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Carl (not verified)

My daughter left her two favorite stuffed animals at the United Airlines terminal #24 departing for Purto Vallarta. This occurred on Saturday April 4th around 10:45 a.m. The bear is pink and wearing pajamas and the other was a white cat in a sweater. We are offering a $50 reward for there return. Please contact me with any info. Thanks 909-645-7751


Any help would be appreciated...I lost my bag full of items on April 2 when I set it down to but a coffee at terminal 3. Inside the brown bag was a ipod in a pink case. My drivers liscense and credit card in a green card case. My name is Michelle Van Slack 1lb of Australian coffee, Tim Tams (cookies), pringles, Book: Confessions of a Shopaholic with a silver "M" bookmark, and the boarding pass for my flight from LAX to MFR.

Please email me at if you know anything. Thank you so much!

Cori (not verified)

I flew Sunday night, April 12, from SFO to LAX on Southwest Airlines on flight # 0707 at 9:30pm. I am not sure where I left it, but I cannot find my light pink sony digital camera. Please contact me at 310 209 6829. ~Cori


lost small Nikon camera March 31st. It's not in great condition, in fact tape is holding battery in and lens sometimes won't open on powerup.... the thing is, it contains some really precious pictures. I left this camera in the Mexican Restaurant "On the Border Mexican Grill". Please post here with information or e-mail me at Thanks a million. PS you can keep the camera - I just want the memory stick....

Jade (not verified)

Hi, I lost my iPod Touch on Saturday, April 11 at about 9:00 p.m. I was at terminal 4, Korean Air. If you find it please email to

Thank you!

Sarah (not verified)

Lost in or around LAX Airport OR on Prime Time Shuttle on April 2, 2009

Black Canon Powershot S5 IS digital camera with attached Canon neck strap in black camera bag. Has 2GB Sandisk Extreme III memory card inside camera. Had extra memory card inside bag and a 4 pk of everready alkaline batteries. Memory card contains almost an entire year of photos! Most recently of a pittsburgh steeler parade.

I can describe more photos and provide the body/serial number! PLEASE EMAIL IF ANY INFORMATION: THANKYOU!

Carol Todd

On Sunday, April 12th at LAX at the United Airlines terminal (Gates 82 and 84), my daughter lost her HP digital camera. Our flight number was UA 6428. It was a flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver BC (Canada).

This camera had pictures of her cheer competition and her weekend. This is valuable to her and we are hoping it might have been found in the seating areas and could be returned. It was silver and has white rechargeable batteries in it. She thinks it might have fallen out of her bag and under the seats as we were getting ready to board the plane. Please contact me ( if the camera was turned in.

Carol Todd

Regarding the post about the lost camera, this would have happened between 8:00 and 8:30 on Sunday, April 12th at the Gates 82 and/or 84 at the United Airlines terminal in LAX.

Hillary (not verified)

On April 9th around 8-10pm I lost a digital silver samsung camera in a black case with recent Disneyland pictures on it somewhere near Air Canada check-in in the LAX airport. I won't be returning to LAX where I live in Canada but if someone could contact me at this email :, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks!

Liz (not verified)

My husband lost an iPod touch at the International Airport either near the bar upstairs, the restroom in the International Airport, or somewhere near the OSA. The iPod has an eagele as the homescreen and it says "National Security." It also requres a passcode to activate it. Please let me know if someone found it!!! Please e-mail me at

Amanda K. (not verified)

Hi I was on my way out of the LAX international (TBT) and somewhere between leaving the customs desk and the sidewalk right outside of the terminal I dropped my husband dogtags. They fell right off of the chain. If anyone has seen them or picked them up can you let me know? The name on the dogtags is Michael Koehler. Please help if you have any information.

Reubens Friend

My son lost his teddybear "Reuben" in the airport Wednesday morning March 11th. He probably left it near the baggage claim area arriving from Newark Airport Continental Airlines. He's had this bear for over 6 years. It's a GUND SCHLEPP BEAR (dark brown) around 16" tall. It's no longer available online. Since it was his nighttime bear since he was born, he's been having trouble going to sleep without it. Would greatly appreciate any info. Thank you in advance for your help!

