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Michele (not verified)

I have lost a Needlepoint stocking that I have been working on for 11 years...I was coming to LA from Boston on
April 16th UNITED flight # 0167.
If this item is identified please call me at 949-697-6993 or email me at

Anonymous (not verified)

Please contact me if you found my Mac Book. I left it at Security around 11:00 on April 19th at LAX - Southwest terminal. Desperate for it. Please email me. Jill


Hey I lost my washington state license, my name is thai hien nguyen. If you have it, please mail it to 238 w palm orange ca, 92866.


I lost a red colored Valentino top on AA flight 185 from JFK to LAX on Sunday 4/17. If you have found this top please contact me I have the original receipt and proof of purchase. Thank you

Carrie H. (not verified)

On Jan 21st I may have lost my digital camera on a united flight from Seattle to LAX. not sure if it fell out of my purse somewhere at the airport or on the plane. it is an Olympus Stylus, Silver, approx 2" x 3" in size. It has photos on the memory of our honeymoon to St. Lucia with lots of beach, flower, ocean pictures, zip lining pictures etc. it also has pictures of my husband and I. We are both 29 and he has a goatee and wears a baseball cap in a lot of the photos and I have shoulder length blonde/brown hair that is straight and sometimes curly in the photos. At the end of the photos there will be pictures of him and I touring a cave. The camera should be inside a blue/grey zip up soft case.

If found PLEASE contact Carrie at (530) 351-4858 Thanks.


Tony Marroquin; Panasonic video camera was lost on monday march 28th, 2011 flying in from Guatemala to LAX. Is an older model with the small compact discs, it was in a black carrying case with a shoulder strap. Camera was wrapped with ethnic Guatemalan napkins. Lots of wonderful family memories in those discs. Please email me if found. Thank you very much.

Anonymous (not verified)

My mom lost a coin that was given to her from my uncle who had just passed away the week before. It says "Inner Strength" on one side with a definition on the other. She left it in one of the white boxes while going through security on 4/9/11 sat. If anybody has found it, it means so much to my mom if you could please return it. Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost macbook pro silver in screening area monkey sticker on front on 12-4-2011 if found please call 517 281 4506 thanks so much


LOST AMAZON KINDLE UA 891 Mar 20th JFK-LAX. ...If found please call John 805-223-5262.


My son lost his Charlie Brown stuffed doll some where between security check point and Delta gate 53B on Monday April 11. Call Eva at 520-241-9522.

Glen Schuster (not verified)

In the Delta Terminal last night at 10:30pm, I left my blue sport jacket near Gate 56 before getting on the plane. If you find it, I will be very thankful. Call 914.924.8282

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my I-phone near gates 33 and 34 last Tuesday night (late). If found please call 714-478-2038.

Barbara Diethelm (not verified)

I misplaced my watch between security and the plane.

Flight information: US Airways Flight 710 on April 10, 2011, departure at 8.45 am from Gate number 8, LAX-Philadelphia.

Item lost:

Wristwatch, steel, dark brown face with two beige dials, dark brown leather band.

Brand: IWC (International Watch Company), Antoine de Saint Exupery 948 of 1630.

This is very important to me. If you find it please write me an email.

Thank you everyone!

Shaheen J. (not verified)

April 10, 2011. Left or lost my very important bag carrying a CPAC machine. This is a breathing device which allows me to sleep at night. The machine valued over $1500 and I can't afford to replace it. It has the machine and mask as well as some other documents in the pocket it was in a black leather bag. I can't sleep without it. If found you can email me. I was getting on the WestJet Flight at 9 am going from LAX to Calgary. We left from gate 26.


I lost my black carry-on at Terminal 6 (Continental) on Wednesday, 4/6/2011. It's a "FUL" brand small carry on. Please let me know if you have seen it. You can reach me at 818.590.2545. Thanks.

Diana tran (not verified)

I have just landed at terminal five; delta airlines and I left an umbrella on board on top of seat 23 and 24. The flight was from new York- Kennedy flight number DL2363 please call me at 714-260-1652

Taylor Ochs (not verified)

United Airlines Flight from Denver to LAX landed 11:50am, lost wallet. Please contact ASAP if found. ID and Student Identifcation Cards University of Nebraska @ Omaha inside. Please e-mail if wallet is in claim area.


