LAX Terminals Transfers

Between terminals transfer

Free wheelchair accessible shuttle bus serves all terminals around the central loop.

Walking - It takes about 30 minutes to walk from T1-T7 following the U.

Shuttle - The LAX A Shuttle ("Airline Connections" - board at the BLUE signs) makes the loop to all terminals, going T1 to T7, then back to T1.

Anonymous (not verified)

Arrive from Australia Terminal B on Qantas flight at 7.20am and was wondering if I could make it through customs and to Terminal
5 for a 10.40am flight..thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

I have the same question as the person earlier......I am arriving United terminal 7 and my connecting flight is United express in terminal 8.......with a half hour connection time. My question is will I make my connection on long will it take me to walk it or is there a faster way to get there??? Appreciate any help you can give me....

Terri V (not verified)

Do I have enough time to get from terminal 7 to 8 at LAX? I was told that I may have to take a shuttle and only have 30 minute layover. The map shows them right next to each other, but doublechecking

T Vass (not verified)

is there a transfer possibility between the 2 air ports?


Is there a bypass walkway that will take you from terminal 4 to terminal 5 for a connecting flight without having to go through security again?

Asif (not verified)

Hi I'm flying from Melbourne to JFK via LAX on Qantas (all the way) QF93 (Mel - LAX) & QF107 (LAX - JFK) Both flights arrive & depart from T.Bradley terminal. Does this mean I dont have to go through security lines, immigration etc until I get to NYC? if I check my luggage all the way to NYC in Melbourne.
Secondly, return flight is a bit tricky since my NYC to LAX (QF108) lands in T4 & LAX to Mel (QF94) leaves from T.Bradley. Again, if I check my luggage all the way to Melbourne in JFK, do I have to go through security etc between the 2 terminals. Someone mentioned before, that there's a walkway or something between terminals to avoid all the drama. Gee this is a long long query!. Thanks so much.

Anonymous (not verified)

I NEED SOME HELP/ADVICE. whatever. I'm arriving at terminal 2 at 20:50 and departing from terminal 5 at 22:35. Considering I have to go through customs and never traveled alone, being 16. do u think is it enough time? I cant change my flight anyway so it better be enough time

Kim De Martin (not verified)

We arriving on a Qantas flight from Brisbane at 7am and would like to jump on the next available flight to Vegas. AA has a flight at 9:15am - is this possible or should we look at a later flight?

Rick Dunn

My family and I arrive on QF15 at 0700 am and need to clear customs and collect our bags and get over to Terminal 3 for an Alaskan Airlines flight departing at 1035 am.

How far is it to walk from TBIT and Terminal 3 with luggage? Should we take a shuttle? Can we pre order a shuttle as there doesn't appear to be a shuttle service from TBIT?


Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Rick,

Terminal 3 is literally the next terminal over from the TBIT. It is definitely walkable, however do remember that walking over there will only lead you to the arrivals level.

LAX is made in such a way that it is 2 horseshoe loops on top of each other. The upper being departures, the lower being arrivals. However, there are escalators from arrivals to departures and if you can handle your luggage on that, you are good to go. There are elevators if I am not mistaken.

Else, there are free shuttles going round the airport and you can always take one of those.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Anonymous,

My international fligh will arrive at TBIT at 7am on Friday 26 Aug and need to change to domestic flight at Terminal 3 10.35 am the same as Rick. Do I have enought time to get my luggage and re-check in within 3.35 hrs?

Not sure how busy at LAX on Friday morning?

Thank you.

vayu (not verified)

i really want to know Lax airport have smoking room ? Thx


In what terminal do I find Volaris Airlines?

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm flying to Madrid from LAX to Chicago to London to Madrid. Do I start my flight at international terminal (final destination) or domestic (connecting flights)?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, We depart Sydney for LA on V-Australia, arriving Terminal B. (T3) 17.10 - then depart Delta at 11:55pm Terminal 5 for Florida via Atlanta. question - can my bags be checked from Sydney to Florida? or do we collect bags after arrival in LA and then re-check them in for the Delta legs? if so is there a way we dont have to lug them all the way from Bradley Termin 5?? Also, is the shuttle easy to find??
Thanks a lot..


Hi, I'm flying in from BWI via united airlines at 9:36pm and I have a connecting flight with Qantas out of the International Terminal at 11:20pm. How long should the process take if I have one bag and not taking any stops? Anything I need to know? Will I be okay?

