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Anonymous (not verified)

We're going to be on United. Traveling from Denver to Cabo with a 37 minute layover at LAX. Is this enough time to get off one plane and rush over to the next one? Same airline, but am worried that we will have to travel a bit to get to our correct terminal/gate once we're off the first plane. Anyone know if we'll have to get our bags or if they'll already transfer automatically? We usually go through Houston and it only takes about 30 minutes (if that). There are 6 of us 37 minutes at LAX has me worried. I got it as a package combining the two airfare schedules makes me wonder who puts these things together too??!! Do they not know how busy LAX gets in the summer?!

Anonymous (not verified)

There is no smoking room after the extraordinary long queue of security check in,for god sake such a grandeour "international" airport and yet they lack the basic "international" facility. Shame on LAX, freedom country?! Such an inconvenience international airport. Even third countries international airport have this facility. Such a shame, on a big city in LA and international airport you guys dare to claim. No wonder this country is falling behind in comparison to asia.

Anonymous (not verified)


I'm arriving 9:26pm from New York to LAX T7 transit back to Sydney at 10:17pm at LAX T7, with 51 mins would I have enough time to board my international flight. All connecting flights is through UA.

Anonymous (not verified)

I have an even tighter United connection at LAX coming up between SFO-LAX and LAX-Sydney at Terminal 7. United tells me it is valid, but I am nervous about it.

Anonymous (not verified)

hi iam leaving melbourne at 12:50pm and traveling to denver in between that i have a connecting flight at sydney and then leave for Lax(arrive 9:45am) term 7 then and then leave for denver term 7 at 12:45 so does this mean my bags will go straight to denver ? or will i have to collect them at Lax and check in and go throught customs ? iam a little bit confused and iam traveling on my own and just a little bit nervous ....

Anonymous (not verified)

I haven't done this specifically at LAX, but I have flown from Osaka to Dallas (as my connecting airport) and onto Phoenix, so a similar situation to you. Based on that experience, you will deboard from Sydney, go through Immigration, collect your bags, and go through customs. In Dallas, they had a short line for International passengers to re-check their bags (not the normal check-in counter - all was explained after going through Customs). You won't have to pay any baggage fee as your ticket is an International ticket. Then I went back through security for the domestic travel. Make sure that you have any liquids in a 1-quart size clear bag and you will likely have to remove your shoes.

While not specific to LAX, maybe you'll find this helpful.

Anonymous (not verified)


me gustaria saber si con 2 horas de diferencia es suficiente para llegar de la terminal 7 (desde las Vegas) y embarcar en la Internacional Tom Bradley hacia Pappete. Son 2 horas y 20 minutos la diferencia, aunque he de embarcar con unss 1,2 horas antes hacia Pappete. ¿cuanto tarda y que tipo de conexiones hay? ¿tengo que salir y volver a entrar para los controles? ¿dispongo de tiempo suficiente? ¿debemos pasar aduana?. Gracias

Anonymous (not verified)

We will never use your airport to fly again. My daughter flew out of your airport on Sunday night and you lost her luggage. She flew to Oregon and its freezing there and doesn't have any warm clothes. How can you do this to someone who is in a strange town with no warm clothes and you are not doing anything to help her out?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, we're arriving from denver to terminal 7 and need to get to the international terminal in 45 min. What is the best way to get there?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, just want to know that - I am arriving at terminal 7 at 9:53 am from Melbourne and off to Denver at 11:11am from the same terminal (7). Do I need to clear the custom at LA or Denver? If I need to do custom clearance at LA, it is obvious that I don't have enough time.

Same thing on my way back- arrive from Denver to LAX terminal 7 at 20:50 and off to Melbourne at 22:15 from same terminal.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Bigmontyboy (not verified)

US custom's and immigration must be cleared at "point of entry" into the country (99%) so you will need to clear both prior to proceeding to your next flight. Basically you do NOT have enough time to change and make it I'm afraid (especially with the lovely LAX INS agents ...). Sorry but that is just the case - good luck.

Judi B (not verified)

HI...we are arriving UA839 at Terminal 7 and need to meet my husbands parents there. Is there somewhere that stands out that we can a coffeee shop or info desk as we come out of customs?

