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Anonymous (not verified)


I lost my ipod in the Delta terminal and I think it was in one of the bathrooms. I am a singer and I have ALL of my music on it and about to go on tour and hoping someone will be honest enough to come forward with it. It was in a black leather case and black headphones wrapped around it.

Thanks for any info on this

Joshua (not verified)

I lost an 8 gig I pod on a flight from lihue hawaii to lax it's in pretty bad condition the screen is badly cracked and on the lock screen is a picture of a guy with a bass guitar and a guy with a beard (me) crappy I pod but I have had it for years I can be contacted at hope someone finds it!

Louisa (not verified)

It's been 3 weeks ago. My mum had forgotten my wedding picture in the public restroom.`It's a big photo with everyone in front of the church...

Would you please return it to one of the crew member of AIR TAHITI NUI airline TAHITI. I will really appreciate...

Thanks a lot...

Amanda (not verified)


Getting the runaround... I know recovery is slim and none, but worth a try: lost a small binder of DVDs on an American Airlines Flight 254 into LAX on March 6, 2011. If anyone has recovered this, please let me know... All of my daughter's favorite movies were in this and she thinks I lost it on purpose, tired of SpongeBob and Scooby Doo, but no, did not lose it on purpose. Please contact me at 310-722-7994 if found.


Jonathon (not verified)

I lost my T-Mobile My Touch cell phone on the plane when traveling from SFO to LAX saturday morning. It is white with a silver back. If found please contact me asap through email or call 562-415-5400


Hello--I lost my black roller carry on suitcase at the LAX United departure curb about 4:30 p.m. today--Saturday, 3/5. I believe it has my name--Harry Gruner--on it. If found, please reply!

Anonymous (not verified)

Please can somebody help me!! Last Wednesday morning march 2 nd my mom was waiting with son for me when somebody took by accident ? The diaper bag. It is a dark blue eddy Bauer. My son his favorite blanky was in there together with his toys etc please return it or call 303 478 3798 . You would make my son very happy


hello i lost a luggage black small in securiy point at 1:30 pm today my fligt volaris 917 the bag is jeep color black please contact me at thenks

Hideko (not verified)

I left my matter silver puffy down jacket at somewhere in terminal 4 around 3pm on 3/2/11. Let me know if anybody has found it, thanx.


I lost my Jawbone Era bluetooth headst in the United Terminal at gate 71A on Fri Feb 25th. It also had a black custom earmold attached to it.

Capt. Newman (not verified)

I was in the United terminal sitting at gate 71A the last time I was using my black Jawbone Era bluetooth headset. It also had a custom earmold (black) attached to it.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello, yesterday I lost a blue carry on suitcase around 9:30 PM in the terminal 4 parking lot shortly after arriving at the airport. Has anyone seen it? It may have been left on a cart. If anyone found it, please send me an e-mail at On another note, has any of these lost messages ever been successfully answered?

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my Dell laptop at the security checkpoint on Monday February 28 around 10 am. Please email me ASAP. I left a voice mail yesterday and have not heard back from anyone yet.

Thank you.


lost suit-case that is grey and block with some red that had two laptop computers in it. It was lost going from the Luftansa flight from Frankfurt and going from the luggage carressel to the Super shuttle on Saturday around 1:30 pm the 26th, please call 323-532-2529 or email

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my Western Digital external/USB drive while traveling from LAX to Newark. I believe I left it at the LAX TSA Checkpoint in the Continental Terminal (Terminal 6?) the morning of 2/16/11.
It is BLUE and about the size of a passport or blackberry.
PLEASE contact me if you have any information. I will pay a REWARD. or 949-544-1260.

Anonymous (not verified)

I went to the TSA Lost & Found today to see if my hard drive was there. The agent helping me was wonderful. She took my report and went in the back to search for the drive. I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy when she returned with my drive. Thank you TSA!

siheungkim (not verified)

I am a passenger of American airline 3096, 25 Feb, from san diego to L.A.
Before I got into Airplane, there was baggage cart right besides airplane.
I though it was for hand carry items so I put my box on that cart.
My box had no destination tag or baggage tag cause it supposed to be carried by me.
It was 11 X 15 inch yellow box. Please look at attached picture.

