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PICKERT (not verified)



On the night of April 14th, i lost a tan travel wallet with my passport and drivers license in it. I was in the Southwest airlines part of the airport. If anyone found this i'd deeply appreciate you contacting me at A reward will be provided.

BK (not verified)

Exhausted after flying standby and spending 8hrs at LAX Delta Terminal on April 5th, I left my Ipod Touch in my seat at the terminal. It was in a black leather case wrapped in white headphones, the kind that wrap around the outside of your ear. I was sitting near the Mexican resturant towards the back of the terminal. Please call if you found it. 818.294.1616

Anonymous (not verified)

please i lost my cannon silver camera. one of those small pocket cameras at the airport by US Airways. if you have it please contact me at all i want is the pictures on there. the camera is yours to keep i just want the pictures emailed to me if you could please those pictures are priceless to me, as i had not put them on my computer yet.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a purple wallet coming off a Delta flight last night - if they can't find it on the plane - I may have dropped it in the restroom on the way out.
It's a Kate Spade Wallet - no money in it - but lots of personal momentos of no interest to anyone but me. If you have it, pls call me on 2132801447.

steve (not verified)

nikon d80. Camera and pictures mean the world to me. please if you found it, or it came into your possession in any way, please please let me know...REWARD!!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

lost google black. its a year old and has a cracked screen. only value to me is the contacts i had entered. please call 561-703-6091

SAYED TAMIM AKBARI (not verified)

Hello, My Name is Sayed Tamim Akbari, i am an Afghan National and newly migrated to USA. I was going thru the Security Check at LA International Airport to catch a flight to San Francisco, I had a big Pure Silver bracelet chain with a green stone on, which i took it off due to the Special security check which is mandatory for all afghan nationals to go thru, i forgot to wear it back since i was late for my flight, it was a bad day at the LAX since there were lots of passengers and the airport was totally packed. I lost my Chain at the Security check, the officer who checked me was a Short but Big Person, Gray hair mostly, and big belly, Good treating person. I'm extremely sure he knows that my chain was there. I dont know his name. My flight from LAX to SFO was AA1922 American Airlines and it was supposed to fly at ETD 09:55AM.
Please if anyone knows that person or have seen my chain, Call me at 5106730100. I will give him or her a reward for finding me my chain.


Hello to all. My family and I were waiting in departure gate 21 for our Westjet flight 1695 from LAX to Vancouver and we left our digital camera bag in the waiting area. It is a black Fuji flim Finepix 3000. The bag is blue with black trim and contains the camera, memory cards as well as the av cables. If you found this, please respond here or contact me at or cell # 204-726-3847.
Any help with this would be great as the camera contains the pictures from our first family trip to Disneyland.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hard case is small gray with black diagonal lines about 4" x 7" with a silver passport external hard drive inside with its black plug-in cord. Might have lost it somewhere in the Delta terminal on April 7th between 9:30 and 10:30 am. Lots of family photos on it.

Christine Smith (not verified)

I left a black leather jacket with inside red lining in I believe a bathroom on Sunday, March 28th, 2010. If anyone finds it, please e-mail me, or call me at (909) 821-1333 [My husbands cell phone] or


I lost a beautiful knitting project on Tuesday, March 30 between 1:45 - 4:15 pm at Terminal 4. It is a ball of yarn that changes from dark grey to light grey to blue to beige, with 2 wooden knitting needles that say "Brittany" and a scarf project that was about 6-8" long. It was all in a gallon sized ziploc bag and may have been lost in the Chili's restaurant or near Gate 43A or B where I was working during our layover. This has incredible sentimental value. PLEASE contact me at 312-780-5867 if you may have found it. Thank you.