Donald Miller (not verified)

Lost a Blackberry in the women's restroom outside gate 44E in the American Eagle terminal on April 2. If found please call 509.230.6978. Thank you

Gita (not verified)

I took a wrong black suitcase carry-on by accident on a flight from Philadelphia to los angeles. It looked excacly like mine. I have the other suitcase and it belongs to somebody Italian.. I could not found any contact info in there. Mine has no contact info neither. Please contact me anytime at 310 975 4435. I am in Los Angeles and can exchange it anytime. it is a samsnite suitcase. Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a green checkbook 3-29 or 3-30 in the bathroom of the United Airlines terminal, across from Gate 80 and 81. It had a purple San Antonio public library card in it, along with a Social Security card and lots of other stuff. Please contact me.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a very special silver ring with a porteguse coin on the top. It is not worth much but it is very sentimental as a really good friend made it for me.
I was going through the security at LAX terminal 3 at around 4.30pm on the 30th March and I left it in a basket.
If anyone has found it, please let me know as I am very upset to have lost it.


I lost my laptop, Sony Vaio, Mar. 24(Tue) at terminal 1, LAX.

The discription is as follows:

Color: black
Battery: not attached
Location: security gate of terminal 1
My flight: US Airways 960
Time: 10:00am to 10:30am

I forgot to pick it up from the basket after the screening.

Phone: (480)766-2557
Address: PO Box 11958, Chandler, AZ 85248


I lost my Men's wedding band (on way back from honeymoon!!!) in the Virgin Airlines terminal on Sunday March 29th!
Please HELP!!!

An Weintraub (not verified)

On Monday March 30 I lost a Nikkon D80 camera and camera bag while travelling on The A shuttle from southwst air to United air. the camera contained power pack and pictures of a litle boy. camera bag is black. Please foward any information to me at my e mail address. It is very important that I retreive this

Heather Armstrong (not verified)

I left my phone on the floor of the parking lot of Terminal 1, the first parking spot next to the elevator on the ground floor. If found please return. Thank you.


stephen B. Perry (not verified)

I lost my Magellan GPS on March 14 while traveling from Hawaii to Salt Lake City. Hawaii to the main land we were aboard Hawaiian Airlines and from LAX we boarded a South west into SLC. We carried it on in a carry on from Hawaii to LAX and then we check the bag on South west Fleight. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you Steve

megan fudge

I lost an earring shaped like a star and crescent with white stones on Friday, March 27th at LAX between the British Airways plane and immagration/customs area.
If found and returned I am offering a reward.
Please contact me at 760 809 0847

Kenneth Morris (not verified)

Brown Wallet lost on Hawaiian Airlines flight 2 on March 23rd fro HNL to LAX left in seat 27C seatback pocket. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

clint (not verified)



Either lost in terminal 2 or terminal 7. I had to go back and forth between both terminals several times. The glasses are in a grey case that has CK all over it. The frames are a dark burgundy...almost look brown with a small gold circle on each side with the letters CK...if found please post here.

Thanks you so much

tonnie byers

on 03/21/09 8:30 pm left behind black back pack at gate 42b tom bradley setion. It has in it homework , make up and other school related things. Please contact if found.

Steve Merz

Hi there, I left my Blackberry Curve grey in color (with an orange rubber sleeve) in the restroom in the American Airlines International baggage terminal at approximately 11am Friday, March 20. If found, please email me at or call 949 497-9673 or 949 338-8761. thanks for your help!

mohammad reza mahalati (not verified)

My name is Mohammad Reza Mahalati. I lost a large black laptop bag on Wednesday march 18 between 8:30 am and 9:00 am at security check point in Lax airport. There were 2 pairs of shoes inside, both were black. I also had some documentation inside which I really need. there was no laptop in that bag. Please if someone has any info about this let me know, I would really appreciate it.

