LAX Airport Terminal 4

Airlines that operate from LAX Airport Terminal 4
LAX Airport Terminal 4 MapLAX Airport Terminal 4 Map
Airline Code Phone
American Airlines  AA  (800) 433-7300 
American Eagle  AA  (800) 433-7300 
Cathay Pacific CX 882 Arrivals  CX  (800) 233-2742 
Cathay Pacific CX 884 Arrivals  CX  (800) 233-2742 
QANTAS  QF  (800) 227-4500 

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Anonymous (not verified)

American Airline does not forward baggage to next airline in time, I have experience twice. If any one planning to use American airline for domestic and than catch international flight from LAX, Please pick your luggage from American yourself and deliver to next airlines other wise you will get your stuff.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying from Toronto to lax by American airlines then onto Melbourne by American airlines operated by qantas. Will I have to change terminals?

Jeremy (not verified)

Shouldn't have to. I believe all Qantas flights depart from this terminal. I've flown 3x from Toronto - LAX - Brisbane and also met other passengers who have gone on to Sydney and Melbourne and they've departed from Terminal 4. It's a relatively short terminal too so not much of a hike from the AA gate to the Qantas one.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will fly from PVG(shanghai) to LAS(Las Vegas) via AA182, and it stops at LAX. The flight status shows it arrives at LAX terminal 4 gate 43X, and will depart from terminal 4 gate 40. I think I need to report custom and pass border inspection before catching the next flight. Is there ant custom claim/border inspection service available at terminal 4? Or should I go to Tom Bradly to pass border inspection first and then go back to terminal 4 for my next flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

We will be arriving LAX from Jamaica via Miami with AA at terminal 4. We will proceed to China Southern Airlines. I have lay over time approximately 3hours [arrive LAX 6:45pm and leave LAX 10:00pm]. Is this enough time? I understand we need to go to Tom Bradley from terminal 4. How long does it take from terminal 4 to Tom Bradley?

TCL (not verified)

Is this place offer room for a long lay over. I am due to arrive in LAX at Midnite and my next flight wont be out till 0900 hour the next day. Beside getting a room at a near by hotel, any idea if the Travelers Aid Booth have room to lay down for a few hours?



Jandals (not verified)

Is There showers in Terminal 4 or somewhere to rest for long layovers

Pepa (not verified)

I am flying to El Salvador on a monday at 11pm. how early can i check in my bags?

Caitie (not verified)

I lost a blackberry and an ipad last night in Terminal 4, I must have put it down somewhere (bathroom?). Is there a Terminal 4 lost and found, or just one for LAX in general? How can I go about finding my items?

Anonymous (not verified)

All international flights must arrive at that terminal only they have custom office and imigration office.

Anonymous (not verified)

I was from Narita, Tokyo by AA in Dec. 2010.
According to my ticket and AA website, AA's arrival Terminal is LAX Terminal 4.
But AA arrived at Tom Bladley, LAX.
Therefore I should quickly move to transit other AA for SF.
Why AA from japan arrive at Tom Bladley?
I wonder if AA to Japan depart at Tom Bladley, not T4.

Anonymous (not verified)

Thats because you are traveling international. All international go through Bradley. Local American airline flights are in terminal 4, regardless.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my LG Chocolate Touch cellphone at terminal 4, in the bathroom near gate 30 on Sunday, April 19 around 5:30pm. The phone is a touch screen; the backing is silver with purple accents and has a white, silicon case on it. I did not have time to check the lost and found but when I called it last, someone said it was in the lost and found! If found, please give me a call at 8086518782. Thank you.

KP (not verified)

We are travelling from Miami to LAX to connect on a flight to Vancouver. From what I can tell we will land in Terminal 4 and leave from Terminal 3. Any idea on how long that will take to change terminals?

Anonymous (not verified)

About a 15 minute walk.

Anonymous (not verified)

My friend has a layover from Austria to JFK at LAX. I am meeting him at LAX for his 90minute layover. Any suggestions on where to meet? Will i have to go thru airport security?

