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Tom (not verified)

Lost iPhone 3GS

Jennifer (not verified)

Lost IPad lax terminal 1 left in restaurant
Left or taken today at 1:30 pm please please turn in

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my mac laptop in a green Belkin laptop case at security in terminal 4 at LAX on sat 12th nov. Please call +44 07967612968 or email x

Anonymous (not verified)

Inadvertently left a Nook e-reader in the Bradley Terminal VIP Lounge before the Nov 3 Air Tahiti Nui Flight. Device in an aqua blue cover with charger attached. Please contact at 719-464-7143 or email above.


I wonder if anyone has handed in the following item of lost property?

Item: Gore-Tex lightweight outdoor jacket
Color: pale green-grey
Size: large

Where lost: Air New Zealand flight NZ1 (LHR to LAX)
Seat number: 6A
Date: Friday 9th September

I appreciate this request is coming late but I now realise exactly where the lost item was left.

Many thanks,


Anonymous (not verified)

Lost my Motorola Droid X2 smart phone somewhere between Gate 76 and the parking lot. Please contact Scott at if you find it.


Blake (not verified)

I left my iPad on my JetBlue flight # B6675 on Friday the 4th. Please contact me if anyone finds it. 323-445-9845. Thank you.

GrahamR (not verified)

Lost Leather Jacket on Virgin America 411 November 5th Seat 12d
Accidentally grabbed the wrong leather jacket from the overhead bin — perhaps you grabbed mine? It's a black Zara jacket with a strap at the neck and one of the button clasps missing. E-mail me ASAP so we can make an exchange, thanks!


On Saturday October 29, 2011 at approximately 0730, my iPhone went missing at gate 24 Terminal 2. My seat on Air Canada flight 569 bound for Calgary, Alberta, Canada was 14A. If anyone has any information, please contact me or Lost and Found at Lax. Finders fee.

anonymous (not verified)

We left a small bag containing an Olympus camera with an extra zoom in a Hilton LAX transfer shuttle. It seems that no one found it. But if anyone has it and is reading this all we care about is the Memory card. Heres my email in case you would be good enough to send that back.

Anonymous (not verified)

My husband lost a black htc phone in the airport around gate 88 if you could just let us know thank u

kate shfr (not verified)

Lost purse/wallet in delta flight 1819 seat 31F
Very urgent please contact

Fingers crossed (not verified)

My husband left his blue Nikon Coolpix camera in a black case on flight 117 from New York on American Airlines. This flight landed in Los Angeles at 5pm. I know there are still honest people out there so if you have found it please email me at Thank you

Mario (not verified)

I lost my IPAD 2 Sunday October 30th early in the morning in Terminal 2 (I believe). IPAD has a black cover. If you found it, please send an E-mail to It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Lost small Canon power shot camera on Wednesday, October 26th between 10:30 & 11:30am in LAX near JetBlue terminal. Important images needed

Carrie Rutledge (not verified)

Lost A black Spyder jacket. Either left on inbound plane southwest flight coming from Kansas city Mo or in baggage claim area. Please call if you find it.


LOST very sentimental silver cuff bracelet that my mom used to w
Thank you so much, Yelena


I left my silver Dell computer with black case at LAX Terminal 7 Gate 76 -77 on Oct 27th for flight UA 877 from LAX to Shanghai, the same flight on Oct 26 got cancelled, so it was kind of crowded on Oct 27th.

If you find the computer, please contact me via email: Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

I got my computer back, thanks for the great person who turned in to UA.

Larry N

Tues, 10/25, 8PM off of Delta Flight 821 from Minneapolis, I left my computer and case at the baggage claim area. If found, please call. 805-658-2569 or e-mail at Thanks


I lost my digital camera on Sunday, October 23, 2011 on Delta Flight 821. The flight left MSP at 6pm and arrived to LAX at 8:00PST. I was sitting in seat 11F. The Casio camera was a small gray digital camera in a black case. The case was about 5 inches long. If you have any information about this camera, please contact me via email:

Kimone (not verified)


I'm sorry to be bothering someone, but I misplaced something whilst catching a flight at this airport recently and was wondering if it would be possible to have someone check the Lost & Found please? It is a black cap and has pink embroidery on the front that says "Kimone" and "I heart NY" at the back. It is really special to me as I had it made on my very first and only trip to USA and has my name on it. If it is there, I would gladly pay to have it sent back to me. Please inform me if it has been found.

Thank you so much

Anonymous (not verified)

I was traveling on AA flight 1247 from Chicago to Los Angeles LAX on Sunday October 23 and left my Math text book. If found please contact me. Thanks

Mohammad Musa (not verified)

My iPhone was charging next to Gate 32 at the Alaska/Horizon Terminal on 10/14. If you have gotten any reports for an iPhone in that area, please call me at 650-516-6488.

Much appreciated.

Anonymous (not verified)

I believe my husband left his wallet on our flight 10-22-11 American airlines flight #223 Boston to LA. if found please email me at ASAP.

A Cannon (not verified)

Lost IPAD 2 inblack incase cover on 10/20/11 at 10:00 am.

A Cannon (not verified)

IPAD 2 recovered. Thank you. ADMIN can you remove the contact information for me?

Thanks again!

