LAX Terminals Transfers

Between terminals transfer

Free wheelchair accessible shuttle bus serves all terminals around the central loop.

Walking - It takes about 30 minutes to walk from T1-T7 following the U.

Shuttle - The LAX A Shuttle ("Airline Connections" - board at the BLUE signs) makes the loop to all terminals, going T1 to T7, then back to T1.

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Given the time of day you are arriving at LAX I would give it 1 1/2 hours to clear customs. Please note that LAX is one of the world's busiest airports. I have arrived at 7am (when Customs first opens for the day) and it has taken me at least one hour to clear with only a few flights in at that time. I would get my bags and walk to Terminal 7 from Terminal 2 but if you're rushed for time wait for a blue shuttle bus. All the airline signs are in Alphabetical Order and are easy to read.

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Hi. I am arriving @ 10.30am on 18 december from NZ with air new zealand (terminal I have a connecting flight with United @ 2.05pm (domestic US), out of terminal 7.

Should 3.5 hours be enough to clear customs & immigration and make the connection?


Susan Tham

My manager is arriving in Tom Bradley International Airport on from Icheon Airport/Seoul via Asiana Airlines on 27th Sep ETA 3.20 pm and will travel from LA Terminal 6 to Houston via Continental Airline CO 1298 ETD 5.10 pm the same afternoon. Please let me know what is the fastest way for him to get from Tom Bradley Int'l Airport to Terminal 6 and will he be able to check-thru his luggage from Icheon thru to Houston given that he is traveling on different airline carriers? I hope the 1hr 50 min transit time works well as he is traveling on business class, thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be travelling with JAL and arrive at LAX on Aug 30th 11:25am. I have a connecting flight with American Airlines Aug 31st at 10:30am, Terminal TBIT

I may purchase a different flight (air Canada) on Aug 30th that departs from LAX to YYZ at 1:25 pm in Terminal Two.

Will I have enough time to get from TBIT to Terminal 2? What will happen with my baggage? Can I just get them from the baggage claim and take it with me to Terminal 2?


We basically have two hours to get from terminal 3 (V airlines) to terminal 7 or 8 (United Domestic) any idea how long this will take including going through customs?
Thank you

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my flight is schedule to land at 5:07 am in terminal 5 (delta) and my next flight is out of lax is at 6:00 am in terminal 1 (southwest). will i be able to make it? will i have to go through the security line again? whats the quickest way to terminal 1?

Thanks in advance


How long does is take to get from Terminal 8 to Tom Bradley if one walks it? By electric cart?

How long does it take to get from Terminal 8 baggage claim to Tom Bradley?

thank you.

Aussie (not verified)

How long does it take by shuttle bus from terminal 8 to terminal 4 international?


Would somebody know if I need to get out of the security area if I need to take my bags from Terminal 7 and go to Terminal 4 to take an international flight?

Vikki Dee

Terminal 8 to Terminal 4 - My young son will be making this jouney in a couple of weeks. Does he have to leave the secure area to take a bus, or can he walk from one terminal to the other? If Term 6 to 4 is connected by a tunnel, how does he access this tunnel without leaving the Secure Area?

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be flying from Utah to LAX on Delta Airlines and will arrive at 11pm. My international flight on China Airlines leaves at 12:55AM, (only 2 hours later, it was just moved up!).

Will I be OK? Is that enough time? Please reply because I need to know if I have to find a way earlier. I leave June 14th!

First time to LAX

Hi All,

I've been given two options for a layover in LAX. Either 2hrs or 7hrs. Obviously the 2hr option is far more appealing, but I've been told that it may not be enough time to make the transfer from Terminal 3 to Terminal B. Is this so? Will 2 hrs be enough time, or should I play it safe and deal with the 7hr wait? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!!


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we arrive at 1.10 PM from Mexico with AIRFRANCE TERMINAL 2
and have a flight with United airlines TERMINAL 8 to Las Vegas at 4.25 PM
do you think it s will good ? will we have the sufficient time?
is there a transfer possibility between the 2 terminals?
Thanks in advance


Anonymous (not verified)

We are flying from Las vegas arriving at LAX terminal 1, then 90minutes till our next flight to Los Cabos from terminal 4... We will have to do customs or baggage collection at LAX? I'm thinking we will need to run!! Any advice?

