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KBA (not verified)

My husband left a DVD case with approx 10 kid's DVDs (Backyardigans, etc.) most likely in the seat back pocket. We were on a 12:40pm flight from Honolulu to LAX on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011, the flight landed at around 9pm. If anyone found it, please let me know! jonamberg at hotmail dot com

Kay (not verified)

Hi I was on a similar HNL flight are you sure that flight wasn't on Wednesday, August 17th. My flgith left @ 12:40pm too and arrived in LAX. I ended up at LAX for a 3hr layover and I didn't hear anything about any lost items being found.

Where we're you seated, and by chance did you give LAX American Airlines Lost and Found a call?

Anonymous (not verified)

lost a mens silver watch wtih blue face Duboule watch with a lose knob cover on the side. it's a very important gift from mom~!

8/19/11, between 1-2 pm, terminal 5 TSA checkpoint.

Please contact

Thank you~!

Kay (not verified)

Hello my name is Kania I lost a black & white stipped pencil case. Inside are 2 USBs, some multicolred pens, highlighters, pencils, & erasers. The USBs are very important to me because they contain info from a crased laptop

The item was probally lost at Terminal 2 Gate 47A waiting area in LAX. Waiting for American Airlines flight 2400 leaving August 18th, 2011 at 12:15am. Or it could have been found at Burger King adjacent to the gate 47A near the starbucks heading for Dallas Fort Worth. This flight arrived in Dallas at 5:20am in Terminal D Gate 34.

If not it was probally lost on American Airlines flight 162. I was seated in 16F, the pencil case probally fell underneath my seat, or under the seat infront of me. AA 162 arrived at LAX on August 17th, 2011 at 9pm Terminal 2 Gate 43

Please call if you have found my pencil case (330)774-1529

Mahalo Nui Loa

Kay (not verified)

The first time i wrote this in a rush, because no Lost and found offices were open and this was the quickest and only way of contact

I lost a striped black & white or black & silver pencil case, however you may perceive it, it was brand new. It could be mistaken as a cosmetic case, but I was using it to hold writing utensils. The pencil case contains 2 USBs [1.) Silver Huntington on navy blue strap 2.) goldish-orange on a detachable navy blue strap] it also contains several multi-colored pens, highlighters, whiteout, lead pencils,extra led, and several erasers. As of right now I could care less about about the writing utensils, because those are replaceble. But like i said earlier the USBs are not because they contain info from a crashed laptop.

Places Pencil case could have been lost:
1.) In flight: American Airlines fligh 162. Left Honolulu, HI on August 17th, 2011 @ 12:40pm.I was seated in 16F it could have rolled around underneath my seat or underneath the seat infront of me. AA162 arrived it LAX at 9:20pm in Terminal 4 Gate 43.
2.) Lost in Transport: transfering to the new location of my connecting flight in Terminal 4 Gate 47A. Could have fallen out in bathroom, near burger King or in Gate 47A waiting area. I was repacking one of my bags and it could have been left on top of o underneath the triagular table, directly diaganol to the check-in counter. Or coulr have been left in the corner of a window sill located next to a a fake wall socet outlet on the left hand side.[Not gonna lie, was not paying attention too busy trying to charge my phone & ipod]
3.) inflight: American Airlines flight 2400. it left LAX from Terminal 4 gate 47 A on August 18th, 2011 @ 12:15am. I was seated in row 17F. I t arrived in Dallas at 5:35am Terminal D gate 34.

Once again if you find the pencil case but especially the USBs please contact me at

Blake (not verified)

While traveling at LAX on Tuesday Aug. 2nd, I went through the United Terminal 7 security checkpoint a little before 6:00 PM. I forgot to pick up an item off the conveyor and I am trying to track it down. It is a white plastic Target bag, containing a pair of brown leather shoes, brown leather sandals, and a pair of running shoes. If you could please contact me ASAP if this item was turned in, I have colleagues that work at LAX that could stop by and pick it up. Thank you.


I lost my wallet on Jul 26th, was going to Salvador, Taca Terminal. If anybody found it, please send an email to

Debbie (not verified)

I lost a ladies gold watch with diamonds near the security checkpoint at LAX, Terminal T4, Gate 46A, American Airlines on Friday, August 5 in the afternoon. It was a special gift from a deceased loved one. Please let me know if you've seen it; 847-537-8794. Thanks!!

