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Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my Ipad when going through the security screening for Qantas flight - QF12 on Thursday 7th, October 2010, which was scheduled to depart from gate 123 at 10:30pm on that same day.

I went through the screening at around 8:30pm, in lane 4 or 6 (as my partner went through lane 5 on the right next to me).

Can you please help me figure out how I might find my lost Ipad? We had the entire photos from our 3 week vacation/holiday on the Ipad and would be very upset if we are unable to recover it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


john keanini (not verified)

lost my camera at the united airlines terminal between gates 72 and 73 it is a kodak m341. we were there on wednesday oct 6th between 1:30 until our time of takeoff at 3pm.

Santiago'Sandy'Magallanes (not verified)

On my return flight American Airline #161 to OGG on May 13, 2010, my hand carried golf club a Titlest metal (#3)fairway wood, model 906, with a green shaft, with a head cover, and attached to it a personal name tag: Santiago'Sandy'Magallanes
P.O. Box 808866
(227 Alalani Street)
Pukalani, HI 96788-0861
for security reasons the golf club was confiscated. On my
revisit and return flight American Airline #161 to OGG on
September 30, 2010 the TSA superviser provided me information
to possibly retrieving my golf club. It is hoped with this email and request of retrieval will materialized. Your assistance in this matter is greatfully. Thanking you in advance I remain...


P.O. Box 880861
227 Alalani Street
Pukalani, HI 96788--0861
Ph. 808:280-1821(C)
October 4, 2010 @ 3:10PM Maui, HI. time

Mattnova (not verified)

Hello--I lost an iPOD in a black case somewhere in United Terminal 7 and 8. I would gladly pay a reward and shipping costs for its return. Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost my sun glass in the delta airline boarding area on October 1. Maui Jim sun glasses in brown case. Inside the case with the sun glasses are a pair of reading glasses.

michelle sangreo preston (not verified)

i am currently in the military travelling back home and i lost my keys and wallet at the lax southwest terminal sunday oct 3. pls call me at 1 575 921 5637 or 310 948 6441.thank you ! michelle

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost black I phone Alaska terminal lax Saturday oct 2 pm please email me if you find it

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a camera bag with a sony handycam and a digital camera inside, the side pockets had battery recharge cases and there was a thumb drive, these have all our family memories so please if found email me
my flight was from honolulu to LAX Sunday night Flight HA2 near seat 29c, my wife believes it was left in the above cargo.

Gonzalo Mazuera (not verified)

Good morning!
I lost my cell phone at the check point of LAX, gates 40-49 entrance, on Fri. 10/1 around 9:00AM. I forgot it in the bin and is a Pantech sliding phone blue and black color. All my biz contacts are in there.
I do appreciate you call my wife's phone 847.309-3731 with good news.

James E. Brown III (not verified)

I lost a black cloth briefcase somewhere between security at Terminal 5 and the escalator exiting the tunnel at Terminal 6 Saturday Morning October 2, 2010 at approximately 7:10AM. The bag has a "X" logo with "Society of Experimental Test Pilots". If found please e-mail or call 661-202-5621. Thanks!

Houyong Kang

I'd like to pay 200 US dollars to found this laptop.
I certainly remembered that I had left my laptop in the plane seat pocket on Sep. 10th. My flight of airtran airline is 55 flew from Atlanta city on that morning. My seat is 26D.
This laptop means very important for me and my wife. It saves all the pictures whick taken during our tour to Eastern America. I have contacted with the baggage claim, unfortunately, there is no good news.
My heart has been nearly broken!
God bless me.
Thank you.
Please contact with me:213-9898-6733 or 323-434-9914.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my wallet between the delta arrival terminal, or men's bathroom by the TSA. It has a California Male Driver license. If you need more of a description call 510.467.4408

Cindy Brock (not verified)

I believe I lost my wallet near the I Love LA store in the Delta Terminal. It's brown/black with silver accent and contains GA driver's license in my name (Cindy Kunath Brock) with number 041521874. It has other items (no cash) and I can descibe those items as a means of identification. *REWARD* upon return with all contents. Send email to

Yoko Conniff (not verified)

On 9/24/10 at around nooon, I lost my car keys at T.B. Int'l Terminal (arrival ground floor). My key chains have my grand children's and husband's photos.
If you find my key chanis, pls call me at (858)361-3792.
Thank you.


Hi My name is Kyong A and I lost my black hand-carried bag in LA airport infront of the gate going to Vancouver on August 22, 2010. It has no name on it, and it can't be locked, because it's out of order.
Inside of my bag, there's new shoes, clothes, and jeans. I hope you will find it. By the way, there was a call from US, but I wonder if the call was from the lost and found. Anyway, please
find my bag, and I hope it's still in the airport.

Sharon Boreham (not verified)

Dear Verizon,

My phone was lost at LAX on Monday, 9-20-10 at the ALITALIA AIRLINES, Tom Bradley International airport at LAX.
If found please contact at

Thank you.

