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My husband lost his phone early this morning Friday, Sept. 30 coming through LAX. It's an IPhone with all his photos, etc.
If you find it, could you please email me at: Thanks so much.

W.S. (not verified)

On 22nd September 2011 I lost Web and Walk Internet Stick for my Computer in the Security Check Area at LAX Airport.

If found please contact me under above e-mail address.

Many thanks in advance.



I left a MACBOOK at American Airlines check in at LAX 8:30pm Tuesday Sept. 27, 2011. School work needed! 805 343 6814

Nina Bismark (not verified)

I lost a grey-folder at the Delta-Airlines Baggage Drop-off counter on Thursday, 22 September 2011. I guess as I dropped off my suitcase I left it on the counter. It contains a lot of hotel-reservations and other correspondence with my name or email-adress on it. I would be very grateful I you would or already have found it and send it back to me. I will cover of course for any cost that arise. Please contact me, if you have found it.

Many thanks,

Nina Bismark

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I lost my passport and think I may have left in in the lobby or on the plane. My name is Marci Batchelor. My flight was from LAX to Sacramento.

Please contact me by email if you find it. Thanks!


I lost a gold class ring from Capital University. The date was August 24/25(My flight was after midnight). It was flight 203 from LAX to Seoul I was at the Asiana Airlines gate - C3 I believe, but not absolutely sure.

The ring has Capital University going around a purple stone in the middle. There is also "BA" and "2002" on the side of the ring. My full name is written in cursive inside the ring. The ring is also a Josten's class ring if that helps. I believe I lost it when I put on lotion and forgot to put my ring back on. If anyone has found it/finds it please have a heart and contact me. Yes, there is a monetary reward available which will make returning this sentimental item well worth your time.

Thank you in advance.


Sheri (not verified)

If you found a black and green Incredible Hulk backpack with the name Jess Weiner on it please let me know. My little guy is so sad, and there are library items in it that need to be returned. Thanks so much!!!

Rasul (not verified)

09.19.2011 i have lost my iphone (black) somewhere near geat 31-34.
I will be appriciate any help.

My e-mail:

Many thanks,

Michael Lo (not verified)

I left my HP Touchpad tablet on the seatback of 8C on flight VX 942. If anyone find it, please contact me and I will be eternally grateful!

Sandrina Fernandes (not verified)

I have lost a back cell phone in my United Airlines flight from Santa Barbara to Lansing (passing by Los Angeles and Chicago) on September 11th-12nd: flights UA6362 + UA217 +UA6108. The mobile is LG500G and has a Tracfone card.
My present contact: 517-353-0918. My lost mobile phone: 517-755-9586.
Best regards,
Sandrina Fernandes


I was on flight one from JFK to Lax., Sept. 10th 2011, sitting in seat 34G. I left my nook(reader) in the seatback along with my tortoise colored reading glasses. Please contact me if anyone has found these items

Aaron (not verified)

Lost wallet in front of arrival United 7 in front of the shuttle pick up. please email with any info. You will be awarded =))

Ilene Waterstone (not verified)


I lost my iPad on Delta flight 2155 on Monday night from Atlanta to LAX. I left it in the seatback pocket in seat 6B. The pad has my name and number engraved on the back. It has a red cover. Delta doesn't have a live person to contact. I submitted a report but there is no way to follow up. If you have it, it's locked and of no use to you. I am offering a $200 reward for its safe return.

Thank you.

Rose (not verified)

I believe I may have lost my Prescription Sunglasses on American Airlines Flight 297 from Orlando to LAX 12th Sept. They are in a black case marked ORATON>

Mike (not verified)

I lost my black iPhone 4 on UA557 back on 9-5-11. It is in a black Incipio case. I left it on the plane in the seatback. If you have found it, please contact me so we can make arrangements to mail it. Thanks a lot!

Christoph (not verified)


I lost a blue Canon Powershot SX200is on 8/15/11 near United Express Gate. It was in a blue/ gray camera bag.
Please let me know if anyone found it. Thanks for your help.

Tereza (not verified)

Hi guys,
I have lost my passport on a flight from JFK to LAX (DL0107), it's a passport issued by the Czech republic and it's dark red. If anyone find it please hit contact button, I'd really appreciate it, thank you a lot!

Anonymous (not verified)

I was on flight # 396 from Las Vegas (LAS) to Los Angeles (LAX) on Sep 11 and lost my Sprint HTC Evo Phone somewhere along the way. Either at the departure or arrival gate or on the plane. Please contact me if found THANK YOU :)



I was traveling from LAX to BOS on 4th Sep 2011. I was going through the security check when they wanted to recheck my red carryon luggage. My grey SONY VAIO Laptop was in another tray. I totally forgot to collect it and got busy with the checking.
I was asked to leave, however, my grey laptop was left behind at TSA in the tray.
Here are the details:

Name of traveler: Swati Manocha
Item Lost: Grey sony laptop 17inches
Date: 4th September 2011,sunday, at about 9 pm in the evening.
Traveling details: From LAX TO BOS from American Airlines at 9:45 and reaching at 6:10 am.
Gate number: 46A American Airlines
Left at: Left at the TSA towards gates 40-49 for American Airlines , terminal 4
Mark on the lost item: It is broken from the end if you notice.

