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Anonymous (not verified)

lost large black nylon bag with brown handles in teminal 5 delta/nothwest saturday the 25th at 10am. May have left it right after xray screening.

Very important items were in side and would like to get bag back.

Please contact chuck 310-200-8735

Ruby (not verified)

To Whom It May Concern:

I have lost a silver gold bracelet on Thursday July 23. There is a latch on it to open and close. There is also a circle with crystals on it. I must have lost it on my way from the gate of my departure flight and heading outside the airport. If anyone finds it, please let me know. It is very valuable to me because someone close gave it to me as a present.

Damian Smiroldo (not verified)

Lost black canvas briefcase with IBM laptop inside. American Airlines flight 1923 from San Francisco, Saturday July 25, seat 9E. Please call 415-395-6307 or write Thank you.

Gajuvi (not verified)

I lost yesterday night my Sony Vaio notebook of in front of gate 40 of LAX Airport ,about 10pm Miami. If you founded please call me to 786-547-2903.


My daughter lost her iPod Nano Blue 8 gb on 7/25/2009 at 10:30 AM LAX Gate 48A/B while boarding our flight.

She was so sad during the trip.

If you happened to pick it up, Please contact us at



I'm a little boy and I left my favorite stuffed animal (Mousey) on Air France flight AF69 that left Los Angeles on 07-22-09 and arrived in Paris on 07-23-09. My stuffed animal "Mousey" is gray, about 10" tall and looks very "loved". It does not have whiskers or a tail anymore and very big ears. I was sitting in row 48A and sleeping. When we had to leave the plane in a rush to catch our connecting flight I must have left my "Mousey" under the blankets. My parents have tried to contact Air France but so far nobody has gotten back to us. I'm SOOOO sad and would be VERY happy if somebody could return "Mousey" to me.

Please call: (310) 479-9962

Chris B. (not verified)

They were both in a small black case. I left it on United Airlines flight 60 from Honolulu to LAX on July 21st. I was seated in row 37 with my family. I believe I sat in seat 37F and left bag underneath seat 36F. You can keep the camera but I'm more interested in the pictures and videos of our vacation. If found please contact me at 714-926-7880. Thanks

Dorothy (not verified)

I was aboard flight United 840 from Sydney to LAX on May 23rd, 2009. I lost a Sony Digital Camera - DSC-W55 - it was in a small "case logic" case. I love the camera but really am most concerned about all of the pictures that I took on our trip to visit Australia. I was in seat 24F and think it could have fallen out of my bag. Please let me know and I will offer a reward.

William Primozich (not verified)

Was traveling from 21st July 09 traveling from Auckland to Los Angeles flight Flight QF 25 connecting flight 453 Los Angeles 21st july 09. Lost somewhere between Aucklund Airport and Los Angeles Airport Cannon digital Camera Power Shot S31S.

ERNIE (not verified)




I either lost my cell phone or someone stole it from my stroller near the gate (A72) on my way out to New York. I flew United airlines on Friday night, 6/19 or technically early am 6/20. I think it was in my stroller when we boarded and when they stowed my stroller I forgot to get it out! If anyone has seen my phone, I would love to get it back or at the very least I would like the memory cards returned.

Thank you!

Alison Brown (not verified)

I believe I lost my Toshiba laptop at the security check on Saturday, July 18th, at about 5am in terminal B for Delta Airlines. It is silver and is a 17 inch screen.
Please email me if you find it. Thanks


I lost my 30gb Ipod (white in a black mesh case) on United Airlines flight 935 from London to Lax on July 17. I might have lost it on the flight or in the security areas of the Tom Bradley terminal.

If found please contact me at (818) 929-4193.

Thank you-

Mike Aquino (not verified)

I left my black Eagle Creek backpack in the Tom Bradley terminal, baggage carousel 3 on the seats by the far wall. I came off the July 5th Alaska Airlines flight 265. The only contents of the bag were some dirty clothes and toiletries- but I really need to get my prescription glasses and contacts back. If you found this bag, please call 510-384-4898.

Sara Han (not verified)

I left my children's dvd player on a United flight (52) back from Kona under the seat- 20 A, B, C. I would appreciate it if I could have it back if you found it! Thank you!

Kaylie (not verified)

I left a yellow bag on flight 1203 going from DFW to LAX. The last i saw it was when i put it in the overhead bin going from Tampa to DFW. If found, please call 214-418-7793. Thanks.

macuqui (not verified)

Hi. I was traveling on July 3rd, left from the Alaska Terminal and left a black Travel Smith raincoat in the waiting area. It had some red leather gloves in one of the pockets and a black knit hat with beads in another. Could you let me know if you found it?


