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Agustin Loyo (not verified)

I lost my non US Immigrant visa in LAX on (Sunday Feb. 8, 2009)
Some where between security check point and gate 40.
It is the size of any credit card or driver's licence with my picture and name on It.
If you found it please e-mail me to arrange the delivery.

Agustin Loyo.

Costa (not verified)

Lost iPhone believed to have slipped out of my bag under seat 17B on UAL Flight 817 that arrived LAX on 2/14/09. Screen saver is a woman's face. PLEASE if you find it call 408-655-0693. Reward!


lost a CA drivers license between security checkpoint and USAirways gate yesterday around 630PM. Name is Brian Shin please if this is recovered please email or call 323 309 8807.

Sean R (not verified)

Lost 16gig iphone somewhere between Hertz return and terminal. Hertz says they cannot find it. Please assist. data on phone is worthless to anyone else really. just email and family photos.

Thanks for your honesty.

Andre (not verified)

On Feb 7 I lost a Samsung digital camera with pictures while returning from a Business Trip from Hawaii in LAX .....I lost it somewhere in the departure concourse area at gate 46/47/48. I was enroute to Miami on flight AA202.

If found PLEASE contact me at, I will cover all expense for the return of the camera or the memory chip.

Anonymous (not verified)

On Monday, Feb 9, 2009, I was traveling from MIA to LAX on AA flight 267 and accidentally left my favorite exotic blue scarf on the plane. When I went back for it after everyone had deplaned, it was missing/stolen. If you have any information, please email me at REWARD IF FOUND.

A. Heckathorn (not verified)

I also lost my green card in the vicinity of the customs/immigration/baggage claim of Northwest Airlines last Feb 10 2009, please give me a call (no prank calls please) 951-281-7137, give your response here it turn it over to the LAX Police Lost and Found. Thanks for the help.

merlier (not verified)

THIS IS A REPEAT REQUEST WITH A LITTLE MORE DETAIL WHICH IS IN CAPS. On Feb. 9th, 2009 I lost a blue toileterie bag containing medications before boarding a flight at Gate 48B. The bag was left behind at the opposite end of the hall from Gate 48B in a seating area near security.

Please contact me at if the bag has been found.

I will return to LAX on March 13th, 2009. Please let me know where I need to go to retrieve the bag or IF IT CAN BE SENT TO MY HOME IN NEW MEXICO.

Thank you very much.

jenn (not verified)

On Feb 9 I lost a Panasonic digital camera with pictures of my baby boy on it.....I lost it somewhere between security at Lax and Vegas. I flew on flight 99 out of gate 13
If found please call 702 234-9055
The pictures mean so much to me! : (

Varanya (not verified)

Lost My Blackberry Bold in the Delta Terminal Last NIght....
Please contact me at this email address. Reward for anyone who finds it.

Thank you!

Vaughn Loeffler (not verified)

Please note that I left behind a digital camera in a red zipper bag and cell phone charger and computer charger at LAX TSA security checkpoint

took place at TSA security-checkpoint in LAX American Airlines TERMINAL #4 on Sunday February 8, 2009 at about 4:30 pm

TSA terminal #4 personnel verified by phone this morning (Feb 9, 2009) that the items were indeed found

please advise as to the best way to re-acquire the items

please call me at 1-919-802-4094

kind regards
vaughn loeffler

Antonietta Balsamo

On the August 2008 in Los Angeles Airport my husband lost his wedding-ring. He forgot it in the box at security checkpoint
It is a silver ring and inside it’s written Tonia 26.7.2008.
We flew from LA to Frankfurt, Germany on the flight LH 450 at 02.45 pm.
I contacted Lufthansa ( the air-company with we flew)and told them the problem but last week finally they called me saying that they can't solve it.
How can I do? I don't speak good American, so I can't call to ask anyone.
Please, help us!

Barbara (not verified)

I lost a small Sony digital camera somewhere around LAX on the night of January 18th. We were at the Virgin America terminal and went through security in that area. There are pictures of two weird people on their first trip to CA and at Magic Mountain. Thanks, Barbara

Kelly R. (not verified)

Hello. My name is Kelly Real. I was travelling from LAX to Sydney last Thursday. I had a small red plastic bag inside my carry-on luggage (with espirit written on the side). Inside the red plastic bag was my wedding cd (wedding of Steven and Kelly Real, May 21, 2005). Also in that bag were cds wrapped in bubble wrap and a few random papers, including eye doctor notes.
I'm really more concerned with my wedding cd. I spent a bit of time in the domestic and international terminals that evening.
If you have any information please contact me.
Kelly Real

Anonymous (not verified)

Several months ago I lost a brown leather flight jacket. I was flying with United. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a North Face down jacket at the TSA checkpoint at Terminal One on Friday, January 30, 2009. It is a size XL and is black in color. It had earplugs in the pocket.

