LAX Airport Terminal 2

Airlines that operate from LAX Airport Terminal 2

LAX Airport Terminal 2 MapLAX Airport Terminal 2 Map
Airline Code Phone
Air Canada  AC  (888) 247-2262 
Air Canada Jazz  QK  (888) 247-2262 
Air China  CA  (800) 882-8122 
Air France  AF  (800) 237-2747 
Air New Zealand  NZ  (800) 262-1234 
Aviacsa Airline  6A  (888) 528-4227 
Avianca Airlines  AV  (800) 284-2622 
Hawaiian Airlines  HA  (800) 367-5320 
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  KL  (800) 225-2525 
LACSA Airlines  LR  (800) 225-2272 
Northwest Airlines  NW  (800) 225-2525 
TACA International Airlines  TA  (800) 535-8780 
Virgin Atlantic  VS  (800) 862-8621 
West Jet  WS 

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Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying in from Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines and landing in terminal 2. Need to transfer to terminal 3, Virgin American Airlines to DFW. Do I need to go out of terminal 2 to get to terminal 3? Do I need to go through TSA checkpoint.

Anonymous (not verified)

Theres a Nate n Als in terminal 2. Lucky travelers- enjoy!


New to international flights...We will be flying into LAX from Salt Lake City then on to Brisbane, Australia. Will we have to collect checked baggage and go through customs and imigration in LA? and if we do, will 3 hours be enough time between flights?

Anonymous (not verified)

We are flying from Denver to Cook island and will transfer from terminal 7 to terminal 2. We have a 2 hour and 20 layover. How long does it take and how do we get to terminal 2. How long does it take to check in at terminal 2?


Ive never been to this airport thats why i need help. My boyfriend is coming to visit me and he is landing on Terminal 2 flight Virgin Atlantics. But i dont know were to tell him to meet me, do they have waiting places? or restrooms of any sort that i can safely see him there ? I really need to know, im freaking out.

Anonymous (not verified)

You can meet him at baggage claim. Sadly they will not let you meet him at the gate. The only time that is allowed is when the person is an unaccompanied minor and the person meeting him is their parent.

Anonymous (not verified)

We have travelled through Terminal 2 a number of times (Air Canada). It is so over crowded that we have had situations where there is no seating available and people are sitting on the floor. I have not been in other terminals at LAX but if Terminal 2 is an example of what the rest of the airport is like - dated, over crowded, and uncomfortable.

Anonymous (not verified)

Just step outside baggage clain and look across above the island and you'll see a sign for Car Rental Pickup spot and van will be by to get you. If unsure, just ask for the appropriate waiting area for Alamo !

Anonymous (not verified)

I've been travelled around the world. I#ve heard many times many worst things about LAX. I will arrive Apri10, this year at LAX. Can you let me know, where the Alama rent car station is. Many thanks in advance

Ian Hubbard

I arrive Air New Zealand at 1445 Terminal 2 and neede to be on a United flight to Chicago (Terminal 7) at 1635. Does this allow me enough time to clear customs, transfer and re board.

Thanks, Ian

Anonymous (not verified)

No problem

Anonymous (not verified)

Why no gate numbers for the airlines?

Anonymous (not verified)

Daughter flying from London to LAX terminal 2 Virgin Air. Where do you pick up Pet flying with her??

Anonymous (not verified)

Arrived at the airport with a number of hours spare due to circumstance, thought not a worry I will look around the shops etc. But to my great disappointment there was not much to see or do. Maybe I have been spoilt!!! If I compare it to Singapore or even little Auckland! Just thought one of the busiest airports in the USA would have been an experience on it's own! I look forward to new airport in 2015!!

Anonymous (not verified)

can some one please flying from Sydney to lax.i will be arriving in teminal A then going to terminal 2 for air canada.i need to know how do i get between terminals and how long does it take.thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I'm going to be landing at terminal 2 and need to catch a flight from terminal 7. Any idea how long this will take? -- I only have two hours between flights. Is there a quickest route?

