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I am inquiring about a pin that was lost yesterday morning - Sunday August 8th at LAX.
Pin is a gold anchor – a family memorabilia from WWII. It was lost yesterday morning – Sunday August 8th at American Airlines, Terminal 4 after exiting car.
Please let me know if anyone has found. Offering a $1,000 reward.

Thanks in advance!!!!


I lost my Verizon Hotspot (VZ Access) at the Virgin America Terminal Wednesday night, August 4, 2010. We were in between gates 36 and 39.
That's the problem with those aircards. Very convenient and 5 people can use all at once. The problem is when you let a 15 year old use it, they might forget to put it back in their pocket once you have to board the plane. Please email me if you found it. Thanks,
Andy Kelley


I left my cell phone on SW flight 2775 when it stopped at LA and we had an unscheduled plane change (Sat. July 31st). Someone found it and called a person on my contact list. The contact list person called me...but I don't have a name or anyway of knowing where it is. The only thing the person said was that it was at the LAX lost and found. I have called every number I can get my hands on to locate luck yet.
Anyone out there have any info?




My daughter lost her beloved blanket on Thurs., Aug 5th in the waiting area of LAX, near gate 38 of Virgin American. It is a small, pinkish blanket with a bunny head. She misses it dearly and I would love to get it back for her!


Date: 2nd Aug 2010


LAX Tom Bradley Terminal Qantas check in
Daily Grill Bar
Flight QF108 @ 1155PM - LA to Sydney seat 63D


A small square hard covered black fliptop case (palm size). It is a PSP game holder.

Contained in the case were several Sony SD cards and 1 Olympus memory card. Also in the case was a Sony PSP game cartridge & an airplane earphone adaptor.

Hopefully someone has recovered this, have contacted airlines and other airports with no luck. Please reply back to this post if any information.

Huge sentimental value on the memory cards :(

Many thanks

Augusto Bomfim ...


I lost my wallet at friday and I think it was in the Lax airport,
I tried to contact my airlines but they said that the didn't find anything in the airplanes.
I had almost all my documents in my wallet, my ID, my credit card, my drivers license... My name is Augusto Bomfim Torquetti.
I hope you guys can check for me, if anyone found,

Thanks very much,
I'll be waiting for an answer,
I appreciated that.



Lost MACBOOK PRO-blue hardshell cover
Lost 7/29/2010
I was flying out of Gate 2 and think it was left in airport security.
Please contact 510 604 2617, VERY IMPORTANT!! REWARD IF FOUND!

Amanda Rae

Hi everyone.

On the evening of 7/26 I boarded United flight 86 from Honolulu. I arrived in LA early the next morning (7/27) and sleepily missed my camera bag when leaving the plane. I was sitting in seat 11B, it was stowed beneath the seat in front of me.

The camera bag is a black and gray small, padded bag. I believe case logic makes it. There is one zip and velcro main pocket and two zip side pockets, with a little slit zip on the main pocket. It is yellow on the inside containing a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi with an (I believe) 18-55 mm lens as well as the USB cord and battery pack. In one of the pockets I have also left my passport.

I know that the plane went right back to Honolulu after that, then this morning went to LAX, then Philadelphia.

My photos from Hawaii are on the camera, it contains an SD card.

There may be money in the front slit zip pocket- keep it, just please return my camera!!

Or, if anyone has any information, if they turned it in to officials or anything, I'd much appreciate hearing about it.

Thank you very much!


I left the power cord to my laptop at the Frontier gate 6A. Our flight number was 412, we departed at 6:47p.m.yesterday,July 24. We were sitting just to the right of the terminal in the two seats that are seperated from the others and the seats have a metal bar in between. We are in Denver for a week, until 7/31.


My 6-year old daughter seems to have lost her favorite stuffed animal, to which she has a strong emotional and sentimental attachment. It is a cow with black spots, manufactured by the company SigiKid. Trademark is a red paw with the label "sigikid" Germany at the bottom.

We believe we lost it at LAX in the waiting area of gates 23 to 25 shortly before boarding on Friday, July 23rd, at about 1.30 p.m. Flights departing at the time were Air France to Paris Charles de Gaulle and Air New Zealand to London-Heathrow.

Should you have found it or know of its whereabouts, please contact me at for further handling. Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.

Franz J. Loevenich


My Relative in USA travelled AA169 / 23JUN / JL707 / 24JUN LAX/NRT/BKK still lost one box contains 20 x IPAD inside she has already paid for the excess weight and keep all documents for proof . Untill now the airline both American Airline and
Japan Airline never found that box . Could you check all possible area in LAX Airport or any suggestion for further good news plese let us know by my E-MAIL


I left my iPod touch on the 2421 Medford OR to LAX flight on 7/22/10 it is in a leather Steelers case with a Steelers Skin no questions asked please return

Vicki (not verified)

My son lost his cellphone on a flight into Atlanta July 21. The following flt. left for LAX with his phone somewhere on that plane. It's a charcoal grey verizon samsung intensity. It slides open vertically and is brand new. We think it slid out of his bag during landing or left in row 26 pocket. Please e-mail me it it is found!!


