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Laura Palau (not verified)

Hi, I lost my cell phone (an LG Dare touch screen) right at Baggage Claim #2, arriving from American Airlines flight #149. I think it may have fallen out of my pocket.

If found, please please please call Laura Palau at: 310-717-5249 or 323-301-0083.

Thank you!


We have lost a 8-yr old Nike jacket (grey/white with orange trimming). It is reversible, fleece on the inside. It was just by the TSA exit area. Please if you find it call us at 626 665 3558

Mukesh Gupta (not verified)

Hi I have lost my Secure ID while traveling from Hong Kong to LA on flight number: CX880 which arrives at LA on 3rd Jan. please contact me in case you find it.. thanks a lot

Yumi (not verified)

I lost my china silk blanket in LAX before I left to Hong Kong on December 31st at 10.20pm at Cathay Pacific flight (CX883). It is in a transparent bag with a slight torn near the handle. The blanket is in a green Hello Kitty cover. Please contact me at if anyone has anyone found it. Thanks.


Lost sparkly folder (cardboard/paper)with 5-pointed stars all over it, on chairs near automatic glass doors, lower level, Southwest Baggage area, terminal 1,a few important school papers for student. Please contact if found. Thank you.

Doug Karlsberg (not verified)

I lost my wallet somewhere flying from JFK to LAX. I left out of gate 8 in terminal 7. I was on flight united 25 and we departed at around 5:55 pm. I was sitting in seat A in row 22, 23, 24, or 25 (I don't recall exactly.) Normal stuff is in the wallet including CA drivers liscense and credit cards. Please email if found.


If anyone found my U.S. passport somewhere in the vicinity of customs/immigration/baggage claim for KLM/Virgin etc, please respond here -OR- give the passport to the LAX Police lost and found

BH (not verified)

December 28th, 2008, VX940 (Terminal 3) at 4:30pm PST. Lost a leather jacket with a Cirque du Soleil logo on the back. Please email if found. Thank you.


they were a set of about 12 keys, with a long blue cloth strap. they likely were dropped near the curb of one of either air canada or delta, please contact me if you find them.


December 29th. Flight Los-Angeles-Moscow. Departure Time 19.10. Lost my Nokia N82 phone somewhere between screening area and gate #106. Please email if found.


To encourage everybody: my phone is found. High respect to TSA Lost and Found Department.

paul (not verified)

We have lost a dark green mens suede jacket with hood. It is black fur lined on the inside. It is the brand calibre. It was left either at the airport restaurant Chillies or at gate 4 (ithink) or qantas club the date was 26th dec 2008.please email if it was found

Lauren (not verified)

I lost a Canon camera on the plane, flight #203 from Miami to LAX. The flight was on December 30th at 1:45 pm Miami time, we landed in LA at 4:15 pm. I know I had the camera on the plane because I was looking at pictures. Please let me know if you find it! Thank you so much!

Anonymous (not verified)

We lost a silver Nintendo DS in LAX terminal 6 on 12/30 between about 7:30 and 8 pm. Possible locations were: gift shop near the sports stuff and stuffed animals, starbucks, womens restroom. Reward if recovered! Heartbroken child.

Mike C. (not verified)

please if u see a versace black case and a pair of silver sunglasses inside them please contact me thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost Western Digital black portable hard drive in black case. Approximately 4" X 5". Reward. email:


My family and I flew in last night (12/25), arriving at around 4:50-5:00 pm on Southwest. After we got off the plane, before getting to baggage claim, I lost my son's baseball cap. Purple with a black brim, with "CR" (for the Colorado Rockies) on it. A name is written on the tag inside. If anyone finds it - please let me know!

Sophia (

alissa (not verified)

I lost a black dvd player case on Wed Dec 24th downstairs baggage claim at American Airlines. Please e-mail me if found.

Thank you



My wife might had drop it in Terminal 4 for AA. She arrived around 5:30 PM last night 12-24-2008 in Gate 48B.
Please click on reply at the bottom of this message if you found this book. "" 21 Quality of a Leader ""

N.D.Y. (not verified)

I lost/left a Dell laptop at LAX on the 12/23/08 between 10AM~1PM+. It was in a black laptop case with some other items inside.

Please contact me at asap if found.

Thank you!

jill (not verified)

lost a pink travel case with some medication and personal effects in or around gate 69A in LAX on 12/23/08 around 3pm. if found please contact me at 973-228-3130. thank you.

Nancy (not verified)

Found a laptop near curbside in a black bag around 1130am. contact if you can identify it.

Hannah Morrell (not verified)

Dear Nancy,

I lost my laptop at LAX on 21 Dec

It is a ACER ASPIRE ONE Model No. 2G5
Blue coloured in black slip cover.

