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I lost my driver's license at the security check point at LAX on my way to Maui via American Airlines. The name on my driver's license is Paul Stanley. If found, please contact me by email at


MacBook Pro was left in a grey memory-foam case in Gate 52 for departing flight DL1754 to ATL around 11:15am. In a rush to board after a tight connection and gate-checking baggage it was left in a gate seat adjacent to the California Pizza Company seating area. The computer is password protected with the username "James Waldron". The laptop exterior is well used and has a dent in one of the corners. If found, please contact me at or 828-361-4813. Will provide information/payment for shipping. ***REWARD*** if turned in. No questions asked.
-K Doornbos

Drolkar (not verified)

Small (3/4 inch) blue glass round jewelry / small items container. (One of those little containers bought at CVS etc.) Opens with hindged top with an intricate metal design. Not expensive. Indide is small bag with a small round white pill, this is very precious because it relics of buddhas. I am a monastic and would very much like to find it. It is my most preceious item I have. I believe that I wrapped the item in tissue to protect it. Thank you.

andrew cairns (not verified)

My son and I were going through the security checks getting ready to board a Delta airlines going to Minnesota then onto Lansing, Michigan. My 20 year old son Lucas Cairns thinks he left his drivers license in the bin where you keep your shoes, belts before going through the security.

His address would be on the license, PLEASE email me back if found and call, thanks so much. (His father)

Andrew cairns

517 575-0580


I was in terminal #5 from 1100 to 1230 I left for San Diego FLT Delta 4807. I left out of gate 54A. I had the passport when I checked in to the flight but just as I was going to leave I noticed it was missing. I could go back and look for it or I was going to miss my flight. However the passport had to be in that area between McDonalds and the gate. If any one knows where my passport is call 951-505-5636. The name on the passport is Lonny Anthony Wedell it is very used passport biggest noticeable feature is a visa sticker from Indonesia. I really need the passport back I am US Navy station in Japan and will not be able to go back to work with out it. Please help.

amy karwandy (not verified)

Lost in LAX on July 8th, 2011 Alaska Airlines 467 Brown wallet with important ID.

Please contact us if found

Anonymous (not verified)

I Lost my Bible on Friday July 15th in LAX Airport it has me name in it Alex K Martin.It is a Rainbow Studt Bible along with another BOok. "the 21 Infrutable Laws of Leadership" By John Maxwell. I can reached by email to provide a shipping address for these items. I can also be found on Facebook under the same name..thanks.

william (not verified)

Lost 7-6-2011 Wednesday 9:am cell phone Black and Silver with international numbers and above named e mail in contacts

Lonny Anthony Wedell (not verified)

I lost my passport between McDonalds and gate 54A. I was at the gate between 1100 and 1230. It is very important I get my passport back as I am US Navy stationed in Japan and can not go back to work without my passport. If any one found my passport email me or call my mothers cell 951-505-5636. The passport is really used looking. I came in on Delts 248 and left on Delta 4807. Thank you for your help.


Lonny Anthony Wedell

Samuel (not verified)


Morgan McCarthy (not verified)

black quicksilver back pack outside left outside AA baggage by the shuttle pickup please call me if you found it at 949-661-0420

Anonymous (not verified)

we were on plaine AA254 yesterday from Maui. We forgot a plastic bag at our seats 12 D.
Please call 0045 26341310 - regards Family Madsen, Denmark

Rebecca Crow

Lost - driver's license in my name Please mail to address on license, if found. Thank you.

LoydaRamos (not verified)

LOST on June 30

Black Nokia cell phone model 1680
flight info below
if found please call 818-752-3565

Delta confirmation # GHL92A

DEPARTURE - Thursday, June 30

Flight: Delta 1934
Departs: 1:30 pm from Los Angeles, California
Arrives: 10:08 pm at New York - Kennedy, New York
Seats: 22F
Meals: View menu options
Gate: See Airport Monitors

RETURN - Monday, July 11

Flight: Delta 2363
Departs: 7:00 pm from New York - Kennedy, New York
Arrives: 10:25 pm at Los Angeles, California
Seats: 24F
Gate: See Airport Monitors

Please be sure to check-in at Terminal 2 at John F. Kennedy International Airport as your flight departs from this terminal.


I lost a green plastic file bag on July 12, around 10:30 pm to 12:00 pm at Terminal 4 Los angeles airport. It was light green. There is DS2019, a piece of paper, but very important, it's a visa application form before coming to US. Besides, there is a diary, a pen, and three other papers in it. Please send me a email to, or call me by 617-460-7867 if you have found it, thank you.