Lana (not verified)

I landed today form Lufthansa flight 456 fron Frankfurt. on my way between the baggage claim and the customs area i lost a gold bracelt. it must have slipped right off my hand while i was getting my bags together. It's not very expensive, but its been passed down to me, and its been in my family for years. its very sentimental to me, and i would appreciate anybody that would find to drop it off at the lost and found and i will go pick it up. I have been trying to call the number for the TSA lost and found but it is always busy. i dont know what else to do. anybody has information on how else to contact lost and found i would appreciate it.


Dodge (not verified)

I lost my calendar on United flight #44 on Monday evening. It is black and large in size. I feel lost without it! If you have any information about it please contact me. I sincerely appreciate your help! THANK YOU!!!

Zhengzheng Dai (not verified)

Help me !
I lost my baggage in the LA airport on Jan21,2009.It's a black ,18inch suitcase. It can be open with a password. On the cover of the suitcase, this is a book named America. If you find it anywhere, please cantact me. Thank you very much!
My e-mail is

andrew markham

Lost men's wedding ring this morning 1/27/09 at LAX flew Delta Gate 51 B. Not exactly sure where it was lost before or after security or at the gate. Very high sentimental value. If found please call me at 949-595-4650. Thank you!

Havy (not verified)

A car fire occurred on Sunday morning Jan. 18th, at 9:45am in the southbound lanes of 405 in the Bel Air area. The car caught fire and burned to the ground in three minutes. We saved all our luggage and a Good Samaritan in a white four door sedan gave us a ride to the airport. Her name was Christina (?) she lives with her father, has a 4 year old daughter and works caring for a 49 year old partially paralyzed man. She dropped us at the Virgin America Terminal 3 at LAX . Left in her trunk was our laptop and acoustic guitar. Please contact us at 1-248-520-6451 reward will be given.

Brian Baker (not verified)

Hi there, I left my Blackberry Curve by Sprint (grey in color with black rubber sleeve) in the restroom last night in the Southwest/US Airways terminal at approximately 6pm Thursday January 22nd. If found, please email me at or call 323.742.2001. thanks!

Brian Baker

AARON JOHNSON (not verified)

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! I was going thru the metal detector and left my driver's license in 1 of them Bins! I need to knowif anyone found it. I was going thru Delta TERMINAL #5.

please email me @ or call me at (818)692-5557. hey thanks

Hugo Jasmin Lachapelle (not verified)

I lost my prescription eye glasses on january 20 in the United airlines flight 839 departs at 7:05 pm from chicago to los angeles (seat 17a or b). it is in a brown leather case. it's black with sunglasses (easy clip) in the case. Contact me

Amy Ferranti (not verified)

lost daughter's passport possibly in the buisness lounge.
Name on passport: Jennifer Ferranti

Please respond to this email if found

Aaron Johnson (not verified)

lost during metal screening at LAX terminal #5 around 9 pm PST. if found, please call (818)692-5557. thank you

Kellon Bubb (not verified)

A passenger who was being screened by security before boarding her Delta Airlines flight DL1128 to New York via Cincinati, Ohio was instructed to remove her laptop from her bag and was not allowed to board the flight with it.

On her arrival in Syracuse, New York, the laptop along with its changer and other accessories were not in the bag she was instructed to check in. One can only conclude that the laptop was stolen by an employee of your agency since they were the last persons who would have handled it.

I will be making a call to your agency at your opening hours tomorrow with the hope that someone can assist me in salvaging the items that were either misplaced or stolen.

If your agency cant do anything in that regard, I think it would only be fair to persons who have had items stolen by your agency to have criminal charges bought against the perpetrators which I think is only fair.

Chapin Routh (not verified)

On January 12th in terminal 6 I have lost a digital camera with a 2-gig memory card and green batteries. The camera itself is gray and has some wear and tear. I left the camera in terminal 6 around on January 12th. A lot of the photos on the camera are from Taiwan, Korea, and some in Los Angeles. Also, the camera has a shutter and has to be opened before the camera lense can open up and the camera can be used.

John Moody (not verified)

I lost my Blackberry in or outside of the Southwest check-in area on Saturday morning, 1/17/09 about 8:30 a.m. If may also have been lost on Dollar Rental shuttle bus at SW check-in area. The phone is in a black leather case and my name appears when it is turned on. It's password protected and useless to anyone but the user. I had insurance on it so it's not worth it for me to offer a reward. Just wondering if anyone has found it is all.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a black case of DVD's at Southwest Gate in Terminal One on Monday 12th. If anyone picked up please let me know.

Jim (not verified)

Canon SD 630
In Dark Blue case with wrist strap hanging out

The camera has irreplaceable pictures on it. If found please reply back and email me. Thanks.

Nickie (not verified)

My daughter lost her nintendo ds, game, and purse on Monday Jan. 5th. Please email if found.