Katherine (not verified)

My friend and I are both travelling from Sydney to JFK via LAX on the same day and almost at the same time but on different airlines (don't ask!). He's flying Delta and I'm with Qantas - can anyone suggest a good place to meet up in LAX for the 90 mins we'll be there at the same time? I'm assuming we won't need to clear immigration etc as we'll be in transit. And if anyone can suggest where we should meet up in JFK when we get there, that would be great.


Anonymous (not verified)

hi Katherine
I would not suggest you to meet your friend in LAX as it's a busy airport. As you are trying to get to JFK via LAX, you will be entering the US which you will have to clear immigration and custom then connect to a domestic flight. 90 minutes layover is very tight for this kind of schedule.


I'm due to arrive at L A airport in December from New Zealand and i'm going to Cleveland..what terminal to i need to go to and do i have to collect my luggage and go through customs.

Anonymous (not verified)

you don't have to pick up your luggage if it's an international fly - be sure to let them know your destination is Cleveland.

Anonymous (not verified)

Actually, you MUST pick up your luggage at LAX to go through customs. You go through customs and immigrations at your first point in the United States, Los Angeles, in this case.

Anonymous (not verified)

absolutely true! i found out the hard way. always pick up bags at your first point of entry into country of destination

Anonymous (not verified)

Do I have to pick up my bags if my flight from SAN is on Eagle and the connecting flight in LAX is on AA?

Anonymous (not verified)

Are there any shower rooms at the LAX airport? How much does it cost?
Thank you.

debdotlizkay (not verified)

i am arriving early in the morning and have all day to see sights , is there anywhere to store my luggage ?

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be arriving in LAX July 31st 2009 and this is my first time flying to LAX airport. I have reviewed the map but I'm unable to pull up the terminal. I just trying to get a general idea of what, and where I need to go once I get off the plan to collect my baggage. Can someone please assist.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am coming from Sydney AUS and transitting through LA to Vancouver. A friend is meeting me in LA to fly the last leg with me and my children. Can you tell me at what point in the disimbark, go through customs, get bags, go through security, exit terminal 4 process; will he be able to meet up with me?

Stuck@home:-( (not verified)

Last time I was in LAX (12 months ago) it went something like this.

Upon arriving you will be processed (photo and fingerprint), collect your bags, and possibly bag checked before leaving the arrivals area.
You may be able to check your bags immediately outside the doors for your onward flight or may need to take them with you to the next check in, they will let you know.
Once you pass this bag check area you are in the terminal proper and your friend can meet you there. This area is on the land side of terminal security so no need for them to pass security checkpoint to get there.

Although you are only in-transit at LAX you may still need to complete the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) prior to travel. Beware web sites that charge for filling in the form. The US Government offer it as a free service. Go to and look for a link called 'Travel without a visa'

Good Luck and Bon Voyage....

Anonymous (not verified)

We are taking a flight from Las Vegas with American Airlines to connect with a Qantas flight to Melbourne. The Qantas flight leaves from Terminal B?
Can someone tell me if we can check our baggage right through to Melbourne from Las Vegas or will we have to pick it up at LAX. Also, is Terminal B the International Terminal. I notice on this site Qantas is also listed under Terminal 4. If it is the international terminal, what would be the best way to get between terminals with four large cases.
Thanks alot

Bill Mabey (not verified)

We have a small group of people arriving ex various flights from 12.30pm onwards, but are all departing American Airlines Terminal 4 at either 9.30pm and 10.30pm same evening.

Have you a room that we can rent, with seating and with toilets/showers nearby.

If so, can you provide an estimated cost and to whom I apply to reserve this room.

These people would have all come from 12/13 hour flights, and then travel onto Nassau to a conference that evening, and a shower would be most welcoming. There would be about 15 people.



Anonymous (not verified)

We are arriving at Terminal 3 and have a connecting flight at Tom Bradford Int'l Terminal. Can someone tell me how far of a walk (in terms of minutes) will it be? I have 4 children with me. We have a 3 hours in between flights. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

Comming from Trinidad on our way to Miami on the 2nd July 2009, we have to be connected to the flight to Los Angeles, terminal 4 to catch the flight to Auckland, New Zealand.
Do we have to leave the security area in LAX, terminal 4 and will our bagage in Miami been labled straight to Auckland, New Zealand. Do we have to do the whole check-in procedures again in LAX?
Our depature time 23:45 from LAX 2 July 2009.

