LAX Airport Terminal 2

Airlines that operate from LAX Airport Terminal 2

LAX Airport Terminal 2 MapLAX Airport Terminal 2 Map
Airline Code Phone
Air Canada  AC  (888) 247-2262 
Air Canada Jazz  QK  (888) 247-2262 
Air China  CA  (800) 882-8122 
Air France  AF  (800) 237-2747 
Air New Zealand  NZ  (800) 262-1234 
Aviacsa Airline  6A  (888) 528-4227 
Avianca Airlines  AV  (800) 284-2622 
Hawaiian Airlines  HA  (800) 367-5320 
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  KL  (800) 225-2525 
LACSA Airlines  LR  (800) 225-2272 
Northwest Airlines  NW  (800) 225-2525 
TACA International Airlines  TA  (800) 535-8780 
Virgin Atlantic  VS  (800) 862-8621 
West Jet  WS 

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Anonymous (not verified)

Arrive on AC f797 Feb 7 and leaving on Qantas Fl.26from Terminal B. Can you tell me how I proceed from one terminal to the other and what type of services are available in Terminal B?

Wes Womack (not verified)

Transfer from Qantas to United flight to San Francisco on Sunday January 6th. My black duffel bag with an heirloom quilt has gone missing. Please contact me if found!!! Irreplaceable item. It is probably in baggage transfer somewhere. If taken PLEASE send back. This quilt will mean nothing to anyone else and is irreplaceable to me.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous (not verified)

We are flying into LA on Air Canada flight number 570. This is our FIRST time in LA. How do we find our luggage...where do we go??? Please give us...real simple directions to get from our arrival gate to the luggage carousels.

Please email us the directions.

Thanks in advance for your help with the above question.


Anonymous (not verified)

Dont worry about it. You will be instructed by flight attendants where to find your luggage. LAX airport is one of the best in the world.

Ron (not verified)

We will be arriving at terminal 2 via AC 556 and need to connect to Quantas 3838.

Could you direct me to the location of luggage pickup and advise on the best way to get to the Tom Bradley terminal? Is there a shuttle available?

Thanks for your help.