LAX Terminals Transfers

Between terminals transfer

Free wheelchair accessible shuttle bus serves all terminals around the central loop.

Walking - It takes about 30 minutes to walk from T1-T7 following the U.

Shuttle - The LAX A Shuttle ("Airline Connections" - board at the BLUE signs) makes the loop to all terminals, going T1 to T7, then back to T1.

Patricia (not verified)

How do I get from United Terminals to TBIT for a Turkish Airlines flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

As of 2014, the shuttle bus may be wheelchair accessible, but it is not handicapped person accessible as the shuttle bus has a huge step to board. This is often difficult for a person using a wheelchair or cane. Duhhhh

Betty (not verified)

I am flying in on Delta to LAX at Terminal 5 then Flying to Australia with Virgin Australia. Can someone tell me if they fly out same terminal or different. They say different. But when i go their site they say same terminal..Can someone please help me.

Anonymous (not verified)

Do you need to collect your luggage and go through customs coming in to Terminal 6 from Canada and going to Fiji out of Bradley International?

Anonymous (not verified)

Can you tell me how long it takes to go from terminal 1 to terminal 2 at LAX airport? I am coming into LAX on Southwest and leaving a few hours later on Air New Zealand.

Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

It's a short walk, only 5-10 minutes taking your time.

Anonymous (not verified)

I found the LAX airport the most inefficient airport in the world. Even airports in under development countries have transportation between terminals.

Mike robertson (not verified)

Hi I arrive on Sat 31st August at 1255 on BA279 into Tom Bradley International Terminal.

I need to transfer to Terminal 4 to catch American Airlines 1730 flight to Maui.

I realise I have plenty time but how do you tranfer terminals and how long will it take?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous (not verified)

how do i go from internatiol airport, Terminal B to domestic airport?

louise prevost

how to get to tom bradley international terminal from t7..
going to LA tomorow wednesday feb 6 th

thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

how long would it take me to get to TBI asiana airlines,from domestic united airline.with 1hr 30 mins. to spare???

SkyMaster (not verified)

How do I get from terminal 1 Southwest to terminal b Japan Airlines?
I have 3 hours going and 2 hours coming back, will I make it?
Thanks in advance

Sil Russo

Which is fastes route (way, via) to get from TBIT to Terminal 4?

Anonymous (not verified)

after they check bags where do they send them what

terminal 5/31 where can I pick them up they do not speak English do they have a bag pick up at terminal b or are the bags send to terminal 4 or where?????

thank you

Suzanne Lawson

I arrive at Terminal 1 and have approx. 2 hrs. to change flights from Terminal 1 to 6. Do I have to go through security again?


I arrive at Terminal 4 and need to go to Terminal 8. I have only 40 mins. I can run and will have carry-on. Can anyone tell me if these are connected "post-security" so I might be able to make it on time? What is the fastest way to get between these terminals?
Thank you for your reply!

Brenda M

I have only 37 minutes between flights and I have to go from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1...what is faster, walking or the shuttle? Also, should I worry about my luggage making it onto my connector flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

I have to get from terminal 2 to terminal 5. Were you able to make the flight? i have 65 minutes.

Anonymous (not verified)

According to my flight itinary I suppose to be landing on Terminal B. Is terminal B short for Tom Bradley International Terminal? What is the fastest way to transfer from Terminal B to Terminal 4? Do I have to collect luggage & go trough customs while changing terminals?

Anonymous (not verified)

Where can I find a map that shows the most direct route for connecting flights?

Robert Houle

We will be arriving from Montreal via Air Canada. We will be connecting with Qantas to Melbourne, AU. We will have a 12 hour wait between flights. Is there a rest area available?


how long does it take to go from Term 2 to TB Int terminal. is the access by walking or a shuttle service is avaialable ?


I am flying from america to NZ via sydney I have a 9 hour lay over, am I able to leave the terminal. I am a Kiwi

randy weidner

What is the quickest way from #8 United to #1 SW Air


What is the quickest way to transfer #8 to #2?

prospero (not verified)

how lon take go from terminal 4 to tom bradley int ?

Anonymous (not verified)

the distance is only 50 metres so will take you 2- 3 minutes

Anonymous (not verified)

If I have to walk from terminal 4 to terminal 1 on a flight transfer, how long do you think it will take? And is it confusing?

Anonymousggwiss (not verified)

how far is it to walk from terminal 5 to the Bradley International terminal?


Hi, I'll be arriving in TBIT at 805 pm and plan to fly to JFK 1145 pm Virgin America flight. Is it advisable to take that flight or take a later flight? I also want to confirm the actual process - get off the plane, to get my luggage, go through Customs and Immigration, walk to Terminal 3 and check in at the Virgin America counter. Do I have to go through customs and immigration again in Terminal 3? Do I have enough time to do all of this? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous (not verified)

Is 3 hours enough to connect from domestic to departing from international in LAX airport

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello. I will be arriving at LAX from DEN at 10.50pm by Southwest Airlines. Then, I have a connecting flight to HND at 1.10am with ANA. I have 2 hours 20 minutes for the layover. Is the time enough for me to pick up the luggage from WN and recheck again at NH..?Thank you.

TracyTriumph (not verified)

We are flying in on an international flight from London to Terminal B, arriving at 19.05 hrs. We then need to check in and drop our bags off for a flight to Vegas leaving at 21.05. I understand that our checkin closes 45 minutes before flight departure. So we have 1 hour and 15 minutes to pick up our bags, get through customs and immigration, change terminals and check in for our next flight.... Is it possible?