Miami flight to LAX and LAX Auckland are with American Airlines/Quantas.

Pleas advise and thanks for the info.

Linda (not verified)

I have friends arriving on Mar 7 from Papeete/Tahiti to LAX on QF3827. They plan to leave for Miami March 10 on AA0252 and would like to leave 2 suitcases at LAX. Where can they leave their luggage upon arrival from Tahiti?

k8 (not verified)

We are leaving out of terminal 4 at 8:30 am and I would like to know how long security will take. Thank you.

AH (not verified)

I am arriving in Terminal 4 (gate unknown at this time) and will be flying out of Terminal 4 after a one hour layover.

Does anyone know how I can meet up with my daughter, who lives in LA, and hand her a present without having to go through security again?


Anonymous (not verified)

Either you will have to go out of the secured area and re-enter it, or she would have to enter the secured area. The latter will not be possible unless she is an airline employee and/or has a ticket for traveling that day also.
In a nutshell, most likely you'd have to exit the secured area to give her the gift. Sorry.

Hir (not verified)

I am travelling with 10 cell phones to LA but i am there in transit only for about 3 hours. If I am in transit at LA airport, do I need to clear customs?

Debra (not verified)

Hellooooooooooooo is anyone out there? Does anyone know how long it take to walk from Terminal 4 to Tom Bradley International terminal?


Can a person walk within 1/2 an hour from Terminal 4 to Tom Bradley Terminal?

Anonymous (not verified)

yes,,,,it is right next to it, and will take no more than 10 to 15 minutes

Sung (not verified)


I will arrive at terminal 3 with Alaska airline and then use connection flight out of terminal 4. There is only one hour left between connection. What would be best way to move to terminal 4 in short time?

paul (not verified)

I am arriving at Tom Bradley from Fiji to connect to Miami Int'l, however I have a 10 hr overlay. How do I reach terminal 4 Can I walk or do I have to take a shuttle. Is there days room (hotel) in the airport or do i have to hang in the lounge.

i am confused and don't know what to do. i need to shower and change

Barb (not verified)

My son will arrive in terminal 4 and needs to depart from terminal there a great distance between the two and will he need to go through security or are the terminals at all connected? AA arrival and SWest departure. Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

nope terminal 4 and terminal 4 are the same terminal

Anita (not verified)

Hi, i am arriving in LA from Melbourne Australia at 7.30am on Nov 10th 2008 and i have a connecting flight until 11.20pm. Are there any lounges like in Singapore where you pay for a shower, bed and food?
Can someone help me pleaseeeee... i can't see myself waiting for 10-12 hrs without any rest.

I read there are some hotels inside the airport (?) but the link didnt work.

Someone told me that if i try to get out from the airport for some hrs its not worth it as the security will take hours to clear and i might end up paying more money for my baggage.

Any advice, suggestions?

Help me!


Edi (not verified)

How long does it take to walk from Terminal 4 to the international airport?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am arriving on Aug 5 on flight 7542 from Medford Oregon @ 610P and I am departing @8.30P on AA Flight 134 to LHR and because the time is so short I am worried that i will not find my way to the gate on time. Could you let me know what Terminal/gate I have to go to to meet flight 134 to LHR and if there is a shuttle to take me and also where do I get the shuttle ? This is my first visit to LAX Airport.

Ta (not verified)

I come from BKK by china airline to lax and to orlando ( by AA)
I have to wait for the flight to orlando so long about 12 hours( 20.00-08.45 ) where can I stay ? Are there any waiting area at terminal 4 or can I take a shower ?
Please recommend me I will arrive at 15 June 08

Anonymous (not verified)

coming into american airline term at 11:00 pm and flight out at 830 am is there a place to stay in the terminal for 8 hours???????

brian (not verified)

you don't have to take out your luggages. The airline will tranfer for you unless your destination is LAX. Terminal 4 is left side of international terminal.