Dana (not verified)

On July 6th at 10:10pm I lost my prescription (red or burgandy) with a flower slide in case in from of AirTran flight 76. I was seated in the front where they plug in lap tops & cell phones. I was waiting to be checked in when I noticed when I got on the plane I look in my purse to take off my contact lenses and my eyeglasses & case was not there.

Please if you have found them and turned them in contact me at (951) 452-3102.

Thank you

Dana Foster

bally birk

A silver Sony camcorder trv-30e was left behind Thursday July 2nd. The camcorder is of no value in the US, it can only playback on the UK system. It contains video of our family vacation in Maui, please RETURN if found, no question asked reward offered. contact 949 474 0662

Megan MacKay (not verified)

Lost Sony Cybershot Camera at around 12am-2am on or around the Copa Airlines flight #302 from Panama to LAX. Was on a bus to immigrations and could of fallen out of bag anywhere along the way or in immigrations/customs. Please email me if found. You can keep the camera if you want because all I want is the memory card with the photos on it that was in the camera. Reward will be given and no questions asked.

Michele Meisner (not verified)

Believe to have left my IPOD 80GB Classic White on Flight from LA to Atlanta or Atlanta to Dayton on Thursday, July 9, 2009. Has engraving on the back and was in black keyring style case. If found, please contact 937.657.2099.


Laurie (not verified)

We left a black cell phone just the other side of the security checkpoint at Terminal 2 on July 7, 2009. Please contact my email if it is found. Thanks!

Yvette (not verified)

We flew out on July 4th my nieces clothes is in the suitcase, a black suitcase with two zippers to the front and a pocket to the back the tag should say navaeh please contact if found thank you.

Kathleen Egan (not verified)

I left my Blackberry Curve work phone in the women's LAX bathroom outside the Southwest Gate after I arrived at 10:20 pm on Friday, July 3rd. If anyone has any information as to it's where-abouts, I am offering a CASH REWARD of $200.00. Please e-mail me at

Alexander Gomez (not verified)

I lost my iTouch on flight number 2727 from Pheonix to LA. We arrived at LA at 12:30 and I just discovered it missing. It was a sturdy black case and it has a Target warrenty on the inside of the case. I can verify which apps are on the iTouch if you contact me please! 810-845-8655 Thank you!

AQEEL ALSADAH (not verified)

We lost a medium size bag today at Tom Bradley International Terminal, one minor of my relatives forgot the bag next to the men restroom in the arrival area, please call me at (213)210-1301 if you find it.

warren (not verified)

left a Verizon Wireless MIFI Device at gate 37A at LAX at about 10pm on July 2, 2009. If found please contact me at the above email.

Thank you,


jacqueline bourque (not verified)

i lost a green pouch with jewelry on July 1, 2009. it was lost between the newark airport ( my flight was flgt#2671)
and nassau international airport. i last saw the pouch on board my flight to nassau. ( i actually had the pouch in my hands) the pouch contains many sentimental pieces.
if found, please e-mail me at the above e-mail address.


Keri (not verified)

I lost my engagement ring at the airport June 14, 2009. It's my finacé's grandmother's ring and we'd do anything to get it back. It's white gold with one stone and detail on each side (I can provide a picture).

Sammy Witte (not verified)

I lost a Incubus CD case containing a live performance of my concert. On flight 725 in seat 22A from boston to LAX today...!!!!

if found please contact 949 697 3823

andrew s (not verified)

i lost my id on the delta flight from honolulu @ 0623 arrival i will be at the uso pls call me at 612-963-9526 thankyou

Teacher (not verified)

Upon my arrival in Shanghai I found that my Fujitsu Lifebook Lapotop computer and charger were missing from my suitcase that was checked. i am absolutely positive that they were in there when I dropped my bags off at the x-ray machine. I have read lots of reports of stolen items from LAX - even from employees... good luck to me and everyone in finding these lost items.

Noeleen (not verified)

Help. Graeme McCallum lost his passport - thinks it fell into the overhead baggage section inside the plane. Flight United 0172 that arrived from SFO in Boston on Monday 29 June at 16h30. Has all his work visas and permits in it. Desperate. All telephone numbers supplied by airports companies and airlines too are manned by VOICE OPTIONS and ne'er a human to be heard. Also no responses to our emails of this plight.
contact noeleen 27828367148 (south africa) if you have any ideas, suggestions or help. thks.

steve (not verified)

I lost my iphone on Saturday 6/29 at about 10am. The last time it was in my hand was outside US Air baggage claim at LAX in the area where the rental car shuttles pick up passengers.
Reward if found. Please call me on 941 302 9566 or send an email to

Adam (not verified)

I believe we have lost an envelope consisting of approx 20 photos when going through security check point in terminal 4.
Approx 6:00pm on Friday 26th June is the last time i saw them. It was the left most x-ray machine.
Envelope has I/A on the back and most pictures are of people (family). Please reply if found:
phone: 011 61 404 045970

Casey (not verified)

On Friday June 19th I left my Lap-top Case with computer inside on the curbside while being picked up. Apx 9:30 P.M.
I was @ terminal 7 at the near the Taxi cab loading zone.
I was contacted by Airport police stating they have found the bag, and because my business card with contact information was inside they knew where to get a hold of me. If you have any info. on this matter please contact me.


