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Nisa (not verified)

As I was waiting to board United flight from LA to Seattle on March 13th, I lost my diamond wedding ring. Very sentimental. Reward will be giving to those who return it.

Enrique Ceniceros (not verified)

My sister forgot her sweater on the Shuttle at Parking lot C.
She left today 3/16 and dropped of at Bradley International.
The sweater was black with 3/4 sleeve, by Max Studio...

If found call me. Enrique @ 949.939.5750

Marcia Dunker (not verified)

Returned from Auckland on NZ002 flight on March 8, 2008. Camera was in handbag when we boarded NZ flight but gone when boarding NW flight to Minneapolis. Sometime between landing in LA, customs and transferring planes to Mpls, camera pulled a disappearing act.

There is a reward ($400) for the safe return of the camera (worth less than $200) and all of the memory chips (which contain pictures of wedding and honeymoon in NZ)


On Mar 7, I flew out of Lax to Korea around 12:00

Once on my plane, I realized I left my black burberry jacket behind when I went through the security.

Please notify my daughter who lives in san diego if found.

Thank you in advance.

my daughter's phone number is 8583546691

lost detail : on the front of jacket there is a small brooch.

Deanna Detchemendy

Flash Drive lost March 9 on NW 333 from Detroit. I was sitting in seat 29F. The drive is 2G with a base that is a different color than the cap. I'm trying to get in touch with the airline and find where that plane went after LAX, but it's proving pretty difficult, so thought I'd try here. If found, please contact me at (818) 599-1088.

Sang Lee (not verified)

Versache Name Brand Italian made metal vision glass lost at the Gate 86A LAX airport 7:30 AM on March 10, 2008.
Please contact me thru e-mail address above or cell phone number 805-402-4955 and/or 805-208-6451(my wife cell #).

Thanks a million!!!
Regards, Sang Lee

Melissa Webster

On Feb 21, I flew out of LAX to Auckland, NZ. Once on my plane, I realized that my ipod didn't make it through security. I remember putting it in the small tote for security, and heard the officer telling the other one to pick up the ipod. And, saw him with the handle of my purse, and because my hands were full, I thought he put it in my bag. (I could've sworn that's what he did, and I even thanked him) Then I ran to my gate. Now it is gone.

Its a fifth generation Ipod with video, with an artistic gelskin outside of it with a fairy. I've since replaced the ipod with a cheaper mp3 player, but I had about 3000 songs on the first one. Because of the time diff, I am having trouble reaching the office besides a voice mail. And, if it is found how do I get it back? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous (not verified) is the email addy for the lost and found office. If it was lost at T2, then you need to contact them and they can start a file and a search.
Good luck.

Liliana Gomez (not verified)

On Friday July 24th we were going thru security/TSA where they make you take off our shoes and put all that we are carrying and some belonging to some white plastic boxes/containers. My husband Juan Rios left his Emporio Armani watch byitself on one of those containers. Due to he had to go thru the sensor detector a few times, when picking up his stuff from the containers he forgot to get his watch. I believe that no one was behind him right away therefore it is unlikely that other passenger would take it. It is an armani watch..the face is rectangle/square..all metal and the face background is light brown, has the armani logo.
On Sunday August 10th, we came back from Mexico and went and asked @ the gate where this incident happended and TSA advised that if they got the watch they would have taken it to the lost and found dept.
Please let me know if you found it and how to pick it up.
Thank you,
Liliana Gomez

John (not verified)

I lost my glasses (no case) on Tuesday March 4 on American flight #25 from Boston to LA. Please notify if found.


julian neuber (not verified)

I lost a german book by the titel: "Spiel-, Sport- und Bewegungsraeume in der Stadt." It is something in between a book and a magazine and I left it in the plane from JFK to LAX on the Mon 25th of feb. It was flight 31 which left JFK at 445p and arrived in LAX at 837p.
Please contact me if you get a hold of my book.
Thanks a lot - Julian Neuber

Li, Xu (not verified)

I am looking for my important Graduate Diploma! On Feb 11th I traveled from LAX to HKG by UA867. After I came back at home and opened my suitcase, I could not find my Graduate Diploma which was enclosed in a hard cover envelope. My suitcase was broken open by your security check agent, which is fine. But I could not believe such an important document could not disappear during that stage. Please do check if you found my Graduate Diploma and let me know the result.

