LAX Airport Terminal 1

Airlines that operate from LAX Airport Terminal 1 (gates 1-13)

LAX Airport Terminal 1 Map: LAX Airport Terminal 1 MapLAX Airport Terminal 1 Map: LAX Airport Terminal 1 Map
Airline Code Phone
Southwest Airlines  WN  (800) 435-9792 
US Airways  US  (800) 428-4322 

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Anonymous (not verified)

Have we got time?

Get in from LAS to terminal 1 at 7.24pm.

Depart terminal 1 at 9.30pm?

Much appreciated!

Anonymous (not verified)


Chuck (not verified)

I'm flying out on US Airways. They share the same termainal with Southwest. I know the security line for Southwest is always extremely long. Do I have to stand in this line for a US Airways flight? If not, is their line just as long?

Anonymous (not verified)

yes, it is horrible

Anonymous (not verified)

Does anyone answer these Inquiries? I'm just trying to find what Term my airline is at to catch a connecting airline. This site seems like a waste of time.


would you mind help me, to find out the correct address of him, that i can send him a letter.
LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, 100 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, attention Mr. Timothy ............? (terminal 1, check-in us airways.
Can you help me? Thanks.
Ruth Koller

Anonymous (not verified)

I am 74 years of age. I am travelling from Australia. I need help when I arrive at terminal 1 to get my connecting flight to Charlotte. Can you help me please?


I will fly to LAX by flightEK 215. which terminal shall i come out?

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm leaving out of terminal and my sister is leaving out of terminal 6 30minutes apart. Is there a place we can wait together? We will be at airport for a few hours before.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am a smoker. Where can I go to smoke between flights? I am flying on Southwest.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be arriving on 4/23/09 at 10.50am in terminal 2. I need to catch the 12.33pm in terminal 1 to PHX airport. Do I have enough time?

Anonymous (not verified)

We are arriving tomorrow on a SWA flight arriving in terminal 1 with just 30 minutes to get to an American connection at I believe terminal 4.
what is approximate time to get from Terminal 1 to terminal 2?

James Ndegwa (not verified)

Will be arriving at Terminal One on 22 May by US Airways from Phoenix for Conection with Emirates Air Lines at Tom Bradley International with a child for onward travelling to Nairobi.How long will it take to get to Tom Bradley International Terminal and is Emirates listed on this terminal?

Jackie (not verified)

I will be arriving on 4/20/09 at 4:35 on Southwest. I need to catch the 6:15 in terminal 3 to Sonoma County airport. Do I have enough time?

happytravel (not verified)

YES. from T1 to T3 is not that far (say 20 min walk). LAX is a circular structure so just walk towards the right of the airport as the terminal # increases. If u have to claim bags or have lots of bags you might want to get a cart so you don't have to haul it. 2 hr is plenty of time but each terminal has ck in point again so the line might be long. I wouldn't take my sweet time getting to the terminal but don't need to feel super rush to get there. Hopefully that day the traveling traffic is not bad but if there's a bunch of people then be aware of your time. There are people around if u get lost. Just ask.

good luck traveler =O)

Darrell (not verified)

Hi -- I'm flying out of LAX to New Zealand on Air New Zealand. I will be coming to LAX from Salt Lake City. How much time should I safely allow between the flight from Salt Lake to the New Zealand flight? Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

"how does my daughter get from terminal 1 to the international terminal at LAX ?
she's flying in on Southwest from San Jose Ca and then has a connecting flight to Leon (Mexico) on Mexicana air at 1in the morning.

Anonymous (not verified)

It's a very short walk, about a block, and she can get there from both the upper and lower levels. The international terminal as you can see from the map is at the back of the horseshoe and she'd be starting from one of the ends.

Anonymous (not verified)

I reservered my ticket at i was wondering what do i do when i get to the airport