Sarah Faulkenberry (not verified)

I am missing a Blackberry Curve. It was last seen on Flight 2413 from Dallas to LAX. Please email if you find this!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

I have lost my black LG flip phone between gate 42a and 47. It is a simple phone with no camera and has a frog as the screensaver. If found please contact me on 320 894 0209
Thank you

Calvin L

I lost my wallet on a flight to LA from Denver on North West airlines on march 18th. It is black and is probably easy to notice. It is plain black with a velcro opening. It has 3 of my school I.D.'s in it and $2, and a chipotle gift card. If you have a phone # for a North West lost and found that would help to. If found can keep chipotle card. Just want the wallet back.


Tania Clark 61422596197
I left my camera at gate 34 at the terminal that vaustralia flies out of on April 2 2010 at 11:50pm. It was in a black canon bag. The camera is a sony digital SLR. Also in the bag was a second lens and a small video camera. I was flying home to Brisbane from LAX. I can claim the camera on my travel insurance, but I will never be able to get back the photos from my holiday. Please if someone can help me I will be most grateful.

Brian Tang (not verified)

I lost my drivers license somewhere in between the TSA security checkpoint and Delta gate 63 last night between 915 and 1015pm. Please contact me at 561-445-6999 if found.

Michael Castro (not verified)

I lost my MRI xrays on Monday at 6pm when I was checking into United Airlines from LAX to Denver. You can reach me at 303-495-4160.



Amiel (not verified)

Hi, I lost a pair of rayban wayfarers on an American airlines flight 223 from Boston to LAX. I know it doesn't seem like much but they were a presnt and mean a lot to me. Am only in LA a few weeks, who do o contact about them? AA or the airport??

Vlad Bel (not verified)

Hello last Friday i flew from NY on Qantas flight QF108 and transit LAX around 9.30 to 11.30pm traveling to final destination Sydney. Whilst walking around and having a seat i left an old silver blackberry phone on one of the black chair at a gate area cup holders, .
I cannot remember which gate was transit lounge i left the phone as I was walking around for a seat.

If you have found my mobile phone please let me know and will forward Sydney address where you can send.

Vlad Bel.

Grace (not verified)

I lost my dark blue camera, it was Exilm-Casio. 10 megapixels. My airline is Southwest airlines. i reallly need this because next weekend is Easter & ireally need it:( I lost it today on Sunday, March 28, 2010. I would really appreciate it if it was found. okay. thankyou.

Barbara (not verified)

I lost my camera. It's Dark Blue. &the brand is Exilm-Casio. I lost it today, on Sunday, March 28, 2010. My airline was Southwest airlines. Because next sunday is Easter, i would really appreciate it if it was back into my possession. Please. por favor. This is my 7th camera:(


ps help, samll Samsung in black zip case, believe lost under seat in transit LAto Vancouver March 15 late night, family photos Disneyland all lost, reward $100 (can send photo of family & camera)

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I lost a IPOD touch in a taxi going to LA Airport in Sept 2009. Can someone give me the offical contact or email adddress for lost and found company that manage the typical yellow cabs service that operates in LA.

Ken (not verified)

I flew out of LAX to Sydney on Delta from gate 58A on Monday 22 March, and when I arrived in Sydney and went through security for a domestic flight, I noticed my HP laptop with 17" screen was gone. The computer could have been taken from my carry on luggage on the plane (I left it many rows ahead of where I was sitting), but am posting this message on the off chance the PC went walkabout in the terminal. The PC is 4 years old and has a ton of personal photos on it. I can be contacted on pumfords at

Yasaman Rahmani (not verified)

I flew out of Delta's gate 54A on March 23rd at 10:15 and I may have lost my ID some time before that in the terminal. Please help me :(

Juan (not verified)

I will be happy to reward you if you found it.. it may be around one of the samsumg chargin areas. I have som unforgetable memories there so please return it.
(425) 753 9252.

Anonymous (not verified)

I flew on march 17 from JFK to LAX on american airlines and lost my new canon SD750 camera that has lots of important pictures on it. If anyone sees it please email me, thank you so much!!