Sharon Boreham

Sunisa (not verified)

On Sept. 18. I lost my purse in the LA airport. The purse is pink with a short strap with credit cards and money inside. Credit cards are all my name(Sunisa Jetjaratpong). I already cancel all credit cards. But I want some picture and other cards inside. Kindly advise if this purse was found. It would be very much appreciated. My email is My traveled from Bangkok, Thailand to Denver,USA via following flight.

Bangkok to Tokyo narita - UA882

Tokyo narita to Los Angeles - UA890

Los Angeles to Denver -UA336
Thank you.

Joel (not verified)

On Sunday night, 19th September, I lost a triangular Fedex box, with an art print inside, at or near the TSA security checkpoint. It's of huge sentimental value to me.

Please get in touch if you know anything - reward if found!

+61 414 944 302


Tamara (not verified)

I lost my California driver's license in LAX Terminal 7 around 7:30 pm on Friday 9-16-10. I cannot fly home on Sunday without it! Please, if you found my ID please email me immediately at

Carla (not verified)

Lost Black Berry Bold 9700
My colleague was travelling on Air Canada flight 796 out of Gate 22 from LA to Toronto on Tuesday September 14th.It could have been found at a Starbucks, AC Gate 22 or at Airport Security Gates.
Kindly advise if this blackberry bold was found. It would be very much appreciated. He's lost without it!
Thank you.

Paul G Dolenac

On Sept. 7 I lost a plastic water bottle in the LA airport. It is white with the words "Denvention 3 Fan Hydration Device" in blue letters. It is a souvenir from a science fiction convention and I would very much like to get it back. My email is and phone is 520-561-9462. I am hard to reach by phone so email is best. I will pay postage to get it back.

Anonymous (not verified)

My husband was at a bar in the LAX airport watching a game on TV with some extra time......he lost his wallet somewhere around there on sept 13th...... Harold Dean Thornton... and info on it would be appreciated.

thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

On september 5, 2010 enroute LAX to SEATAC, Alaska Air flight 477 I lost my purple zip-side change purse with CA Driver License, Medicare and insurance card(blue cross-blue shield)some credit cards and about $90 cash. Please contact me at (818)889-1446 if found. Thank You. MR

Trevor Sack (not verified)

I recently lost a black under armour bag with a very important laptop with years of pictures and documents that are only on that computer. I left it in Parking Lot 7 at LAX the UNited Airlines parking lot. If anyone has any information please email me at and I will give you a reward. Thank you.

Trevor Sack

Ashley (not verified)

I was travelling to Fiji and while I was waiting for my flight to New Zealand I left my white 9700 Blackberry Bold behind in the washroom around 11:15pm.
Some employee found my found in the bathroom and called my last caller which was my grandma. She told my grandma that I'd left behind my phone and she asked where I was going so she could give it to me. my grandma told her that I was on the Qantas flight to New Zealand that left at !!:40pm. She said she would go right away and see if she could make the flight if not then she'd give it to the desk. Now I don't know what desk it was returned to. I know it has been returned but I don't know where it is. I have no idea which desk she returned it to. I've checked TSA they said they don't accept things left behind from other employees. I've checked Qantas, not there. But Qantas said that they are connected with American Airlines and they think it could be with them. The only bad part is that I live in Toronto Canada and calling the number they gave me is going to cost an awful lot.

Anonymous (not verified)

I flew into LAX from San Francisco on Monday, September 6, on United Airlines flight UA0931. I was sitting in seat 15F and I believe my Black iPod nano (3rd generation) fell off my lap and I left it on the plane. It had a black rubbery case around it, and I can give info about what type of music is on it if needed.
Any information you could provide me would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,

Anonymous (not verified)

I must have walked away from my brown Framed reading glasses. 6026181442 to return. Thanks in advance

Anonymous (not verified)

I forgot to pickup my "Karbonn" cell after passing the security. It is a small, balck color cell. I use this in India. I stored all my numbers in that SIM. This works only in India. Please reply to my email or call: 408-242-4392. Thanks, Raja.

JDD (not verified)


I may have left my blackberry curve in the P-6 parking garage last night, 9/2/2010, and I desperately need it back. The homescreen image is a nighttime photo of downtown Los Angeles. Please contact me if it has been found.

Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

Somewhere near the baggage claim area (American Airlines flight) or the men's bathroom I misplaced my (first generation) iPhone - the true value of the iPhone are the photo's on it from our Kauai vacation. If you have this phone, I would greatly appreciate it being returned to the LAX Lost and Found (no questions asked!)


I was trying to be a good mom and take a photo of my son on his first plane flight Tuesday August 24th 2010 on American Airlines flight 263 from Washington Dulles to LAX and must not have gotten my camera back into my purse. The flight immediately went on to Dallas/Fort Worth and may have stayed on the plane for flight 2462. Please contact me to return my memory card, if nothing else, full of my baby's firsts: his birth, first 8 months, 4th of July, Father's Day, trips to Catalina, Las Vegas, and DC. Help!!!

sayra (not verified)

Hello! Yesterday, august 29 my fiance lost his cell phone at southwest security checkpoint in lax at about 6:30pm its an older slide bronze color phone with very important military numbers if found there's a 100 dollar reward pls contact me at 8473388323

JM (not verified)

My mom lost her cell phone at the Tom Bradley terminal on 8/28/10. She took Asiana airline and when she took her luggage, she had to go through another security check. She believes that the phone fell out from her bag when she put her bag into the tray. It's a black LG phone and looks old.

