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Phone left in A Terminal, near Alaska gates 31 to 34. Please contact me at 206-523-5412. Thank you!


Marina Druz

Please, contact me if you have found a black business card holder with documents on my name ( ff cards, resident permit, insurance card)
my phone number is 857 222 02 14

Elizabeth (not verified)

Please contact me if you find a black leather planner. It contains multiple ID's of mine. I lost it in the airport on Thursday Feb, 11th at 9pm. My contact number is (617)909-1376
Thank you.

Jonathan (not verified)

I lost a black and grey 686 brand ski coat on Monday night, 2/15 at approximately between 10:30 and 11pm. It may have fallen on the sidewalk outside baggage claim, or left in a black and yellow taxi when we switched to a mini-van taxi. Please contact me at 310-951-3921 if you find it. Thanks!

Cory Posell (not verified)

My daughter left her Johnny Tremain book on the chair at gate 62. It is so important that we get this back as it has all her notes for the year in it. Please contact us ASAP if this is found. Thanks so much. We are desperate to find it!!

David Davitte (not verified)

Good seeing you the other night, not sure if this is you....

Ligia Santeliz (not verified)

Wensday morning i was in the airport i lost my watch ( silver Bulgary)please if someone has it just email me back..THANKS!

Alberto Gonzalez (not verified)

The last time I remember having my wallet was on Sunday morning (Feb. 14, 2010) at around 7:50 am to 8 am at the United Airlines terminal near gate 88. I used it when I paid for food at the California Pizza Kitchen and at Starbucks both near gate 88.
My wallet is blue nylon w/velcro closure and it has a dragon logo on it. My Idaho driver's license as well as my Boise State ID, Boise Fire ID, and debit card were inside. Please call or email me if it turns up.


Mike Finney (not verified)

Hi, I managed to loose my wedding ring, in or around the security screening point at Terminal 7 United on Monday 8th February. Obviously this means a lot to me, the ring is a mens 3 colour gold cartier trinity style ring. It would be great to get it back!

elaine love (not verified)

my son was travelling yesterday (2/13/10) from LAX to Fiji and has now discovered that his camera is missing and thinks it came out going through security. It is a Fujifilm finepix F50SE, and was in a blue case with a black strap.

Ian Friedman (not verified)

Arrived in LAX from Fiji on route to Denver on 14th Jan 2010. Backpack was incorrectly re-checked as baggage but was untagged, and has not been located since. Backpack is easily identified as a STM rogue make - most grey with red on sides. Contents include mac notbook , Sharper Image headphones, other identifiable items and my business cards.

I will offer substantial reward for its safe return.

Anonymous (not verified)

SWA 727 from Pheonix to LAX Jan 25, 2010
I left my suit in the middle seat and please contact if you find it.
Thanks, Po

Carrol (not verified)

My boyfriend lost his Hp Mini laptop.It was inside of a red laptop sleeve. Lost on 01-27-10, around 430 the gate 105. British airway flight 282 to London..please contact 562-896-7875 if found. Thank you

Jonathan (not verified)

Please respond if anyone has it.. was my grandfather's

Anonymous (not verified)

June 19-21 2009
I flew from Mobile, AL to ATL, GA, to LAX, and from LAX to Taiwan through China Airlines. Lost a soft-back, Black Moleskine somewhere in between that had a backpocket full of Polaroids of myself (asian, 17 at the time) and my boyfriend (white guy, curly hair). I wrote some diary entry in red pastel somewhere in it. If anyone has found it, please contact me at The photos mean the world to me.

ieva (not verified)

sos.... i lost my silver ring with a BIG amber stone... i flew alaska airline to seattle on jan 21st

this is a very special ring to me...

please let me know if you found it

thank youuuuuuu

Robert Bascom (not verified)

I left my mens' computer glasses in seat 6B (or in a pocket of that seat) on flight 1553 from Toronto to LAX when I arrived at LAX at 8.45pm. The plane continued on to Chicago as flight 1092 at 11.30pm, so the glasses might have gone on to Chicago. The glasses were in a gray semi-soft case (hard back-soft front). Please call me (Robert Bascom)at 626 -797-8795 if you have these glasses or know about them. Thanks.

David J. K. (not verified)

Lost: Sony GC1 Net Sharing Cam - a small black videocam in a black cloth case. Lost on AA flight 246 to LA from Hawaii on Monday, January 25. (Plane went on to Dallas on Jan. 26.) Arrived at gate 47A. Left in seat pocket in front of seat 12A. Returned camera would be nice, but what we really want is the 4GB SD card containing the photos and videos.