First Name: Xu
Last Name: Li
Airline: UA867 on Feb 11th

Anonymous (not verified)

i had my blackberry tagged with a tracking ID label from and wanted to thank the LAX lost and found staff for returning it to me!

Julie D. (not verified)

My formal evening top (used on the Island Princess cruise ship) disappeared from my luggage from the time it left my room on board ship at 6pm February 20 to the time I returned home at 6pm February 21. It is black and velvety with swirls of multicolored glitter. It has a round neckline. We came through LAX security (our only airline stop) at apprx. 10:30 am 2-21-2008. I don't expect to retrieve my lost item, but I thought security should be aware of this occurence. My suitcase was locked with the new security type lock. If there is any information, please contact me at the email address provided. Thank-you, Julie D.

Rebecca (not verified)

I have lost a Samsung t629. It is a silver slide phone from T-mobile and it has a little keychain on it of a little girl with a blue shirt. I lost it coming from Minneapolis to LA on Sun Country Airlines on the weekend of Febraury the 15.
Please contact me if you find anything.
Thank you,


I lost my black Motorola W490 phone in LAX on 02/09/08 around 10:00pm. I was departing from LAX with American Airline flight 262 from LAX to Fort Lauderdale.
If found please call email me back at or leave me a mesage at 909-822-7310.

Robert Ulrich (not verified)

Lost camera at terminal 2 on Jan.23rd 2008. Camera was in a blue camera bag. It is a sony 550 cameraplus wires and extra chips inside. Please notify if found.

george (not verified)

Please call me regarding the phone I left at security checkpoint at terminal 6. I called it and a TSA agent picked up. Saying I have to pick it up. Please let me know where this thing is.

it was about 1.5 weeks ago.

strnad (not verified)

Left a phone at the security checkpoint. Had a friend call it and someone at TSA picked up. saying i need to contact them to make arrangements. I've called 3 times. No one has returned my calls.

I need this phone back.

Anonymous (not verified)

send them an email at describing the phone, phone number and anything else about it. Airline, Terminal and date of flight.
Be proactive.

Shay (not verified)

Lost on 02/09/2008 at 1:30pm (PST) prints rolled up in white paper. Carousel 6-7 incoming flight from Fiji. Lost somewhere between the carousels and the front door to the street.

beatrice cox (not verified)

we lost a dark green backpack at gat 25 terminal 2 on feb 8 around 10 pm. kindly call us at 347 278 0123 if found. thanks

Simon (not verified)

departure-Feburuary 4th 2008 1100AM (checked in at 930AM)
UA 891
Gate 77
luggage code= 3016UA-104008

missing items:
1.a black cloth material messanger bag with a single shoulder strap.
- inside the messganger bag is a 17' Fujitsu laptop (dark silver on top and black on bottom- an image is attached).
2.a dark purple (dark enough to be taken as navy) Prada shoe box with some scotch tapes on corners for the slightly worn edges.
- inside the box are two long sleeve polo shirts and a dress pants:
a. Black united colors of benetton shirt.
b. Navy Canali shirt with a price tag attached.
c. Dark brown Banana Republic dress pants.
* the three items in shoe box are folded and rolled to fit the box.

I am sorry for the trouble, but would you please take a close attention to this item? I really really need the files in there. Finding the computer will really make a difference for me and it will be greatly appreciated.