Teddy Cooperstone
Delta Crown Bar. If found pls cll
818-633-4280 Thank You
07/18/2010 6-8:45pm

LG (not verified)

I lost my Green Card last night in Terminal 2 of LAX. I believe I dropped it right after getting my baggage, by the last kiosk before exiting, near where the suit case X-Rays are. Please email me at with any info. My name is Lewis Gregory.

Desperate Mom (not verified)

LOST BABY BLANKET!! My son lost his very special baby blanket at LAX yesterday, Sunday July 18th, around 3:30-4:00 PM. I believe it was left in the seating area at Gate 60, or near the windows in the seating area across from Gate 60. We are desperately trying to locate it and I'm trying everything I can. It is a small blue blanket with very worn out white trim. We are praying it shows up!

Cami Gill (not verified)

I flew Continental to Hawaii yesterday (July 18th). I went through security closest to the Continental sign curbside and left my Dell Laptop (black) in the tub rushing to catch my flight at gate 60. This was about 130 in the afternoon. I can be reached at 1-281-995-4011. Thank you for your time in this matter.

Robert Pearcey (not verified)

Lost a Nikon CoolPix camera on Saturday, July 10. Arrived on UA 44 from Kahului, Maui. Stopped at the Karl Strauss T8 bar around 10 pm. Continued on to Tucson, AZ. The camera was in a blue padded case and the camera was rose color. Pictures were from Hawaii. Please call 520-744-7052. Thanks!

Felicity (not verified)

Lost somewhere between LAX and San Diego, a white T-Mobile blackberry, it has my son's Make A Wish trip photos on it. If you found it and don't want to give it back please just email the photos to me or send me the memory card just please get those photos to me.
Thank you,

Beverly (not verified)

I was in Terminal 1 at LAX departing to Las Vegas at 9:15am on July 14, 2010 and think I may have dropped my wallet before boarding my flight, or maybe left it on flight #2196. If anyone picked it up please email me at



I lost my cellphone in LAX last Sunday. It is a blue Sony-Ericcson.

Raelyn Guzman (not verified)

I was on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to New York, DL 9358, on July 11 and I think I may have lost my camera on board the flight. It's a dark blue Nikon Cool Pix. It has all my pictures from Africa on it. It was in a black case that closed magnetically. If you have found it please let me know I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you,

Raelyn Guzman
US Army


Late Sunday night my daughter left a MacBook in a cab. It was after 11:30 pm. We did call the cab company 5 min. after we were dropped off but were given the wrong Trip Ticket. It was a green cab. The cab trunk was full of tools. The driver was in his 50's, glasses and possibly Asian. He had difficulty with English. If anyone can help, we would give a reward. We were by Delta airlines. email



My family and I transfered thru LAX on 11 July 2010. Were landed on UA890 and then continued in separate directions; I went to Dallas Fortworth on AA2448 departing @1335, my wife and 2 kids went to Chicago O'Hare on UA843 @1349. We lost track of our NIKON D60 digital camera. It was in a black camera case (rather tattered from age and use). Also in the case was an extra telescopic zoom lense, an extra battery, and battery charger. The last pictures that were taken were of our family in Tokyo Disney Land. We are not sure if the camera case was left at the the TSA security check point or one of our departure gates.

Any help that you might provide in locating these lost items would be greatly appreciated. The camera might be replaced, but the pictures and digital tapes that were in the camera case can not. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.


Christopher Meserve
US Army

Eric Rice (not verified)

I lost a mailing tube on Monday July 12 with a poster in it by a black artist, John Holyfield. Please contact me if you have found it. 323-304-3075

Anonymous (not verified)

my son left his Nintendo DSi in a black and red Nerf protective sponge rubber outer shell case in seat 11E of American Airlines flight 1553 flying from Toronto (YYZ) to Los Angeles (LAX) last night, Sunday, July 11th. if found, please call Bernard or Lorie at (310) 543-2624


I left my black iPhone 3gs (housed in an Otterbox case) in an American Airlines departure terminal (Gate 47B) I believe on the evening of Sunday, June 27. Has calendar, contacts, and note info which I really need.


I left a leather folder on a luggage cart in the Delta parking structure around 11:30 PM on July 6th. It contains some documents.