Anonymous (not verified)

On January 23rd, ladies prescription eyeglasses in a pink case fell out of backpack somewhere between Detroit and LA airport on Northwest airlines. Please contact if found. My daughter needs these glasses for college. Thank you kindly.

Anna Marie (not verified)

Lost - White Macbook in black case w/burgundy trim. Left at either a magazine shop or the starbucks close to gate 46a (American Airlines terminal). Please contact if found.

Thank you so much in advance

Oleg Sharov

Lost passport: Oleg Sharov on Dec 27, flight A201. It is Ukrainian with Bussiness Visa.


On Jan 10 2010 we flew in from Cabo, Mexico to LAX on UNited Airlines flight 798. We lost our black nikon coolpix camera, which was in a black Sony camera case with a silver buckle lock somewhere between leaving our seats, 23 A/B, and loading the shuttle to customs, and going back through security at United Airlines in Terminal 7. It may have been on the airplane, or in the terminal or anywhere in between. We would love this camera back, it has many priceless memories on it. Pleae call 812 204 8048 or email
We will give a reward for the camera.
Thank you!


On January 24th, 2010 I lost a Blackberry at LAX. It is in a black case which has red flames on the back. If you charge it has my email address which will match my email address I have provided to this site. Please help. Thanks Brent

JENNA SETFORD (not verified)


I flew on the NZ2 from LAX on 22nd Jan 2010 at 4pm.

I have lost a set of Bose Noise Reducing Headphones.

Can you check lost property and confirm if you have them

Many Thanks

Jenna Setford

daniela bortoletto

My daughther (Francesca) has lost her wallet with her ID.
It would be great if you could help us locate it.
It might have been on her flight NW 2519 from Indianapolis to LAX on
january 22

Anonymous (not verified)


I lost my Black Canon SLR camera at the airport Gate 101 in 12/13/09. I called many times, and this is second time that I am leaving this message. Please e-mail me back for the availability of my camera. Thanks!



please help, I´m missing my iPod (white, 60 GB). Guess I left it on the Plane from Munich to LAX on Dec 26, 2009 - flight LH 452. We arrived at 19:00. please contact me at + Germany +49 89 54807990. Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

On 18 January I lost a Stetson hat box containing two Stetson western hats, an art print, some photos and some postcards in the United ticketing area at LAX airport.

I will offer a reward if anyone has these items. I mostly would really like the return of the photos.

Thank you!

Michael K. (not verified)

I flew on Virgin America Flight 327 on Jan. 18 and left a black leather jacket in the overhead compartment. I don't recall exactly, but I think I was in seat 15D and left it int he overhead compartment above that seat. Please contact me a.s.a.p. if found. my cell is 323 708 0831

David Patience (not verified)

I left a black Kipling shoulder bag under the seat in front of seat 70A on Qantas flight #11 Sydney to LAX Saturday January 16th 2010 Bag contains Sony digital camera, Flip camcorder, Scandisk mp3 player, Bose noise cancelling headphones + misc. adaptors and papers. Any information would be most welcome, pictures on the cameras are very big loss. $150 reward
David Patience

Anonymous (not verified)

On January 16, possibly on AA Flt 250 or on the way to AA Flt 74, I lost a small turquoise earring - 1/2" x 3/8" - rectangular set in silver with hook for pierced ears. I knocked it out of my ear with my scarf, I think. Anyone find it?

Anonymous (not verified)

I dropped the (PNY) 16GB SDHC card out on the floor or left it in the tray during checkin on 1-16-2010. Its in a small protective case and in lock mode. The card might have a 2 in writing on it from a maker.
The card contains some music video footage/photos for a record label.
Please Call 773-572-8104 if found.

Elaine (not verified)

Lost aluminum Apple Macbook January 18th -- left at charging station outside gate while waiting for Flight 874 to Chicago at 12:30 p.m. Please contact if found -- Reward.

Mika Saksela (not verified)

I lost my camera (Nikon Coolpix) at the international terminal 2 during a long wait on Jan 10-11 around midnight. Any information would be appreciated. The card holds precious photos.

Mika Saksela

phone +358407077710

alexey (not verified)

On the 16th of Jan. around 6-7pm I lost my passport: Elistratov Alexey and passport of my partner: Shalovina Anna ( russian passports with american business visas ) in Terminal 4 arrival area after passing luggage check point, somewhere between check point and car park area. If you have some information please contact me 8778769543.

