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Danielle (not verified)

I was leaving Lax Sept.30 to return to Vancouver. We were on Alaska Airlines leaving from Terminal 3 Gate 33. We lost a Sony Cybershot model number DSC H5 camera in a black Sony camera case. All I want back is the memory card it has pictures of our daughters first trip to disneyland. They are 2 and 3 years old and I am devastated not to have those photos. Please if found all I want is those pictures no questions asked. Please email me if you have any information.

Esther (not verified)

I lost a wrist watch - LOBOR, Tri-Color Silver plated with little diamonds in the watch itself. This was a present from my daughter and I would appreciate if you found it to please call me. My cell phone is 619-246-7958 and you can also respond to me on this email. I appreciate all your help.

Thank you so much

William Niemann

William K. Niemann

Brown, single fold, cash, 3 gasoline cards, medicare card,
pictures of family members, perscription drug list,
Costco card, Gelson's charge card LA Library card, automobile
liability card.

Last seen on Continental flight 1095 arriving from Houston
on night of 9/27/09.

Please contact William Niemann for substantial reward.


Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my camera at LAX early am on SUnday September 20. Would appreciate an email if you found it. Thank you.

Griff (not verified)

I lost a blue grey Patagonia rain jacket (zipped into self pouch) on August 29th either in LAX or on flight NWA 623 from LAX to Honolulu. If found please contact me at 760 745-6340 - I'm a college student and i really need to get this back! Thanks!!


My daughter left an old 20G iPod in the charging station of Virgin America's gate at LAX Terminal 3 on 09/13/09 at about 8 PM. This has sentimental value but little $$ value. $100 reward with no questions asked. Call (310) 804-8344 and speak with Sharon.

Anonymous (not verified)

While waiting for a Northwest/Delta flight to Minneapolis/St Paul that left LAX at 12:25 a.m. on Sunday, September 20, we lost a pair of eye glasses.

These likely would have been found near a seat to the left of the gate (as you look at the gate). They are in a dark gray/black case (cleaning cloth in the case too), rimless, Silhouette, tri-focal, men's glasses.

Please e-mail me if you found these glasses. THANK YOU! Paul

Stuart Lord (not verified)

I left my nikon S3 black camera Logic case on
QF 108 29AUG 1910 29AUG-29AUG.

Its a small silver camera with all my photos from my trip in the states.
You can tell its mine with some drunk photos of my mates having fun in Vegas and NYC London and Paris.

If someone does find it all that ask is for the memory card to be sent to me and you can have the camera and I'll post the charger to your work..

Hope you have it....
Fingers crossed

Michelle Nocera (not verified)

Jewelry was packed in my suitcase. It was not there when I arrived at home. I flew from shanghai pudong airport to lax. Please call if the jewelry is found 948-554-4384. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

I departed via Air Canada from T2 LAX to Calgary on Sept. 3rd and I beleive that I left my french ID at the counter with Air Canada agent. Would be so kind enough to look and see if you can find that ID card my name is Farzana Mahd and my contact no. is 626-205-8052.

Thank you,

Jose Nunez (not verified)

Good afternoon. My name is Jose M. Nunez. I arrived on a British Airways flight this afternoon Spt12. I went through customs and right before I entered the vehicle that was transporting me I left my (Venezuelan Passport and my bible) on the cart I was using to move my luggage. I hope that you can help me. My Number is 786-380-6860. Please don"t hesitate to contact me if you know of anything. Thank you

Clint Hadden (not verified)

I left a black and white Chicago White Sox jacket Saturday, September 5, in row 33 of American Airlines flight 162 arriving at gate 43 from Honolulu. If found, please email Thanks.

Bryan Edwards (not verified)

My daughter lost a case for a gameboy, which had several games zipped inside it. it is a black rectangular Nylon Case, with a picture of Mario on the front. It was left in a seat in the gate area near gate 31A around 10:35am Sept 6th. we were on Alaska Flight 567. It was left in the third seat over from the internet access terminal seats, by the women's restroom and across from the magazine kiosk. If this item was found, please contact me at 503-730-5746, or email. I can describe the game contents if necessary. thank you very much. I will also try calling.

Robert Hoium (not verified)

Sept 8th 2009- Midnight- I left a black laptop bag containing my laptop, white pair of oakley sunglasses and a bag of sunflower seeds along with my computer cords in the long-term parking LOT E of LAX off of Aviation Blvd and 111st. It was left leaning against the car parked next to me in LOT E. If anyone finds this please contact me at 562-857-3460 or email me at and thank you for doing the right thing. It would be much appreciated.

Robert Hoium

rod (not verified)

I lost my ipod in a flight from Dallas to LAX
in american airlines.
I was on seat 28D(aisle at very back).
Please let me know if found


Horacio mancilla (not verified)


I left a black bag with a white Mac lap top computer inside.

Date: Wednesday september 2th, 2009

Hour: 5:15 PM

Place: Security point terminal B, Tom Bradley

My flight: Mexicana 905

Any information, please contact me at (323) 401 56 10

Thank you!