Roshan George (not verified)


I lost my brand new Fuji Film Finepix Camera, model # - S9600 at the LAX airport near the immigration counter. I had just gotten of the Cathay Pacific Flight CX-882 from Hong Kong to LA yesterday (1st Feb 2008) and was waiting for the immigration interview when I had taken out the camera to get my papers from my hand baggage. I did not remember to put the camera back in the bag.

If you find the camera (it is in a black case-logic camera cover). You can verify the camera is mine by the photos on the camera and there is also a USB for my I-pod in the cover, please let me know immediately since it is a brand new camera.

I am currently in Phoenix and can be contacted at the mobile number 602-327-3257 or at 602-355-4672. I would be eternally grateful if you could find the camera and return it.

Thanks and Regards,
Roshan George

Roshan George. (not verified)


Can you please tell me if the camera of the description that I have stated above has been found by any of the Airport authorities. Since, I have lost it within the confines of the LA Airport (that too the immigration interview room), I am confident that the camera must have been found and returned to the respected authority.

Please do let me know as this loss has caused a lot of distress for the past few days.

Yours respectfully,

Anonymous (not verified)

Please contact me at : in case you find the camera mentioned above.

gomer coronel (not verified)

flew out of northwest on 1/21/08 and lost my cell phone (grey razor) then flew back on 1/29/08 and lost my black eyeglasses. anyone seen any of these items, please call 818-274-6128. thanks.

Suzanne (not verified)

My husband and I have lost our passports.
I am U.S. citizen my full name is Suzanne Sarkissian.
My husband is an Armenian national his full name is
Hayk Avetisyan. If anyone finds it please let us
know at 818-2793218, or email me at
Thank you

Denver native (not verified)

26 January 2008 in the afternoon near Gate 38 at LAX I misplaced a Phillips touch screen CD player with several CD's in a black hip case. I was on my way back to Denver, CO after waiting in the FRONTIER area for my flight. The CD player means a lot to me and I would really appreicate it if someone would contact me or provide any information on the whereabouts of my CD player. No questions will be asked. Please call me at 303.641.6498

Anonymous (not verified)

i lost my ipod from three years ago. its in a green coach ipod case and has pink bose head phones. ilost it going from san diego to los angelous. reward!


We were on flight 181 on American Airlines from JFK to LAX on Sunday evening January 27th. My little son lost his white stuffed dog with a red sweater on the plane and he is completely distraught. If anyone has found it please call 310-558-0278. Thank you.

Amardeep (not verified)

I flew on Malaysia Airlines from KL/Taipei on the 7th January and then proceeded to Terminal 2 to take a flight to Vancouver via Air Canada
I was in the aiport for 24 hours and have misplaced my reading glasses.
These glasses have a dark bluish tint.
If you do see these reading glasses, please contact me on my e-mail or call me.

Thank you

You Jung Shin (not verified)

1/21/08 (Monday)
Arrived at LAX on American Airline (AA170) through Terminal 4.
Could not find passport after leaving LAX.

Republic of Korea passport (dark green color)
The name is You Jung Shin.

Please contact me at (818)531-5175 or e-mail me.

Thank you.

Matt Lemche (not verified)

Lost after Toronto to LAX West Jet flight, Jan 1, 2008 Terminal 2 contact

Ian Bruce Ryan (not verified)

