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Ashley (not verified)

Lost a black Coach wallet at either LAX or ATL airports! The time was around 11 pm on January 5, 2010 at LAX. I was at terminal 5, gate # 51 B. My plane left at 11:55 pm and landed in ATL at 7:00 am the next morning. I didn't notice it was missing until I got home later that morning. Please help!! (909) 499-2021

Anonymous (not verified)

My elder brother with last name of "Tripathi" lost his and families 4 passports either at Los Angeles Airport or in the flight. They had Emirates flight EK 0216 from Los Angeles to Dubai on January 02, 2010.

If you have found them, please call me at 636-346-4387.


Pratarnwong Phornprapha (not verified)

I have left my traveling documents in the cart. Its a thai passport and other important traveling document including an I-20 form from National University.

If anyone found it, please contact me at 619-991-9011

Thank you

Carol (not verified)

HI I lost my phone at gate 38 in terminal 3 of lax. I know someone picked it up because they answered when i rang my number.. it was a blue motorola old cheap phone.. the data is more important than the phone..
please email me!~

Arturo Torres (not verified)

Today I was at the waiting room of Alaska airlines to board Flight No. 244 departing to Mexico City (around 9 and 10 am this morning) and I lost my MAC laptop black with the case (color black as well) I was siting few rows from Alaska desk. I did not realized the Laptop was missing until I arrrived to Mexico city. I wonder ifypu may found the laptop on the Alaska Boarding area.

Please I will appreciate any inforamtion you may have.

You can reach me trough this chat or send me and e-mail or there is a number I can call, please let me know.

J.Watts (not verified)

Please help! I left a Sony Vaio laptop on Delta flight 1172 from LAX to SLC yesterday morning (1/3/10). The laptop is in a black canvas bag with a "Wake Forest Graduate School" badge on the outside pocket. No other identification inside. Contact me at (801) 971-4614 with information.
Thank you!

J. Traylor (not verified)

Lost my Blackberry on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 somewhere between arrival at LAX at 12:25 p.m. (Lufthansa #456 from Frankfurt, Germany) and departure at 4:40 p.m. (United #6528 to Phoenix, Arizona).

Anyone finding it may contact me at the e-mail address above. I would be very appreciative for the help!

Happy New Year and thank you kindly!


Anonymous (not verified)

Dear friends,

I lost my house keys on 23th of Dec on terminal 4 or 3, do not remember. I flew with Qantas company to Sydney on 00:00 more or less. The keys had:
two long keys
two normal keys

On 6th of Jan I will flight to L.A. again if you could please tell me where can I pick them up?

Many Thanks!


My name is Young Park. I lost my resident card on January 1st.

If someone has found it please call me at 213-284-2369

Thank you

Shannon Knutson (not verified)

I lost a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS at Gate 24 in LAX in terminal 2. Camera contains 4 duracell rechargable batteries. If found, please call (403) 803-5050.
Thank you,

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my CA drivers license on December 17th. Please call me at 310-429-7937 if you have found it. Thank you!

Anonymous (not verified)

I forgot to say my name, that would be on the license: Jennifer Glasgow. Please call me at 310-429-7937 if you find it. Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

I. Rajveer singh, have lost my passport(indian) with f1 us visa on it. it was in a black lpouc and also a book(lost symbol) by its side. i think i forgot it in the baggage carrier(trolley) if someone has found it, please call my brother, guru at 3234434940. thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

hey call me on 3232729414
or suggest me further course of action

Anonymous (not verified)

I found a pouch containing over $10,000 in the men's bathroom on December 23 around 7PM at the immigration area, before you exit immigration, at LAX but I turned in the pouch only after I exited the baggage claim area with a security guard in green uniform. Her name was ROSALES. I want to verify that the pouch was turned over to the owner. The owner's name was something like YAN LEN. I would appreciate if you can inform me about it. I am not interested in the item found, only that I want to make sure the item found went to the owner. I want to make sure that the security guard I turned it over to did the right thing. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

Boarding a United flight from gate 77 to San Francisco on Friday December 18th at 1:50 , my maroon Franklin-Covey Day Runner fell out of my travel bag. It's about 9" x 6" and has extensive calendar and contact information within. Please call Michael Stusser 707-874-1963 if you see it. thanks, michael

Amber Zerzan (not verified)

My name is Amber Zerzan. I left my wallet on the plane Yesterday evening delta flight 17. I have spoken to both LAX and Delta representatives. No one has helped me. Someone please help me find my wallet it is black and purse like.

MY cell is 404.403.2117

Anonymous (not verified)





Advanced Wound Care

I left my daytimer and blue wound care folders which are needed for patient care. I left it in the box that goes through the security scanner. Can you please tell me if you would still have it? My company can pick it up asap! Please let me know 832 894 9190 - Suzette Walsh


My IPOD was taken in the baggage claim area of SWA FLight 2878 arriving from Phoenix Weds 12/16/2009 at 8pm. If you were on this Soutwest Flight or in baggage claim, and found the IPOD in a black velvet case with Sprint on it, please contact Lea 323-209-8389.