Please contact me on my cell phone number : 603-834-8113
or email me at

and I am absolutely sure that this item was left at TSA LAX,terminal 4, towards gate 46A

I would really appreciate if someone could get back to me ASAP.

Swati Manocha

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost 100 dollar bills in terminal 6 when I was about to board a continental aircraft heading to newark airport.Please let me know if anybody found it.Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello I lost my passport right after I left the immigration area around 10 am on September 3, 2011. If you have it, please contact me. thank you.

Ramona (not verified)

I'm sorry to bother you, but I forgot my LAPTOP on friday, SEPT. 2nd on LAX.
I was on the flight number LH0453 from L.A. to MUNICH(later on LH2332 to Vienna) and I'm pretty sure, that I left the laptop at the security check point, before I checked in, at the Gate.
They checked my backpack and I took my laptop out. Guess I forgot to put it in again, beacause I know, I didn't take it out later.
It's a GREY one (I don't know the exact model or brand), but you can identify it on all the sticker. For example, on the front are Bandsticker like "Billy the Kid", "Showyourteeth", "Parkway Drive", "Deez Nuts" and so on. On the inside is on the left side a red sticker from "The Ghost Inside"...
I hope you can help me to find the laptop or send it back to me. Please contact me for more info. Thank you very much!

Andrea (not verified)

Hello, my daughter lost her Math homework on either the flight from JFK to LAX on Sept 3 (arriving at 10pm PST) or at LAX airport. The notebook has a green cover and it has graphical paper inside and all the math (Algebra) she has done the past SUMMER! If found, please call 626 622 9100. Thanks!


On Aug 31, 2011 I was traveline from Sacramento to LAX and then on to San Diego. Somewhere in the LAX terminal I misplaced a Grey Ray Ban glass case with Black rimmed Ray Ban eyeglasses with clip on sunglasses attached If found please conmtact me via email.


Hoping that a good samaritan has found a green vinyl-type wallet with approximately cash in it, along with an Australian Driver's License, an Australian medicare card and a California DL with the name Josephine M. Robbins.

She's a dear friend of mine who is now in Australia without her money and cards, and is completely beside herself. Thhe money that was in it was all she had to her name when she left the US for good.

Any information would be most helpful.

Jan Kress

White iPhone was left near Terminal 8 on Friday 9/2/11 @ around 10:30 AM. Please call 480.213.6435.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a set of 5 or 6 keys somewhere between LAX and Dulles Airports. I was on Virgin America flight 108 on Monday August 29th. One of the keys is a remote key for a Mercury. There are also quite a few discount cards on the key ring as well. These keys are super important so please e-mail me if you find them.

Daniel (not verified)

I left a Mac Book Air inside a black cover at terminal 3 outside gate 38 at approximately 10pm Tue the 31st. I will pay 1k reward for it's return. Sentimental reasons and family pictures. Nothing exciting for anyone else but me on there. Please email if you have. Thankyou.

Daniel (not verified)

Lost a USB flash flash drive in LAX going to Atlanta. I think it was Terminal 5. The drive has an "If found please return..." file with my contact information. The flash drive was RED, and the brand is VERBATIM. If you have any information, email me at farzandaniel(at)gmail(dot)com.

Brittani Winders (not verified)

I have lost my i.d. and debit card. I believe I left it in the bathroom or by terminal 69a. I was there at 11 pm last night (tuesday aug. 30th) My name is Brittani Winders.. it says it on both cards.

Kim Morris (not verified)

Lost Glasses on a flight that started at LAX. My son fell asleep while waiting for the first flight of many and, left his glasses at the gate. We were flying United express/Southwest air on our way to the first stop El Paso TX. My son realized the glasses were missing when he woke up in Chicago...waiting for the last leg of the flight to Munich. I asked the United Rep at the gate what to do. He said I had to wait till we reached our final destination (Munich) and, then fill out a form. I asked if I could just get a number to contact someone at the gate...he said " Not possible". I went to Munich and, when I asked for a form..they gave me a number to call! How frustrating!!! I could have called for free from the states on my 3 hour layover...once in Europe the cost shoots up to $1.25 a minute. I put on hold and, had to give up. I have since called since I have returned and, left messages. I hate to give up the search for the glasses..they are new and, I just spent $300.00 on them...but, without them my son cannot see the board at school. HELP! Who do I talk to and what can I do? The glasses are brown roundish rectangles,and photo glazed. The perscription is pretty strong...they are thick (pop bottle bottoms)...any ideas or news would be much appreciated.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my bag in the #5 bag receiving place on 27th 4clock from Korea to Los angeles. The bag is carry on size and has tag 김현섭, Kim hyun sub. The color is green and dark color in it. In the bag there is suit and baby shoes and school supplies.Please when you know any about it send me mail on

Devra (not verified)

I was on Virgin American flight 944 from SFO to LAX, and lost my reading glasses. August 29th, about 9:30 arrival.