JC (not verified)

21 August 2010 - LAX
We've lost a SD Memory Card containing over 600 photos of our vacation in California. It was in a small protective case and must have fallen from my pocket as we were making our way to a Westjet flight from LAX on Saturday, August 21.
If you look at the files, the first few pics are of our cat, then work-related pics, then our holiday photos which obviously can't be replaced.

ericka (not verified)

hi, everyone my brother lost his passport Aug.26 2010 at terminal 2 Aeromexico it was inside a yellow envelope with other documents the name on the passport is Isaac Flores he left it on a baggage cart if anyone picked it up please return it they are of high importance thank you any information is

davidcnelson (not verified)

On August 23rd, I lost a pair of Oakley sunglasses, brown, in a Smith sunglass case. If you've found them, I would really appreciate a contact at 949-370-5881. They were the Fuel Cell model with polarized lenses.

Thank you

Terry (not verified)


I lost my laptop in LAX terminal 6 between 7:30 AM and 9 AM on Wednesday August 11th. I was going to gate 66 (Copa Airlines). The laptop is a black DELL Latitude 64XX series.
There is a tag on the back with the number 00772 writen on it.

Jeff (not verified)

My wife and kids were flying to Europe on July 12, and they lost a large black CD/DVD case. It is about 10x5x2 inches (a rough estimate). It contains some movie DVDs (which we don't really care about), as well as many CDs and DVDs of photos and home videos. If you found it, you can have the movies and the case, we just want the personal files.

Laurissa (not verified)

I left mt husband's sunglasses in a chair in terminal 6 while waiting to board an Allegiant flight 8/24/10 around 2:15 pm. They are silver frame with blue lenses and missing one plastic nose piece. If found please call 307-272-0244. A $100.00 cash reward will be offered if returned.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi we looking after a small bag with a photo camera from Nikon and a film camera from JVC. All the holiday pictures are onn this camera. Please call me if you found it. Tel is: 16466710186 or 011491749302833


My name is jason, i cannot find my helicopter pilot logbook which i think fell out of my bag at the lax airport somewhere or on my delta flight 2004 from lax to slc. i was en route the day of august 20, 2010. if anyone knows or has found this item i hav a reward for them. It is inside a black canvas velcro sleeve with the word "asa" on it... thanks so much .



I dropped my iphone picking up someone from Delta #5. It may have feel out of my car and probably got ran over. If anyone has seen it please contact me at 310.927.4761.

Bernard Kangogo (not verified)

I forgot my sprint htc cellular phone at the United Airlines security check in at LAX ON 8/21/2010 at around 1530 hours. If found, please, email me at or call 913 602 7257. I'll greatly appreciate it.

It is black in color, sliding phone with a key pad.


We took flight AA202 Friday 20th August at 7H10am from LAX to MIA
We had to change of plane due to a break down.

My daughter forget her camera in the «out of order” plane which stayed in LAX.
She was at seat 12E.

It’s a Camera LUMIX red in a brown case with all our vacation pictures.

Thank you for your help.

Tel +33 670 87 92 04
e-mail :


I think I may have dropped my British passport somewhere in Terminal 1 yesterday evening, 20 August. If found, please call 818-667-9268. The name on the passport is William Ian Hillan. Thanks


Lost My Blackberry Phone at terminal 6 around gates 50-69. Please call me back at 1818-290-3300 or 1818-458-4628. Hilla


Lost phone about 12 midnight on Aug. 19th at the curbside pickup near Delta Term. 5 international. Reward if found! Thank you, Mary

Holly Crawford

If anyone can help me find the name of the taxi company we took from Santa Monica Pier to LAX, it would be most appreciated. We had a long layover, took the trip to the beach & left our camera on the backseat of the taxi (Saturday Aug 14th at 7:45pm). Unfortunately, we cannot remember the name of the company, but it was not the standard "yellow" style. It was a dark, Army green-colored Lincoln Town car (still said taxi) with tan interiors. Any information would be greatly appreciated. We've lost all the pictures from our son's first trip to Vancouver. The camera was a Fuji F40 (and the battery was just about dead). I'd be willing to give away the camera just to get those photos back.


I was traveling on the 8/13/2010 and lost alittle earring blue and silver in the hall way up stairs on the way to security-i found the baqck but not the front-if you find please call me a reward would be given-it is very dear to my heart-703-532-0242- office cell 703-929-3657 Heather


Hi All,
I was waiting between the Primetime Shuttle and Super Shuttle pick up point at
LAX Terminal 2 Arrivals on 8/11/2010 at around 8:30pm to 9:15pm.

The item that was left behind in the area was a small black backpack. Of sentimental importance was the memory card (still in a camera) of many photos of my 2-year old son's first trip to visit family in Europe.

If this bag or it's contents (especially the memory card) have been found, please contact me via phone at 714-381-1318 (text messages and voicemail can be left).

A reward is being offered.