LAX Airport Terminal 4

Airlines that operate from LAX Airport Terminal 4
LAX Airport Terminal 4 MapLAX Airport Terminal 4 Map
Airline Code Phone
American Airlines  AA  (800) 433-7300 
American Eagle  AA  (800) 433-7300 
Cathay Pacific CX 882 Arrivals  CX  (800) 233-2742 
Cathay Pacific CX 884 Arrivals  CX  (800) 233-2742 
QANTAS  QF  (800) 227-4500 

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Anonymous (not verified)

Im a paasenger of Philippine Airlines, how will i get to the terminal 4- American Airlines from the PAL's arrival area? and do i need to withraw my checked in luggage?

brian (not verified)

you can take a airport bus (free) to terminal 4 or you make a left as soon as you get out of international airport. Terminal 4 is left side of international terminal. Good luck.

Anonymous (not verified)

how far is the tom bradley terminal from the american airlines terminal? can we walk ? im asking becausewe have 4 big suitcases and a baby with us...

Anonymous (not verified)

I have to meet Someone Whom is Flying fron Tokyo to LAX on American Air ,I can only assume they will arrive @ Terminal 4 Where is a good place to meet , Neither of us know the airport very well.Can IPlease get some Help!!

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello - are there any public showers available at either the international or domestic terminals? Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

i really think that there r no public showers @ the terminals!

Anonymous (not verified)

No showers at the airport..

Try this link to the LAX FAQ's

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi we are arriving on Qantas flight QF11 from Sydney Australia at 9.50am 27th December 2008 at terminal 4. We are then looking at flying to Las Vegas & all the flights we have looked at depart termial 4 ( is this the same terminal that our Qantas flight arrives at & if so how long should i allow beteewn flights to get luggage & check in to the Las Vegas flight. The flight we are looking at booking leaves LAX terminal 4 at 1.10pm.

Any info would be appreciated first time in America


Anonymous (not verified)

No matter what airline or what airport, you must always go through customs and immigration at the VERY FIRST PORT OF CALL.
Even if you are connecting at the same terminal, you must collect your bags and go through this process, before you catch your connecting flight. I always allow a minimum of 2 hours between flights to do this and allow for a delay. You will also have your photo and finger prints taken when going through immigration. This process has been in place since 9/11.

PAme (not verified)

When you arrive at T4 you will need to clear immigration then pick up your bags and go thru customs,

Once you have done that you will notice some staff asking where are you going to (sometimes you may need to ask them) then ask you to put your bags on the xray, leave your bags to them and then proceed upstairs (if you have a boarding pass) go thru security and then check which gate your flight is at.

When you are in the baggage hall their are QANTAS reps around to help you if need be.

NB: regardless what people say YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR BAGS!!!!!! Some travel agents have no idea!!! FACT!!

I fly to LA 8-10 times a year

Aussie in LA (not verified)

You will arrive in Terminal 4. Most international flights normally arrive at Tom Bradley, but Qantas moved to Terminal 4 a few years ago. You are going to have to clear immigration, pick up your bags and then clear customs. It has been a year since we last flew from Sydney, but I think it takes about 1.5 hrs.

If your bags are checked in to your final destination (by Qantas) then you shouldn't have to handle them again. I think if you have connecting flights, that there is an area after customs where you can put your bags. Qantas should have some information on this for you or American Airlines. They are airline partners, so even if you booked the flights seperately, I think they should be able to link the bookings.

As you arrive in Terminal 4 and are flying out of terminal 4 you should NOT exit the security area.... There should be a way for you to go to the departures area without having to go through security again. If for some reason your flight arrives in Tom Bradley instead of Terminal 4 then there is a walkway that you can use to avoid exiting and re-entering the terminal and having to go through security again.

Sorry I can't be more specific we don't normally take a connecting flight.

If Qantas doesn't tag your bags all the way to Vegas, then you may have to exit security and check in for the next flight. If so, allow 1.5 hours for this on top of the 1.5 hours to clear immigration and customs.

In case you are interested I would suggest wearing layers as the immigration line can get quite hot at times. Even in Dec.

Hope this helps.


Thanks also for some great info....same deal with me Qantas then American Airlines to Indianapolis.....

The 'Panic Button' has come OFF>>>>>>> Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

It is a different terminal. You will arrive at the Tom Bradley terminal. You should allow about 1 to 2 hours between your flights in order to clear customs & immigration. Once you get your bags you can take a shuttle that will take you to terminal 4. Shuttles run frequently.

Anonymous (not verified)

We arrive from Sydney via Qantas at 640am and will be going onto Cancun with American Airlines.

Would we have to go through Customs etc?

If we book onto the 11.05 flight (there are earlier flights) would we be able to get on the earlier flight if were at the American Airlines check in desk earlier say 10.00 am?

Thanks Natalie

KIMS (not verified)

I don't know if I come from BKK-NRT-LAX-MIA in case of flight
for LAX-MIA I have to change terminal yet? so,Can you tell me
how to change terminal please?

jennifer (not verified)

Lost Lumix panasonic camera in camera bag in terminal 4.please help its the only memories we have of our daughters first performance on stage. we lost camera 1/08/2008

allen williams (not verified)

lost passport christmas day 2007 anyone help?

ANA (not verified)

Arriving in at Terminal 4 and my connecting flight is at terminal 3...
Do I need to go through immigration first to leave the terminal and transfer to my flight that leaves at terminal 3. 3hours later? and how long does the shuttle take ?

Michele (not verified)

Yes, you will automatically go through immigration after arriving on an international flight. Exit Terminal 4 and take the Blue "A" shuttle which is out the front, to Terminal 3. It's very quick.

Anonymous (not verified)

How long does it take to walk from Terminal 4 to terminal 6. I have an hour layover and I'm tyring to get an idea of the size of the airport.