In blue cloth case, but with some structue. Either in plane, or airport. Please contact me

Anonymous (not verified)


my wife lost her Samsung Galaxy S2 in front of terminals 1/2 at LAX this evening around 9 p.m.

Please contact me, preferably via phone (310) 980 8126, for a reward if returned!


Anonymous (not verified)

We lost our son's ipod on our flight last night on August 28th from Maui to Los Angeles. We were on flight 254 and arrived at 9:30. If anyone can give me any information about this or if someone finds it please contact me at The ipod was in a white case and has a screensaver with a grey background and a yellow and red spaceship. He has all his games, music and photos on the phone and we would really appreciate it if we could get it back. Thanks so much. Jenni

Anonymous (not verified)

My wife lost a Blackberry Storm 2 in the Air Berlin LAX-Dusseldorf flight on Aug 20th.
If anybody saw this phone in their pouch on the return flight (Dusseldorf to LAX) please email us at
Thanks in advance for your help... this is a new phone.


REWARD: $100
Lost iphone4 Sunday night/Monday morning at 1:00am
I put my phone on top of car when I put my carry on in the backseat. I was outside of the DELTA terminal UPSTAIRS where you get dropped off for departures. I didn't have checked luggage and it was less crowded upstairs. I realized I did this the next morning. It has been turned off. Please email me if you picked it up or turned it in.


Carryon bag 8/27 near baggage claim 5 around 3:30-5:30pm. We think it was dark green and blue. Has a pull out handle and wheels. Flew on Korean air.

Michael (not verified)

I lost an iPhone 4 at boarding gate 57 on 27th August at about 10pm. The phone is locked and is of no value if the code is not known. I need it back for the photos. Please email me on if you find it

Pierre (not verified)

I lost a photo camera in its black shoulder case in Terminal 2 on Aug. 27, probably at on/under the seats in front of the gate 24 (flight AC 798 - Los Angeles/Montreal) or at the Burger King.
The photo camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-Z8, color black.
If anyone has found this camera, please contact me: or call me on +33 6 71587407. Thank you so much for your help.

Matthew (not verified)

In Terminal 1, possibly by the overpriced Backstop Deli, or possibly by Gate 9, lost a thin black Fossil wallet, with drivers license, credit cards, work ID, and a little cash. Please help!



Katrina Gamutan (not verified)

I lost an ALDO taupe crossover shoulder bag with a make-up bag decorated with small teddy bears on it inside of the bag. This was on UNITED flight 549 on August 24th from Kauai, HI to of course LAX. If anyone has found this purse please call at 408-439-1574. I will pay for any shipping involved. Thank you so much.

Daniel (not verified)

I lost California ID on 8/26/2011 at lax. My flight DL 2054. Lax to atl. I probably lost it at TSA check point or terminal or plane itself. Thanks DSE

steven (not verified)

i lost my passboard (doan ba le )on august 23 , 2011 at international arrival arount 10 to 11pm. please let me know if someone return to the lost and found. thank you

Susan Cohen-Unger (not verified)

I was on yestarday's flight:

dep. from LAX gate 86.

I'm missing a dark orange,light knitted cardigan, which I think I left in/near the waiting lounge or possibly on the flight, where i moved several seats forward from 11D.

If it is found, please contact me on 406-490-4462 or by email. I'll be happy to pay for postage.

Fred (not verified)

I Lost My Reading Glasses in arrival of united airline on Monday 8/22/11. Flight flight from Cabo to LAX section 6. Rey-Ban Reading Glasses.


Going through terminal 7 TSA checkpoint, you picked up my Dell laptop. I have your's.

Occurance on 19 Aug 2011 at 12:00 to 1:00p.


My wife lost Samsung Galaxy cellular phone on 8/17 at the restroom of teminal 'B' around 11:00PM.
Please let me know if somebody has it...I`ll pick it up.

And it it will be rewarded.



Kay (not verified)

Hello I lost my blue sketchers glasses case. inside are Brown Rampage transition lens glasses, and two packets on eye glass cleaner.

Wondering if anyone had found them in Terminal 4 Gate 47A. Or on any of the following American Airlines flights.

1.) AA 162 left Honolulu from gate 18 on August 17th, 2011
@ 12:40pm arrived at LAX on August 17th, 2011 @ 9:20pm
Terminal 4 Gate 43.
2.) AA 2400 left LAX on August 18th, 2011 @ 12:15am from
Gate 47A arrived in Dallas Fort Worth @ 5:35am
Terminal D Gate 34
3.) AA 586 Left Dallas from Gate A 28 on August 18th, 2011
@ 9am and arrived in Clevelnad at 12:25pm

If you have found it please give me a call at (330)774-1529
or e-mail me at

Mahalo Nui Loa