Anonymous (not verified)

You can check your bags from Vegas straight through to Los cabo, but on the way back you will have to collect in lax and drop them off at the transfer desk just after you clear customs


I am flying in on Qantas international flight on a saturday morning 6.55am and have an AA domestic flight at 9.30am to JFK. Is this going to be enough time between flights??

bala (not verified)

My parents are travelling from Washington, DC to Carlsbad. Via Los Angeles.

They need to transfer from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8.. can anyone please let me know, what will be the mode of transfer.

Anonymous (not verified)

We will be landing in the Continental/United Terminal coming from Kona, HI, we then have to go Terminal 4 -American, can we walk? Do we have to go thru security again? How long will this all take, we have only about 1-1/2 hrs from landing to departure time. Thank you .

Anonymous (not verified)

There is a shuttle and yes you will have to go thru security. LAX is the slowest security of any airport I have ever been thru. Good luck in making it in 1.5 hours; you'll spend the first 1/2 waiting for your luggage (if they don't transfer it for you). Is it too late to change your flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I arrive at LAX Terminal 2 from NZ and then need to wait 7 hours to travel to Florida Terminal 6, is there a transit lounge I can pay to use?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am coming in on United from San Francisco and departing on All Nippon Airways to Tokyo. How do I get to All Nippon, and do I have to retrieve my bag and take it to the All Nippon terminal? Thanks.

JPV (not verified)

Hi. We will be landing on a Sunday morning at 10.50 in Bradley terminal and will be flying out with AlaskaAir to Mexico at 13.05. Is there enough time to change terminals (even we have to go through immigration/customs)? Thanks for your help!


Hi. We will be arriving on a Delta flight into LAX in terminal 5 and will be flying out of terminal 6 on a United flight 90 minutes later. We will have checked bags. Is 90 minutes enough time to retrieve our luggage, walk to terminal 6 and re-check-in for the United flight? Thanks


Hi, I will come to LAX by CI008 and have to catch AA1258 to STL on 12 April. I want to know where I can stay 11 hrs transit during mid night at the LAX airport area? What is the nearest transit lounge to AA terminal & What is the terminal no.? What I should do first, find a place to rest or find the terminal to next destination? I am with 80 years old my mother.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I'm arriving at LAX (TBIT) at 14:35 and departing for SFO (w/ United, Terminal 7) at 16:25.
Do I have enough time to transfer.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I'm landing in lax at terminal 7 and I have just over 3hours till my next flight leaves at terminal 2 with two different air line and to different international flights. Will this be long enough? Do I Hav to go through customs when I'm justing stoping to catch another flight?

World Traveler (not verified)

Hi, Since LAX is your first airport that your are arriving into the United States, you have to clear passport control & customs since all USA airports don't have (International transit halls)in them... once you clear, you have to recheck your baggage & transfer to terminal 2 to once again clear security. your time is fine to make all stops

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Hi I'm landing in lax from australia in terminal 7 and Hav 3hrs and 20 min tIll my next flight leaves to Mexico city at terminal 7 with two different air line. Will this be long enough? Do I Hav to go through immigration?

World Traveler (not verified)

Greetings, Since LAX will be your first airport that you will be arriving into the United States, you have to go through passport control & customs since all USA airports don't have (international transit halls) in them.. once you clear, you have to recheck baggage & once again go through security to get to your gate.... Terminal 7 is small, time is fine, you'll even have some time to grab a pint or 2 & relax before your flight... HAVE FUN!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

I have a flight that will land in terminal one and i have 30min to get to terminal two to catch my next flight will i have enough time and how long will it take to swich terminals

Anonymous (not verified)

I have 2 separately booked tickets (because I am studying abroad and the company booked one and I booked the other) and I cannot check-in online, because it is a group ticket. So, I come in at Terminal 1 (Southwest) and have to get to the International Terminal, check-in and get through security and to my gate. I have 2.5 hours, will I be ok? If not, what can I do? Will the airline get a car to drive me you think? Is there any tips to getting across the airport or through security faster? Thanks!



I am arriving LAX from Tahiti FAAA with Air Tahiti and have a connecting flight 5 hours later with Lufthansa to Frankfurt. I am NOT a US citizen. Would it be possible/enough time to go through customs and go to a nearby mall and do some shopping?

Anonymous (not verified)

The short answer is no

jack ceder

I arrive at terminal 8 and have 60 minutes to get to terminal 4. Can I do this without going thru security again?