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost a Toshiba L505D laptop after security checkpoint before enter to access to 119 and 123 gates monday 15 august between 10pm and 11pm.

Please send an email to if you have info about it.

Anonymous (not verified)

I was traveling thru LAX at the Delta entrance when I was subjected to a search. Having been through the body scanner I was surprised. I had to take off my bracelets. Later I heard someone being called for bracelets at TSA but didn't realize they could be mine. I have left several messages at TSA asking about them but never hear back. I left a complete description after my flight. I think this is terrible.

cas (not verified)

caught 11:10 p.m. airtran flight from LAX to Milwaukee on 8/13/2011, my daughter left bag of about 30-40 DS games in clear ziploc bag at gate 34a. It would be great if someone saw them or turned them in. My daughter believes in prayer and hopes hers are answered. Call 847.951.2966 - thanks in advance!


We traveled on 7.08 from LAX to IST with my family on TK0010. We used the LAX Star Allience lounge at TOM BRADLEY MAIN AIRPORT 5 th floor and forgot there the PSP (Play Station Portable Sony brand) in its blue plastic box.

Is there any chance to ask if it was found.

Anonymous (not verified)

lost at a delta gate 53a yesterday 8/10/2011 a transformer with cord for acer netbook
very important

please call 760 500-0033

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a ladies gold watch with diamonds near the security checkpoing at LAX, Terminal T4, Gate 46A, American Airlines on Friday, August 5 in the afternoon. It was a very special gift from a deceased relative. If you've seen it, please let me know. I'd be so grateful. Thanks!!

James Burns (not verified)

I left behind an IBM thinkpad laptop at 6:15pm local time on Saturday 8/6 at the Priority Access Checkpoint at American Airlines Gates 40-49. I can describe it if anyone picked it up. Thanks, 972-658-0341

Jerry (not verified)

Lost a SanDisk 4gb thumb-drive in LAX on Monday Aug 9th.
It is about an inch long, 1/2 inch wide, black with a red slider.
Contains irreplaceable data, please call +1 805 975 8457 if you found it.

Anonymous (not verified)

Late Monday, July 25th, we left our black and grey backpack style camera bag by the taxi stand outside Terminal 6 baggage claim for Continental. The bag contained a Canon 40D camera and a Panasonic Video Camera along with some other miscellaneous cords.


Lost Laptop Gate56- Red Zipper Bag/El Challo 08.07.11 3-4pm
Hi Im 95% my laptop is near DELTA Gate 56 - yesterday 08/07/11 btwn 3-4PM - near El challo Cantina...I was sitting in the bar area. if anyone sees it please contact me 770-337-8709. I'll send a reward...

Sarah (not verified)

Lost Macbook Pro in a black case, silver laptop but with a light blue hard case with stickers on it. lost in the delta terminal after security (gate was 51A- red eye flight from LA to memphis at 1:40 August 6). call 901 619 2549 if you have ANY info


Lost Green soccerbag at american airlInes terminal on 30july about 7a.m. If someone has some info, please contact me!


FOund laptop at 8:30 PM on Wednesday. Only call if you can identify it. I belive it was a Jet Blue or Virgin America passenger. 310 - 473-3555 ext 202.

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my comp in the security check point! Flight was through virgin atlantic please call me w any info! 17604099710


Hi, I lost a light purple/champagne colored cell phone on flight AA 182 from Shanghai to LAX on Jul 18th. I was in seat 9B.

Here is the description of the phone:
1) Lenovo branded
2) Steel body, light purple/champagne color
3) 2.4" touch screen
4) 3 silver buttons below the LCD screen. The middle button is large and the other two are small.
5) bar style phone, dimensions are 112mm x 49mm x 14.5mm
6) 12 button keypad underneath the silver buttons.
7) white colored sim card underneath the back cover
8) phone is very loud when you turn it on
9) Since the phone is international, home menu screen will probably show Chinese characters

10) Here is a link to the exact picture of what the phone looks like:

Thank you for your help,
Nelson Chau

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my iPad 3G 30th of July flying from LAX virgin airlines LA-San Francisco btw 6:30-8.00 am.
Who has any info about it pls contact me.
My number is-3104985248

momof3 (not verified)

on august 3, 2011 at 6:20 pm i got off the plane and left behind my sons super hero pouch with his brand new dsi that his aunt and uncle got him for his birthday and also my tmobile mytouch slide white cell phone along with chargers for both plus three game cartridges including aproximately 500 games and a game cartridge for a leapster handheld. i was flying on delta 2114 from lax to memphis and the plane was going right back to lax on it's next flight. if someone finds this please please please reach me at 7026290162. i know that alot of people would probably keep something like this but this was my sons 5th birthday present from his uncle who is serving our country and doesn't get to see him hardly ever so it was very special. thankyou

Benoit Bonami (not verified)

I have lost a SONY Cyber-shot DSC-H55 Black digital camera in a black soft case at LAX airport on August 2nd. Please contact me (514) 507-4757 if you find it. Rewards promised.

Mike Waldenberg (not verified)

Hi there

I am looking for my iPod touch 4th generation. I lost it sometime after getting off my Alaska Airlines flight from Puerto Vallarta on Monday Aug 1. It must have fell out of my pocket. And I noticed it was gone once through customs. It has a black skull candy case over it. It had several games and around 2000 songs. Also has a screen protector.

If anyone has any info please contact me at 406-868-7762. It would be so appreciated. Thanks so much!

Darren E. Williams (not verified)

Hi there

On August 2nd, about 8:00 pm Pacific, I left my lap top at security. I think it was terminal 2. I was travelling from LA to Toronto - flight 788. It is a grey, toshiba with a large monitor. I have left messages at lost and found and also trying to connect with Air Canada. Anyone with information please contact me. Important business and personal too and hoping to recover it soon.

Many thanks
Darren Williams

Anonymous (not verified)

Try this link for lost items

Other wise contact the airline and ask for baggage. Ask baggage at LAX for their lost and found location. Do not forget to ask how long they hold the items before they sell them.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my Dell Lap top on August 1st flight to Newark around 11:45 a.m at Continental security to gate 69a. If someone has found it which they should because I just left it there, please please please call me asap!!! I'm a student and I have just about my whole life and more on there. My number is (541)-207 6150. I have been calling you guys for an hour no one is picking up!! Please get back to me. I will compensate.

Edward (not verified)

I lost my iPhone 3G yesterday (August 1) upon arriving at LAX on an American Airlines flight 2493 from Dallas/Ft. Worth. The arrival was around 10:30-11pm. I probably left it under the seat in front of me (I sat at 27C so the seat in front was 26C). It's an older, black 2008-09 version. The screen is a photo of an elderly couple (my parents). If you happen to have found it could you contact me at 310-403-0437? Thank you!


I lost an iPhone on Friday July 29th in the Delta terminal at LAX at approximately 6:30 am. Checking in the self serve boarding pass area or going through security. I did not have it when I boarded the flight to San Francisco.

I was told that Delta admin people look here to contact people with items that may have been found and turned in to the Lost & Found. Is this correct? Do I need to do something else?

Jessica Moriarty (not verified)

I lost my I-phone outside the United airlines domestic arrival terminal. Reward to anyone who returns my phone to me.
It may have fallen in the street when I was putting my bag into my car.
You can reach me at 805 687-7063

Thank you,

Anonymous (not verified)

The 30th of June I lost my silver panasonic camcorder on the flight from L.A. to Miami (Gate 43, terminal 4 with American Airlines)
It's a silver cam in a black bag and in front of the bag is a blue box with some dvds and in the side bags are rechargeable batteries.
It would be so great if someone has seen my cam. On the dvd is my whole trip (Las Vegas etc.)


On June 2, 2011, went from LAX to YEG. Canon camera battery charger went missing from my suitcase. Black plastic

Please respond to this if you find it.



Lost Silver Kodak Camera. Last seen on American Airlines Flight 277 on 7/23/11 around 6pm. Could have either been left on the plane or in the terminal bathroom. Reward if found.

Anonymous (not verified)

I have called TSA at LAX over 7 times trying to get my cell phone back. It was left in one of their bins at the pat down area next to United Airlines on July 21. I left all info requested by their recorded message and NO ONE calls back. Any suggestions? This phone was not only new but had all my contacts - irreplaceable information.

