LAX Terminals Transfers

Between terminals transfer

Free wheelchair accessible shuttle bus serves all terminals around the central loop.

Walking - It takes about 30 minutes to walk from T1-T7 following the U.

Shuttle - The LAX A Shuttle ("Airline Connections" - board at the BLUE signs) makes the loop to all terminals, going T1 to T7, then back to T1.

Tracy Holohan (not verified)

Hi - I'm flying in from Phoenix on US Air on my way to Brisbane on Quantas. Can you tell me what terminal I'll be landing at and how to get to the international terminal? I would also like to know how much time I should allow. I'm also returning the following Sunday. Is there any difference in the time allowed to clear customs and get back to the US Air terminal?
Thank you for you help!
Tracy Holohan


I'll arrive from Bangkok, Thailand to LAX on 27 Sep'08 at terminal B (international)at 20.05 (8.05 p.m.) My connecting flight to Chicago is American Airline (terminal 4) at 23.25 (11.25 p.m.).

Please noted that I'm not US citizen and lap time for connecting flight is about 3.20 hr.

Would it be possible for me to make it on time?
Please tell me the quickest way from terminal B (international) to terminal 4? Can I walk?
I also need to pass security check, check in, and load all lugguges at American Airline counter (terminal 4) again, right?

Thank you in advance.

Anonymous (not verified)

You should have enough time. Terminal 4 is is next to Tom Bradley. Go out the front doors of TB and go to you right. You can walk there in less tan 5 minutes.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm going from Taiwan to the states
I'll be arriving in LAX, transferring to San Diego
Would 2 hours be enough time to go through security, get my luggage at LAX, and any other things to do to transfer plane?


the driving time from San Diego to LAX is only two hours.
ask your lazy friend/family to pick u up at LAX.

grace (not verified)

can any body answer me i am arrival at Terminal 4( ETA:2300)
and going to catch international flight ( ETD : 0145 ) isn't enough timing???????

Anonymous (not verified)

Last week I posted a queery about amount of time needed to clear customs, transfer from I'national Airport to domestic terminal etc. I read many similar queeries, but there seemed to be no answering information in this regard forthcoming. Is there no person working at the airport who would know by experience an average time frame required??
It would alleviate much stress in the meantime!
Thank you for any information
Tineke Wallace

Tineke Wallace

We are arriving at the Tom Bradley Intl. Terminal on the 5th Sept. at 2.05pm. We'll then have to find our luggage, clear customs, find the shuttlebus to take us to terminal 1 and queue up for our domestic flight to Las Vegas leaving at 5.05pm. Could anybody tell us PLEASE is it possible to do all this in 3 hours???
Thank you,
Mrs. T. Wallace (Australia)

Anonymous (not verified)

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, you should be ok.. that being said.. I am not sure how long it takes for non-US citizens to get through immigration, I have only gone through this as a US citizen. If you are on Southwest heading to Vegas, there might be a longer line through security there (since it is at 5). It is a bit of a hike, but I would almost recommend walking from Tom Bradley down to terminal 1, the shuttles can take a while.. but I am not as familiar with them personally - just what I have read. When you leave Tom Bradley, make a left and follow the U down to terminal 1.

Ron and Heather W

We are flying into LAX from Australia on Qantas. We will then transfer to an American airlines flight via terminal 4. Are there facilities for in-transit passengers to book through or do we have to exit the international terminal and check in through the domestic terminal? Could you please advise regarding the steps we need to take and directions as well.
Many thanks,
Ron and Heather

Anonymous (not verified)

i will have around 50 min. to get from the alaska terminal to the southwest terminal. will i have to go through security, and will i have enough time? i get in at 8:35 and my southwest flight leaves at 9:20.

Anonymous (not verified)

No, you will not have enough time. Alaska is terminal 4, SW is terminal 1. You can take the shuttle bus (about 10 minutes) but you still have get through security and to the plane at least twenty minutes before departure when they close the doors. All that being said you would have twenty minutes to get from your plane to that one if you didn't have to collect luggage, check luggage or stop for any reason. The concourses at LAX are long and crowded, just so you are aware.