I lost a Black Casio in a hard black case on a flight from LAX to Dallas on the morning of June 27th. I have a lot of pictures from San Francisco and Southern California on the SD card. I don't care about the camera but am dying to get the pictures back. Any information would help. Please send any information regarding the camera or even the SD card to

Corinne Lent (not verified)

I lost a bag with all my makeup and facial products in it- on flight 181 going from JFK to LAX July 2nd at 5pm. I left it on the floor by my seat which was 35J. Please if anyone finds it reply back to or return it to the American Airlines lost and found at the airport. Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

We found a sweet doll in the Bradley Terminal at the tables by the Windows near McDonalds. A McDonalds receipt at the table is dated June 29, 10:45pm
Please call me to arrange her return to her family

Emma Wong (not verified)

I lost my driver's license at LAX. It's under the name Emma Ren Nuan Wong and it's a British Columbia (Canada) license. It is white with rainbowish colors on it. If you find it please call: 604-219-7685 or email me at

Thank you!

Meir Perez (not verified)

I lost a very sentimental anniversary bracelet on July 2. This is a mans gold bracelet.The design is very unique. I have pictures of me wearing it. I passed through TSA checkpoint near United gates. I flew on United flight 708 from LAX to Orlando early in the morning. I hope someone is kind enough to return it to me.

Christina (not verified)

Hi I flew in on Delta Flight 4 from JFK to LAX on Monday 6/28/2010 real late at night, and I seem to have misplace or left my fleece jacket around the baggage claim area (I think). If someone could let me know if they saw it or if they happen to have it in the lost & found at the airport it woudl be great appreciated.


Anonymous (not verified)

Lost at LAX on 01 July. United Flight 49. Bose headphones/case. Business card in the case. Please call!

Prasanna Gnanavel (not verified)

I lost my American Express travellers cheque worth of 3900 GBP during my travel. I called American Express and raised the complaint on the same. Please could you help me to find my travellers cheque.

Date of issue: 21-June-2010

Amy Felix (not verified)

Please contact me via email if you have any information on my things.
Cab driver name: Daryit or Dayrk (not sure if im spelling it correctly)
nationality: South African
Description: Black ,male,slender,5'9-5'10
pretty heavy accent
Pick up location: LAX Airport Terminal 3(virgin america)
Drop off location: Downtown Greyhound Bus Station
Pick up time: 11:20
Drop off time: 12:00 mid night
Luggage brand: American Explorer(mid size black suit case)
Price fare: $62.55

Dropped off at downtown greyhound bus station left luggage in trunk of sedan cab.

Anonymous (not verified)

If I were you I would call the cab company and let their superviser know about it. I'm pretty sure if you've left it in the cab they'll return it back to you

Syed Ahmad (not verified)

Lost set of keys: Infiniti car keys, black electronic key, blue white and orange bead keychain, cash reward if returned, call 434.386.1066

ben hauptman

Reward offered for return of wallet.


Thank you!

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my CA driver's liscence the morning of Sunday, July 27th. It is probably located either in the TSA checkpoint for terminal 6, the terminal 6 Starbuck's, or United gate 83. The birthday on the ID should be 12/26/1985. Please e-mail or call 630-776-2630 if found. Thank you!

Melissa G (not verified)

I flew in on 6/21 2240 united flight 265 into lax and my checked bag was opened.. My canon camera in a black Case with sentimental photos were missing along with my power pack AC adapter to my apple MacBook. Please if anyone has found these o
items email me.

Anonymous (not verified)

Left by gate 48B Sunday morning 6/27 around 6:30. Tan beach bag with white flowers. Magazines, Nintendo DS, green notebook with trading cards, red T-shirt. Please email if found. Thanks!

Jefferson Wiedemann

Sony digital 13 megapixals, black finish, in canvas belt holster, lost in Tom Bradley Terminal June 26 in mens bathroom. Reply to this posting. Sentimental shots. Thanks, Mark.

Nicole christiansen (not verified)

I was on spirit airlines flight 339 on June 24 that left ft lauderdale at 8:20pm and landed at LAX at 10:40. I left my wallet on board the flight with all my credit cards, my drivers license and $170. Please call me if you have my wallet and I will come by and pick it up asap. Thanks again in advance, Nicole 305-773-0261.

Anonymous (not verified)

On Wed.6-16-10 around 2p.m. we left a travel wallet on a cart with 4 passports in front of United please contact us if found thanks

ANNIE CHANG (not verified)


Jeremy (not verified)

I left my Olympus digital camera in a sony carrying case on a flight from London to LAX on Wed June 9th. If anyone picked it up whether the cleaning staff, engineers, food service, and or any other passengers i would be willing to pay a very nice reward for its safe return along with the two memory cards the one inside the camera and the other that was inside the case. These pictures include me with my great grandfathers grave in Normandy, France he was unfortunately killed during World War2 just months after my mother was born. My email is
thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

Bradley Terminal on Saturday, 6/12/10, around 10:30 AM. I left my black day planner in seating area near the right exit door (looking from the inside out), and in between the 1st + 2nd rows of check-in counters. My whole life is in this book. Please call 562-743-2500, if found. I would be very thankful.