Meghann (not verified)

My three year old son left his small, blue baby blanket on or Virgin America flight 946 on August 31st. He was in the window seat or row 20. We were flying in from San Francisco. It has immense sentimental value and we are all devastated over it's loss. PLEASE if you have any info we would be willing to offer a large reward. $500.

please email me.
Thank you - Meghann

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost Small black folder with 2 passports, green card, credit cards, money and other important documents. Location: outside international airport arrivals on a luggage cart by the shuttle pick up area. Time: on Sunday around 1:30am. Important documents on folder! Offering $100 Reward if returned.
Please reply to this e-mail or call: 213 291 9711.
Thank you!

Stacie (not verified)

I left my silver IPOD on flight 231 from Miami to LAX on August 26, 2009. We were seated in row 12. Please call 561-339-6000, if you find it. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my laptop battery on the floor of my flight from Boston to LAX on 8/28 that left Boston at 8:35 and arrived at LAX at 11:50. If anyone finds this battery please let me know, thank you

Jeremy Nichols (not verified)

I may have left a ~9x13" white plastic sample case at the airport. The case is translucent white with a black handle, and would have been left there on 8/18. It has a variety of plastic parts on the inside. Please contact me if it has been turned in- 651-999-1801.


Allison Zor (not verified)

I was on American Flight 162 on Monday August 24,2009 from Kona to LAX and I forgot my ipod on the magazine pouch in front of my seat. I was in row 30 seat F. It is a silver ipod in a brown leather case that closes w/ velcro. I previously posted that it was a 160gb and I just found its box and it was only an 80gb.
If anyone has found it I would so very much appreciate if you could please contact me. Thanks. or 949-837-8825

Alison Zor (not verified)

Hi I was on flight 162 on August 24, 2009 from Kona to LAX and I left my ipod in the magazine pouch in front of my seat. My seat was seat 30 on the D-E-F side I had the window seat. Please contact me at 949-837-8825 if it has been turned in. Or you may email me at Thank you so much.

Anonymous (not verified)

i lost my special sunglasses at the airport lax.The 14.august.
They are in a white box.
S.Haldemann, CH-8926 Uerzlikon, Switzerland


I lost my cannon powershot black in color on aug 7, 2009 in terminal 7 at approx 2:30 pm I am desperate for the memory card back! I had approx 600-1000 pix on the 8 gig memory card. Family reunion, husband's 40th bday, niece not seen in 10 years. $500 reward for the memory card. Keep the camera - it was brand new!!!

Pham Hong Quang (not verified)

Dear Sr.

14 August 2009 at 11:00 pm, I and my wife (Le Thi Thi Hien) forgot my Sony Camera with black color in the seat no. 10E, flight No.AA284 from Honolulu to Los Angeles. I've reported with the American Airline's lost and found staff in LA airport. After checking with someone, she said me don't worried because my Camera has been founded, but the person who keep the key of safety box which AA placed my Camera was not there. She gave me the follow number to call 310 646 3593 to take back my Camera.
I have tried to contact TSA LAX Lost&Found via above number but I can't, I also come to AA Lost and Found office in 3rd floor but the door also locked. I can not wait because I have to come back Vietnam last Tuesday, 18 August 2009.

I'm very appreciate if you can provide me the email to contact to AA in Los Angeles. Please send my camera to me by following information
Receiver:Le Thi Thu Hien,
Address: No.37, Alley No.29/16 Khuong Ha street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
Phone: +84904299388 or +84983299388.

Your hep will very very aprecciatte,

Waiting your comments,

Best regards,

Pham Hong Quang


I was on UA85 from Denver to LAX on Wed. Aug 12 2009. My company Sony digital voice recorder (with white ipod earbuds attached) was in my backpack in the overhead compartment for row 19, so I think it may have been left on the plane, may have fallen out of the zippered compartment in my backpack. The recorder is actually a company recorder, and the files are very, very important. They were voice recordings of presentations made at a conference I attended in Denver. Please, please, please! Finding this is imperative to my job. If you find/found this, please contact me asap. I would really, really, really appreciate it. It looks like this:

Reward is offered


my son was flying from Paris to LAX with Air tahiti Nui on august 16th and lost his Ipod (white Nano with white leather cover )on the plane...he was seating in the very back of the plane.

thanks so much...
818 917-0903


Saturday 15 aug 2009 my son left his Nintendo DS bag with games at gate 28 before we got on flight KL0602 to Amsterdam. It is a black bag with Mario Bros on the front and a zipper on de back with games inside..
When found please let me know.




On Sunday, Aug 9, I went thru Security at @12:30 for Southwest flight 1451 departing for Salt Lake City, Utah at 2:10 pm. I lost a choker necklace, silver wire with oblong iridescent white/clear glass pendent. Glass is ridged/wavy. Iridescence in shades of blue/pink/gold. Please contact if found. Sentimental vlaue

Alan (not verified)

i think i lost my zune (mp3 player and more) on my american airlines flight #725 from boston yesterday (8/12/2009). call me @ 760-753-4200. thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

lost a key chain with keys coming from Guadalajara to California on Monday August10th Please notify if found very inportant.(626)833-6671

J Monge (not verified)

Tuesday August 11 around 4 pm. I lost my black Ipod at the security gate. If found please email me .