Dear Sir/Madam,

At 11.55 am on Saturday 19th January 2008 at Tom Bradley, I passed my hand luggage through the screening point closest to Departure Gate 119 & 120 (on the side closest to the other terminals 1, 2 & 3). From our group of 22, I was selected to have an item checked by the operator of the furthest left (as you approach the units) who was a slim lady of middle years with longish hair and I think glasses. She was unsure as to whether she should let it go through or not and the officer assisting her said he would check it after viewing her screen. He was a heavy set African American who was very interested in the fact that I was with a touring teenage basketball team from Australia. We moved to the examination table a couple or so yards past that point where I could put my shoes back on as well. He was happy with the watch in my bag and I said that I was happy to put it back together as I had stuff all over the place. I went around and sat in the chair he had occupied, placed my jacket and the camera mentioned in the subject line on the floor by the side of the table while I repacked the bag (he may remember - it was a bright red bag and I had Sudoku puzzle books and loose papers, among other things). When I stood to go I picked up my jacket and put it on but I forgot the camera bag next to the table. There is no name on the items in the bag but underneath the camera are two strings of cheap beads that were being thrown to the audience at Disneyland. In the small compartment next to the camera is an electrical cord with a two pin plug that is made for Australian usage. Underneath that are two round lens attachments that join together to shield the dun from the lens if needed. On the outer of the case is a compartment that has the charging unit for the battery.
If more is needed to identify the unit you may examine the pictures on the unit itself. Scrolling right you will get a picture of Christmas lights followed by a bunch of pictures taken in Taipei and scrolling left you will get a picture or two of our tour kids outside the Tropicana Inn on Harbor Blvd, Anaheim and about 3 of the monorail at Disneyland going past. Further left are pictures of fireworks (not all came out) and then a some taken at our last dinner in LA and a whole lot taken at Disneyland.
I am quite anxious to retrieve the camera, not only as it is a very new and expensive item for me, but also as it has a photographic record of our teams' successes and failures of their 31 matches played in the 16 days we were in Washington state. They were to be used in conjunction with a series of DVD's that we are making of the tour. I am more than happy to cover the expense of having the camera returned if it was found. I am reasonably hopeful that the folk working in that area spotted the unattended item and placed into Lost & Found.

If you are not the correct person to be handling this inquiry, I thank you for your patience in reading this story and request that you simply reply to this e-mail advising me of the correct e-mail address that I actually need.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Ryan

Airport Police Lost & Found (not verified)

Dear Sir, I am happy to say that with the detail description of your lost camera you provided I can safely say that your item more than likey will be found by TSA.
Their # is 310-665-7382.

Officer Rodriguez
Airport Police Lost & Found

Melino Vete (not verified)

My best friend lost her beloved Rusty plush monkey on the 19th of january 2008. he is a brown monkey with a WWF tag on his left ear. she was flying from LA to New york and before boarding she misplaced him either at gate 43 or at the burger king. they have been inseperable for the past 9 months and she doesnt know what to do now. please if you know anything about it please let me know. my email address is thank you in advance.

Renée L. Jones (not verified)

On approximately 1-7-08, I was removed from my transfer from a Florida Delta Flight to a Monterey American Eagle flight; I was suffering and asked to be sent to the closest hospital Emergency Room.

My old, ragged but important Black Leather Fanny Pack, held together with tape, held many important items:
1. Two Emergency Health Problems and Emergency Contacts Sheets
2. A round, irreplaceable contact lens case that had held new lenses
3. Two engineering mechanical pencils (I'm a terminally ill, disabled software engineer)
4. Two sewing "seam rippers": one red and one blue
5 Numerous important private notes, and more.

The people responsible for the health crisis that night, stole the letter I received from you approximate two weeks ago, the very night after it arrived; they've selectively stolen my mail since 5-2005 and I can get no help from the local post office or the Postal Inspection Office. Neither will the local police help. I'm 54 yrs old, weigh 92 lbs, and have been beaten up by these young jerks over and over since 7-2004.

With the theft of the letter, I have no "800" phone number, extension, or name of the necessary contact person. My phone number can be attempted, but is usually blocked calling in or out. (As usual, AT&T could do nothing.)

I will pay whatever it takes to have this item returned by any trackable method other than mail (i.e., FedEx). I'm also missing a "Salt & Pepper" Sweater Set (they even stole all of my clothing).