Does this match the one you found ?



Naomi Y. (not verified)

Hi Nancy.
I emailed you concerning the found laptop.
Please check the email.

Jessica Yano (not verified)

I flew southwest airlines today (12/22/08) and landed at 3:00. I lost my California Drivers License, if anyone finds one with my name please reply! Thanks!

Tony D. (not verified)

I lost my wedding ring on Friday morning, December 19th, possibly at LAX or on the 8:50 am Virgin flight to San Francisco. It is brushed silver with lazer-cut greek key pattern. Please let me know if you have found it. Thank you!


In a rush to get to AA Flight 222 to Boston, I left my silver macbook pro in a security bin after passing through the AA security check point on the upper level to get to gate 49A in Terminal 5 at LAX, Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 7:00am.

Please contact me at or 323-481-3848 with any information as to its whereabouts.

Your help is appreciated.

AJ (not verified)

I have lost my RED XPS Laptop with a black magnetic sleeve and a green digital coolpix Camera on my flight from DC IAD to LAX California on December 13 2008. I flew with Virgin America flight number 97 time is 430 pm to 725 pm. This laptop is very important to me as it is a gift from my father and we are still in the process paying it off. On top of that, It contains many of my school work. I have worked so hard for the everything that were saved on that laptop. It is almost christmas and it will be heartbreaking for me to break the bad news to my father who has been trying hard to help me finish school. So please please, if you took this laptop from my possesion, or found it somewhere, be kind to return it to me, it will mean so much. I will give rewards as well.

Thank you.

Please email me at

Mr. Arnold (not verified)

on December 10th at LAX airport I went through the security control and put my bag with my travel documents and a cellphone through ther Xray machine, when I went through and was ready pick up my bag it was not there anymore.

Helen (not verified)

I left my greyish blue Ladies Nike Sports Bag. It is heavy duty nylon with nylon black trim and handles. It is a soft carry-on bag. I think I left it in the short term parking lot, but perhaps in the terminal. I came into the international arrivals, baggage claim and customs. Please call my cell at 630-291-8788 or 858-243-6142.


I flew out on dec 11,08 on a US airways flight and think I lost my portable lacie drive in the terminal. It is silver with orange around it and has video material on it I really need. I will give a cash reward if found. please contact me at 7024497968 or email at
thank you

Genevieve (not verified)

Monday december 8 2008, I left the digital card of my camera on a chair at gate 25 terminal 5 (Delta)...It contains pictures of my trip to Tahiti, of friends I had not seen since 30 years. I left the card before downloading the pictures to my laptop...If you found it please contact me..these pictures have an incredible meaning for me...You could then email me the pictures and keep the card...Thank you so much...Genevieve

Emma (not verified)

Hi, i was checking baggage at the American Airlines terminal on Monday November 30th 2008. I was traveling alone and had three bags to weigh in. As i was getting checked in i placed my Black Blackberry Pear on the check-in counter top whilst dealing with my baggage. I headed to the security check point and realized i had left my phone just seconds later. When i returned to the American Airlines counter it was gone. The phone itself is replaceable however, the phone numbers, messages and notes meant a great deal. This is the first time i have ever lost a phone. If anyone found it please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it.

Deconnia (not verified)

On november 18/08 i was leaving the airplane and i went to a bathroom across a black duty free shop and i left my ipod touch in the stall on top of the tissu.
This was in terminal 2 around 1:33 almost i think.
If you turn the ipod touch on then you have to enter a code to get in and when you turn it on it will also have a picture of a dog chasing it tail.
Please contact me if found any information to
Thank you.
P.S it was very important to me.

Pia Martinez (not verified)

I lost my TISSOT Ladies gold watch, last November 28 at around 10 pm in the Qunatas Airlines section in LAX. Please email me further if you guys have seen my watch and someone will pick it up from you guys. Thank you so much!

kevin (not verified)

I lost a USB drive (thumb drive) on Monday night (Dec 1st) at LAX airport at the check point for United flight. When I realized it about 20 minutes later,I came back to the check point but still cannot find it with the help of the guys working there. If anybody by chance find it, please let me know. Call me 603-233-3231. It's red color. Thanks,

Eli Taylor (not verified)

it's a book on advanced programming called PHP/mySQL... i get back into LAX tomorrow at 1:30. if anyone found it, i'd love to pick it up...


Vanessa Bonet (not verified)

If anyone can help I would be greatly appreciative. I lost my Toshiba laptop and my ipod. They were both in a pink laptop case. I will pay a reward if they are found.

