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Anonymous (not verified)


Flying on WestJet flight. Lost shoulder bag either around gate 24 or in the baby change room across from gate 21. Bag contained cell phone, camera and wallet. We are travelling from Australia and would greatly appreciate if anyone has found these items.

Please contact me at if found.



Domenico Augliera (not verified)

Hello, the day on August 6 at 8:30 p.m. in Los Angeles airport in gate number 56, has disappeared my handycam brand sony model hd 12 kept inside a special bag of dark green and black. Point out that I was at gate 56 departing from los angeles for Mexico.

Please contact me for information about.

Thank you

Domenico Augliera (not verified)

Thanks to the office lost and found I found the camera, thank you.

Domenico Augliera

Huang-Mei,Hsuan (not verified)

I lost my laptop when custom was doing x-ray, checking my carry-on luaages.
This happens on 08/05/08 around 10:10 pm.
My laptop is Macbook (white) with very thin Styrofoam protection on it. I'm really sure that I lost it when I was doing security check. It is very important for me. Please help!
contact number 408-666-2346

Thank you


Anonymous (not verified)

My girlfriend lost a Nikon Quickshot camera in the American Airlines terminal on Saturday night, August 2nd. She believes she left it in the womens room in the AA terminal. It was in a small brown carrying case. If you have any information please email me at

Thanks for your assistance.


My parents had connecting flight in LAX airport yesterday on 8/2/08. On the security check point our laptop is exchanged. It looks like some one took our one and left his or, her one. Our one is "HP" the one we got is "Lenovo". We have lots of thing on that laptop and very important to me. Please e-mail me on if it is swaped with yours.


David (not verified)

We were flying from Denver to Los Angeles on July 17 United flight 69. Our daughter's left their brand new nintendo D-S handheld game systems (both white in tourqoise blue carrying cases) on the plane. Please notify if found, two girls are very sad to have lost them. Thank you,

Rachelle (not verified)

I lost my Scriptures, which includes the Bible and the Book of Mormon. They were very special to me. Please call me if found!!!

Clare Kelly (not verified)

I took American flight 135 from London to LAX on Thursday 31st of July, clearing customs in terminal 4. I left an item of carry-on baggage by one of the carousels. It was a small blue trundle bag with wheels and zipper. It contained medication I need plus other personal stuff from my UK visit. My name was on items in the bag. If you get anything like this can you call me on 661 263 9060.
Clare Kelly

Mojdeh Memarzadeh (not verified)

My Father, Hosseing Memarzadeh, took flight 192 United Airlines on July 30 from LAX to Philadelphia. At 8:00 am he went through security and forgot to pick up his keys that he left in the basket. Would you please call (310) 664 1414 if they have been returned. Thank you.

Jon Peterson (not verified)

I left my Sprint Mogul PDA (also known as HTC-6800) in a stall in the employee rest room on the ramp level below gate 32. In the following hours several Menzie employees and one of the fuel truck employees saw the phone, were surprised that no one took it and left it where it was. By the time I was back in LAX on my next turn of course it was gone. The battery will last a week or two and my contact information comes up when the phone is turned on. Service on this phone has been disconnected to protect my account. If found, please contact me by email. thank you.

Please disregard this post if you are not an airport/airline employee. this phone/PDA was left in an area off limits to the public and could only have been found by an airport/airline employee-such as a Menzie's employee, fuel pumper, janitor, or Alaska Airlines Pilot or mechanic.

Tim (not verified)

July 18th at Gate 41 I left a black, hardcover diary approximately 5"x6" in the departure lounge. I have contacted the Police lost & found but they had no record of it. I have tried to reach Qantas ( QF 12, the bomb scare flight )but they don't answer. American Airlines have a voicemail that I left and will only return my call if they have it. My Sydney, Australia contact # is 95194429.

xavier khoury (not verified)

if someone found a passaport with the name xavier khoury pliease contact 305 8584982


I lost a painting done by an elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a one of a kind. I left it in the overhead compartment. I was on Thai Airways flight 794 on July 10, 2008. I was in seat 45J. If anyone has found it, please contact me. It's in a cylinder made of recycled material. It's not incredibly valuable to most, but it has personal, emotional, and familial significance.

Thanks for any information,

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my book, Eat. Pray. Love. on flight 295 Southwest arrival at LAX. Please e-mail me if found.

Thank you!

Michelle (not verified)

Lost men's watch, Burberry, silver color,
square face.
It was at LAX international flight security check point,
left it in basket.

adam DuFord (not verified)

i lost my black pocketsized "moleskin" journal on flight 0808 from guatemala city to LAX 07/12/08. it was in the pouch at seat 26E. I dont think it has my address in it, just observations from travels. please email if found.