Any way you can contact me would be appreciated:
1. My phone: 831.372.0950
2. My best friend's work number: 831.656.4705 (Dr. Tim Hogan at the Naval Research Lab)
3. My caregiver's work number: 831.883.8000, ext. 113 (Ask for "Vern," when you reach this extension at Desert Star Electronics).
4. My Address is: 6 Arkwright Ct, Apt 1, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Your help and graciousness is appreciated. Please, do not give up on trying to contact me. Again, please send an "800" number, contact person and their extension. Thank you! I hope to hear from you soon.


Renée L. Jones

Vimal (not verified)

My grandparents were travelling on flight QF 25 departing Auckland New Zealand on Wednesday 16th January. Unfortunately this flight was delayed by around 4 hours so they have missed their connection to Vancouver on Alaska Airlines. We don't know if they are still stuck in LAX or what. Can anyone please help?????

Karthikeyan (not verified)

Hi All,

I missed my cellphone BLACK NOKIA on 01/12/08 night 11:00 PM when I board for the flight MH 095 Malaysian Airlines. I am now in India. I would be very grateful if some one found that and have the same with them. It is my company' cellphone. Please reply to if you found the NOKIA BLACK cellphone.

Karthikeyan C.


I lost an AWARD PLAQUE from IMTA, International Modeling and Talent Competition. It is worth nothing but it was an award that I received and would like to have it for memories. I am willing to pay a small reward if someone finds it. I can be reached at or mailing address 36637 Hwy 30, Geismar, LA 70734. I left it in LAX Jan 13, 2008 very early in the morning.

Leblanc (not verified)

I lost a IMTA Modeling and Acting Award Plaque at LAX. If you see it, please contact me via email or at 36637 Hwy 30, Geismar, LA 70734. It is worth nothing, but means a lot to me since it is an award. I will pay a small reward for its return if necessary.

cseley101 (not verified)

We went to Mexico for 10 days and bought a suvenior for a lot of money. It was a bow and Arrow and AeroMexico has never contacted us so we are VERY mad at AreoMexico right now. It is covered with masking tape and says FRAGILE on it and says SELEY.
If anybody sees it let us know. if not LAX better pay us back
thank you to the people who read this


Travelled on January 9 in Terminal 2 and 7 with Air Canada. Lost a white gold link bracelet with a heart attached. If anyone finds this please contact me at Thank you

Jennifer Guerini (not verified)

Lost on Tuesday 1/8/08 around 11:00 p.m. at Baggage Claim area for Airtrans or left in Smarte Carte in parking garage:

Small White Hello Kitty Lunch Bag containing my daughter's Flovent Inhaler and Aerochamber.

Large grocery bag containing various snacks, but more importantly, contains library book - paperback by J.A. Jance. Think title is "Partner in Crime."

Please call 661-259-1975 if you have found these items.

Jeff Horning (not verified)

Lost 01/08/08 at LAX between the Southwest Airlines terminal and Baggage Claim carousel 2. Call 865-406-9629.

RoFass (not verified)

Jan 6, 08 Terminal 2 near gate 28. I lost a brand new pair of black leather cashmere lined mens gloves (size M) somewhere between Terminal 2 security check and gate #28. If you found them PLEASE respond to this post and let me know how I can retrieve them. I'm in Canada now with freezing fingers and a girlfriend that doesn't want to buy me anything nice anymore =(

Harald Wulff (not verified)

On december 19 I returned from Europe via British Airlines, arriving at John Bradley International Terminal, LAX. Since that time my green card is missing. Help!

Tina Gaved (not verified)

I lost the ring at LAX Terminal 2 International check-in area
Northwest Flight NW-1 Depart LAX to NRT (Narita Japan) on Jan
2, 2008 approx. 11:00am


On January 4th, around 9:15 pm I entered LAX around the American Airlines check-in desk. I then went up the escalator to security and found that my earring was missing. I know it is a long shot, but if it is found, I would greatly appreciate being notified. The earrings are of sentimental value and I am sick at the thought of it being missing. The earring is a princess cut (square) diamond set in white gold. Thank you.
Erin Corbin