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my red blackberry phone on sunday aug 9 at the virgin american airlines waiting area. I was on flight 416 to ny leaving at 2:35. Reward.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost travel documents (containing important documents citizenship papers and birthcertificate)on flight from Miami to Los Angeles on Sunday 2nd of August. May have been left on american airlines plane or around the airport, my contact details are included in documents and am hoping someone will phone or send back to me. If you find it please contact me at


Crystal (not verified)

To whom it may concern,

I have lost a camera and an ipod at the custom screening area. A supervisor at the screening has found them and passed them to the TSA. But I had to board at that moment and it has passed the TSA operation hour. So he asked me to call the TSA and I did leave a voicemail. But in case the information is not clear enough, I am posting this comment to make it clear. Here is some hopefully useful information:

Lost items: A camera in a black cover bag (there is an 8GB memory card inside the camera.) and an silver-colored ipod nano.
Lost date: 9th August 2009
Lost time: around 11:00 pm
Lost place: screening area at Tom Bradley International Terminal
Flight no.: CI 7 (China Airlines) flying from LA to Taipei
Person who found: A Supervisor at screening area named Dontae
His contact: 310-756-2736
My contact: (852) 90438260 (I live in Hong Kong. I don't know if you need to enter "1" for international call. )

The lost items are really important to me as they are not mine. Please let me know if you have got them so that I can get them back. Thank you very much for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Anonymous (not verified)

I Lost my Black Nikon Coolpix s51c camera around the frontier airline area. I didnt have in a case or anything, but I would really like to have it back (its got a lot a pics or my baby). Not sure exactly where but I was on a flight that came from Dfw/Denver.


Arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)yesterday, 08-06-09; lost a BACKPACK w/ yellow "Johnny Walker" label, containing IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS, cellphone, etc. inside.
Reward awaits upon return. Thank.

Rob (not verified)

I lost my Michigan State ID on August 6th in Delta/Northwest Terminal 5. Please contact me if found.

Tom Bakker (not verified)

i lost my motoroloa hiptop slide on flight VA 001 from syd-lax on the 7/18/2009

please contact me via email asap.

Matt R (not verified)

Lost my phone at gate 40 around 10:30pm Friday 7/31 (nearby currency exchange). Black, LG, leather case, touch screen. It has been deactivated. If found please contact me at 310-717-1678.

Daniel Cho (not verified)

Hi, I left my black Dell XPS laptop nearby Continental baggage claim (terminal 6) around 6PM on 7/30. If you have any information, please contact me @ and I would really appreciate it, thank you.


I flew in to LAX terminal 6 on Continental Monday night (7/27). When I picked up my suitcase from baggage claim, I realized that it was not completely zipped and a few things fell out. I am missing a small, sheer, silver jewelry bag containing a crystal necklace, earrings and bracelet. If anyone found it, please call. It's very sentimental. Thanks.

Anissa Riviere (not verified)

Hi my name is anissa riviere and I was recently a passenger on flight 299 from Miami to Los Angeles. I left it in the front pocket underneath the TV in either seat 13J or 12J. It has "Anissa, U R a gift. Love M&D" inscribed on the back. It was in a white leather case with a light blue magnetic cover. It didn't have headphones with it (I used them to watch a movie). If it is found, please call (858) 756-7925 or email me at


LOST BAG OF JEWELRY- I was flying JUly 22 MCO-LAX and then LAX-SJC. During my travels I lost a small bag of jewelry containing gold earrings, silver ring, gold necklace, and one additional gold earring. If found please contact me. If you have any suggestions as to how I might look further I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!

Anonymous (not verified)

ON July 22 I lost a small bag of jewelry. I was flying Orlando-LA and then LA- San Jose, CA. I either left the small bag on the plane or in the LAX bathroom. If anyone knows where the jewelry might be or has suggestions as to how I might obtain more information about where the jewelry might be I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help!

Anonymous (not verified)

I took a flight Wednesday July 22 from Orlando International Airport to Los Angeles and then to San Jose, CA. Somewhere during my travels, I lost a small jewelry bag containing gold earrings and a silver ring along with another gold necklace. I am blanking as to where I may have left; either in the Los Angeles Airport or on my flight from Orlando to Los Angeles or LA to San JOse, Ca. If anyone knows where the jewelry is or might have a suggestions as to how I might search further I would greatly appreciate. Thank you for your help!

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a silver gold bracelet on July 23, Thursday night at the LAX airport.

Please email me at

Sarah Jarman (not verified)

I have a feeling I left my LG mirror phone on Saturday the 25th... I was going to flight 954 to San Francisco and was seated between gates 70-73. My name label is on the back. If found please call 415-464-0928... there is a reward! Thank you!