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Tamara Owyoung (not verified)

I'm looking for my wallet. I lost it on the 26th of December in the LAX airport. It is a small Sherpani wallet, purple with a little white flower and black tag that says 'Zoe'. It has black lining and and a long black strap. The ID inside is a California license that has my name: Tamara Owyoung

Lorence (not verified)

cant find my pasport. had it @ DFW when i went threw customs, went from DFW to LAX, got my bag and went home, and passport is missing.... maybe it was lifted of me at the baggage claim @ LAX, but i hope that someone found it.

Cho SangYeon

I came back to Korea by OZ201 on 26th of Dec.
OZ201 took off 12:10 pm at LAX AirPort.
I passed boarding pass on about 10:30 AM.
Of course My note book was gone through big Black Box for checking.
5 hours after getting on the plane , I opened PC bag and found that my note book was not in the bag.
Manufacturer : Lenovo, Think pad x61, s/n L3-a0337, Black color
I want my note book because There are a lot of improtant information in it.
Can you help me?
my mobile phone number is 82-11-9778-4466
e-mail :

Cara Gifford (not verified)

Lost/stolen Christmas Gift bag containing Panasonic Camcorder at LA International Airport on 31st December, 2007. Desperately need to find the digital cassettes that were in the camera bag. The cassettes are recordings of my children and family going back 4 years. If anyone knows anything about this missing bag i am pleading you to contact me on my email

The gift bag also contained 2 toy trucks and some souvenirs and the last place i recall seeing the bag was at terminal 4 near the Qantas check in.

Cho, Sang-yeon (not verified)

I came back to Korea by OZ201 on 26th of Dec.
OZ201 took off 12:10 pm at LAX AirPort.
I passed TSA area around 10:30 AM and found my laptop computer was missing from the PC bag after the plane take-off 5 hours later.
The computer is black color, Lenovo, Thinkpad x61, S/N L3-a0337.
There are a lot of improtant information in it.
Can you help me?
my mobile phone number is 82-11-9778-4466
e-mail address :

Cara Gifford (not verified)

I have lost a Christmas Gift bag on 31st December 2007 with my camcorder sitting at the top of the bag.
My family and i departed from Qantas check in at terminal 4.
I am desperate to find the cassette tapes that were in the camcorder bag with our Panasonic digital video camera. The camera bag is black with a blue trim. I would appreciate any information and offer a reward on their return. We also lost a set of Le Schwab Snow chains at this time.
My mobile phone number is 61 2 419 409 455
My email address is
Any help is appreciated.

Sung Jun Kim (not verified)

I lost my I-20 on DEC 20 in LAX, Korean Air ticketing place, around 9:00 am.
My name is on the form, and the school name might be Calvary Chapel Christian School, or Calvary Chapel Murrieta.
I was departing LAX on DEC 20, and arriving ICN (Korea) on DEC 21.
Please, please contact me.
This form is very very important to me as a foreign student.
Any small information would be very very grateful.
Thank you

Inga Knop (not verified)

I am looking for a brown Winter Coat by Calivin KLein. It's burgundy inside, and size 2P.
I flew in yesterday from Paris to LAX by AirFrance 062. Last time I saw the jacket was in the plane. I had it in the over head departments by seat 44G.
Please, if someone found it, contact me!!! I love this jacket and it is my only winter coat!!
Please call 1-626-3737978

Thank you,


28 December around 9:00 A.M. it seems that I lost my laptop computer in the TSA LAX. When going through security laptop case was re-scanned and I took the case, but after take-off there wasn't my laptop in the case.
My laptop is white and the brand name is TG Averatec.

I arrived Korea today on KE002 (departure time at LAX was 28 Dec 10:20 AM).

My laptop is so important to me. Please contact me.
Any information would be very very grateful.

Mobile: 82-11-9088-5872

J. Oldenkamp (not verified)

Looking for our lost hot pink knit Gap brand scarf lost at LAX Terminal 2 on Xmas Day 12/25/07 -- please advise if found -- by phone to 619-584-5046. Thank you.

Rick Richman (not verified)

I lost my CA drivers license on 12/24 while boarding UA flight 5417.
Can you please send and or contact me at 415-948-4099?

many thanks
Rick Richman

Fnu Irawan (not verified)

Lost my CA Driver License on 12/24/07 around LAX security check point around 8:35pm. Flight info: Alaska Airline # 391, 12/24/07 from LAX to SFO gate 33B. I called LAX Lost & Found #(310)348-5488, your representative confirmed it is found. He asked me to contact Logistic Dept to arrange how to get it. I would appreciate if you can send it to my current address (on the back of the card), the address on front of the card is NOT my current address. Can you please call me at my cell (415)912-6691 before mailing it? So I can confirm the current address.
Thank you for your kind assistance, appreciate it.
Fnu Irawan

JCook (not verified)

Lost my Virginia Driver's License. I arrived on Dec22 at around 2am from a US Airways flight US38 PHX LAX 1054p 1122p.
If found please call asap 757 547 6722(VA) or
818 620 8655 (CA)
Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your families.
God Bless!