Josh (not verified)

I lost a phone, possibly arond the United security check, Sunday night June 28 around 9pm.

It's a standard Samsung/Verizon flip phone with silverish trim.

Please email if it has turned up. Thanks.

hhillen (not verified)

I've lost my Canon Powershot S5 camera while waiting for my flight at gate 75a. If anyone has found it please let me know. It should be in a camera bag with a strap, most likely I left it while sitting on the floor against one of the pillars or on one of the seats.

Cathy (not verified)

I lost my black carry on suitcase when the Destination Shuttle Service driver from Hilton hotel threw bags out at Thomas Bradley terminal then terminal 4.

Before I could catch him, he drove off and despite calling Shuttle service/Hilton hotel/ Police etc I still can't find it.

It contains amongst other things - my passport.

PLEASE email me on - reward offered.

Jeff (not verified)

Lost my mobile phone in terminal 4 LAX at either security left in plastic box or on table upstairs in front of mcdonalds at 0730 26/6/09
It is a small Sony ericson phone

Noah Warren (not verified)

I lost my driver's license yesterday in LAX. If you have found it, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Kevin Oberlin (not verified)

Lost passport near gate 32B terminal 3 alaska airlines flight.


Please contact me at 323-216-7257


P Nichols (not verified)

05/24/09 AMERICAN AIRLINES 1307 Y BNA LAX Arrived about 9pm. I think I left the Garmin GPS is the seat pocket near the rear of the plane. In a gray zipped case.

Please call or email. or 443-336-4754


On 4/18 we traveled from Miami to St. Louis and final destination LAX via American Airlines. We lost our camera on either flight #583 seats 27D & Flight #1913 seat 18B

Serial number 3021103508
Cannon Powershot SD900
Date: 4/18/09
Camera bag: Golla brand
Extra memory card in camera bag

Please all I want are the memory cards!!! If found please mail memory cards only to 2632 E Granada Fresno CA 93720 or e-mail me at:

Last picture taken was Miami airport & cruise pictures.

Amanda Jean (not verified)

I lost my light green iPod nano (3rd generation, looks like this) on Saturday May 30th in Terminal 7 or on my flight (United flight 84 seat 24A). I spent some time in the Starbucks and the Hudson News/W.H. Smith across from each other at the end of the terminal, the Wolfgang puck restaurant, and two gates. Please reply if you have any information or have found it - the headphones with in-ear buds were still attached, and in the information, the device is named "iPanda". It contains lots of music with sentimental value (friend's music, etc.) and it was a birthday present - I would love to have it back!

Thank you!

Jennifer Savage (not verified)

My daughter lost a Canon Powershot today, most likely left in an airport restroom. I'm not there, so I'm not sure which one... maybe near Alaska? I know this is a longshot, but thought I'd post in case someone happened to pick it up or has any suggestions.

AA (not verified)

I lost my car keys on the way to board United flight on Wednesday, June 10th. I couldve lost them in Parking Lot C or in the airport. They are Mini Cooper keys with a Mini Cooper key chain. Any help would be amazing. Thank you!!

Anonymous (not verified)

I took the MU 586 flight from LA to Shanghai on 10th June. I lost my Visa certification and vaccinum book on the China Eastern Ticket counter. Is there any way that I can get them back from US? Now I am in Nanjing, China. That is really important. Thank you very much!!!

Jane Trotter (not verified)

I left a lavendar cloth drawstring sack (marked Mary Kay) w/two electronics charges and my IPod and charger in seat back of United Flight 996 ORD to LAX on May 27th, 2009. They were in the seat back pocket for seat 3 C. Also a book, The Time of Our Singing, by Richard Powers. I really miss these items. I hadn't finished the book, which is really good, and the IPod has my daughter's voice and photos on it from the last time I saw her a year ago. Also, all my tunes.


Hi, I lost a Canon PowerShot A430 digital camera (silver colour) in a red fabric camera bag with black strap.
Lost near the Air New Zealand check-in counter about 5pm Sunday 24 May 2009. If it has been found, I would be so grateful to hear from you. Thank you.