My flight information is AA 3096 25FEB 09:05PM. from San diego to L.A.
In my box. there are two plastic box and one touch screen pc. Their costs
more than 10,000 $.
If anything you want to know, please contact with my mail.

Thank you.

Kingsley Okone (not verified)

I was supposed to board same flight but missed it, I was also carry a 11 X 15 inch yellow box, I think the box was exchanged. I am no in Benin Republic, but willing to send your box back to you. email me / and tell the really content of the box, and I will consider sending it back to you

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost Nikon Coolpics Camera - All Black not in a case. Please if found email me! Tons of memories - take the camera but please return the memory chip :(

Terrence Salonga (not verified)

On Feb. 27, 2011 I lost an Ipod Touch 1st Generation with rubber case at Virgin America self check-in @ 6:03 PM

If found, please reply!

Anonymous (not verified)

i think i may have dropped my id in the bathroom at the jetblue arrival terminal. the last name is asada. please advise at 310.941.6330 if found. thank you

Kristen (not verified)

I lost a CD case (black and royal blue with "Pfizer" embossed on it) with several children's DVD's. It was lost in the Southwest terminal on 2/22/11. Thank you.

Jack (not verified)

I lost my thumb drive on a United flight from IAD to LAX on the evening of Thursday February 24- did you find it? I'll pay a reward! (206) 235-2148

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost IPOD in black fanny pack Saturday Feb. 19. I came in on United Express flight 6506 from El Paso, TX and landed at LAX at approximately 7:21 am and I would have walked to the portion of the airport where the larger United planes take off from (United flight 45 to Kahului Hawaii (Maui) left at 8:58 am) The IPOD is in a black fanny pack with two pairs of earphones and the charger. The two artists on there the most are Jewel and Alanis Morrisette. It has pictures, videos, etc. My phone number is 808-463-4108. Thanks. Suzanne Burry

jeannine (not verified)

Lost Green Lowe Pro Camera bag with Nikon D100 camera and 2 lenses in it, please help!

Corinne Robinson (not verified)

I lost my wallet on February 9th. It is a light blue clutch and has a drivers license and other credit/debit cards that all have the name Corinne Robinson on them. Two of cards were for Zions Bank and two others were with Jordan Credit Union.


Tara Polk (not verified)

Hello, where in the process of relocating due to military orders. My children had a bag with this to entertain themselves for the next to months, we walked off and left it....Please if you found it in Terminal 5, Delta, Feb 19..please contact me, please

Tara Polk

Hutch (not verified)

I left my keys at the tsa checkpoint at the United Terminal at LAX on 02/08. They found them and placed them in a safe the same day. I left messages and emails since 02/08 no one has called or emailed me to give me my keys. I don't even think that anyone works at this office, it's just a front to make us think that they care. How does it take 10 days to call someone that has found your item and is in possession of it. Either this is how our tax dollars are spent and they are just incompetent or no one is really there to listen to us.


Hi i lost my medium sized navy blue bag with intials LKW in the airport or on the plane. please email me with you find

Conny (not verified)

Lost my Canon Digital Camera IXUS 95IS, Serialnumber 3454B005.
Lost on 11 February on the airport LAX Los Angeles. I was on away to the flight the SWISS LX041, takeoff 19,20 o'clock.

Yngrid (not verified)

My daughter and I were on Taca Flight #670, arrival on Saturday 02/12/11 at 10:55 p.m. She left behind her doll. Please if someone picked it up please contact me at the above e-mail or (626) 305-4058. Thank you.

AAB (not verified)

I lost my wallet at gate 121, lufthansa
LAX to frankfurt
might have also left it at samuels, a nearby cafeteria, please get back to me if you happen to find it,
thank you.


On Fryday February 12 aroun 14.30 - 16.00 Lost my English-Russian dictionary, please call me 360-241-1624 Tammy

Amitesh Prasad

Today I took a flight from LA Airport to Sacramento Airport on Flight number 6510 with United Airlines. I am pretty sure that i left my passport in seat pocket of Seat Number 12C. There were 3 passports wrap in a brown plastic bag. Find Passport details below:

1. Amitesh Prasad
DOB: 17.10.1981

2. Shivani Sanajana Prasad
DOB: 29.12.1984

3. Anisha Aristha Prasad
DOB: 04.03.2009

Tavelled from Nadi to LA on flight number FJ810. Arrived in LA Airport and took flight to Sacramento. Flight number was 6510. We were seated on seat number 12C and 12D. I was seated on seat number 12C and I placed the plastic in the pocket right in front of me.