Tanya (not verified)

My dad was at the delta terminal(Back in Nov. 07) and used the restroom by his gate. My parents were flying back to Atlanta and my dad did not realize he had lost the ring until they sat down on the airplane. He thinks it came off after he washed his hands in the restroom. It was my grandfathers wedding band and it is all we have left from him. It is important to our family and it means so very much to us. It is white gold with a star sapphire in the middle( kind of looks like a moonstone ). Please contact me if you have found this important piece of our family's jewelery. My dad is devastated.

Liu Yen-Kuo (not verified)

last tuesday 11/27 early morning I lost my wallet, a brown one, around BurgerKing. my credit cards are in it and there were 1000 cash in it, I dont care about the money but my SSN is also in it.
please contact with me at my email or call 208 305 2557.
name on the card is Liu-Yen Kuo.

Anonymous (not verified)

TSA Lost and Found does not handle anything outside the security area. If items are left outside at curbside or in baggage, those calls should go to LAWA Lost and Found. Also if you leave something in the rest rooms, restaurants, or at the gate, contact LAWA, not TSA. They have no control over those areas.

Most airlines have lost and found departments also, you can call them if you leave items on the planes. TSA has no control over those items.

Items from the terminals are brought back to the TSA Monday thru Friday's only. They are closed weekends. Once they are brought back it takes an average of 3-4 hours to clear the 8 terminals worth of lost and founds. They will return your calls, be patient.

Emily Sorokes (not verified)

Lost on November 17th. It's a digital Olympus camera and the color is silver. It was in a black camera bag. I have several personal and work pictures on it that can not be replaced. We flew out of the Delta terminal (Flight 1212 from LAX to ATL around 6:15 am). If anyone has seen it please contact me. THis camera is very special to me.

russ (not verified)

Kyocera phone , red front and grey body at departure gate 28, terminal 2 for flight 5, air new zealand november 26 2007. Not worried about the phone but more about the info stored on it.ant help woulf br greatly appreciated. contact via email at gruz1234@aol/com

Jon Turman (not verified)

Lost a Motrola A-840 around Terminal 1 (US Air) morning of Nov. 27. Silver flip with black case. Reward paid for its return. Service has already been disconnected, but I would appriciate getting the phone back to re-activate. I will pay a reward for its return. Contact number is (805) 313-0088. Thanks for all the help.

Kristi Mitchell (not verified)

When going through security my bag was searched and one article was removed to re-scan. After take-off I realized an item was missing from my bag. It is my sons PSP. It is in a black oval case. There are five games inside the case along with the Playstation Portable System.

Any information would be appreciated.

Bailey (not verified)

I left a white plate of childs handprints with two names on the plate, in the bathroom at Gate 84 in the United Airlines area Friday Nov.23rd. This was a X-Mas for their Great Grandparents. If anyone found it please call (925) 348-5398 or email. Thank You

Han Ya Ling (not verified)

I am a passenger who took Cathay Pacific Airlines CX 468 From LA to Hong Kong on November 21 - 11:00am. I seemed to lose a pink credit card holder with three credit cards and other cards. I seemed to lose it at the security when I took a flight.If you find it, please contact me. My cell phone no. is
011-866-0968-553-735( Taiwan) or e-mail:
Name: Han Ya Ling
Thanks a lot


November 19, 2007
I lost my black briefcase with a lot of files that won't be any benefit to you however I will reward you for my briefcase back. I don't care if you found it and you wanted to keep the briefcase just give it back to me and I will pay you. It is black and old. Has a calculator inside, checkbook, my busines cards, and lots of files in it. Please return it. i believed I lost it in the LAx airport. I will pay anything for my briefcase back

SHIRLEE (not verified)


JAIME (not verified)


min (not verified)

7 November at 12:00 Pm my dad forgot his cell phone in the reference desk LAX. I have tried to contact Lost & Found but I can't, please I appreciate if you give me mail or call to contact them.
My daddy's cell phone is Motorola PAC 4000,
he's coming from other country, also that phone is for his buisiness. He really need for his phone number list!!
Your Help will very very appreciate,
Waiting for your comments

Fernando Araya (not verified)

Dear Sr.

21 October at 10:45 Am I forgot my laptop computer in the TSA LAX, I talket
with the security and said me dont worried because they are fonunded, and give
me the follow number to call 310 665 7382, becuase nobody have the key to open
the Box.

I have tried to contact TSA LAX Lost&Found but I cant, please I really
appreciatte if you could give me some mail to contact them.

I forgott my computer in TBII~N Lane #4

My mobile phone is 56 9 88397059

Your hep will very very aprecciatte,

Waiting your comments,

Best regards,

Fernando Araya Rigazzi