LAX Airport Terminal 7

Airlines that operate from LAX Airport Terminal 7

LAX Airport Terminal 7LAX Airport Terminal 7
Airline Code Phone

TED Airlines -
E-Ticket Passengers 

UA  (800) 225-5833 
United Airlines -
E-Ticket Passengers 
UA  (800) 241-6522 
United Express -
E-Ticket Passengers
UA  (800) 241-6522 

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Anonymous (not verified)

i will be arriving lax on ua121 and want to go to phoenix on southwest airlines .i have to pick up my baggage much time do i need to connect a flight.

Anonymous (not verified)

is it possible to get from terminal 6 to terminal 7 inside security? have a VERY short connection.

Anonymous (not verified)

You can walk from T7 inside security to T6 and take the Tunnel to T5. All inside security. As you go from the bridge from 7 to 6 ask a TSO where the tunnel is. Takes about 20 minutes at a fast clip.

Anonymous (not verified)

Arriving on United Express (terminal 7)..Leaving on Delta (terminal 5)...
Are these two terminals interconnected or will I have to depart T7 and enter T5...I'm not to excited about going back through Security again as my connections are short..
I understand my baggage is transfered from the United flight to the Delta aircraft..

John Ohan (not verified)

Can you please tell me if Skywest Airlines use LAX airport. If yes, pls adv if it is clearly marked on the terminal.

Pls reply to



Terminal 5

Delta Connection operated by SkyWest

Terminal 8

United Express operated by SkyWest