Avantika (not verified)

During secutity check the items in my hand bag were removed before being sent for x-ray. i realised that i am missing my Blackberry Curve 3g cellphone, black in colour. I am sure it has been lost at the security check point. my date of travel was the 4th of july and i was travelling by lufthansa from LAX to Munich.

Tera (not verified)

Hi, I left my iPad (locked but in a nylon case) at the Starbucks counter off to the right of the kiosk at the closed register. I had it right beyond security, then lost it before I boarded. Starbucks was the only place I stopped and fumbled through my things before I boarded. Please help if you have info

alexc (not verified)

Left it at my seat as I was departing the airplane at LAX from Maui on a delta flight on the 7/6/11. my email is

Nancy leal (not verified)

If anyone finds this??? I was on flight 35 from phenix to la. landed yesterday at 9pm. I don't care about the money, if found please return my photos and drivers license. This was our first family vacation.

dworth (not verified)

Lost a Video Camera Bag with Canon video camera, and also a regular camera. We also lost several chargers, battery for Cell phone and a IPAD charger.

The pictures and Videos are the mot important pieces on this list. So, please if anyone finds this bag, let me know.

Thank you,

Anonymous (not verified)

On July 1st, on the way from terminal 1 to terminal 4 I lost a little blue bear that's about a fist large. The blue bear means a lot to me.

Kaslyn (not verified)

I was in the ladies bathroom in terminal 4 at LAX (not sure which one now) but I must have removed one of my cosmetic bags (a gold coloured Asian design long bag). I do not mind losing the q-tips and tweezers etc. but my contact lens were in it in their case. If anyone saw them on June 30th (I just got back from my trip), please reply to this comment. Perhaps it was turned in to Lost and Found. I am trying all avenues. Thanks for letting me know if you have seen them. K

Anonymous (not verified)

Ive lost my Iphone on JULY 5 next to gates 33A/B about 1pm prior to my flight from LAX to JFK. If you can help get it back, I can provide a $100 reward. The I.C.E. number ends in 3322. please help!

tom johnson

I left my 14k white gold masonic ring in the mens bathroom in the international travel gate on 27-28 May 2011. I have been in Thailand on military orders and this is the first oppurtunity i've had to try and retrieve it. It is a very simple ring, no jewels, just the square, compass, and letter "G" on the face. Thank you for your help.

Anonymous (not verified)

I losted my passport between Dallas International Airport and Los Angeles(LAX). I passed for imigration and taked the airplane to LAX and this was the last time that I saw my passport. My name is Marcos Antonio Lise

Rudy (not verified)

Hi I lost my HTC incredible at the LAX airport. It has a black and red hard plastic cover. I would have either lost it at the security checkout line or near the game 28 seating area. I believe it fell out of my pocket or I didn't pick it put during the baggage checkpoint. If anybody finds it, can you please contact me. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

It seems I lost an iphone 4 on terminal 2 at LAX around 11:30 am. It was in a black holder with a chipped top corner. If you know of the where abouts please email me at or


V. Lama (not verified)

I lost my resident card between immigration and customs at Tom Bradley International Terminal at around 9pm-10pm on July 4th 2011. Please contact me if found.


I lost my silver Android HTC G2 on an Air Tran flight on June 25th. It's possible that I dropped it before I got on the plane but I'm pretty sure I had it in the aircraft. It has pictures of my family and voice recordings that are irreplaceable. I will offer a generous reward to anyone who can return the phone to me. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!! Thank you.

Trina Scheuermann

Can you believe I was changing my shoes in front of the American counter(Terminal 4) and managed to lose the orthotic out of my left shoe? They are expensive to replace and I would hope that someone turned it into lost and found. Please let me know if it is there.

Anonymous (not verified)


my name is thomas prouve.

the iphone is black. it is a 32gb.
there is a black drope of glue on the back of the phone. small but you can feel it.
the front image is a black and white picture of needles made of foam.

if you got it and want to give it back to me you can contact me at this email address of call
stephanie massiot. you can find the number in the favorite contacts.

thank you in advance and i will be generous if i get it back.


ps: the speaker of the phone is almost dead. i was about to make it replaced by apple. i can still do it if i get it back. thank you !!!


I'm looking for a missing laptop - apple computer (mac book pro) lost on Virgin America flight 928 from SFO toLAX 6/26/11. It would have been left in row 15C. There is a reward for the computer and I'd like to retrieve asap. Please contact 703.655.6237 if you might have it in your custody.