Anonymous (not verified)


I really dun think its possible. 1 hr 15 mins is too short a time! You could hardly clear off LAX customs with this time if its crowded. I suggest you give yourselves 3 hrs to transfer in between.

Anonymous (not verified)

I purchased separate tickets for SFO to LAX (United) and LAX to HNL (Delta). If I check in my bags at SFO, do I have to claim it at LAX and check it in when I go on my next flight? SFO to LAX arrives at 07:24, LAX to HNL will depart at 08:40. If I have to claim my bag and check it in again, what is the fastest way to get to T5 from T8?

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm arriving in LAX from Hong Kong by United Airlines at 11:10am on March 11, and need to catch a 1:40pm domestic flight to Las Vegas by Southwest Airlines. Will a 2 1/2 hrs allow enough time to get through customs and immigration?Which terminal will I be landing and which terminal to proceed to?
And how can I do it?Since this is my first time to US, please help me in advance so that I could catch up the next flight. Thanks a lot!

Uma (not verified)

In my experience I guess you dont have enough time to pass the immigrations cause so crowed even me last time I have to wait more or less 1.15 hrs.and took lugguage about 20 min So,suggest you move re-schedule again. if you can get domestic flight about 3.30 - 4 hrs will be good for you.

The link below is the airport map and you can check it up which airline will be in which terminal.

Safe trip and have fun


I transferred from Terminal 5 Delta to AA remote , I was told to proceed to gate 58A I think . girl at desk radioed for bus which took 2 of us to the remote terminal. 8 minute ride.
Must walk down stairs to get bus.
Not much food wise at remote terminal .
there are restrooms

Later , I flew Horizon air ( Alaskan ) SJC to LAX Term 3 . transfer from term 3 to delta term 5 .
,was pointed to gate 39 ( alaskan air GA. actually stamped my boarding pass with this info ).

this is the tricky part. you actually exit near gate 39.
down the little hall a bit .
the bus attendants seemed preoccupied & do not have loudspeakers .
Basically they were chatting and ignoring passengers , quietly said "delta this way" and walked out the door down more stairs to a group of 4 buses.

Then you had to ask each one where they were going. once we arrived at terminal 5 people were scattering towards different doors . bus & door attendants were on break or something it seemed.
It was funny watching the portly servair person chasing people across the tarmac yelling " where you goin foo " totally drowned out by jet noise . :)

it works but you have to pay close attention it seems

Hopefully it gets better when Alaskan moves to Terminal 6

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying into International Terminal and then back out of terminal 4. I want to pay to use a lounge, but the only one I can find is the club one in terminal 6. Is it possible to go to teh lounge in terminal 6 when catching a flight from terminal 4? and how long will I need to leave to get between the terminals and to my gate etc

Stuart (not verified)

I'm arriving in LA at 6:55am on May 10, and need to catch a 9:00am connecting flight to San Francisco. Will this allow enough time to get through customs and immigration?

Stuart (not verified)

Just to add some extra info to this query, I'll be arriving at Terminal B and will need to board at Terminal 7.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi everyone,
I am arriving at Terminal B from Sydney at 6.15am and need to catch a continental flight to San Fran at 11.40am from Terminal 7. Is this enough time? Taking into consideration I have to clear customs security checks and then transfer myself, wife and 2 children to a different terminal. I would appreciate any advice.

Anonymous (not verified)

how long does it take if I transfer from Tom Bradley terminal to terminal 4 by shuttle bus? tks


When I land in several hours I'll have less than 2' hours to collect my bags at Terminal 5, get to TB, check into Singapore Air, recheck my bags, get through security and to my gate. My flight leaves at 8:00 pm. I land at 6:00pm. I'm flying business and am willing to take a taxi. Will I make it?? Any suggestions? This was all due to a 4 hour delayed Domestic flight. Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm flying into term#4 and catching a flt from term#5, can I get between them without going through security again?

Anonymous (not verified)

We are travelling Air Canada to LA and have 2 hours after arriving to pick up Qantas flight at 10-20pm. Is that enough time to get thru baggage and customes? I believe it is Terminal 2 for Air Canada and Terminal 4 for Qantas.
Is that walking distance?


Is there a way to transfer between terminals without having to go thru security yet ?
going between 3 & 5 . might be 6 & 5 after Jan.


I'm arriving in LAX airport international Terminal B from Frankfurt on Lufthansa at 12:55 pm on December 28th, 2011. I need to book onwards flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. There's a flight on Hawaiian airlines at 05:05 pm the same day from Terminal 2. Is 4 hours enough time for customs clearance, baggage claim, terminal change and baggage check in? How long is it to walk or take a shuttle from International Terminal B to Terminal 2? This is my first LAX experience, so I would appreciate some help here. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous (not verified)

Yes this should be fine as long as you continue to your next gate after clearing customs. There are free shuttle buses outside that will take you to your airline departure gate. Enjoy your holiday!


Arriving terminal 2 at LAX 2.00pm Air New Zealand, connecting 5.30pm United Air out of terminal 7 to Mexico City.
Is only option to transfer by shuttle after clearance immigration/customs......or is there an internal secure area to walk or go by cart?
Is 3+ 1/2 hours okay to connect?