I've called every day for a week at different times. Tomorrow I will call every hour, but doubt it will accomplish much. Can anyone help?


We have lost our photocamera at LAX, check in Air France the day 25 of july at 14 p.m..
The camera was a Panasonic Lumix TZ8 black.
In the camera we had all the photos of our honeymoon in Polinesia (Tikehau, Bora Bora, Tahaa).
we are, in particular, interested at the Sun Disk card (4 GB) wich contains the photos.
Our mail addresses are: ;
Our address is: Paoli Claudia, Montano Giuseppe
via Schicchi, 81 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) ITALY
cell. 00393475608107

JamesB (not verified)

i left sunday at 10:30PST from united airlines, the last time i saw my bag when when i checked it at the desk. it is a black duffle bag, it has a personal tag with my name and address on it. It contains things i bought from Comic Con for souvenirs for family and friends, along with medication on one of the side pockets, a pair of grey jeans and a few t shirts. it has a very large multi colored comic-con bag in it that cannot be mistaken. if anyone has seen or comes across this bag PLEASE contact me.

Elena (not verified)

Trevelling on 23 July by Korean air, I have lost my handbag at the buiding of terminal B. The bag contains several books, 4 or 5 pairs of footwear and can include some clothes items. It was my personal baggege and means a lot for me. If somebody saw my belongings, please, help me to return my bag. I will be so appreciate, I will alwais remember your help. Thank you beforehand. My e-mail:

Danisha Brown (not verified)

Greetings...I flew in on a United flight which landed at 9:15...I came down and sat on a grey bench near the Continental Airlines Checkpoint and I left a white poster tube with two posters inside. One was a poster of Ella Fitzgerald and the other was a poster of Billie Holliday and Josephine Baker...The posters weren't very expensive but they mean a lot to me...If you have found them, my email address is and my phone number is 562 230 0971...Thanks in advance!!!

Gilberson Storck de Melo (not verified)

I have lost a Gray Notebook DELL Latitude D430 at security checkpoint, monday, july,25,2011, before entering GATE 64.

It's a notebook for use at company, and have a blue tag with:
GERDAU, Gerdau Logo and code:EACO5995.SERIAL NUMBER 269QQF1

Please contact at:

steven robertson

left phone on flight ua 6393 from elpaso to la. it is a t mobile comet. please email me if found at

Scott Schuele

I lost a Tibetan Tangka painting of a mandala, sewen into a fabric brocade in front of the American Airlines baggage claim area. It was rolled into a cardboard tube. There is a reward for it

Scott Schuele
424 644 5273

amy karwandy (not verified)

Lost July 8th 2011 at LAX Airport - flying from LAX to Seattle on Alaska airlines.

Ladies brown wallet with fish stamped into the wallet

Has visa card, debit cards, care card, Driver licence, nexus card.

All the ID has Amy Massiah Karwandy

please email me at


Ryan (not verified)

Lost set of Keys. 4-5 keys including Toyota keyless entry. Also a RED bottle opener attached to the keyring makes it stand out.

Lost on 7/16/2011 going from LAX to SEA on Alaska flight 457


Thank you,

Minh Pham (not verified)

I believe the security guard took the item (s) out of my kid's bag and did not let us know so we left our item (s) behind at the security check point. They are inside the plastic bag ( the plastic bag color is dark brown or black) . These items are made out of bamboo material, they are about 1 foot width and 2-2.5 feet lengh and 1/4 inch thick (total 4 pieces). They're considered bamboo posters. They're all rolled up and placed in 1 platic bag. They have vietnamese writing on them.

Here is my info:

Name : Minh Pham

Phone: 503-667-2453

Item: 4 bamboo items in 1 platic bag

Date: 7-18-2011 around 6 PM

Airline: Alaska (Dosmetic)

Jacqueline (not verified)

forgot my android cell phone in business priority lline on 7/18/20113:35 pm

Anonymous (not verified)

left my kindle at lax curbside check in Thursday am July 14th
please if found contact me


I lost Kate Spade prescription sunglasses (black case)in LAX airport on July 3, 2011. If found please contact me at 651-270-2674.