Ken (not verified)

LAX is in the shape of a horseshoe with the parking garages in the middle. Terminal 2 and terminal 7 are exactly opposite of each other. You can walk through the parking garages (best if done at street level) or you can walk around the horseshoe. Through the garages probably about 10-15 minutes for a slow to moderate walk and if you walk around the horseshoe about 20 minutes-25minutes. They do have an inter-terminal shuttle that will drive you around the horseshoe but I alaways find that after or before long flights I like the walk. Hope this helps.

jeff (not verified)

coming into terminal 7/8 united - about 9 - 930 , got to get ovcer to terminal 2 - to catch an ANZ flight leaving 11 45 .
is it easy to walk or best to take the shuttle - remembering this will be midnight to the body clock on the 8 yr old
2nd how long will it take to re clear security in T2 at 10 pm ish - the last thing I want to do is get lefdt behind in a security line as my plane departs

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying in from Puerto Vallarta to LAX to connect with another international flight. My flight arrives in LAX 5:55PM. My flight got changed to fly back to New Zealand to now depart LAX at 9:40pm. Do I have enough time to clear customs and connect? Cheers.

Anonymous (not verified)


I'm flying next week from Edmonton to Phoenix via LAX. The Air Canada flight arrives in Terminal 2, and the United flight to Phoenix departs from Terminal 8. Approx how long does it take to walk/travel b/w the two terminals?


I logged into to this site as I had the same questions...


I, too am flying from Edmonton to LA then on to Phoenix. I am traveling on the 11th of November and I leave Edmonton at 11:00.

Anonymous (not verified)

Does anybody know if they sell marlboro silver cigarettes in the duty free shop in terminal 2??

Anonymous (not verified)

What terminal does Allegiant Airline use?


Hi, my son is 16 and arriving at terminal 2 on virgin atlantic and needs to catch a delta flight at terminal 5 to SLC. Can anyone tell me the easiest way for him to get their?? He is quite shy and will probably get lost if he leaves the terminal..any help will be greatly appreciated..

Anonymous (not verified)


Laurs (not verified)

Hi heard terminal 2 is currently closed... what's the deal?

Anonymous (not verified)

hi is the duty free in terminal 2 a good one? waht do they have and what restaurants do they have? thank you

GRAHAM HYDE (not verified)


Anonymous (not verified)

Terminal 2 isn't great for duty free or restaurants. There is a Starbucks and some fast food place and a small restaurant with a bar. The duty-free shop is small. It stocks a small selection of cosmetics, cigarettes and liquor.

MURPHY (not verified)


Tanya (not verified)

This will be my first time into LAX. Im coming from Brisbane australia and arriving at LAX where I have 2 hours before my orlando florida flight leaves. Im quite stressed that I will run out of time to get to my connecting flight. I fly in at terminal 4 and fly out to orlando at terminal B. Will it be a straight forward process of going through customs and onto terminal B?...luggage etc?
I would be so greatful if you could help me out.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be arriving at terminal 6 and need to get to terminal 1 for a connection flight. Is there a way to get to that terminal without leaving and walking outside of security checkpoint? I know you can take the shuttle or walk across the parking lot, but if possible I'd like our group to avoid having to go through security again. Thank you, Howard

Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be arriving on Air New Zealand into terminal 2 on 5/30/09 at 2:30. Is there any hope of making a connecting flight to Austin in Terminal 1 (next door) at 4:30pm? I'm an American citizen with nothing to declare at customs, and I can walk/run over to the terminal 1. I'll be sitting fairly close to the exit on Air New Zealand flight so I should be able to get off the plane quickly. I see that there are not many flights leaving in the late afternoon from Terminal 1 so maybe it won't be too busy, but it is Memorial Day weekend. Would this be crazy to attempt?

Myrna (not verified)

Memorial Day Weekend is not May 30, 2009. It is May 23-25, 2009. You should therefore have no trouble from one terminal to the next. But remember, it's always busy at LAX.