I need some advice here. One our trip back from Tokyo, we are planning to take Singapore airline from Tokyo to TBIT, then connect via Southwest back home to SFO. Right now the flight is scheduled to arrive TBIT at 130pm. We want to catch the 5pm Southwest flight. Is 3.5hours enough for us to get luggage, clear immigration and customs, haul ourselves to terminal 1 and check in again and go through TSA? I have heard immigration and customs is a nightmare at LAX. Our homebase is SFO and it is usually pretty good there. We want to do this route due to very cheap airfare. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!!


I am coming in from London Heathrow at 15.05 and have to connect with a Delta flight to Honolulu which leaves at 17.40. Is that enough time and do I have go through passport control and re-enter?



I hope you can help me, im picking up my brother in law at Tom Bradley PR102 Terminal B,@640pm and he's got a connecting flight to Charlotte at 10pm at Terminal 1, how can I bring him to terminal 1, how far is it?

Thank you for your help.


Anonymous (not verified)

Hello all - my daughter is studying abroad in Sydney this
semester and will be flying out next week. She is taking
an American Airlines flight from Chicago to LAX, then a
Qantas flight to Sydney. Two questions - will she need to
retrieve her bags and re-check them in at LAX for the
international flight. Second, will she have to go through
security again at LAX when changing planes there? Thanks so
much for any help you can provide.

Debbie (not verified)

Hi, We travelled from San Fransisco on American Airlines in October to LAX, then Qantas to Sydney. We were able to book our bags right through to Sydney from San Fransisco. Once we got to LAX (terminal 4), didn't leave the terminal or go through security but went to a Gate (can't recall the number) down escalators & then checked in there. There was a sign about Qantas transit above the escalators. After 6pm they have buses round to Tom Bradley Terminal so you don't have to go through security again. It worked really well. Ask for assistance in Chicago when you book your daughter's bags in - we didn't pay any baggage fees to LAX.

John H. (not verified)


I was wondering if someone could help me. I have crazy idea, I would like to travel from BKK to CDG via LAX and I need to know whether I have to go through customs between TBIT (TG) and T2 (AF). Both are international flights, I am not going to stay in US this time, but I don't think it's possible to avoid customs, am I right?

Thanks a lot,
John H.

Anonymous (not verified)

Arriving terminal 7, departing terminal 5
Hi, will I need to go back thru security in terminal 5?

Anonymous (not verified)

No. From terminal 7 go to terminal 6, go all the way down towards the satellite structure at the end of terminal 6, but don't go up any stairs. On the left side of this circular area, there is an escalator down to a tunnel which connects to Terminal 5. Sometimes there will be one of those electric airport cars operating there.

Anonymous (not verified)


I will arrive at melbourne intl airport from Philippines via PHIL AIRLINES, how will i get to TERMINAL 4 Tiger Airways??how many minutes going there, how much if i take the shuttle vs taxi cab? thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be arriving at T7 on United and my friend is arriving on Qantas at Thomas Bradley Terminal. Is there a common customs and/or baggage collection area. Where is the best place for us to meet up.

Chantsaldualm Baatar (not verified)

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Hi to everybody
I need to go from terminal 2 to terminal 1
May I go walking ?How long time I will spend there?

kavita dhakhwa

i am coming from salt lake to los angeles and arriving at terminal 5 at 9:30 am then i have got connected flight to international terminal B to korea in korean airlines at 12:30pm
how can i change the terminal from 5 to international terminal B , what is the distance ? is that in the walking distance or i have to take shuttle bus? how much time it will take if i will walk or in shuttle?
if i have to check out in the terminal 5 and then go to terminal B , will i have the sufficient time for check out and check in, since it's a international flight?
whom shall i contact in the airport for the help so that i can transfer in time not missing the flight to korea at 12:30pm?

natalie (not verified)

we are flying to lax from denver on southwest and would like to check bags. will our denver->lax bags transfer to lax->kauai? or do we need to pick them up and re-check them? same on the way back. our flight from lax to denver is VERY soon after we land from kauai.



we arrive at 16.35 AM from Mexico with Aeromexico TERMINAL 2
and have a flight with Delta airlines TERMINAL 5 to Las Vegas at 17.55 AM
do you think it s will good ?
we are French and don't know if we have to take shuttle between the two terminal or walk , we don t have bagage just cabine bagage
please answer me , i am afraid to lost my second flight
can I send a message to Delta airlines to advice ?
thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english !!