David E (not verified)

Between flights today, probably at the Food Court near gate 75, I lost my sony cybercam in its case with a sun shield, extra battery, 4 & 8 gb memory cards, usb card reader, battery charger and ac charger for my blackberry and a few other oddments. I am hopeful someone has found it and will return it to me, i will happily pay the shippng and a reward. I just came back from visiting my pregnant daughter and have a ton of pictures on the cards. Mahalo for your kokua - David 808-283-2025

ned (not verified)

On 8th March 2010 at around 10.30pm while travelling to Sydney via Los Angeles Airport, I left a brand new pair of Ray Ban
Sun glasses (in its case with price tags) on a seat in the departure section at 10? Gate. I would appreciate it if you could email me @ if found

Janet Bell

Links of London bracelet lost on United flight from Kona, Big Island to LAX. Flight left Saturday night at 9:20pm. Please let me know if you have found it.

Heidi (not verified)

Lost a LG ENV 2 maroon phone in delta terminal at LAX on March 7, 2010

Saul (not verified)

lost car key on feb 26 at united airlines terminal 7. remote with acura symbol. If found please e-mail me at

Jill Mast (not verified)

Flew from LAX Airport to Phoenix onto Austin this morning, 3/5 and had to take off my necklace to go thru the security checkpoint and left my gold link necklace in the bucket. If you found it could you please call me at (512)940-2464 or email me at the above email. I would greatly appreciate it.

Carlos (not verified)

I left a small, black flip cam in the seat pocket on flight 411 from JFK to LAX monday night. Thanks!!

Nichole (not verified)

I've been given the run around trying to find something I lost on a SOUTHWEST flight on FEBRUARY 12, 2010 on my flight arrving from BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA. I have notified Southwest, but in case I dropped it in the airport I would like to file a report.

It is a PINK & PURPLE MAKE UP BAG full of make up (Mac, Sephora, Stila brands, etc). It is roughly 12 inches wide and roughly 6-8 inches tall. It is made out of polyester/plastic. It can stand up on it's own and has a zipper at the top. Please notify me at with next steps on trying to locate this bag. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a gold ring on the 27th of February. Airline: Lufthansa

alan (not verified)

lost yellow rugby samsung (SGH-a837) cellphone @ LAX news stand near United gate 74, thursday around 2:00 p.m.

appreciate the return.


Andrew Zick (not verified)

I lost my Panasonic Lumix digital camera on Alaska Airlines flight 241 from Cancun to Los Angeles. The flight returned to LAX around 9:00pm on Feb 22, 2010. If someone found the camera or at least the memory card, please contact me at 909-841-7194 or All i really want are my memories back. I don't even care about the camera any more.

Thank you

sad vacationer (not verified)

I was through LAX via Delta 16 today. I lost a neon pink soap box case containing a bright green Ipod in a clear ipod holder with a clip and also a thumb drive inside a clear snack sized baggie. The memories on the thumb drive are irreplaceable as they were pictures of my boyfriend, who was on his R&R from deployment in Afghanistan and myself in Australia. I was through customs and security and baggage claim areas. If anyone sees this item, please contact me via email at Many thanks and I would hope there are some good souls left out there that could help me with this lost item..................

Nicola Rowlands (not verified)

I left my nikon camera on flight 415 which arrived in LAX on the 22nd of Feb 2010 at around 11 pm. Please if anyone sees the camera contact me. You can have the camera, I just need the film that is inside the camera. It would really mean a lot.
Thank you.

Nikon silver and black 35 mm camera in camera bag.

Lita L

I lost a Canon A570 camera in a green case. It was left on the plane arriving from Honolulu Airport to LAX 2-14-10, 5:30am. Please call 805-890-0485.

