LAX Terminals Transfers

Between terminals transfer

Free wheelchair accessible shuttle bus serves all terminals around the central loop.

Walking - It takes about 30 minutes to walk from T1-T7 following the U.

Shuttle - The LAX A Shuttle ("Airline Connections" - board at the BLUE signs) makes the loop to all terminals, going T1 to T7, then back to T1.


I will be traveling from Cincinnati (CVG) to LAX on Delta, then LAX to Brisbane (BNE) on V Australia. Any guidance on navigating between Delta (terminal 5) and V Australia (terminal 3)? More importantly, can my bags be checked in at CVG and go directly to BNE or do I need to claim the bags in LAX and re-check prior to the V Australia flight??

Kitty (not verified)

How long does it take to walk from Terminal 4 to terminal 2 ???
Better to take the shuttle ?
please advise !!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm on a United flight # 0934 which also is US Air # 6606. This flight arrives @ terminal 7.
I have a US Air # 152 which departs from terminal 1.

How do I get from one terminal to the other without going through TSA again?

is there a shuttle that I can take from terminal 7 to terminal 1 without having to go through TSA again?


In January 2010 Ill arrive at LAX on Continental which is at Terminal 6 I think. I need to go from Continental over to Terminal 7 or 8??? in order to connect with a United Express flight. How long will it take to walk/run from my Continental gate to United Express? I arrive on Continental at 9:25am and my United Express flight leaves at 10:15am My problem is United Express did NOT tell me they "close" their flights 20 minutes before departure. (I learned that AFTER I bought my ticket on United Ex.) So, Ill only have till 9:55am to get over to United Express. If you know the LAX airport please advise. Ive heard several different stories already. Should I change my ticket to a later flight on United Express? Also, are the jets often in traffic jams out on the tarmac at LAX? I dont know if Ill arrive on time at my arrival gate yet. Also, do they have those electric carts to pick up people for rides inside the terminal? Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

The good thing for you is that going from Continental at Terminal 6 to United Express (likely Terminal 8), you don't have to clear security again. It's a bit of a walk, but assuming your arriving flight is on time, you'll be alright.


My parents will be arriving on SQ12 from Singapore at Teminal Tom Bradley at 1:00pm , their next flight to Toronto From Terminal 2 at 3:30pm ,and have few questions, they both on wheelchair.
can thier baggage go direct from Singapore to destination (Toronto) or do they need to collect in Tom Brandley?,
>how do they get from the TBI terminal to the terminal 2?
>how long will it take .they have 2.5 hours.
> will airlines or airport provide assistance for wheelchair passengers?

Thank you


I would be much obliged if somebody can advise me. I will be arriving from an international flight from Melbourne, Australia (via Qantas) at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. My connecting flight is a Continental domestic flight from LAX to Newark Liberty Airport in NJ (with a 4-hour gap between arrival at & departure from LAX).

If I have checked bags from my Qantas flight, I know that I have to retrieve them after passport control when entering the US, before taking the bags through customs.

After customs whilst exiting the airport, do I simply re-deposit my bags into the luggage conveyor system at the Tom Bradley Terminal, expecting that they will be tranferred and loaded onto my Continental flight from Terminal 6. Or do I have to take the baggage in a cart and check them in again at Terminal 6?

Your help would be much appreciated.


Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Bill, what happens is after you clear customs & immigration, they will direct you to another area where they will take your bags again and send them on to your next destination,( this is proir to exiting ) then you won't see your bags again till you arrive at Newark, if they have been locked you will be asked to leave them unlocked for US domestic flights ( so have your keys handy), You can then walk around to terminal 6,
I am an Aussie but live in Tn, so i do this trip at least once a year. Safe travels.

Anonymous (not verified)

The above is correct about your check in bags except that I believe that if you have the lock that American customs can unlock and relock (any travel goods store can help you) - But one thing if you buy any duty free liquid (perfume or alcohol) make sure you lock it into you checked in bag 1st otherwise your will have to dispose of it at the domestic terminal.

Walking is good for most people but if you are carrying or trolling bags they do become heavy and/or bothersome, there is a free shuttle bus circuiting around to all terminals - they are constant (the airport reports it take about 35mins) but from Tom Bradley to Terminal 6 should be about 15 - 20 mins.

I also do aust to usa yearly.

David Mc (not verified)


Once you come through customs, there will be airline representatives there to take your previously tagged bags off you for transfer to your next flight. You then will stroll to Terminal 6

Please note - if you are flying Qantas you will probably be arriving at American Airlines terminal (#4), not Tom Bradley.


