufthansa flight at 3.00pm. Would I have enough time to catch some fresh air in L.A and exit customs with luggage, and perhaps go to Inglewood or a nearby beach (away from the airport)? Please could you tell me how to catch the inter-terminal bus and whether there is a return bus route which can take me into Hollywood/Inglewood from outside Terminal 2 and return in time for my 3.00pm departure at Tom Bradley international? Is this recommended? Cheers

Anonymous (not verified)

no. don't do it.... why risk cutting it too close.
trust me it is not worth it...

Anonymous (not verified)

Hollywood, or Inglewood? Big difference. :-)

If you were to rent a car, you could probably be in Hollywood by noon time, at best. But then you'd have to be back to check in at TB no later than 1 (for 3pm departure). You could get to Dockweiller Beach (planes take off right over it), or even down to Manhattan with a rental car, but again, cutting it close.

Check out Encounter. It's a landmark. And it's right there onsite. =)

Maria Benavides (not verified)

My husband had a flight to Dallas on 09/19/10. Ms.Davis went above and beyond her duties to make sure my husband got his carry on bag. I want to say thank you Tamika Davis, for your professionalism and outstanding effort at gate 48A.

Anonymous (not verified)

Does anyone know the floor plan of Tom Bradley Intn'l terminal.
I am trying to minimize my time wandering for the terminals and gates. I will be arriving close to just an hour prior to departure and have to drop my baggage in Aisle A or self Check in. I am trying to find where it is. Any help ?



Is it easier to walk or get the shuttle bus from Terminal B (arriving on VAustralia 7.00am) to Terminal 5(connecting to Delta flight at 10.30AM)We will have one big trolley case each plus small handbags. Oldish but fit enough to walk.

Anonymous (not verified)

Could anyone please tell me if it is possible to make it from the International Tom Bradley International Terminal arriving at 0700 hrs and Departing Los Angles at Terminal 7 at 0900 hrs. Is two hours enough time to clear customs and make the connecting flight.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi is there absolutely no European airline that arrives in LAX before 12:40pm on the 21st September 2010?

Raj (not verified)

Arriving from Bangkok at 7:20pm and trying to connect with Southest flight at 9pm in terminal 1. Is this realistic? or should I book the 9:40pm flight?

thanks in advance,


Anonymous (not verified)

Is there no way ?? to call the airline ticketing counters within the airport terminal to page a passenger whose cell phone isn't charged?? thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

Where is the pet relief area situated in Thomas Bradley International Terminal? I will be arriving after a 16 hour flight with my dog who will certainly need this area in a hurry when we get there.

Dean Rich

Neurodoc:We are to arrive LAX via USAIR at 9:54 PM at Terminal 1 on a Friday. We have to make a connection for a Ouantas flight out of the International Terminal at 11:50 PM.
Will we have time? Are there porters avaliable to help with luggage transport and check in?

Anonymous (not verified)

We are flying Delta Airline from New Orleans to LA arriving in LA at 1945 then leave for Sydney Australia on Qantas which departs Bradley International at 22.30. Do we have enough time? We will have a baby and a toddler with us. Can we check our luggages in New Orleans to go all the way to Sydney Australia without having to collect our luggages on arrival in LA at terminal 5 and recheck the bags at Bradley International Terminal?Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

May I chk what is the process for baggage transfer when I arr LAX in Terminal 1 and connaction to AA in Terminal 4 ? do I need to carry my chk in bags from terminal 1 to 4 ?

2 CX 880V 03MAY 1 HKGLAX*HK1 2340 2155
3 AA1310V 04MAY 2 LAXDFW HK1 0055 0545

Thank you

Yumi Chin


I'm arriving on Qantas flight from Melbourne, Australia. My transfer is another Qantas flight leaving from the same Terminal (Tom Bradley Int.), to go to JFK. As in, I never leave the terminal. Will I need to go through customs in LAX or do I wait until JFK?