A Samsung Mobile Phone with Flip Face in a black phone case was lost outside the Delta terminal at LAX on the 29th March 2011. If found, please email

Thank you.

Alec K. A. Lewis (not verified)

Hello, my name is Alec K. A. Lewis. I am a musician who plays The Beatles in a cover band. My ipod touch disappeared at the 54A Delta Terminal at LAX. I'm not sure it ever got onboard the airplane and I think I dropped it at the seating area outside the terminal and I did not have it on the plane as far as I know.
it's black and has many Beatles-related videos, music and content, with no camera and with a skullcandy back cover.
If anyone finds it please email me ASAP. It would be greatly appreciated.
--Alec Lewis

SDEE (not verified)

Lost 3-ring bright green binder in FRONTIER terminal, the terminal under construction. Left on seat across from Sports Bar and Grill in that terminal.

Contents are scientific research papers.

I will be back at LAX Friday evening; is there somewhere I can go to pick this item up/has it been found?

Lauren (not verified)

We left a black cup holder in the men's bathroom in Terminal 3 right outside the Alaska Airline counter. If found, please email to or call 404-234-1035.

Thank you.

Jiaxin Lu (not verified)

my wife was at LAX about 9:30pm-11:30am on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 in International Terminal flying on Asiana Airlines (from Los Angeles to Seoul).

At the TSA Security Checkpoints, when she pass the security check, she left our wedding ring and engagement ring. Please contact my phone# 626-321-1986 or 626-384-8268, email:, thanks!


I lost a LARGE DARK GREEN PHOTO ALBUM on Mon March 28th at Gate 21 (sun country) at 6:30 pm. candiwight@hotmail

Anonymous (not verified)

My daughter may have left her purse (grey print fabric) at the Alaska Airlines baggage claim on 3/18. It contains her phone, red camera and orange ipod nano.

Nancy Sims

I was at LAX on Friday, April 1, 2011 in Terminal 3 flying on Virgin America (redeye to NYC leaving at approximately 9:15 pm). I lost a silver D&G chain link ID bracelet that fell out of a pocket on my purse. If you found this, please respond. Although it's not extremely expensive, it is of great value to me. Thanks so much!!

B Lockie (not verified)

Lost my prescription eyeglasses - most likely time for that was directly after the TSA check Terminal 7 at approx 8.15 am on Monday 28 March while rushing to catch United 39 to Orlando (MCO). They have "VAN GOGH" embossed on the arms at the hinges.

Anonymous (not verified)

I think my wallet might have slipped out of my purse somewhere when I was flying home from LAX to SFO. It's a small black wallet with a gold heart with Hello Kitty on it. I also had a Hello Kitty-design VISA card and my social security card! For any info, please contact Veronica at:

Joan Larcom (not verified)

I lost a small, white Palm Centro smart phone on an AA flight that left Honolulu for LAX on March 22, 2011 at 8:55 pm. It's loss has been a major wrinkle in my travel plans. Please let me know if it has been found. Sorry that I don't have the flight number because boarding pass has been misplaced.

Dennis Richards (not verified)

I lost my razor phone while traveling on a 12 23 flight this afternoon from LA to Carmel CA. If you have any information please let me know at Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

I left a hardcover book on United flight from Chicago to LAX on Mar.30 Seat 29D. I was bringing this back for my nephew and he is going to be heartbroken when I have to tell him I left it on the plane. PLEASE if you found it PLEASE Contact me and I will pay shipping to send it.


Mon. March 28th 6-7pm gate 21 (sun country) going to MPLS- I lost a dark green large photo album with plastic covering..please contact if found. THANK YOU

rafael vangerrisheim

i lost a blackberry curve with no batterry and back case
i'm not sure if it was in miami or la we arrived direct flight to la around 11pm just now my number is 2132492059
thank you sooo much

Jeff (not verified)

Left a black, Ralph Lauren pea coat on a seat at Terminal 3, Virgin America on the night of Wednesday, March 29th, about 11:45pm, right after the last Virgin flight (415) that night deplaned. If anyone has any info on it, please contact me at Thanks.