Anonymous (not verified)

to whom it may concern- i lost my day planner at the self-check in desk for south west, today around 1 p.m. the planner is lined with silver duct tape and has a sticker for the band, "the donkeys" on the front. it is crucial that i find this item for it has all of my work schedules and graduate school deadline information in it, as well as $200 dollars worth of gift ceritifcates i received over the holidays. if anyone saw it or found it, please email me at, or call the number on the contact sheet inside.

thank you-

joanna lioce

M Reyes

I am trying to locate an item I left on American Airlines Flight that arrived yesterday January 14 at 6:30 PM at LAX.

The item was a white notebook/legal pad. I was sitting in business class, seat 7B.

These documents are very important. Please contact me ASAP at 213-443-3692 if you have these documents.

Janeth (not verified)

I lost my flash drive with vital information, on Wednesday January 13, 2010 on United Airlines Flight # 0277 flying from Orlando Fl into Los Angeles LAX.
It is a silver flashdrive with black shoe string attached to it. Says Scan Disk and shoe lace is so I can hang it our my neck.

PLEASE if anyone found it please contact me at 818-300-1692. Or email me at
Award $50.00
Flash Drive includes College information, Thesis I am working on ,resume of David Hawley.

Charles (not verified)

I lost my cell phone in front of Terminal 1 at LAX on Jan 14 2010 around 10 pm. It is a Motorola Razor Black in a Black leather holder. If found can you please call 818-395-0566.

Thank you,



Red Nikon s630 lost on Jan 5. Has white string as a strap. Reward for return. 410-207-3106

Anonymous (not verified)

I have lost a dark gray Nikon Coolpix camera with a strap attached. It was a Christmas present from my wife and this is how I show my appreciation, by losing it! Any help would be appreciated. I may have left the camera in security (or maybe elsewhere in the airport) on 1/9/10. I can describe the pics on the memory card. 251-377-8182

Dawn Grantham

My daughter traveled on Korea airlines 01/12/10 and left her Net10 black flip phone and purple IPOD aboard. She really needs the phone, she is serving in the U.S. Army and all of her contacts are in it. I understand the IPOD is probably history, but the phone is urgent. I will pay a COD if you can mail it to me. Please :) My e-mail is

Anonymous (not verified)

Today I lost a Nikon camera at LAX. I was in both the International and Domestic terminals of the airport. The memory cards containing vacation photographs are worth more to me than the camera itself. If anyone has found it please, please call me at (760) 521-7108.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am so tired of the handlers at the LAX airport. My bag has been broken into once again and some watches were stolen. I am lived about this and if there is any information about what I can do about this would be appreciated.


June 19-21, 2009

I can't remember the date but I boarded a China Airlines flight to Taipei, Taiwan. Before that, I arrived through a flight from Atlanta, Georgia. Somewhere in between, I believe I had left a soft-back Moleskine journal that contained numerous Polaroids of a Caucasian guy and an Asian girl about 17-18. That would be my boyfriend and I and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could me track them down.

Please contact me at Your help is appreciated.

Ashley Jones (not verified)

Hello everyone I lost my wallet outside the Delta Terminal maybe are door 7. Please if anyone found a Silver Glittered Wallet with a Arizona Drivers License in it can you please call me at

Sam (not verified)

Lost a square gold ring, most likely in woman's washroom of lax on January 8, 2010. It has small ruby and diamond stones it.

Will gladly pay reward over and above retail value of the ring as a reward if it is returned.

Please email me if you found this ring.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous (not verified)

On january 4th I flew from Detroit to Pittsburg on Flight # 2817 time 3:20 pm and on that flight I left my Cashmire coat blacl so would like to know how to go about retrieving it.

I live in Valencia ,Ca. to contact me you can call (805)444-5573.

Thank you,
Daniel George


I lost my wedding band on Saturday, June 2. It's a simple silver colored band w/ some etching on it. If you find it, I would be grateful if you'd reach out to me. Thank you very much.

Farhad Abootorabi Goudarzi (not verified)

an I-20 form has been Lost yesterday by around 5:30PM . the name on the form is Farhad Abootorabi Goodarzi , School: Santa clara university . the possible location it could have been lost are the Cart in Terminal 4 Parking on 1st level(Arrivals). If anyone has found it please give me a call at 619-942-9871. I appreciate it.