Riku (not verified)


We we are flying from Cancun -> LAX and LAX -> Taipei and I just heard a ridiculous requirement that we have to enter the immigration even if we are doing an international transfer at LAX. Is that correct? Please help!! Thank you


I will take Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong. It will arrive in TBIT around 11.20am. My next connecting flight is by UA at 13.55 pm. Is there a luggage drop off counter for transfer by UA in TBIT for their connecting flights?

Anonymous (not verified)

I need to fly from Boston to LAX via Virgin America (Terminal 3), arriving at 10:25am. Then I need to fly from LAX to vancouver via WestJet (Terminal 2) at 12:00pm. To my knowledge, the US/Canada custom is always on the Canada's side, so I won't need to go through the custom. however i do need to claim my baggage in T3 and re-check in in T2. Does anyone know if 1hr and 35min is enough for this transfer? thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

My flight from NZ arrives at LA at 10.15am (Air NZ) and then i have a connecting flight to Charlotte at 1.25pm will this be enough time??

M (not verified)

Am arriving LAX by Flight V7 (Virgin Australia) on 17 May, at terminal B at 7am exactly. Am thinking of purchasing a connecting flight to SFO (Virgin America flight 925) which departs from Terminal 3 at 8:25am.

Given that I have to go thru immigration, is just over one hour enough time to catch that 8:25am domestic flight? Wondering if I can instruct when I board my flight in Australia that I have a connecting flight to SFO and that my luggage should be transferred ... Bummer that my flight into LAX arrive at Tom Bradley instead of Terminal 3...

Any thoughts?


Anonymous flyer (not verified)

I wouldn't do it simply because of the immigration. When I went from AU to USA and had a connecting flight, the LONG wait in immigration/customs and then trying to get to the next terminal was HORRIBLE! I'd get at least 2 hrs because they can keep you standing in line for the entire hour. There are hundreds of people standing in lines... If you can book a little later flight do it, but if not... you'll still be okay because if THEY make you miss the flight, they will just stick you on another one somewhere. You'll get there.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be traveling to LAX via Delta, then catching a Qantas flight to Melbourne. Will I have to pick up my bags from Delta at LAX and then check them in at Qantas on the way OUT of the US?

Dave (not verified)

Looking for advise. My wife and I will be flying into Terminal B (BA)and then out of terminal 5 (Delta). We have 3.5hrs to clear customs, change terminals etc. Am pretty sure we should have enough time but not having done it before I just want to make sure we do.

Anonymous (not verified)

that should be enough time! No less than 2hrs.

h (not verified)

We are flying Delta Airline from New Orleans to LA arriving in LA at 1945 then leave for Sydney Australia on Qantas which departs Bradley International at 22.30. Do we have enough time? We will have a baby and a toddler with us. Can we check our luggages in New Orleans to go all the way to Sydney Australia without having to collect our luggages on arrival in LA at terminal 5 and recheck the bags at Bradley International Terminal?

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be arriving from NZ and then transferring to a flight to Washington DC. Do I check my luggage in at teh international terminal or pick it up and then take it with me to one of the other 7 termianls and check it in there?



I have 30 min connection time for united flight between terminal 8 and terminal 7 ; will I have to clear security - is 30 mins long enough to make the connection

Anonymous (not verified)

If you are just catching another connecting flight then you shouldn't need to go thru security again.. unless you decide to eat outside of the terminal... or if you are catching an international flight.. then you'll need to go thru security. 30 mins should be enough, just make sure you don't eat or anything.


i will be traveling to LAX from Sydney and i need to know will i need to transfer terminals to get to alaska airlines or are they in the same terminal please someone help i leave on the 26th of this month

Anonymous (not verified)

When you get to LAX you'll need to go thru immigration, get your luggage, go thru customs, then get your bags transferred to your connecting flight, then head on over to terminal 3 (fairly close), and check in there.

Anonymous (not verified)

i'll be travelling via vaustralia from brisbane to l.a. and will be arriving at terminal B at 7am. my connecting flight to orlando boarding at terminal 5 is at 10:20am. Is 3 hrs and 20 mins enough time fro me to get out of customs with my baggage and check in for my connecting flight? where is terminal B anyway? i can't seem to locate in the map.

Anonymous (not verified)

If you are on QF16 from BNE to LAX then you should actually arrive at Terminal 4. Good news this is right next to Delta at Terminal 5 so you can walk and should have plenty of time to make your flight.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm thinking terminal B is the Tom Bradley international terminal. I just went thru there on a flight back from Vietnam. I had 2hrs 30 mins to get thru immigration, customs, re-check in, and TSA.. barely made it. I'm thinking you'll be fine with that amount of time. Just before you exit the international terminal be sure to give them your bags for transfer to connecting flight.. so you don't have to carry them over to terminal 5 and get them checked in.