Debbie (not verified)


I was traveling out of LAX on 10/9/2011 in the Southwest terminal. TSA sent us through security at gate #1 around 3:00 PM. I was instructed to take off my watch and ring. In all the confusion during the moment it may have been picked up by accident. If anyone has knowledge or possession, I am offering a reward. You can contact me at 916-947-4729.

Elise (not verified)

Passport lost at terminal 5 on 19th October in the evening. If found please email

Jessica (not verified)

I beleive I left my white iphone near gate 56 flying delta out of LAX to MSP at 12:35am Tuesday morning.

If anyone knows if it's there could you please help and e-mail me at

Thank you!

Marco Navarro

My family traveled by Alaska to Mexico City. They lost 3 white signs with their names on it. The names are Stella, Marco and Andy. They bought it in Santa Monica and they are really sad. These signs were lost around the last check point or the Starbucks. Please help me to find the signs. Thank you.

Marco Navarro
805 236 5757

Anonymous (not verified)

My farther lost his passport at parking lot 2C around 8PM on Oct 17 2011.

Before we drove off the airport, I checked I-94 in the passport to see how many months of stay for visit was granted at parking lot 2C.

However, immediately after we stepped off the car, we could no longer find the passport any more.

The passort owner has a last name initial is L,and first name initial of X. Stamped I-94 has been filled with address of street number 8490 xxxx San Diego CA.

Please email me if you have fond this. Will present some gift cards to show appreciation. Thanks!

Sad Mama (not verified)

I lost our small kodak camera at lax terminal 7 on Friday 14th October in the late afternoon as we were waiting to be rebooked on a flight after a cancellation. It's a crappy little camera but it has the photos of our whole vacation with my two little girls and I'm absolutely devastated about it. If any one has found it please I beg you to reply to this post. Thanks so much for reading this.

Dante (not verified)

I left my Cannon camera under the foot rest of Seat 24K, Air France Flight 072, Paris to LAX, 10 Oct 2011. I have pictures of our vacation which are very important to us. Please contact me at (714) 225-3300.
Thank you, Dante

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my Green Card on board UA 878 on September 16 PVG-LAX.
Name is Miguel D.
Respond here if found. Thanks.

Solveig Petersen (not verified)

I left my neon green Nokia N8 in the seatpocket in front of me on flight Air Pacific FJ 811 from LAX to Nadi, Fiji, on monday 10th october. I sat at seat 67E in the very back of the plane.

It is really important that I find it, since there are precious pictures and and videos on it. PLEASE!

send an email to : or call 47 93263507

Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my Ipod nano(2nd generation, sliver with white cover) on Sep 30th. The user language is Chinese, and when it connect to i tune will show its name(with "羽" &"wings" ).
It's very important for me, if anyone find it, please connect me .thank you!!


MacBook Air lost at Terminal 4 on 9th October at 11.30 am at security
Please phone on 303 9421221 if found

brandy (not verified)

I must of left my phone in the bathroom stall. This phone means the world to me, not so much the phone it's the hundreds of pictures of my baby grandson, my young daughters birthdays. that I do not have copies for. This is the first expensive phone I have ever owned. I will offer 100 dollar reward for it's return. Please please contact me if found. No questions asked. My name is Brandy. Email address (

Anonymous (not verified)


I was sitting along the window at gate 4B for my southwest flight to TN. It's possible my single black canvas camera bag fell behind the chair & window. If found please contact me 707-363-7537.

I can verify the photos on the Canon Rebel T2i camera. Please contact if you saw anything. It's important to me.

Willing to give reward.

Thank you kindly,
Nicole Mahlandt

Anonymous (not verified)

I was sent an email with this persons information, yet my camera is a different brand and found on a different date.

Anonymous (not verified)

Nicole, this is a scam, I received the same story. Did they claim your camera is in Kenya.


my purse was lost/stolen on a bench between gate 4 and International terminal on sept 21, please contact if found or return to address on license.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my much loved black leather jacket at LAX on 7th of Sept while transitting to NYC. I am hoping that it wasn't stolen out of my suitcase, but chances are highly likely but thought I'd check with lost and found first just in case??
It is black with black and white animal print lining, zip sleeves, brand is Trelise Cooper. I miss it very much and is irreplacebale. :-(

Anonymous (not verified)

I' ve lost my blackberry bold phone on 22th september' 2011 after passing the passport control while waiting on the que for the second control just before leaving the airport.I travelled with Swiss Airlines from Zurich Airport to LAX, the flight number was LX 040.There is a charm on my blackberry;a red lipstick and a red mouth figure.

Erin (not verified)

Left on United Flight from New Orleans that landed at LAX Sunday night 10/2 at 9:30pm. Left on plane near seat 22A.
Small Black Digital Canon Camera

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi there if anyone knows of a camera bag being found near gate 38 of the V Australia terminal on Thursday evening 29/09/2011 could you please contact me.+61 407 568142
I was on flight VA012.Thank you

ROBERTO MENEDIM (not verified)


dp (not verified)

Lost helmet on the Delta concourse 9/30/11

Katie (not verified)

I left my 3yo daughter's iPod in the seat back pocket on a 9/29/11 afternoon flight from Cincinnati to Los Angeles. Please call me at 714-801-2300 if you have any information. I have to believe there are some people out there that would make the right choice and tin it in...thank you for any help you may have!!