Debbie Evans (not verified)

On Monday 16th March I was a transit passenger on flight NZ2 to London. We were at gate 21 and I either left my necklace there on at security where they take your finger prints on the seats to the side before you go up to the desk.

It has a black cord and a green stone and part of a paua shell in front of the green stone. It's not valuable - worth about $20 NZD but it has great sentimental value.

I really hope someone can help. I am more than happy to pay all postage costs.


Jihyun Chun (not verified)

Hi, I lost my passport yesterday March 16, 2009
I was at Northwest terminal 2 and was claiming baggage and I think meanwhile I dropped my passport and lost it. If anyone found it my name is Jihyun Chun and it's Canadian passport. Please help me guys really need your help! I'll be waiting for your reply. thank you!

Tim Wolf (not verified)

On Saturday 14th March 2009 I lost a black Camelbak backpack somewhere around the Qantas Check-in area of either Terminal 4 or the International Terminal (B?). The Contents of the backpack include a hydration pack (small amount of water), green North Face rain jacket, Black Fossil Watch (all metal, a Leatherman Multi-tool in a black nylon sheath (with logo) and a bottle of Frank's Red Hot Sauce (apprximately 300ml. I have reported this to the LAX Airport Police and TSA, however, the lost and found section was closed as it was a weekend. The backpack was definitely lost prior to security screening because of the contents in the bag.

Any help would be appreciated.

Please Help

Please help!

We lost a black Olympus brand compact digital camera between leaving JFK airport on March 11 and arriving in Melbourne on March 13 local time.

There is a chance the camera was misplaced at LAX in the security check area, terminal area or left on United Airlines flight 839 (Los Angeles - Sydney - Melbourne).

The camera has little financial value but enormous sentimental value as it features photographs of a holiday through new orleans, chicago and new york - the first photo is of a bald white guy carrying a pack, the last a shot from the top of the empire state building. It was in a zip up black padded case.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please email

Yeidy Cano (not verified)


I lost my Olympus Mju waterproof Digital Camera on the 1st of Feb at one of the restaurans close to terminal 4, around 10:30pm.I was Flying from LA to Miami

I sincerely appreciate your help!
If found please reply back and email me. Thanks


yusaku fukaya (not verified)

hello, my name is yusaku fukaya, Japanese.
I lost my cellphone in the LAX on May 9.
I believe I may have left it at the Baggage screening.

Brand: DOCOMO NEC(n902i)
COLR: outside is Black
inside is orange
very simple design.

if you know anything about this, please email

thank you

Jill (not verified)

I lost my silver ring with the initials "JMA" on it on American flight 1307 from Nashville to LAX.

Paul (not verified)

If you found a Canon Powershot camera at LAX (at security or waiting) in Terminal 3 on Thursday Mar 5th, 2009 around 11:00 am, please call me at 604.781.9468.

Anonymous (not verified)

I flew to DTW from LAX this evening and I may have left a carry on bag at the security checkpoint, forgetting to grab it after I had already gotten my other bags. It was a large brown paper bag that read "francesca's." Inside was a dress wrapped in tissue paper along with 3 or 4 pairs of shoes (brown suede flats, bright yellow vans and gray cotton slip ons). There was also a small black bag containing two pairs of tie dye leggings as well as a zip lock bag with a tin of bread. If it is found or being held at the lost and found, please, please, please call or email me, I would really appreciate it.
phone #- (248)302-3442

Rachel Pawlak

Anonymous (not verified)




Manjit Kaur Rehan (not verified)

Lost My Passport On Cathay Flight From HK to LAX
Anybody on the flight & in terminal I lost my passport. Anybody finds let me know.

Anonymous (not verified)

I have 4 hours wait in LAX enroute from Auckland via La to London, are you allowed to leave the airport for 2-3 hours?

Please help!

Anonymous (not verified)

By the time you have gone thru the process of being finger printed, had your irises scanned, and yelled at by extremely rude "Security" men you will be a nervous wreck and not fit to go anywhere!

Everything in Los Angeles is 50 miles from everything else and there is no where of any interest to an international traveller anywhere near Los Angeles airport.