Anonymous (not verified)

You will need to clear customs in LAX and pick up your bags. The deal is you line up for a while at immigration, clear that - then, go into the baggage hall pick up your bags and wheel them a little way and put them back on the conveyor belt. You do not need to take them outside, its pretty easy. Then you head to the transit lounge area....

Tyler (not verified)

Usually you wait until your final destination.

grandma Kris (not verified)

please help us.!
my grandson has been stranded in the Singapore airport for over 15 hours now. my son-in-law had his wallet stolen so he has no ID. We sent copies of ID but no one helps. see note below.
now the baby is sick. They have run out of diapers. No one offers assistance like a hotel or even diapers or a cot. A TWO YEAR OLD BABY IS STRANDED IN SINGAPORE AND NO ONE IS HELPING US.
They are telling them they have to leave the airport in the morning and go to the Embassy. But they have no money and do not speak the language.
grandmother Kris

grandma kris (not verified)

please help. my grandson is stuck in Singapore and was forced to miss his flight to LAX. my grandson is an american citizen. his father is with him but hardly speaks english. they are coming here from new Deli. A passport and wallet was stolen somehow and Singapore Air would not let them board flight #SQ12 to LAX. this occurred within the last hour.
we called Singapore Air and no answer. we are calling LAX too but no help. please help!

Anonymous (not verified)

I have to pick up friend from tom bradley arrival 12:50 from dubai only info I have 777-200LR can you tell me what terminal is thank you

Carol (not verified)

I am picking up a friend coming in on Philippine Airlines tonight. Where is Terminal B

Anonymous (not verified)

Terminal B = Tom Bradley international. It's the big seperate terminal in between all of the domestic terminals.

JRDMALOUIN (not verified)

J'arrive le 30 NOV AEROPORT LAX au terminal 2 de LONDRES avec AIR NZ à 19H15 pour aller à TAHITI avec AIR TAHITI NUI départ terminal TOM BRADLEY.à 23H55
Quelqu'un peut il me renseigner pour me guider dans ce transfert :
-récupération des bagages je suppose à l'arrivée et orientation dans l'aéroport pour rejoindre le terminal TOM BRADLEY pour la suite de mon voyage avec
ré enregistrement des bagages et formalités de douanes et le temps que cela peut prendre


I would be much obliged if somebody can advise me. I will be arriving from an international flight from Melbourne, Australia (via Qantas) at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. My connecting flight is a Continental domestic flight from LAX to Newark Liberty Airport in NJ (with a 4-hour gap between arrival at & departure from LAX).

If I have checked bags from my Qantas flight, I know that I have to retrieve them after passport control when entering the US, before taking the bags through customs.

After customs whilst exiting the airport, do I simply re-deposit my bags into the luggage conveyor system at the Tom Bradley Terminal, expecting that they will be tranferred and loaded onto my Continental flight from Terminal 6. Or do I have to take the baggage in a cart and check them in again at Terminal 6?

Your help would be much appreciated.


Anonymous (not verified)

yes, you can re-deposit your bags into the luggage conveyor system. There are always have someone to help you and show you where and how to do it.

Michelle A (not verified)

I am arriving on a Mexicana Flight at 9.15 pm and need to transfer to at United flight which departs for Vegas at 10.40 pm from Terminal 7. How long does it take to clear immigration and get to Terminal 7? Is 1hr 25 minutes enough time? Is there anyway of checking luggage in at the Tom Brady Terminal?

Anonymous (not verified)

If you're flying in at 9:15pm, it shouldn't take you too long, however, at night time, the shift workers are a lot less than the daytime. Customs should take you no more than 20 minutes (getting your bag/clearing customs) United is in Terminal 6/7/8.


Our flight will be arriving at 7:45pm at the LAX airport. My connecting flight bound for PHX is at 6:30am the next day. Is there a waiting area where I could stay for my next flight? Which is preferable - Tom Bradley International or go to the Terminal where my departure flight is located? Thank you.