Thanks! Marty

Janelle (not verified)

I left my pink Canon Elph digital camera on the airplane yesterday, June 28th, on AA flight 362 arriving at the Tom Bradley int'l terminal from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The airline did not find my camera on board. Please, if you found it contact me at REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Jorge Fabara (not verified)

im texting you from ecuador, the security in the airport took my girlfriend's laptop away and they forgot to gave the laptop back, her name is johanna ponce the date of the travel was june 17th and ir is a hp laptop color silver, thanks


I was on a united airlines flight number 0355 Monday June 27th 6.42 AM from Chicago to LAX Los Angeles. I was seated in 38B and right before I left the plane after landing at LAX I dropped my phone, a Nokia N97 mini somewhere around my seat or on the floor. It is crucial that I find it and anyone who has any information please contact me! -Yan Han Shen

Mandy (not verified)

I lost my black camera bag containing a canon rebel camera, a video camera and a pink ipod nano. There is a reward if returned. Lost or stolen at LAX airport or on Southwest Flight #475 on May 25, 2011 (flying from LAX to Chicago).

BraD (not verified)

HI - My girlfriend was sitting in seat 14F of Virgin America flight 948 from SFO to LAX on Sunday 6.26 and lost her sprint android phone - please contact if found. thanks!!!!


Hey Brad,

How strange, I was on an earlier VA flight in the day arriving from SFO to LAX (928) at 2:40 pm same date (6/26). I lost my mac laptop in seat 15C - would you mind asking your girlfriend if she happened to see anyone turn a laptop in on her flight? It seems odd that both our flights seem to have items not turned in - perhaps cleaning crew is swiping?

What do you think?


Tammy (not verified)

June 25, 2011

Lost a Samsung Fascinate phone in womens bathroom by Gate 9 Southwest Airlines terminal. This happened at around 6:20 pm.
It has a white black zebra cover on it. Please email or give a phone number I can reach.

Thank you


Anonymous (not verified)

I have lost my grey Accer lap top computer at the TSA Security screening in the United terminal 7 at LAX on June 20th. Please email or call if found. Cash Reward. 630-991-8456.

b.niessen (not verified)

Good morning, I have tried to get in contact but haven't heard a thing. I forgot a bag by leaving the plane last saturday, I sent an email and commentented earlier but I don't know what to do know. Tomorrow I fly back, is there a possibility to pick up this bag? I would appreciate any answer.
Kind regards

Janice (not verified)

I lost my Sony Ericson cell phone at Tom Bradley International on Monday, June 20, 2011, between 5-6 pm. I attempted to use it (unsuccessfully, as it only has a Czech SIM card inside) while waiting in the immigration line for "US Citizens". That's the last time I saw it, so possibly I lost it in the Immigration or Customs area. Another possibility is I dropped it outside the terminal, or in a nearby parking garage.

It is not an especially expensive cell phone, but it has all my numbers in it!!

Thanks for your help!

Mauricio Trachtman

The fly was united lax to Mex at 5:15 of united airlines gate 83 flight number un274
It a black blackberry , the carrier of the mobile phone is nextel. The fly attendee tell me
That the telephone was found and some people ask, but I was sleep on the plane. Well , want to know what can I do to recover my phone. Thank you my email is or plebe HELP

Ryan (not verified)

I left my sunglasses on Delta Flight 107 from JFK to LAX landed in gate 55. The plane landed at around 19:50 on June 22, 2011 (Tuesday). They are black Swiss sunglasses left around seat 21C

Brooks Bingham (not verified)

My father left his camera bag at the security check point of terminal 2. he was flying aeromexico on 6/15 I have called every day and have yet to recieve a responce. It is a black on shoulder carrying bag. please contact me A.S.A.P

b.niessen (not verified)

Dear sir/madam, I forgot a bag with a book and magazines on my arrival to LAX last saturday. Where and how can I collect this when I go back home? Thank you,

Cameron Cavalier (not verified)

I was at terminal 6 flying continental at around 11:30 when I left my silver macbook pro at the security checkpoint in the new has lots of scratches.and is very noticeable

C Kim (not verified)

Lost wallet between immigration and customs clearance in Terminal 7. I was on the United flight from Shanghai (UA 878). The wallet had my drivers licence and credit cards. Please respond to this posting if found.

Thanks in advance.

Pam (not verified)

Alaska Airlines terminal - Sunday June 12th - ladies bathroom near gate 34. I left the ring on the sink.

Please contact me for reward of returned ring.

Monica Kim (not verified)

I left my laptop in the charging port of gate 102 in LAX on June 13th 2011, Monday. It was in a hot pink laptop case and it has multiple stickers on the top of the laptop, the most distinct being a sticker of the "minion" from the movie "Despicable Me". Inside the laptop there are keyboard stickers, so this is a very distinct laptop!!

If found, please email me at mononacob at gmail dot com.
Willing to give a reward!