All above happened on date 12.02.2011

I can be contacted on phone number 916 419 0548 or on cell 916 969 4083. Email on

We will highly appreciated your help in locating our passports.

Best Regards
Amitesh Prasad

Yeou chong (not verified)

I lost my Apple iPad at LAX on February 11th, which was a Friday. I lost it just as I got on my flight at Terminal 1, Gate 1, which is for Southwest Airlines.
It is in a leather case with an elastic strap on the back. There is a small leather strap that closes with a button. The case is dark brown/black.
If anyone finds it, please email me at OR call me at 650-892-8676.


Hi - I left my phone at Gate 49A in American Airlines terminal. It's an older red Blackberry Pearl in a black case. If found (or you know who to contact), please let me know! thanks - breitung1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Michael Mason (not verified)

I lost my Black winter coat. It has a little white on it as well. Please contact me if you find it

yeou chong yu (not verified)

I lost an Apple iPad at Terminal 1 Gate 1,which is a Southwest Airlines gate.
I lost it around 5:40 PM, February 11th, on a flight from LA to San Jose.

If anyone happens to find it or pick it up, please call (650)892-8676 or email me at

Thank you and please I will reward whoever finds this iPad.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost a pair of beats by dr. dre headphones, they are in a black case and have a red chord in the case as well as the headphones

Ken (not verified)

Lost my prescription glasses boarding United flight 347 LAX to Boston 10 February about 08:45. They probably fell out of my carryon bag near/after the gate attendant- most likely on the ramp to the plane. Flight attendants wouldn't let me back off to check.... HELP!! can't see!

Ellen Bradley (not verified)

Lost coming off of United flight from LA to SF Feb6 Sunday aprox. 1pm
Either lost the jacket and gloves at Alamo/National or security at LAX--boarding pass in pocket -from day before--Feb 5-SF to LA--with my name on it--also Universal Studios tickets inside the pocket
Please contact--if found--at my email

Thank you
Ellen Bradley

Cameron (not verified)

Hey everyone, I left my I phone in the handicapped bathroom stall at the LAX airport near gate 33B. Please give me an email at if you have any information. Thanks

Tatiana (not verified)

I lost my floral pattern passport holder with my american green card on 2/6/2011 if found please email

Joe Lucero (not verified)


Total long shot but I am missing an ipod touch gen 4 32GB. Has a picture of my little 2 year old and is in a clear case.

Left, I believe at the Red Carpet Club the evening of 2.8.11.



Hi everybody!! I lost my kindle on the British Airways flight from London Heatrow to LAX on january 31st.
I would really really appreciate if anyone can help me finding it!!
Thank you!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

The ladies ring is two toned with gold and silver in the band with diammonds. Please email if you have found it

Erika Kobayashi

I lost my CompactFlash memory card on January 30th.
Though I don't remember its brand, it's 2.0GB, and its color is black and gold.
I used Singapore Airline on that day and the possibly location where I lost it is Gate 104.
It has my precious memory at Disneyland, and it is REALLY, REALLY important to me. Please, let me know if you find it.


January 30, 2011 at ~7am in or around Terminal 7, lost my "Google"-branded Nexus One android phone. If found, please contact me here...

Daniel (not verified)

I lost my Nikon D90 DSLR camera on flight 185 from JFK to LAX on 11/28/10. The camera is in a small, black case, and contains some memory cards and a charger.

Anonymous (not verified)

FOUND: Brand new Amazon Kindle in it´s box with name and address. I am trying to find the owner and give it back...somehow TSA found a way to stick it in my luggage! So if are the owner email me letting me know it´s yours. You don´t have to give me your address for I already have it on the box, I am a kind and honest person and just want to return it to it´s rightful owner. If you are this person please discribe it to me and your full name. I hope I can be of help for I would like it if someone had the sense to do the same if it were me in this situation.