Anonymous (not verified)

lost my gold ring with green and red color on the top

Norman (not verified)

PLEASE! I was on Flight 254 from Muai on 12/15 arriving at LAX at 9:40pm. I sat in Row 10. Directly overhead in the bulkhead compartment I accidently left a black camera bag with a Canon camera and extra lense in it. If found please call me 619-955-0488

WestieAgilityMom (not verified)

While unloading our baggage from the Super Shuttle, I rested a large sturdy tan photo envelope against the counter at curb side. It contains a collage photo of my Westie dog competing at the AKC Invitationals from Long Beach, CA this weekend. The photo has his name, Wilson and the date across the bottom. Kindly email if found or call 713 443 8449. THANK YOU!!


To Whom It May Concern,
On October 27, 2009 I went thru the security check at LAX on my return Air-Tran flight, #513 at 11:53AM to Baltimore, MD. In going thru the check point I took off two rings, both are of Masonic nature, and placed them in the tray. I also had a laptop which had gone thru in the case. A member of the TSA staff picked it up and indicated that it needed to be out of the case. As I was in the process of gathering up my belongings I inadvertently left the rings in the tray. My obvious question, what procedure should I go thru to ascertain if they were recovered. My phone number is 410-916-6528 or 410-788-3644. My personal e-mail is Thank you.


There were two VERY IMPORTANT cellphones left at 54B Friday 12/11/09 morning while boarding a red eye flight to Montgomery. The flight attendant was advised the phones were left as I was boarding the plane and she told me I didn't have to get off the plane and that she would send someone to retrieve the phones. The phones were never retrieved and i had to follow up with her about the request. I'll continue the rest in my report.... If the phones are found (one Treo 755 and the other HTC Pro, please contact JISEL2@YAHOO.COM ASAP!!!


Hi all...I lost a key for my Toyota 4Runner and I believe it may have fallen out of my work bag on either one of two Virgina America flights:
1) VX797 LAX to SEA (12/9 at 7:25pm), or
2) VX796 SEA to LAX (12/11 at 7:05pm)

Normally losing a car key isn't a big deal...but this key has a chip in it that is required to start. Having a new key made is an expensive proposition (which I will most likely get to experience). So I thought I'd give this a shot...

Please let me know if you've found it or could point me to another source of info.



On December 9th in the United Terminal I was late for the flight to San Francisco at 11 in the morning and was asked to take a lot of things out of my bag and scan it again.
Any chance my ipod dropped out of it? Please contact me at
The ipod has my name tag on it.
Markus Burger

Anonymous (not verified)

left my Canon Powershot SD200 digital Elph in its black LowePro case on American Air flight #299 on Nov. 28, 2009. Left in on my seat 12A. Reward if found.

Anonymous (not verified)

Im looking for a par of earings that i lost yesterday,december 10...on terminal 5 next to the gate 54 i think, i just remember that my backpack open and everything felt on the floor and that must be the time that i lost a black box with my earings that was my christmas present that my boyfriend gave it to me early morning that day, so i would really apreciate if someone could help me ... cause i fell so bad aboud that ...
my email is
thanks for any help and sorry for the spealing...
Tatiana Lins

Kelly Renee (not verified)

I lost an Oregon State Driver License on 12/1/09, after disembarking in the 31-33B terminal from an Alaska Arilines flight from PDX.

Miller, Kelly Renee, DOB 06/09/1987

If found, please CALL 971.409.3927 IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you.

Rajan (not verified)

I boarded the flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal B on 05th December 2009 at 4:00 PM. Just before boarding the flight I lost my office laptop in the Scanning process where the hand baggage in Emirates Airlines are scanned. When all the bags which belongs to me and others too were making beeping sound. The security therefore asked us to remove the laptop from my hand baggage and put it in another separate gray colored tray before passing through the scanner. After this process I realized later that I did not put the laptop back in to by hand baggage after the scanning is done. My shoes, vollet were all in another tray.

I realized that I do not have the laptop only after I arrived in Dubai International Airport (DXB) Terminal 3. I first went to the Emirates airlines office and gave a compliant to Mr Crise in the office who immediately took my information and sent a mail to LAX. He also suggested me to give a compliant for the lost and found department after I reach my final destination (Bangalore, India).

I reached Bangalore International Airport on 07th December 2009 from Dubai (DXB) and gave a compliant to Emirates Airlines to one Mr Vivek who asked me to send this formal mail to the addressed email above along with the below flight details.

I have declared the laptop before I left India to Los Angeles in the "Office Of Joint Commissioner Of Customs International Airport: Bangalore" on 23/10/2009.