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm looking for an silver LG Shine that is locked and has a message saying insert PUK code on it and is in emergency mode. This phone may have been lost at the Southwest baggage claim on January 3rd, 2008 from around 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. The service is AT&T and is not a flip phone instead it slides open vertically. If any has found any silver AT&T Cell Phones please let me know -Thanks

Joyce Park (not verified)

lost passport in the Asiana terminal around 3 PM on Jan. 13

Jing Zhang (not verified)

Time: - Jan 13th around 11:30am
Place: LAX international arrival, counter of China East airline.
Thanks in advance.

Jim Mitchell (not verified)

AA #250, seat 15A. Left book onboard. Has it turned up?

Aida (not verified)

I left a white plastic bag with red logos with clothes inside on fight American Airlines 521 this Saturday when I got off at LAX. I'm wondering if anyone has seen it under the seat of 29D.

amy turek

If anyone picked up a white MacBook from flight #1269 on Southwest from Kansas City to LAX please contact

Reward if found.

Balasani, Reddy (not verified)

Hi Everyone,
If anyone finds 3 pictures printed on Canvas that was rolled and covered by newspaper. It does have British Airlines tag but doe not have address filled in. We lost this either at Visitors Security Checkpoint 10 counter or near Carousel 2 of Tom Bradley International airport. If anyone does find this, please contace me.


Anonymous (not verified)

If anyone has seen a PENTAX OPTIO digital camera around boarding gate 37a on Dec 30, 2008 from 5pm-12pm. Please contact us The pictures on the SD memory card is more important to us than the camera itself. Please please contact us asap thanks!

Megan Turner (not verified)

I lost my retainers, I'm sure they must have fallen out of my bag in the airport. I took southwest to Nashville TN/ Please email if found..thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my palm pilot on the plane AA #285 in transit from LAX to Lihue, HI. if anyone has come acrossn please give it to the proper authority. my number is 843-224-8336. it has a grey cover, slightly torn. thanks.

John Benson (not verified)

Calvin Klein, Black on one side Grey on the other.

Left on Flight NW 0319
From: Minneapolis/St. Paul-Int'l, MN
To: Los Angeles Int'l, CA
Departure Time: December 16, 9:05 am
Arrival Time: December 16, 10:59 am

949 642 2789

Boojin Park (not verified)

I lost my loptop which was in small pouch around Gate7 bus stop. It was about 9:00am on last Sunday which was 3rd of January. I think I left it on the floor at the bus stop.
I am really looking for my laptop. It is so meaningful for me.
Please let me know if you have or not. Even though you don't have, email me. I appreciate.


I lost my prescription eye glasses on Dec 22 somewhere in the United airlines terminal or flight to LAX. They were in a brown leather case. They a dark green/ black shade. If anyone should fine them please contact

Eric H. (not verified)

lost Dell Precision M65 laptop. left on jan. 3 at around 10:15 pm, terminal 6 TSA security checkpoint. attached nametape and some scratchmarks on the top. please e-mail if found. I cannot do anything without my laptop.

D. Lopez (not verified)

January 4, 2009 - LAX at around 7pm
I just flew in from Manila this evening via Philippine Airlines and when I started to unpack my things at around 7pm, I couldn't find my silver PSP-2000 (Play Station Portable).. I may have dropped it near luggage pick-up (carrousel 05) or the path from the gate flight (PAL)PR102 arrived to somewhere near the customs area.

Inside a SF Bags, Waterfield gear pouch are the following:
-Silver PSP-slim(2000) with a tribal heart engraved on its battery pack cover,
-A 1GB memory stick inside the psp, (**most important**)
-5 games (4 of which in a clear case, one in the psp disk tray),
-and a spare battery and its corresponding battery cover.

If anyone has seen this, please contact me asap.. Reward/s will be given to the finder..

phone: 310-349-7742

PS(to flight crew/maintenance): to be on the safe side, I was seated in first class seat 14K. There may be a possibility that i might have left it in the hand carry bins by the window.

D. Lopez (not verified)

By the way, the waterfield gear pouch is black all through out and has a checkered silver/black lining at the bottom of the pouch. It also has a zipper on top.

I would like to at least get the memory stick, the games and the case back. the psp may be given to the finder as a reward instead of $100.. please contact me ASAP! Thank you so much.

Grace (not verified)

I arrive LAX at 1:30pm on 2008/12/26 (international flight). I may lose my camera on the way from immingration inspectation to luggage pick-up. Please contact me if you found it. I have my non-replacable family pictures inside.

Deb Jones (not verified)

Left on American Airlines Flight #246 arrived in LAX this morning (Jan.4,2009) at 6:00am. I was seated in 19A. Not too expensive (but meaningful)silver bracelet with orange/light green/yellow colored stones. Uneven circles and oval shapes.

Please, please contact me if you turned the bracelet in to an agent. Thank you.