With a brief layover you haven't got time to even think of heading to downtown which is basically a dump although it is painfully slowly regenerating. Ditto remarks for Hollywood.

Once you have gone thru the painful admission process you will probably find that you only just have enough time to go thru the equally painful departure security checks.

Have a nice day.

Shawna Vasilko (not verified)

My daughter lost her "buddy". It is a little blanket with a bear head on it. It is pink in color and very loved. We lost it on flight 1804 from Nashville to LAX on February 26th. Please contact 919-961-3389 if found. Will pay shipping charges to mail back to me!!

Anonymous (not verified)

My name is Chih- Hao Chang & I lost my AUSS Laptop on 2/22/09 Sunday in teminal one at LAX airport. I left it at the Security Check at Terminal One.(Passenger Screening Station) around 15:00 PM. After passed the security check, I forgot to take it back.and I took the airplant US Airways to Las Vegas. After I arrived at Vegas, I just found out I lost my laptop!!!There are so many important documents in my laptop. It's Chinese Version (Actually it's Taiwanese's Version). If anyone has found it, please contact me at 310-402-6688 ASAP; thank you so so much!!

David Chu (not verified)

I lost my Western Digital External Portable hard drive on Feb.16th. I believe I may have left it at the security check at Terminal 1. If anyone has found this, please PLEASE PLEASE contact me. It has all my personal photos/videos from the last 10 years so I will be more than willing to pay a reward for this. The memories are priceless to me and i would be eternally grateful for anyone that has found it.


Johannah Cage (not verified)

I am writing this email in desperation to find my lost luggage.

My name is Johannah Cage from Brisbane, Australia.
On the 27th January I traveled from Panama through Miami and Los Angeles destination Brisbane.
My luggage was lost. As you can imagine the contents are precious to me and I am determined to find the bag.
American Airlines have been unsuccessful in their search, so I have taken it upon myself to find my luggage.

Please, can you help me. All i ask is for a moment of your time and I would be deeply grateful. If you can recommend who I should send this to, to advance my search, again I would be forever grateful. Thank you

The Bag Details are as followed:
Weight: 32 kgs
Tag: AA 26 07 91 (From Check in counter)
Colors: BLACK & RED
Items: 5 x Dresses directly on top in suit bags
Shoes in Pink & Black Stripe Bags within
Wool Poncho
Bikinis in pocket of lid
Brown Handbag

Dave (not verified)

I'm doing a college paper on airport security baqggage claim problems. Can you tell me if there was any security checking positive ownership of baggage at the baggage claim area. I was at Phoenix Sky Harbor and wathched a team of theives work on stealing baggage that was left in the carousle area after the main crowd left. In a two hour period, they took four bags that I saw. Only one cop on a bike rode by during that period. By the way, if I can find your stuff, will you model the bikinis or at least send me rightous Aussie Babe pics? LoL

Tyann Jackson (not verified)

Hi I lost my black touchscreen cellphone with blue cover at gates 30 - 39 Thursday February 19, 2009 around 1:30 pm. Please contact me if you find it. I have valuable contacts on there and can't afford another phone. Would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

Michael Olsen (not verified)

I lost my credit cards and other important information On monday Feb, 16th. It is a black leather credit card and passport holder.

Chris M (not verified)

WHAT: Blue toileterie bag containing medications and a mouth brace. The latter is the most important as it will be difficult for me to replace.
WHEN: Lost Feb. 9th, 2009
WHERE: At the opposite end of the hall from Gate 48B from where I departed for Auckland on a Quantas flight. Near security.
Please advise me how I can recover the bag by emailing me at
Thank you so.


I lost my bagpack on flight no.349 on feb 16 arrived at 9.35 pm from las vegas to los angeles ,i left it at at seat no 24f, i lodged a complaint with the united airlines,please help me out and advise me what should i do further to get it back as it has my company laptop with lot of data,any help will be deeply appreciated my number is 2012841956,its a black colur bagpack samsonite brand