Laptop Details:
Model #: Lenovo R60
Serial No: S/N L3-EC302 07/06
Color: Black

Boarding pass details from LAX to DXB:
Economy Class
Flight: EK 216
Date: 05DEC
Time: 1600
Zone: C
Seat: 21A
Seq No: 0228

If anyone has found it, please call me on 91-9945050667 or mail me at
If you have anyother ways to find it please let me know. I have already sent a mail to Emirates airlines.


jewel (not verified)

lost my calligraphic painting roll in AA 133 from New York to Los Angeles on Dec 3rd 2009. I will pay big thanks to whom found it. Please contact me via

Sherry Hoffman (not verified)

Lost the back cover from travel mouse on Virgin America flight 97 somewhere in the vicinity of seats 19 A B C. Please contact me if you find it. Will be flying back out of LA on Dec 7 2009 Flight 110. Thank you. 301.676.5544

Just a little plastic piece with two 'legs' that cover the two AAA batteries.

elizabeth (not verified)

on december 3, 2009 around 2pm LA time,at check point, my mother lost a blue travel pillow together with a pink ladies jacket. it was together in a white grocery bag with a santa claus or a snowman on it.

thank you.

Mike (not verified)

Lost ipod classic 160gb black in black leather flip-lid case. Probably left on United 44 before it arrived at LAX from OGG (Kahului, HI).


I lost a large black binder on Nov 29th near the international customs desk. The front of the binder had a label titled "The Year of the Cat" and inside is the draft of a personal memoir by John F. Zeller. If found please contact me at


Black roller backpack left in Tom Bradley customs hall on Sunday November 29, around 6:30 pm.

Any information, please email

Anonymous (not verified)

left my leather sketchbook and notebook on the shuttle bus! you find it?

Anonymous (not verified)

Pls help me to return my laptop,i lost my laptop last Nov.28, mobile number is +639164359024,many thanks

Caitlin (not verified)

I arrived at LAX around 7-8 on friday evening 11/27 and misplaced my olive green shoulder bag, brand deena and ozzy and has a sort of aged pattern in parking lot C of the airport. I cannot for the life of me remember if I left it in one of the shuttle buses or on the curbside around section C8. Inside was a canon digital camera, a sketchbook, my wallet (with all my identification), medication, a book, sunglasses and some other various purse junk.

If found please please please I would be forever grateful. email: or phone 818 577 0918 thank you.

Danny (not verified)

My father lost his meds at Delta T5 or somewhere between the front counter, security check or gate 61. It is very important for us to find them, he can't be without them. if found please call at (714)391-0805
Thank you

Jan (not verified)

16 NOV 09 - MONDAY
Flight : Qantas Airways 94 388

We were on the above named flight out of LAX to Melbourne. I worked very hard while waiting to board to pay bills and send sympathy cards, Thanksgiving cards, etc. prior to leaving the states for 30 days. I was so surprised to discover there was so place to mail the letters as just 2 weeks ago we were in the Chicago airport where I mailed letters at the boarding gate! I then approached one of your Quantas employees at our boarding gate (can’t remember which one) He was perhaps from the Philippines and looked to be in charge of your other employees who were checking in the passengers. He said, that if I trusted him, he would take the letters, and mail them for me. I said, I really didn’t have much choice, but of course I trusted him (and still do) and thanked him very much. I know that none of the intended letters have reached their destination now some 10 days later! (As I got a late notice from my bank). I am wondering if perhaps they are in a drawer at the gate where we boarded with good intentions of being mailed or? If so, I would so appreciate it if someone could drop them in the mail? I know there is no obligation on your part, but I would so appreciate if the stack of envelopes is discovered they could be mailed ASAP (it is a rubber banded stack with red Netflix envelopes easily seen).
Thank you for your help,
Jan Northington

Steve (not verified)

Hi, I arrived on CI (China Airlines) flight 6 yesterday (November 24) at 11:55 a.m. On that flight, I left my pair of glasses. The frame is black at the top and white at the bottom. Please reply if you found them. It will be very much appreciated!

Vanessa (not verified)

I think my black HSLR, Nikon D60, accidentally slided off my paper bag when it was in the compartment. I was sitting on the front few row. I lost it on 11/18, my flight was 2851. It is a very important thing, it stored all my memories of my US trip. SO if anyone who has any idea where it was please contact me, I'll be grateful forever. My contact phone number is 3238950729. Thank you very much.

Dee (not verified)

Flight #570 Alaska Airlines. Nov 21st going from Portland to LAX. Near seat C7 silver ring with white pearl in center and lavender colored small stones around it. Very sad it fell off and onto the floor. Please let me know if found. Thank u...

Anonymous (not verified)

i flew from Shanghi to Los Angeles on China Eastern Airlines and arrived on Monday 23 November. I lost my camera on that flight. I would be willing to pay a reward for it's return. The camera is Kodak V1253 in a small black case. Please help. Jon 626-372-2858

Pete Healey (not verified)

Missing a Pentax X-70 in its camera bag. We were at gate 13 and Gate 4a in the southwest terminal

Please call 615-618-0230 if found

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a silver wide band kenneth cole watch on Monday, coming from Mexican flight, in the Tom Bradley Terminal. If found please contact me. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

a motorcycle shock was in luggage and once we got to our destination we noticed it was missing from the luggage. We landed at lax on Nov. 16th on united airlines please call 951.600.8007 ext. 4100 if found

Jacqui P (not verified)

I lost my black Blackberry flip phone. (Looks like a regular phone but is actually a blackberry) on November 6th in the Delta Terminal, near gate 22A.