Dave (not verified)

We are arriving at LAX from an international flight at 10:11am - we have a connecting flight from the same terminal (7) to JFK at 1:45pm - that makes it about 3.5hrs connection time.
As we have to go through Immigration etc. should this be enough time?
Also what is the procedure with immigaration/customs/security when first arriving at LAX is there a dedicated line for same terminal connections to avoid leaving the terminal and having to go through security again?

MackeyBloom (not verified)

(Probably too late for this answer to be of any use - but here's hoping!)
All United international flights arrive Terminal 7. United has it's own Immigration/Customs facility that is very fast and a great timesaver for any UA, UAX connections.

The walk from secured gate to Immi is very short - 5 minutes tops. As you will not be competing with other carriers, the wait is also short - probably another 10 or 15. You leave Customs via the Ground Floor and come out at Terminal 6. So, you have to leave a secure zone and re-enter security for any flight, anywhere. If you are lucky, you have United Premiere class or above and can use the much shorter lines also in terminal 6 -go upstairs and enter through Door "C"

With 3.5 hours layover, you'll have more than enough. UA Term 7 has a McDonalds, a Karl Strauss Brewery, and a Wolfgang Puck Pizza joint as the only real sit down eateries. If you don't mind walking over to Term 8 (on the same secure side as UA Term 7) there is a Jodi Maroni sausge joint. All in all UA terminals 7 & 8 really need some upgrading.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be picking up my friend who is coming from China on a United flight arriving at terminal 7. Can anyone help with a meeting place after she clears immigration?

Anonymous (not verified)

mackey - thank you for your lax post - great help! cheers friend!


Hello, I'm a bit worried about the time we have between flights. We arrive at Terminal 8 from Seattle at 20.57 and have to catch a flight at Terminal 7 to Melbourne, AUS at 22.22, is this enough time to get through customs etc and catch our flight. Appreciate your comments

Anonymous (not verified)

Is it possible to walk from terminal 7 to terminal 4 at LAX or do I have to take the shuttle..

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I have connection ab 50 min between Terminal 5 (arriving Delta) and Trminal 7 (leaving with United). Do I need pass security again? Is it realistic to catch my flight?
Thanks for any imput

Lin (not verified)

how long does it take to get from term 1 to term 8 we are travelling from san francisco to san diego and need to change at LAX we arrive at term 1 and have about 1/2 hour to get to term 8. Do we need to collect bags and recheck them. The airline sold us the tickets so i presume this can be done. Please please advise!!

Clara (not verified)


I need some help... I'm landing in terminal 7 on monday about 8.00 in the evening. How can I get to San Diego? Is there any bus which goes from this terminal directly to San Diego?

Thank you!

leo (not verified)

hi how much would it cost if you are over weight

Avram Lyon (not verified)

Does anyone know the hours of operation for United Ticketing at LAX?

Transendance (not verified)

I am planning on booking a flight, is an hour connection time between 1 and 7 terminals enough? Is there a way to walk through the parking lot walkways to get to the other side? Or is the shuttle faster?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying in to LAX on mexicana air at Thomas Bradley Int terminal 4, I then have to connect to my flight back to australia with united leaving out of Terminal 7. How long does it take to get between the two terminals? is it better to walk or catch the shuttle?

Anonymous (not verified)

Will take 5 to 7 minutes walking

Dan (not verified)

Hi guys, please help me out. i arrive into LAX from Melbourne at 7:30am and have to connect to Philly with united at 8:40am. 3 weeks ago qantas and United confirmed i will make it. i called today to double check all flights etc and they are telling me i wont make it and to change my flight. it's to late now though. any ideas on how to express my way through or directions to speed my connection from Term B top Term 7 would be so muchly appreciated. United are so unhelpful. i'm meeting my girlfreind in Philly. i havent seen her in 2 months and i cant miss this flight. Thanks

howard (not verified)

Hi, I am interested in knowing how you went, I too am flying from Melbourne and going on to Houston, one hour and thirty three minutes, it seems very tight timewise, can it be done.

Anonymous (not verified)

Is there any restaurants or any places to get breakfast before a 8:30 a.m. flight to Hawaii. We ate at a Chili's express previously, however I can't remember if it was in terminal 7?

thank you

Getting about LAX (not verified)

Is there a way to get from Terminal 7 to Terminal 3 without exiting the secure area? Or is there a way to get from Terminal 7 to Tom Bradley Terminal, again with leaving the secure area.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am arriving from Brisbane on wed 7am at terminal 4. What is the easiest way to get to Terminal 7 to catch a United flight at 1130am?