Anonymous (not verified)

As soon as you clear customs, there should be a continental checkin near the exit for international arrivals. Check in there, but you will have to change terminals to get to the continental terminal.

Mas (not verified)

i am planning a trip to japan, i wanted to know if i need to recheck my bags when i arrive on a domestic flight with one airline company then need to transfer to a international flight to japan on another airline

G Y Shifrin (not verified)

Dear sir/madam

I am arriving to LAX with air canada from Vancouver.

I am then connecting with ELAL Israel Airlines to Tel

Could you please inform me how do I connect between the
two terminals and how long does the transfer take.

Thanking you in advance

Faithfully yours

G Y Shifrin


I arrive from Taiwan to international terminal, and I need to catch a flight from T3 to Vancouver (Alaska Airlines)How long it would take to get to that terminal?Thanks Anyone

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I bought the Delta ticket from San Diego to Orlando via LAX.

The flight from San Diego will arrive LAX terminal 4 at 9:25pm.

The flight from LAX to Orlando will depart at 10:15pm at Terminal 5.

How long will it take to walk from terminal 4 to 5?
Do I have enough time for the transfer?
Do I need to go through the security queue in both terminals?

Anonymous (not verified)

I've never been to LAX. Im flying in from Indianapolis arriving Terminal 5 at 6:20pm. How far of a walk is it to the bus of Bakersfield public transportation ground Bus? Will I have enough time to get onto the bus. Id hate to be left behind after my long flight.

DBJ (not verified)

I'm arriving from london no T4 (virgin atlantic) and my nex flight will be from TB (Ait Tahiti Nui) how long take walk from two terminals ? Better to take shuttle ?
As i have just one ticket (but two different airlines copanies) what about my luggage ? need to collect and check-in again ?

Anonymous (not verified)

I have a pickm up tomorrow arrival tahiti nui Tom bradely wendnes day 22 dec what terminal is it and the address

Anonymous (not verified)

We did this a few years ago, and we had to get our luggage and re-check it with Air Tahiti Nui. It was a LONG WALK! I would take a bus or cab if I knew how far it was and dragging luggage!


Hi My husband and I arrive from Australia to international terminal. We need to catch a flight from Terminal 3 I believe Virgin America would you know how long it would take to get to that terminal? Thanks Anyone.

Anonymous (not verified)

Sorry I should have added times to my reply for you...
I've walked that distance and it took 20 min.
By the bus, it was only 8-10 min (including the stops).

If you don't have much luggage, after you exit the building, just walk to your RIGHT. First will be T4, then T5, then T6. It's not bad, considering that sometimes the shuttle takes about 5-10 min wait in between each one...

Kevin (not verified)

Please advice the time to walk or by shuttle from terminal 6 to international terminal.

Rita (not verified)

I have a question about the free shuttle bus that driving through the terminals around the central loop. How often does the shuttle bus come? Thank you.


I will be arriving on United from Australia and have to questions, can my baggage go direct from Australia to my destination (Dallas) or do I need to collect in LA first, secondly how do I get from the International terminal to the Dallas terminal and how long will it take me.I have 3 hours.
Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

How long would it take to get from terminal 3 to terminal 8

Dave (not verified)

Is 2 hours and 30 mins enough time to transfer from a Aeromexico flight that arrives at 2050 (T5) from Mexico City and connect to a Qantas flight to Melbourne (TBIT) at 2330
Thanx in advance.

Anonymous (not verified)

Does anyone know how long it takes to get from terminal 7 to terminal 5? We get in from HI at 5:08am in terminal 7 and have a flight out of terminal 5 at 6:05am- is there enough time to make it?
Thank You


Can any one tell me the fastest way I can transfer from San Pedro Cruise Terminal to airport LAX. The cruise will berth by 7:00 am, and I'll fly with the 11:00 am flight at LAX. I will be very much appreciated if any person would direct me how to. Thx.

Anonymous (not verified)

You have not left very much time to do this journey. I am afraid you may have to take a taxi.

See for a trip planner. Below is the result I got starting on a scheduled bus from the San Pedro library at 08:36. (You have to allow time to get off the ship and get to the bus stop). If everything goes according to plan you would get to LAX just 12 minutes before your plane take off. Not nearly long enough!

An Alternative would be to take a cab to Long Beach (Transit Mall) and then the Blue line to Imperial/ Wilmington where you change trains to the Green Line to Aviation Station where you change to a shuttle bus to LAX.

