LAX Airport Terminal 5

Airlines that operate from LAX Airport Terminal 5

LAX Airport Terminal 5 MapLAX Airport Terminal 5 Map
Airline Code Phone
Aerolitoral  DL  (800) 237-6639 
Aeromexico  AM  (800) 237-6639 
Air Jamaica  JM  (800) 523-5585 
Delta Air Lines  DL  (800) 221-1212 

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Anonymous (not verified)

I am meeting an arrival from DL636 from Tokyo in T5. Where is the best place to arrange to meet that is easily describable and identifiable after customs?

Anonymous (not verified)


Anonymous (not verified)

I am expected to arrive in Lax on an Australian flight at 9:30am my departing flight from lax to miami leave at 11am can you say if I have sufficient time to make this flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

You will have to clear US customs at your point of arrival in the USA i.e. LA ... so I think 90 minutes may be pushing it ! You should check with your airline.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will arrive from Korea 22th May 13:10 at terminal B(Tom Bradley international airport)using Korea airline, and then my next delta flight will leave at 16:00 at terminal 5, will I have enough time make my flight? I want to know where can I bring back my luggage and where can I send my luggage to my delta flight? where can I check my entrance procedure?

Pleas help me.

Anonymous (not verified)

yes, you will have time if the flight arrives on time into LAX.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will arrive at LAX on Delta at 7:58am and need to change to Hawaii flight at 8:55 am on Delta. Is that enough time to make the change?

Anonymous (not verified)

On Saturday, August 1, 2009, I was waiting for passengers from Delta's flight 63 from Atlanta. It was about 7:15 P.M.
I was sitting on a bench near carousel 3 by the window. Another woman was sitting on the bench next to me. Under her bench on the floor was a sweatshirt jacket. A security officer came over and asked her if the jacket belonged to her.
She said, "No, I didn't even know it was there". The security officer said OK and walked away. He didn't pick up the jacket. He didn't call anyone.
I was by the carousel for another hour and when I left the sweatshirt jacket was still in the same place.
Is this normal procedure?

CINDY (not verified)

I would like information on where to park to pick up someone flying into LAX on Delta flight 4703 and will they be arriving at terminal 5? Thank you.

Richard (not verified)

Do I have to exit security at terminal 4 and re-enter secuirty at terminal 5 or is there a "tunnel" inside security?

Anonymous (not verified)

I arrived from SANTA ROSA CA 7:40 am at terminal 3, My aeromexico flight leaves at 9:30 am at terminal 5 will I have time make my flight?

Pleas help me.


If I fly into Terminal 4 on Air Force 1, and it's raining, how do find the Starbucks counter in Terminal 5? Do I need a boarding pass to get there? I am the President, after all.

Anonymous (not verified)

will bring the Starbucks counter on board Mr. President....


Anonymous (not verified)

You can get a haircut while you wait for the Starbucks counter to be installed.

Susan Patel (not verified)

Are there airport shuttles? I need to get to terminal 2 to terminal 5? How can I do that?

Carl Marquard (not verified)

I arrived from Hawiaa @ 6:05 am at terminal 4.My delta fight leaves at 8:30 am at terminal 5 will I have time make my flight?

Tes (not verified)

I arrive at terminal 7 on a united flight at 8:20am and am scheduled to leave on a continental flight from terminal 6 at 9:30am. Does that give me enough time to check in?

Misty (not verified)

I am traveling from Australia with my 1yr. We arrive in ter.2 and need to get to ter. 5, how long does it take to get through customs and baggage and is there any one there that can help me with getting my luggage to the next airline at ter. 5? Any suggestions to help make this trip less stressful with a 1yr old.

Thank You,

Gwen (not verified)

Hi depends how much time you have between flights,,, but if its a connecting flight they will wait for you im told,, and yes you can get someone to help you...

Anonymous (not verified)

Please tell me what and how I get from Terminal 1 which I arrive at from YYC, Canada, to continue to GDL, Mexico via Aeromexico which leaves out of Terminal 5???

Thank you

Mary Ann (not verified)

We are flying in to LAX to terminal 1 at 4:30pm and out of terminal 5 at 6:00pm. Is there enough time to make connections?


Jacqui (not verified)

I have a 6:30am flight tomorrow, 5/20; Delta #166 LAX - JFK. What time do the ticket counters and baggage check open? Do I need to be there before 5:30am?

Thank You,

Anonymous (not verified)

I need to meet someone at Delta baggage claim. Where is that? I know that Delta is located at terminal 5-is that where their baggage claim is located???