ROCK (not verified)

I want to know if I arrive to Lax terminal 1 from southwest airlines and I want to connect to United airlines (terminal 7) will I have enough time to get to terminal 7 in 50 minutes before my United arlines flight? I will have a carry on bag. Do I have to go through customs?
Thxs Rock

Anonymous (not verified)

I have the same problem. can I make it in 45 minutes?

Anonymous (not verified)

Customs? no.. This is just for international flights. 50 minutes should be enough. Just make sure you utilize shuttle. United (just my opinion) check in at LAX is pretty screwed up. Make sure you go into the kiosk line and check in there (assuming you don't have a boarding pass for UA).


My son is traveling from South Carolina to LAX on a domestic flight. He is then taking an international flight with V Australia to Brisbane. First question, does he have to recheck his baggage for the international flight? Second question, he will be arriving at terminal #5 @ 07:40 PM and departing from terminal #3 @ 10:25PM will that give him enough time to get through ticketing and security?

Ross (not verified)

my travel agent has book my flights and has organised as follows:

from Sydney, Australia I arrive at terminal 5 then have an hour and ten minutes until my plane to Mexico departs from terminal 2.
Is this enough time for me to change over and will my luggae get transfered in time?

Thanks Ross

Anonymous (not verified)

I was a travel agent up until two weeks ago. Unless it is the same airline and it is a through-fare, it is definitely not enough time. Even if it is a through-fare, it probably still isn't long enough. Best case scenario, you will need to go through customs, move your luggage and get to the other gate.. worst case, you will need to go through customs, collect your luggage, re-check-in in the other terminal and get to the gate. Go back to your agent and get them to check it and get it approved with the airline(s), because I think you'll miss your flight.

Anonymous (not verified)

I arrive from Sydney at Terminal 5 (on Delta) and have a Flight to Vancouver at Terminal 3 (on Alaska). I have 2 and a half hours between flights. Is this enough time to make it?


I'll be arriving on American Airlines from SFo, and need to transfer to Quantas at Bradley international. Do I need to pick up my luggage in LAX and transfer it to the International terminal? How do I get from terminal 4 to international -Quantas?


Thanks for info. How do I get from terminal 4 to Bradley International?

Anonymous (not verified)

note that some qantas flight do leave from terminal 4
(american airlines) so you would be best to check first

Anonymous (not verified)

T 4 is next to Bradley. Once you exit T4, it is only 5 to 10 min walk to Bradley. However, you probably have to go through security again. It is tricky because you will be on an international flight, so better to find out if you need to get luggage from T4 and take with you to Bradley. Also, you may need to check in at least 2 hours before flight departure at Bradley.

Anonymous (not verified)

Just make sure when you check your bag in at wherever you start, the agent checks your bag all the way through to your final destination. Also make sure you have a copy of your Qantas information directly from the airlines site (not handwritten or typed yourself), as this is the only way they can check your baggage if its not already in your information on their computer.


My daughter is traveling abroad this spring. She will be flying from Chicago to LAX on united airlines, then flying on Air New Zealand from LAX. Does she need to get her luggage when she arrives in LAX and then recheck the luggage on her flight to NEW Zealand on Air New Zealand? What is the transfer time from Terminal 7 to terminal 2? Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

United and ANZ are both part of the STAR Alliance. Therefore in Chicago your daughter will be able to check her baggage all the way to NZ. She will not need to retrieve her bags in LAX- they will transfer it automatically for her.

It is always a good idea once the Chicago agent tags the bags that you read and verify the end destination on the tag. Sometimes agents screw up and the bags either are mis-routed or only make a partial journey. Not a good way to start the trip!

Transfer time between T7 and T2 is 20 minutes at a brisk walk. She can also wait for the shuttle bus to come around- should take 30 minutes by that method.


We are travelling through American Airline landing at terminal 4 and our next flight is southwest airline which is at terminal 3, what we should we go to terminal 3

Walter (not verified)

hello, I am currently planning to go from Sydney to Sacramento flying different airlines. So far I have gathered that I arrive in Tom Bradley Terminal on my international flight with Virgin, then I need to take a connecting flight with United Airlines to Sacramento.

Could you tell me if I need to check my luggage out when taking the connecting flight? Will I need to check-in at United Airline counter? How much time should I give in-between the two flights?

Any advice would be much appreciated.