Andrew (not verified)

Lost my laptop going thru TSA Checkpoint gate 1 at LAX on Fri., Feb. 19, 2010 Flight 1418 departing LAX at 8:30 AM. Please call if found 215-317-9107

Mrs Leyva (not verified)

Lost Passport & Green Card on Sunday February 14th, 2010 to the name of Lucia Flores. If found please contact

Sad little boy's Mum (not verified)

My son flew back to Australia from LAX at 10pm 2/18/10 he has misplaced a blue plastic container with all his Nintendo DS games in it.It may have been outside the boarding gates? He had such a wonderful holiday only to be heartbroken on his return home.If anyone found them or handed them in please let us know.Thank you.

Paige (not verified)

Lost on Thursday 2/18/10, LAX Southwest terminal. A very cute brown with flowers backpack embroidered in white with the name Paige. Inside, coloring books and some very special stuffed animals. Reward!

Judy Aldaylam (not verified)

Hello on 2-18-2010 my husband was picking up relatives coming from New York.Around 7:40 pm on section 1 in the parking structure we seem to have left behind a black hand bag containing very important papers such as yemeni bith certificates,marriage contract. If anyone has found this bag please call me immediatley @ (661) 903-1385 please leave a message if I don't answear this bag belongs to Hakim Ali Nacher. Thank You

Ted Chen (not verified)

Hi, my friend was taking Delta Airlines 2470 from LA to Vegas on Feb.13, 2010. He left his watch in the box when passing the X-ray check point around 6:00pm. He is a vistor from Taiwan, he doesn't speak English. That's why I am writting this message for him.

His name is "Ling Ching, Heng."
The lost item is a SEIKO silver watch.

If anyone has found the watch, please contact me as soon as possible. Because he is leavin LA on Feb.19, 2010.

Or is it possible that you can send the watch to Malaysia Airlines, because he is taking the flight MH95 LA-TPE 23:10 on Feb.19, 2010.

My contact number is 626-429-8128 Thank you very much!

Ashley Jones (not verified)

Lost Silver Glitter Wallet around december, Please call me at 310-902-4480

Wang Hung

To Transportation Security Administration’s Dear Sirs:

My name is Wang Hung . I was born in Taiwan ( R.O.C.) in 1983. I have been to Denver Downtown to watch “ SIA SNOW SHOW ” on Jan 26-31. During come back home I took AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT No. AA1519 from DENVER STAPLETON to LOS ANGELES INTL at 17:55 on Jan 31. And then transferred EVA AIR FLIGHT No.BR 15 to TAIPEI at 22:45 on Jan 31. When I checked in and was security checked in LOS ANGELES INTL customs, I lost a black overcoat at security checking room. Its brand is “ Lafuma ” style as my photo picture that taking in DENVER. There are a few US coins﹑a pair of gloves (brand:Snow Fox) and a used auto-pencil in it.

When I had arrived in TAIPEI CKS AIRPORT felt it was lost at 5:30 on Feb 2 nd ( Taiwan’s local time ). I told the staff of EVA AIR. They E-mail to LOS ANGELES INTL Airport EVA AIR’s branch to assist in finding my overcoat immediately. Next day morning ( Feb 3rd ) according to the staff of EVA AIR said by phone that TSA ask passenger to E-mail or by telephone personally to conform the truth directly. And asking TSA shall hand my Lafuma’s overcoat to the staff of EVA AIR in Los Angeles branch please. They’ll deliver it to TAIPEI then give me. I formally authorize both of you (TSA & EVA AIR) to help me please. Would you please announce EVA AIR’s staff to come to get it. Or how can I do? My「lost & found」 code is No.6 at EVA AIR Company.

Accept my sincere thanks for the trouble you’ll take. Many thanks for TSA’s support. I wish there were a better word than “ thanks ” to express my appreciation for TSA’s assistance.

From: Wang Hung 2010/2/3 20:50 Taipei Taiwan
Tel: 011-886-2-22251168

TSA Contact Center
EVA AIR's Taiwan passenger lost an overcoat 440755-562180. 2010/2/18 04:26:03

overcoat photo:
ticket photo:

please e-mail to me OR connect EVA AIR Taiwan, EVA AIR able to take my overcoat back to Taiwan, Thank you very much.