My sun left his favorit hp laptop dark black colore at security chick point in the lax air port my flighit dep from lax to Cleveland on flight no CO 556V Continental airlines dated
SUN 20 Jul 2008 and GATE NO 64 and the pording time was 9:55 am
Pls help
my contact is
my mobil +966-505-616880
office +966-263-50009
Fax +966-26350444
best regards
nukaly mohd

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my pink nano ipod and would greatly appreciate anyone locating it - my number is 843-224-7374.

Anonymous (not verified)

I was at Terminal B at the LAX airport from 4:30 to 6:00pm on Saturday. I believe that my phone may have been retrieved by its attached cord from my pocket. I usually leave the cord outside my pocket because I can get to it easier. Apparently anyone else can, too. If this is not what occured and I simply dropped it; perhaps it was turned in, and in that case, would you please let me know as soon as possible?

Thank you!

Anonymous (not verified)

I was on a flight from dublin to lax today on aer lingus. somewhere between the flight and my flight at terminal 1- i noticed i did not have my itouch. if you found it it has my photo of my son and i on the front screen. please contact me- i will include a reward

Samuel Kim (not verified)

Please contact me at if you found a wallet for Samuel Kim.

Hyok Min Kwon (not verified)

My name is Hyok Min Kwon.
My black back pack (Inside of my back pack: Passport, shoes, and pills) was lost on Monday, July 07, 2008 at 8:00 pm coming from Mexico to LAX.
It is important to find my black back pack with passport inside. Please help me to find this.
If you have any question or find them, please contact me at 858-503-6901 or 858-583-2465.

Tyler Wilson (not verified)

I lost my blue LG Chocolate on the 12th of this month. It's battery is spent and I'd really like it back. My phone number is 805-785-0450. thanks.

I Kadek Oca Santika (not verified)

Excuse me! My camera sony DSC-S730 Silver was lost Thursday Saturday Jun 7 2008 in Gate 45 Morning coming from Hongkong to LAX flight number CX882 and want go to Denver with American Airlines. . PLEASE if you know anything regarding this please contact me. You can keep the camera. The pictures on there are priceless to me. please help me locate this !!!! THANKS

bob ellermeyer (not verified)

we lost one right new TEVA tennis shoe in the Alaska terminal sometime in the AM on July 9th. The shoe is lime green and brown and is a size 7.5 womens. We will be returning to LAX at the end of the month, Please advise if it has been recovered. We have notified Alaska of the problem. Thanks, Bob Ellermeyer -

Glen Allan Diaz (not verified)

I left my laptop on July 6 in the plastic tray at the security checkpoint #3. The laptop brand is DELL silver/grey includes a Fossil brown laptop sleeve . I was taking flight PR103 from Los Angeles to Manila. If anyone can help please contact me at (63)9178058924 or email me at


mich (not verified)

My son left his favorite stuffed animal at LAX (American) terminal. It is a blue pupply dog with spots (carters brand).

newly married (not verified)

Please! Please! My husband and I lost our Canon camera at LAX with over 700 pictures of our honeymoon... I cant tell you how much that means to us and our family. Please, if you found a Canon Camera with a silver body and black lens, contact me asap and we can *talk*. The camera will have tons of pics of us in Mexico... thank you

Melissa (not verified)

Please help! My husband and I were traveling home from vacation, and we lost our camera. We believe it may be at LAX, the Seattle airport, or the Portland airport. It was lost was on Friday, June 20th. The camera is not in the case, and it is a Cannon digital camera with a large screen on the back. The camera is silver. It has all of our vacation pictures on it (over 200 pictures). The pictures are of college graduation in Pasadena, and a cruise to San Diego Seaworld, Catalina Island, and Ensenada, Mexico.

We would like to provide a REWARD to anyone that can help us find our camera. These pictures and the camera are very important to us.

Thank you,

Gloria Hatrick (not verified)

Prescription sunglasses in light green plastic case, possibly with Chase bank card also (cancelled). Please contact me if found as I cannot replace the sunglasses and they're probably useless to anyone else. (I'm legally blind.) Thanks, Gloria

zolita (not verified)

cell phone was left on the security bin at 42 A yesterday 6/30/08 at around 0715, Nokia brand gray. pls contact me if found to pick up. Thank you for your assistance.







Anonymous (not verified)

send TSA Lost and Found an email at attn Lost and Found.
You have to use the double name with the dot inbetween.
Give them all the information you have and what checkpoint, what terminal and anything else pertinent, i.e. screen saver, last called number, etc. They will make an effort to find it.

The phone only holds 61 calls so it's easier by far to email them, but you have to use the right email address.

Anonymous (not verified)

You appear to know about the airport-- we left an apple laptop at the gate (United) last week and when we arrived in Denver we were able to confirm that the gate agent had the computer and would FedEx it to us on Monday-- however, they would not give us a phone # to follow up with. Of course, we've heard nothing and United won't help. All we want to do is talk to a LIVE person at LAX... but that doesn't seem to be possible...any suggestions on how to proceed?