Anonymous (not verified)

I have the same question--Where is Mexicana within the TBIT?

Momo (not verified)

My daughter flies into LAX terminal 1 Southwest at 9:30pm then needs to get her bags and make a connecting flight Mexicana airlines at Tom Bradley international terminal at 12:30am, How does she get from terminal 1 baggage to Bradley international the Mexicana counter?

Bonnie White (not verified)

My husband and I are flying tuesday from Phx to LAX enroute to Tokyo. Will we need to retrieve our luggage at Southwest, walk it to Terminal 4 and recheck it at the American Airline gate to Tokyo? We have approximately 4 hours between designated arrival time until we leave for Tokyo on American Airlines.

Thanks so much
Bonnie White

NAX (not verified)

How long does it take to walk from Terminal 2 (I understand that this is the Main Terminal)to Terminal 3.
Arriving via Air New Zealand to LA & then Alaskan Airlines to Vancouver Canada. So how much time do I need to effect the transfer. I have been advised that my luggage will be automatically transferred to the Alaskan Airlines plane.

anon (not verified)

I'm transfering from Terminal 4 to Tom Bradley Intl Terminal
I've been told it's only a 5 minute walk, BUT, will I have to go thru a TSA security check point again, and how long will that take going into Tom Bradley Intl Terminal? Thx,

Anonymous (not verified)

arriving from ecuador at 7:30 pm on avianca airline and would like to schedule 10:30 pm departure on alaska airline to seattle.... is 3 hours enough time to go through, customs, collect luggage, and make it to alaska terminal? thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

How long it take to walk from T7 to Tom Bradley international terminal. I s there a shuutle bus can take you there from Terminal to Tombradley terminal. Is there a rental shuttle bus from Tom Bradley terminal to take you to the rental car place? where is the the rental car place they are not in each of the the terminal?

Ida (not verified)

Im gonna meet my frind in terminal 6 (im arriving to terminal 3 one and half hour before her. Does somebody knows a good meeting place in terminal outside a starbucks, 7 eleven or something like that.

Anonymous (not verified)

i am looking into a flight on nwa that arr 11am need to connect with delta flight that leaves at 12 noon will i have enough time to make the connection

Ted (not verified)

I'm trying to book a flight from Boston (BOS) to Fiji (NAN) via LAX. I'd like to use JetBlue which arrives Term 6 at 10:06p, and get onto an Air Pacific flight out of TBIT at 11:30p. Will that be enough time to get and recheck bags, change terminals, and clear security?

On the way back, I'll be coming arriving at 1:20p, and am thinking about a 2:45p flight which seems even closer.

Is this crazy, or might it work?

Anonymous (not verified)

You probably can do the evening flight but the afternoons tend to back up so you risk a much higher chance of not making that connection.

Anonymous (not verified)

Can I get from my Honolulu flight on ATA to Virgin atlantic in 1.5 hours? How?

Lisa (not verified)

I arrive at Terminal 1 Southwest at 7:10 am, I need to catch a flight to HON-GUM, which departs at terminal 6 at 9:35 am. Please tell me if this is possible, grab my baggage from the Southwest flight, catch the shuttle to terminal 6, check in my baggage and make it to the gate for 9:35 am departure.

T Kingsun

Where is the nearest public transport located to go to the city?

P.S. Kotval MD (not verified)

If I arrive on AA133 (=Qantas 3184) from JFK to LAX terminal 4 at 7:25 p.m. and need to leave for Auckland, NZ, on Qantas 26 from terminal B at 9:05 p.m., will I have enough time to go from terminal 4 to terminal B? (My check-in baggage will be checked-in at JFK all the way to Auckland).

Anonymous (not verified)

How do you transfer from terminal 5 to a flight leaving Bradley? How long will it take if we arrive on a Delta domestic flight and leave on an Air New Zealand flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

How long would it take (normal walking) from 1-Bradley?


Arriving on Qantas to International. Need to clear customs and get to Terminal 2 for Virgin flight to SFO.
How much time do I need to allow from arrival to departure?


I am arriving via Air Canada from Toronto and have to change terminals to fly to NZ. Do I take the shuttle to change terminals and do I have to clear customs again.