LAX Airport Terminals

juliet (not verified)

what terminal is the PAL - philippine airline in LAX

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying Singapore airline arrival TBIT at 1.30pm, have to fly to St.Paul with Southwest line at 3.30pm from T1. do I have enough time for this? Changing terminal by Bus or walk which is faster?

Anonymous (not verified)

You have to get through Homeland Security(i think)
for about 30 to 45 minutes, then wait 5 to 10 minutes for a bus, then wait 10-15 minutes (depending on the traffic) to get through to T1, then check in for 10 minutes (depending on wait time), then get through security for 25 minutes. Doors close 10 minutes to arrival. Total time used: 105-ish minutes

You MAY have a slight chance of making it, I don't exactly know. But to experience I can see that will take time.

Anonymous (not verified)

I have to go from flight OZ202 with Asiana airlines at terminal B to terminal 7 for United flight UA443. What is terminal B? Tom Bradley international? This is a 2 hour connection. Any advice on where to go?

Anonymous (not verified)

i have 2hur layover only in lax to get the united airline from terminal 7, pls. advise to me how to reach the terminal B to terminal7

Jerry C. (not verified)

Terminal B? Nobody who works there refers to Tom Bradley Terminal as Terminal "B". It is frequently called TBIT or Bradley. However, Asiana is serviced by the Bradley Terminal. It's probably a 10-12 minute walk from Bradley "arrivals" to Terminal 7 "departures". Do you know if you have to clear customs in the Bradley Terminal first? If so, that would be another time allotment.

Keilani (not verified)

How long does it take to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 5? Is it best to take the shuttle or walk and do you have to go thru security again?

Anonymous (not verified)

how long will it take me to get there. do I need to take the shuttle? do I need to go trough security again? do I have time to check bags or would it be faster just to take carry on? im going to Hawaii and would like to bring a lager bag which would have to be checked? do you have suggestions? thanks


We have book a International flight from San Francisco via Sky West to LAX terminal 1, and connecting flight within 2 hours to International Terminal ,on Korean Airlines to Seoul Korea. How long does it takes to go from Term 1 to Tom Bradley International Airport, and is access by walking or shuttle bus available.Since Skywest Delta AIr is partnered with Korean Airlines. will my Baggages be automatically transfered to Korean Air lines, and be checked out at the destination.

Thank You Very Much

Anonymous (not verified)

I am arriving on a Qantas flight from Sydney and it saysnit arrives at Terminal B. I am picking up a a connecting flight with United. Can you please advise if I will need to collect luggae and recheck, or what the procdure is. How long will it take to get from internationalmterminal to where aunited departs?

Anonymous (not verified)

You will have to clear Immigration, collect baggage and clear customs at first port of entry in US. After clearing customs, and immediately thereafter, you can transfer baggage to domestic without check in at Transfer counter. After that, take transfer bus to terminal for domestic flight. Will nned to go through security again.

Above does not apply to flights from Canada. Immigration for entry into US is cleared at Canadian departure airport.

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Vinit (not verified)

hi, i will be travelling from Fiji to Geneva via Los Angeles. Do i need to apply for a transit VISA as i will not be going out of Terminal B?

Anonymous (not verified)

Passengers traveling through US international airports enroute to other countries are required to submit ESTA details 72 hours prior to traveling. When requested to submit US address on ESTA site, enter "enroute to Geneva"

Anonymous (not verified)

Does LA airport has Luggage Storage at any terminal?


Hello. I have 2 questions regarding to LAX.

1) I'm flying to LAX to get to a connect out of states, is 2.5 hrs enough time to go through custom and stuff? My national flight arrive to LAX at 9 pm & the outbound flight is at 1130 pm.

2) On my return flight, I have 10 hr lay over at LAX. I arrive at 1 pm but am not leaving until 11 pm. Is there lounge area for US airways first class ticketers? Or hotel within the terminal that offer "day room"? How am I suppose to spend that 10 hrs? :(


Anonymous (not verified)

US Airways has a club room......they have one day passes for $50

I had also read somewhere the will be opening at LAX by the end of the year?

cthore (not verified)

I have a flight coming up where I am going to have to go from Terminal 6 to Terminal 1. I have a couple of questions:
1. Will I have to go back through a security checkpoint to go from one terminal to the other?
2. How long will it take to get from Terminal 6 to Terminal 1?



Anonymous (not verified)

Coming in on Suncountry meeting family at terminal one what is the best way to get there?

Christopher Saul (not verified)

Hi there

I will be landing at Terminal 4 at 1320 on Mon 24 Jan. I'll be arriving on the AA flight from Las Vegas.

I then have to get to Tom Bradly Terminal for the Emirates flight leaving to Dubai at 1600.

Is this enough time? Will we have to go through security again? Will we be able to check our luggage in at Las Vegas and have it transferred to the Emirates flight, or will we have to collect it and check it in again?



who can go Terminal-4 to Tom Bradlay inter

Anonymous (not verified)

Where is Terminal B @ LAX Airport?

Mei (not verified)

Terminal B is the Tom Bradley International terminal where all intl' flights depart and arrive.


How do I get from Terminal 2 to 6? Keep in mind that I am travelling with a cat. Do I need to catch a shuttle or can I walk it? If I decide to walk, approx. how minutes will it take to get to Terminal 6?


I'm flying soon to LAX by Cathay Pacific from Malaysia, arriving at Terminal B ( Tom Bradley )next month. I need to connect my flight by Continental Airlines at Terminal 6 to Cleveland.