Natalie Tye (not verified)


I lost a long black wallet which is about half the side of an A4 piece of paper. It has a zip around the edge.

Inside it has photos, many coins form different countries, flight documents and most importantly 3 SD cards with all my photos on from my last 5 months of travelling.

I believe i lost it somewhere between LAX immigration and getting into a primetime shuttle. This happened on 27th March 2011 between 13.30 and 15.00.

I was travelling on Air Pacific flight form Nadi to LA. Flight number QF3839.

I will be back at LA airport on 5/3/2011 for my flight back to England.

Please if anyone could help me that would be great, please contact me on my email address which is as i don' have a contact number.

Many Thanks,


Anonymous (not verified)

lost a blackberry cell phone, butterfly sticker on it march 28th gate 21b flight 1423 at 1:10 pm.westjet to Edmonton if found please contact me at thank-you

Mao Kawakami (not verified)

Hi,I was at Alaska airline area today at around 8am. I missed the flight and I was trying to book the flights. But I couldn't book it today so I went back to the hotel. When I checked the bag, my MacBook Air that I've just got was gone. If you find it, please call me at +1.778.552.4390.


I lost a gold bracelet 3/26/11 AM. It means a lot to me because it was given to me by my mother





Article 32013081.

JeffreyAnne (not verified)

I lost my green wallet in a taxi on the afternoon of 3/23/11.
please email me at if found.
thank you!

EC (not verified)

Ladies and Gentleman,

NOTE: As stated above, this website NOT an official airline, TSA or LAWA lost and found board. It is highly unlikely any person affiliated with lost and found will read this board and assist you.

(A) If you lost your item(s) on the airplane, contact your airline.
(B) If you lost your item(s) at the LAX airport (anywhere besides the screening checkpoint), contact airport police.
(C) If you lost your item(s) ONLY at the LAX screening checkpoint, contact TSA lost and found.

Additional information can be found at the following link:


I lost my passport and greencard etc. on march-18-2011, @ 10pm at lax international airport downstairs on the smartecart. I arrived from taiwan with eva-airlines, If anyone have any information on my documents, please leave me an email:, I will reward.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my black wallet on 3/19 in lax. I have a California drivers license. Please let me know if you find it. Thanks

w durose (not verified)

lost a samsung flip phone in the American Airlines Terminal 4 this morning before 9. if found, please call (818) 425-7119

Kelly Kim (not verified)

I lost my black wallet at the airport on 3/18 Friday between 9:30pm-11pm.
I think it might have been around the security checkpoint in Terminal3 near gate34.

I know chances are slim on finding it but the wallet and the stuff inside are stuff I really need... if anyone found a black bottega women's wallet with a korean driver's license and some other cards in it.. please return.


Anonymous (not verified)

If I left something ON the plane (British Airways, international flight) and I flew into LAX, who should I contact to find out where my lost belongings are?

Natasha Branden...

My boyfriend and I were coming back from New Zealand on Tuesday and I think I left our camera on the flight under the seat. If you find it, I would really appreciate it if you would at least return the memory card because it has the only pictures of us together on it. It would really mean a lot if you could return it if you found it. We probably won't ever be going back and these pics really mean a lot to us. You can reach me at Please return our camera or memory card! Its a black sony cybershot in a lowepro case with and extra battery in the case. It has pics of a jungle type setting at the beginning and also pics of a glacier. Please return our camera.


I did not leave my cell phone at the security desk. I left it at the American Airlines desk in their Internation terminal. I took it out of my bag to put my destination's phone number on my airline tages.
There were three attendants, one of whom was disc

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost HP Laptop on March 5, 2011 at LAX security check point, it was in a pink case.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost a camera on a flight into LAX. If anyone finds anything I would greatly appreciate it if you were to e-mail me. There would be a very generous reward if found. Thanks.

Angel (not verified)

I lost a red camera with a bunch of pictutes on it from dc.Please please please contact me if you have seen it!.Last seen on American airlines on the 12 of march.on Aa flight 75. Seat 19B.