Anonymous (not verified)

Try calling this number at the lounge and ask for a CSA from downstairs. IF UA has the laptop they should be able to help you. I don't have their lost and found #. You can call TSA Lost and Found at 310-665-7382 and ask them for UA's LF number. They have it on file.

Teo (not verified)

i lost my psp on a plane in lax on aeromexico and i keep tracking that plane and it says it still is in the same place as it was when i got to the gate but on the plane i lost my psp the flight is: aeromexico flight number 468 and i think the plane is still in lax in the tom bradley international terminal if anybody finds it contact me at

alan wang (not verified)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I lost my file folder at security checking when I flied from Los Angeles to Dallas in JUN. 15. could you please help to have a check for me? Thanks very much!

The related infomations are as following:
Last name: Wang First name: Shaoping
Passport Number: G23646038
Flight No: AA2474 Boarding gate: 40 Security checking time: 2:00PM ~ 3:00PM

Main items in my lost file folder include:
1) A copy of my China Identification Card,
2) Material for Visa application such as invitation letter from Nortel Networks;
3) Cash about US$2000;

Appreciated if you can help!

My called back number: 972-684-1739 or Email:

joseph Middleton (not verified)

black wallet lost Monday around 2:15 in continental airlines gate 6O. Identification was inside.. Please Call 323-791-7766. Joseph

Steve (not verified)

I lost my Nikon camera. it was in a small black camera case, not much bigger than the camera. the case had a label "samsonite" written on it.

The images are very important to me. I had just finished a bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, 545 miles.

Please if you found the camera, at least return the chip with all my valuable images on it.

it was lost at the delta terminal on Saturday, June 8, 2008 between 6pm and 7pm



Nick (not verified)

I lost my Canon Rebel Xti Digital Camera inside a dark blue bag at the Delta ticketing line at LAX airport. Anyone who finds it will get a reward from me. Thank you!

tiago (not verified)

I left my litlle computer chraging and forgoto it there, if you founf please contact 808 938 3964

thanks you

Ming-yu Lin (not verified)

I lost Panasonic protable DVD player on JUN 09,2008 from Miami to LA and ready to go Taipei; around 3:00pm, when LA custom was doing X-ray check my carry-on luggage,they forgot to put my protable DVD player back after they checked. Meanwhile befor I get on flight to Taipei, I notice that I lost it, I asked EVA AIR to looking for it and they told me LA custom already found it and sent to 5757 century Blvd and gave me this phone#,I been calling 310-6657382 (Jun 10&12) and left messages, also ask EVA AIR to sent cable to LA airport lost and found, untill today I haven't receive any information.

Please contact me at: or 011-886-952230062

Thank u very much!

Eveleen Djunaedy (not verified)

I lost my burberry belt during the X-ray on Sunday, June 15 abt midnight. If anyone finds it, Please contact me at or call James 626 (919-3892)/626 (771-0405). Thank you

steve singh (not verified)

My Mom and Dad came from india on jun 12-2008 and had connecting flight from LA to Salt lake city. My mom and dad came from singapore air line and they pick up their luggage on LA airport and they checked their luggage and every thing was ok.Then they had connecting flight from LA to salt lake city and they give their luggage to TSA for checking and their was some jewelry in the bag. then my mom and dad pick up their bag in salt lake city and check their luggage and jewelry was missing. jewelry was $ 300.00 worth TSA took jewelry from the bag. i'am requesting for my claim. can you e-mail to me so i can find out what is going on or what i have to do. my phone # is 801-579-5248 and my e- mail is

Joseph Meuse (not verified)

I left my Dell notebook in the China Airlines Area on 06/09/2008 - please email me if you find this and you will be Rewarded. If you boot the computer up it will come to a belmontpartners Login and you will know you have the right pc.


Youngsoo Kim

I and my wife lost bags at the American Airline Check in Area.

This happened on June 4th 2008 at 10:10am.

Flight American Airline AA 4 leaving
LAX to JFK at 12:05 am.

My bags are 1 black carry bag and 1 pink carry bag
with gold ribbon binding at bag handle.

please confirm if you found this



I traveled June 2, 2008 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles
with United 1487 and than from Los Angeles to Amsterdam with KLM 0602.
I lost a small platic bag of jewellery if somebody have found it I will give a reward of $2000 please reply to this email

Glen Gonzalez (not verified)

I left my backpack with my laptop, psp, ipod and bluetooth headset on a alamo/national shuttle while being dropped off at United. We were the only family left on the bus except for the driver and got distracted with our luggage and taking our baby of off the bus. Please if you found it call me at 719 331 0707 I will glady pay for shipping.

jennifer laverde (not verified)

Please if someone see a paper from de usa govermente calles DS 2019 advice me, its extremely urgente, I lost today June 2 from 2008 in LAX in te counter of delta airlines or in the security zone when I was passing.
Im in Bozeman, Montana and I can´t do anything just because of that paper

It´s extremely urgente please!!!