How do I get from TBIT to Terminal 6? Is there a shuttle or can I just walk to it?

Many thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

free shuttle or a short walk

Anonymous (not verified)


Just preparing to head to New York from Sydney. Sydney to LA, arrival is at Terminal B which I realise is also the Tom Bradley terminal on the map. And then taking off at Terminal 3 for LA to New York. Virgin Atlantic followed by Virgin America.

By my understanding, you will need to get your bags and go through customs and then head back to Terminal 3 for New York. Sydney to LA landing time (if on schedule) 7.20am
LA to NY, leaving LA at 10.35am

Is it realistic to, get off the plane, run to get your "check in bags" then line up through customs and then run again back to get a boarding pass onto the domestic flight, check in those bags again at Terminal 3? Surely if the flight is late just 30 mins of landing or your bags are late, it is game over? What happens to the check in luggage if you make it to the plane and your bags don't? I understand the problem will be reduced if you have 0 check in luggage which may just be the way to go - buy everything in New York! Especially with our strong currency...

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Many thanks.


I,m coming in alaska air from Seattle friday evening ,and
I have to take a flight to Bogota via Copa airlines I'd
like to know how close are these terminals or if I have to take a shuttle to Copa air terminal.Thanks


I have to pick up my niece who is coming in from Mexico on United.

How long will that take after she lands?

And will her flight land at United or at the International Terminal?


Anonymous (not verified)

not sure terminal my sister arrives from copa ????


Is it best to get a taxi from one to another I only have 2 hrs.45mins. Can I drop my baggage after customs into a United Airline forwarding to Texas?

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm flying in on United Airlines from Chicago, arriving at Terminal 7. I need to meet someone at the Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal about an hour or so after I land.

How do I get to the TBIT from Terminal 7? Is there a shuttle or can I just walk to it?

Many thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

yes you can walk from tom badly to t4 becuase its right the nest terminal on the right hand side of tbit

Anonymous (not verified)

pls help: what is the fastest way from TBIT transit to T4?
is it possible to walk or take the LAX shuttle/airline connections??
as would arrive by CX at TBIT and catch AA at T4, 2.5hours; is that enough time to catch the flight?

Many thanks!!

Gramma (not verified)

How long does it take to go from Terminal 2 to the Bradly Terminal and also are there any lounges accessible to the Bradley terminal. We are flying out on the Emerates.


HELP !! Am having a major arguement with my husband. We come into terminal 7 at 7.23pm (19:23)10/16/10 and have to then go to terminal B to catch the 10.30pm (22:30) flight back to Sydney. I can't find terminal B on the LAX map. Hubby seems to think we will not have enough time to get from 7 to B. Can anyone advise ??

Anonymous (not verified)

Terminal B is the Tom Bradley International terminal

LAX user

Why are the solicitors back at LAX? The LATimes said the ban on begging at LAX had been upheld by the Federal court. Did the paper lie or are the authorities not enforcing the law?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am supposed to transit between Terminals 3 and 2 at LAX during my flight from Cancun (United 810)to Beijing(United 5456). Is there a passport control for transit passangers between Terminals 3 and 2?


I land in Terminal B from Sydney and have about 4 hours in transit before I board my domestic flight to New York. Is there something I can do in this short amount of time outside the airport without venturing out too far?

Anonymous (not verified)

Encounter Restaurant is right in the center of the airport, and a historic landmark. You might stop by there for a drink or food.


I will take a flight from Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific. It will be scheduled to land at TBIT around 11.20am. Then I will transit to Terminal 7 for a domestic flight run by United Airlines. The scheduled departure time will be 1.55 pm.
IS there a luggage drop off area for United airlines in TBIT once I clear customs and pick up my luggage?
Will I have adequate time(2.25 hrs) for transit?

Anonymous (not verified)

I'll arrive at LAX international airport by TG flight 19.30. And I will get trough immigration baggage claim and checkin for domestic flight. After that I will catch flight to NY on 22.30 Jetblue terminal 5 or 23.25 Delta terminal 6.
Is't it safe to catch 22.30 flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

I always take TG Bkk-Lax same flight as yours. It usually lands before ETA. Immigration at LAX is fast. TG bags come fast too. Your flight connections should be ok.


Hello, I'm a bit worried about the time we have between flights. We arrive at Terminal 8 from Seattle at 20.57 and have to catch a flight at Terminal 7 to Melbourne, AUS at 22.22, is this enough time to get through customs etc and catch our flight. Appreciate your comments

Anonymous (not verified)

The USA makes no distinction between domestic passengers and outgoing international passengers. You will not have to go through and customs/immigration controls like you do to leave Australia, but you will (obviously) need your passport as ID at checkin, security, etc.

JA (not verified)

We are flying Delta to LAX and have to get our luggage, then proceed to check in at Hawaiian Airlines in another terminal. How best do we do this, we are older. It is two separate airlines and flights. Help please


can anyone tell me which terminal volaris uses?



I left a London Fog Tan with Navy blue trim, short Coat, size small women's around Gate 43 in terminal 4 yesterday 2/11/09 around 5:00 pm. Please let me know if this was sent to lost and found. Thank you,


It appears from the terminal map that terminal 8 is directly connected to terminal 4. My question is can I walk from terminal 8 to terminal 4 indoors and can I just walk across to Tom Bradley? I am connecting from United to Qantas. I have taken the shuttle before and did not like the experience.