I was on United Flight 423 SFO to LAX on Wednesday, April 15, a standby seated in 6C arriving in Terminal 7. I left a headphones case with noise cancelling headphones and an iPod in the seat pocket in front of me. Anyone who might find this please contact me at 818-917-4322.

bianca (not verified)

I am arriving at LAX from Sydney at 4.30pm, have to pick up connecting flight T7 at 7.15 - will I have enough time to do so?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am arriving from Zurich at 16.40pm on June 2nd and have a connecting flight to Vancouver on United 6428 at 20.35pm. I am an Australian citizen. Will I have to log into the Electronic system for Travel Authorisation 72hrs before arrival, even though I will not be leaving the airport?

regards Una

terry (not verified)

All Australians need an Esta Form to enter the US even if you don't leave the Airport,also beware of fraudulent US Consulate site,Proper ESTA Form costs US$14,and to anyone who wants to know about connection times at LAX if you are flying in from overseas allow a minimum of 2 Hrs more if possible.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be arriving from Cario on British Airways @700 p.m. and need to catch a United flight to Las Vegas @ 10:25 p.m. Will I have enough time to pick up my luggage, go thru customs, and then walk over to United and check in my luggage and make my flight to Las Vegas?

Olga (not verified)

You should have no problem. If you are arriving at the Tom Bradley international terminal It won't take you 15 minutes to walk to the United terminal. Once you exit the International terminal, make a right to terminal 7. You could also take the shuttle right outside each terminal to transfer you. Good luck and hope this doesn't come to you too late.

Anonymous (not verified)

My friend is travelling all day on her birthday and will be sitting though a 2 hour (or more) layover in Terminal 7. I am a resident of Los Angeles and thought I could meet her there and hang out and maybe give her a birthday card. Just because an airport is a heck of a depressing place to spend ones birthday. My question is, may a person not flying enter this Terminal? Of course I understand I'd have to pass through security, but I wonder if only persons with boarding passes are allowed beyond a certain point?

Thanks for your help.

Dr O

You can keep her company until she goes through the TSA Security check point(only passangers with boarding pass).

Dr O

Anonymous (not verified)

I am planning on purchasing at ticket that lands at Terminal 8 and my connecting international flight is at terminal 7. I have approx 45 min to transit if all works. Is this possible and will I have to go through security or any type of customs? Help Please.

Bigmike (not verified)

United Terminal 8 and United Terminal 7 are connected. You will NOT have to leave security to go from 8 to 7. Take the moving walkway to 7 and walk to your gate.

Terminals 8 and 7 are also connected within security to terminal 6, where some UAL wide body flights depart.

Dr O

You need about 3 hours for connecting time for International Flight to be on the safe side. I have almost missed my flight one time with more than 2 hours in connecting time!

See my other posting on Transit time.

Dr O

Anonymous (not verified)

Once we check into terminal 7, can we proceed inside security to terminal 6 to access an airport lounge?

Anonymous (not verified)

i'm flying in to lax on united air, and I dont speak english and I will need someone to help me to Air China.
Can this be done?

Thank You

Anonymous (not verified)

is it possible to get from terminal 6 to terminal 7 inside security? have a VERY short connection.

hoang hang (not verified)

we have flights from KOA To LAS via las (terminal 7)
transfer from UA56 to ua1492?
the connecting time around 50minutes? does it enought?
hoang hang

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying into Terminal 8 tomorrow and have 1/2 to get to terminal 7 to catch my flight. Do I have to go through security again which will cause quite a delay and I may miss my flight.

Anonymous (not verified)


georgie (not verified)

We are arriving from Las Vegas into LAX with UA at T7 then we are leaving with Air New Zealand in's a connecting flight to Melbourne. We only have 2.5 hours in LAX between landing and departure. Will we have to collect our luggage at LAX or can we check them right through to our connecting flight. Also is 2.5 hours enough at LAX ?

Baltimore (not verified)

I'm flying UA 308.Which terminal does it fly off from? Which of the 5 priority pass lounges is the best for someone with a kid? I have a 5 hour layover in LAX. Thanks