Anonymous (not verified)

I need to drop a rental car off at Payless Rental. How much time should I allow for the return car process and catch the 10:07 United flight 178. What termina will that flight be leaving out of, and do you know the gate # at this time?

Damo (not verified)

flying to lax from vancouver (air canada) with a connection flight on air NZ to auckland the same day 4 hrs apart. Will i need to clear customs at lax or can i be transferred to the international lounge seeing that my arriving flight and departing flight both are at terminal 2??

Anonymous (not verified)

How to get from Air canada arrival to qantas departure?
DO you have a map? Is 4 hours enough?

Anonymous (not verified)

Air Canada operated fights from Canada usually arrive at Terminal 2. Qantas usually fly out of Terminal 4 but may use Terminal 3 (Tom Bradley) so check your itinerary or with Qantas.

To get from T2 to T4 you can either catch a Blue LAX A Shuttle bus (look for Blue signs) that loops to all terminals in turn T1-T7, T1-T7, walk through the 'U' via terminals 3 (Tom Bradley) or cut through the car park and go direct to T4.

As always if in doubt - ask the ground agent.

rohana (not verified)

I can't reconfirm my flight to London this Wednesday with air france as they only have an automated message on today - can you let me know who I should contact?

Veronika (not verified)

in 2 weeks I am going to LA. It is my first visit, I am going by myself and I am so afraid of the way. But I would like to ask only 1 thing. I should arrive to Terminal 2 (Air France), where is the immigration? Can I miss it or there isn´t no other way how to get out of the Terminal? And baggage are at the same terminal? Do I have to pick up them before immigration or after? Thank you very much for answers! ;)

Anonymous (not verified)


Jeanna Steele (not verified)

This is my first time flying into LAX, so I figured I would ask rather then get lost. I will be arriving on Hawaiian Airlines flight 0002 on Thursday, April 24th. Where can I find baggage claim for this terminal? Please give me directions if possible.

Thanks in advance,

Amy (not verified)

Hi there, i am flying from Auckland NZ in June to go to Heathrow via L.A.X. I am getting quite nervous as this is my first time flying and im also flying by myself. I arrive at teminal 2 and have a 5hr wait then have to board through the TBIT. im wondering does anyone have a rough idea how long it could take to walk from T2 to TBIT?? my family say ill be fine but its only 8weeks away and i want to know as much info as possible. (im 23 and also leaving my fiance' behind for 6weeks and i know ill be a mess) please any info would be much appreciated.

Sue (not verified)

Hi, I know how you feel, I remember how I felt in 1998 when I flew NZ to LA on my own for the first time.... Since then I have not stopped travelling and never looked back.

Even though you have five hours between flights, you will lose a chunk of this time getting through immigration etc on arrival and you then have to allow for a three hour check in for your UK flight.

There is a free shuttle service provided between terminals to assist travellers in making airline connections. You will find the "A" Shuttle under the 'blue' LAX Shuttle sign on the Lower/Arrival Level in front of the terminal. Just wait under this sign for the next shuttle to arrive.

Whilst the walk isn't too long the shuttle option may relieve you of any tensions, especially when uncertain of your surroundings. Hope this assists

Happy travels...

JV Salud (not verified)


We're flying from Manila to LAX(Tom Bradley) and we have a flight to IAH bia Continental which is in Terminal 6. It's my first time in the US, can anyone tell me how to get around LAX to get to the other terminal.


Richard Kappes (not verified)

Will be arriving in Los Angeles on May 1, 2008 on Air France flight 072 AR at 3:45 PM from Paris. Need to know if we arrive at Terminal 2 or at the Bradley International Terminal to clear customs and arrange our pick up? Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

Terminal 2

George Skinner (not verified)

I lost my set of hearing aids in terminal number 2 los Angeles air port on feb 27 some time between 6:30 am And 12 noon .I caught air canada
flight 571. (Any one please) They are specialy made for me and would not fit just any one. They were in a litle plastic case blue in coulor. similar to a small change purse. 780 674 3527 "reward" for return thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

how far, how long will it take, and what transport is avilable for getting from LAX to bob hope burbank airport?