What the said



Ride Metro Express Line 445 (DOWNTOWN LA - UNION STA) heading north
From: PACIFIC AV/9TH ST(SE corner) Lv: 08:36AM
Pay $2.45, Monthly Pass: $98.00, (EZ Pass accepted)
Ride Flyaway Union Station( LAX TERMINAL) heading south
Pay $6.00, (EZ Pass accepted)


Ending at LAX
Total cash fare = $8.45
Trip time is about 2 hours and 12 minutes.
Trip distance is about 47.23 miles.

Anonymous (not verified)

First time flying into LAX and looks like we have a problem. Is there no way to move from terminal to terminal without having to go back through security? If such, a 30 minute connection looks to be impossible to make.
any suggestions here?

geri (not verified)

I am coming in from Denver(Frontier) gate 6 and then connecting to Brisbane Australia Gate 4 (not Tom Bradley) for the nightly Qantas 11PM flight to Brisbane.

Do I need to pick up my luggage downstairs and then hoof it back up stairs to terminal 6 and clear International Customs (is there a place to do this at terminal 6?)- before or after I check in at Qantas (they have a check in at gate 6?)???

I am coming in around 7PM on Monday evening and flight leaves a little after 11PM. Gives me about 4 hours. Is this enough time? Is this a non-busy time and day of week?

Thanks a bunch,

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm really freaked out because I have never flown before and I am going to San Diego leaving From Edmonton Alberta but have a connecting flight in Los Angeles LAX. I will be arriving at Terminal 2 around 10:30am and departing at terminal 8 approx 12:30pm. I have no idea what to do when I arrive, how to get to terminal 8 from terminal 2 and approx how long it would take around that time to get from that termianl to the next....I am wondering if since it is a connecting flight if I will have to pick up my luggage or if it will be transfered through to my next flight automtically :S

Conifer (not verified)

My mom is about to come to Cleveland, Ohio. She has to stop by LAX. Would you mind telling me that how my mom can come to terminal 6 from terminal 2. Does my mom have to check out the luggages at terminal 2 or terminal 6? Please help me. Thanks so much

Jolanta (not verified)

I would like to know how to get from terminal 5 to bradley intl.I am arriving from atlanta on delta connecting to air pacific to go to nadi

Dr O

Quickest way is to walk with your luggage, is about 5-10min walk.

Dr O

Anonymous (not verified)

does anyone know the time for the arrival of terminal 3 to 4

James (not verified)

I am arriving from Toronto and changing terminals to depart to Sydney. I have a visa waiver, but does that allow me to change terminals, or will I need to make additional arrangements?


it depends on what kind of passport u carry.
rule of thumb for int'l travel... no visa, no entry

tsuyoshi (not verified)

My family and I are hoping to connect from our SFO - LAX United Airlines flight to our LAX - AKL flight. Can we transfer without re-checking in ?


make sure to get your boarding pass of LAX-AKL at SFO when u check in. that way u don't have to check in again.

Anonymous (not verified)

Arriving LAX on United from HI. Transferring to US Airways. What is the fastest way to get between terminals?





Anonymous (not verified)

My family and I are arriving via international flIght to the tom bradley terminal . we will have a lot of luggage which we need to get transfered to our southwest flight via sac. can we check it in after customs in the tom bradley terminal or do we need to carry it somehow to terminal 1 ?
thanks for anyones help !!!

Christina M (not verified)

Are there any shuttles or public transportation from the airport to downtown LA or do I have to take a taxi? What about the distance? Thanks for a quick answer.

Anonymous (not verified)


Anonymous (not verified)

I'm flying in from Mexico (Mexicana Airlines), and then on a seperate ticket immediately flying out to Fiji (Air Pacific).

Will I need to go through customs into the US to check in at the Air Pacific counter, or can I avoid that since I'm not actually "entering" the US?


I'll be arriving at LAX with Delta at 5 AM at terminal 5 and my next flight (with AA) will not leave until around noontime at terminal 4 that day,so I'll be hanging around for like 7 hrs doing nothing.Once I pick up my luggage,do I have to leave terminal 5 and check back in at terminal 4 for my next flight? I don't think it's even worth it to check into a hotel for only a few hrs. unless there's like a cheap place right at the airport (Hey,it's LA after all,maybe they have things like that,who knows).I guess my only option is to take a nap at the terminal and wait.Any other suggestions anyone?

Anonymous (not verified)

Would three hours suffice to make it from the international terminal (arriving on China Airlines at 12:05pm) to terminal 1 for a flight on Southwest Airlines (terminal 1) at 3:20pm? Is this walking distance or is it best to take the shuttle?