Pamela (not verified)

Good evening,

My name is Pamela. I hope that you could help me find a few items left inside a white plastic bag. Inside is a memory foam pillow, a beanie hat and gloves engraved 'Alaska'.
I have promised those items to my 10 year old niece who is undergoing chemo.
I left the above items yesterday, December 01, 2008, for a US Airways flight # 1496 Terminal One at 1:15 p.m. during a baggage screening.

Please call me @ (252) 671-3686 in the event the items are recovered.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous (not verified)

I entered the gate to board the flight to flagstaff, AZ, in the afternoon on saturday, November 22. As I sat down in the seats, I unpacked my case to play on my Nintendo DS. I left the case lying at the foot of the seat, while I stashed my DS in my pocket for boarding. I am sure that if I lost it on my trip, that this is what happened. The case is small, squarish, black, with a strap, made of tough, smooth fabric, nylon I believe, with the distinctive white lettering of "Nintendo DS" on the front. There are 3 pockets, and, if judging by the size of the zippers, the smallest should be on the side and empty. The next smallest, is on the top of the case, underneath the clasp. It should have various cartridges of different sizes and colors in it. The largest pocket should be the most noticable, and should contain several smaller cartridges-chips almost- in plastic holders, and an adapter in a smaller net-like pouch. This case is VERY important to me; I have spent years and hundreds of hours and dollars developing the content on those games. Several of them are no longer made. Any information is greatly appreciated; e-mail me at (EXACTLY like that).

Joan W (not verified)

American airlines wouldn't let me return to the plane when I was at the baggage area and remembered I left it in the seat pocket of 15B! It has a Mario disc in it that I worked on for a over a year. Would love to get the Nintendo back, but would at the very least appreciate the Mario disc back! Please email, if you found. Thank you!


Addition to the previous post by me. I left my Nintendo DS Lite- Pink (hand held electronic game)on American Airlines flight 254 on November 19th- flight from Maui to LAX. AA wouldn't let me return to the plane and it was left in the seat pocket of 15B. If found PLEASE email me. I at the very least would like the Mario disc that was in it. (worked on it for over 1 year) Thank you!!

Anonymous (not verified)

i lost my passport on nov 28 about 6pm coming from atlanta to lax on delta airline my last name is morazan doumerc please call at cell phone (310)498 9785 thank yuo!

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a small photo album on an American Airlines flight from Honolulu on November 12. It is rectangular (5x7), mossy green in color with a black square indented in the front cover. As you might imagine, the pictures inside are favorites. Any help in recovering it would be greatly appreciated--thanks!

Maria (not verified)

My Uncle just lost his greencard after he checked in for his Northwest flight from LAX to Philippines. This happened between 10am-11am November 27, 2008 possibly by the Northwest check in terminal and the security checkpoints. His last name is Cuento. If anyone found this greencard, please call me (his niece) Maria at (949) 351-4257. I tried contacting the lost and found but it was after office hours. I will try to call again in the morning.


Sanford DeWitt (not verified)

On Nov 23rd, I left a semi-transparent plastic envelope (pink hued) some place between Northwest's curb side check in and the NWest gate at LAX. Perhaps on a telphone booth's ledge.

In the envelope are my birth certificate, copies of my credit cards, two checkbooks...everything an identity thief would love to have.

I checked with Northwest, and with TSA and LAX Police lost and found, and nobody has seen it.

Just wondering if there are other contacts at LAX that might help me.

My phone is 608 244 7524

Sanford DeWitt

Anonymous (not verified)

The number for TSA Lost and found has changed to (310)242-9073 and the email address is,
Yes that whole long address is the correct address for TSA Lost and Found. Everything else is the same.

Just thought you should update the information on this page.

Nia (not verified)

I'm so sad to have lost my 3 gold rings. I was flying to Phoenix from LAX on 11/21. My flight was at 6:25pm. I may have lost them at the CPK in the US Airways terminal at LAX. Final destination--Philadelphia. There's a reward for turning in these rings: Three gold rings (2 are antique) 1) rose gold with 3 diamonds 2) rose gold filigree (intricate design) 3) yellow gold with a band of cognac (lt. brown) diamonds
Please call me at 323-717-5968. I'm based in LA. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

In January of 2008 I belive I lost a small bronze celtic knotwork broach pin somewhere in or near the Bradley Int'l terminal. It has a pacticular sentimental value to me. I had thought that it was lost in the airport shuttle but they were unable to locate it. If it was found and turned in, I would like to know so I may come and claim it the next time I come through LAX.

joanne d

Red Columbia Ski Jacket. Nov 15th. Left on Delta plane in overhead bin flight DL128. I was traveling from Las Vegas to JFK but the plane went on to LAX.
There is a blue hat in 1 pocket and black gloves in another. I would like the jacket back as I live in Maine and it is cold!!!