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Rikke (not verified)

I lost my red/black fade Blackberry Pearl last night before getting on a super shuttle. It is in an Orange Case. I would be so appreciative if someone found it as I just came from a funeral of my grandmother and all the photos were on the phone. Please help.

Email me,



If someone found my Apple Macbook pro "15 this morning around 6:30 at terminal 3. I offer a $1000 reward for its safe return.

Please contact me 310-743-7157.

Thank You,

Anonymous (not verified)

If anybody has found a necklace with charms left in a TSA security bin, please post on this site to contact me. It has tremendous sentimental value!!! TSA is not answering me and I NEED to find it!


On Sunday, 11/21, I transferred from Celebrity Infinity to SW terminal at LAX by Ryan Express bus. Lost my black soft nylon carry on with camera, jewelry, etc. Any info would be hugely appreciated.

Deb (not verified)

I left a MAC laptop in its black cloth case inside one of those buckets that go through security at LAX on the 29th of November at about 4:45 AM. Did you anyone see/take it reading this? TSA is unresponsive which apparently means they didnt' find it. Considering it was still inside the scanner when I left there (someone was behind me having to be checked so I remember that - too bad I couldn't remember to take the laptop!) that must mean TSA took it - unless someone else did. If that was you- please contact me! 323-302-9431. With my gratitude!
Thank you!

Anonymous (not verified)

We were parked in lax 2 parking garage on November 8th, we lost our black camera case which contained 2 digital cameras & charger. Did anyone find it? Thank you

Rob (not verified)

Lost mens wedding ring black and silver small squares in Tom Bradley Terminal on 11.17.10 around the Eva air departing gates.

$500.00 REWARD if found call 310.808.5252 Thank you.

blake (not verified)

I lost my tan jacket with yellow & black plaid on the front and on the inside is a black, red, and grey plaid pattern. The sleeves are kinda worn and ripped.

I was there on Monday, Nov 22nd between 10pm-Midnight and was flying on American Airlines.

Please email me if you find it. Thank you!

paul (not verified)

Lost my memory card at LAX arrival hall 2 last monday 22nd of november. I was waiting at my friend who arrived from amsterdam and by switching the memory card it mightI lost it. If you found it I am much appriciated if you can contacted me because it contains some pictures of my vacation.

Jonathan (not verified)

I left the day 24 november 2010 , IN L.A. airport about at 4:20 pm,
my white lap top ASUS of 9" ,
at the control before embarking for the flight BA282 for London Heathrow.
I need it, so if you find it please tell me as soon as possible, my email is
thank you so much
Jonathan Bonvini

Jessi Marcovitz (not verified)

I lost my at&t HTC Aria near gate 69B at LAX at 10pm last night. if found please e-mail me at REWARD! thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I lost my light pink Olympus digital camera on flight 286 from Lihue Kauai to LAX. The flight left Lihue, Tuesday November 23rd at 10 pm and arrived at LAX wednesday at 5:20 am. Please contact if found. Thank you

George (not verified)

My daughter transferred throgh LAX on Saturday November 20, 2010 from San Diego to Toronto on UNITED. She lost her blue fuji XP10 which was in a black case.

If found, please contact

Yaron (not verified)

My mother left her laptop at the security check of LAX or on her way to the EL AL gate. She went through the security check at around 11:30AM on Tuesday, 11/23. The brand name of the laptop is "MSI" and its color is grey. The keyboard has both English and Hebrew character keys.

She boarded EL AL flight # LY006 on 11/23 (13:30) bound for Tel Aviv.

If you find a laptop that fits this description, please call Avi at 858-668-8541 or Yaron at 858-964-8091.


Anonymous (not verified)

I just lost my iPhone 4 at the United gate 72 at LAX or somewhere by there. If you find it, please contact me - reward! Thanks

Stacy (not verified)

I lost my ipod on a flight from Maui (UNITED) to LAX. The ipod had B&O headphones and a older Classic Ipod with the inscription on it that states For the woman that does everything for everyone.

Please email me if you have it. REWARD


John McNaughton

Lost a red digital Canon camera on Nov 4 2010.
On a trip between Sydney (via L.A.) and Vancouver I lost my camera with photos of Austrlia. Model SD780 IS. Any help will be appreciated.
With Thanks John

crystal cardenas (not verified)

Hy My Name is Crystal and I flew into Los Angeles from a connecting flight in Atlanta Nov 11. Flight DL1555. I lost a small manilla envelope with important papers and documents inside such as my passport, Id and other very important papers. If you find this please contact me asap. 323 455 9782

Dannyfink (not verified)

I happened toleave behind a black sager laptop when liquids in my carry on were being checked...there was an iPod charger attached to it...I was heading to Philadelphia from
Us airways on November 15 2010 at 1010 pm

Angela Oppong (not verified)

My name is Angela Oppong, and I flew in from Sydney to Los Angeles on 11/4/2010. Lost my lap top at the airport when I was running after my daughter. It's an ACER and I'll be very much grateful if you can contact me when it's found. My lap top contains so much personal information. The flight was QQ11. Thanks.

Kevin Hollingsworth (not verified)


I was on flight 25 on November 4th, 2010 and I believe I lost my coat either by leaving it on the plane or at the Red Carpet club in LAX. I can be reached at 415-645-1839

The coat is all black with a water resistant outside. The coat has a lot of pockets as well.

Hope you can help,


Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a black pearl pendant on a black rubber necklace flying to LA from Los Vegas on Friday 12th Nov. This has a lot of sentimental value. If you found it in the airport or on the plane, I would love to hear from you.

Herbert Beigel (not verified)

I lost my iPad at terminal 7 screening on November 7. Am offering a nice reward. Call me at 520-825-1995.

Herb Beigel


Nov 5, 2010 at 10:15 AM arrival FL 1555 ATL to LAX
Lost Black Apple IPOD in brown leather case and 2 ea 3M privacy screens for Dell Laptops. IPOD has Beyonce cover and lots of tunes. Please call 562-593-3002 if found.

Anonymous (not verified)

I was waiting to be picked up outside Alaska Airlines (terminal 3) and I think I might of left my brown teddy bear or might of accidentally dropped him, this is sentimental value to me so if you happened to of seen it please give me a call back at 323 829 5014, my name is Liz

Anonymous (not verified)

The last August 21 I lost a USB 500GB, the name "buffalo" it is the colour black, and is written the word "Bufalo" in colour White. The serie number is : 45527891125184

It's inside a cloth bag of colour Blue light.
I lost this thing, in terminal 3 in the LAX airport. I would have to take the flight to Papette.

Please if you have my USB, send me a mail, it is very important for me, because it is documents important for me.

Thank You very much

Herbert Beigel (not verified)

I lost an IPAD at Terminal 7 screening United Express on November 7 at around 6 PM. Neither TSA nor the airport police say it was turned in. I am offering a nice reward for its return.

Please email me if you have it.


Herb Beigel

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my drivers licence on 11/7 around 11:00am going through the security check-in at Virgin American airlines. Name on the Drivers License is Danielle Burke. Please email me if you found it.

Cynthia (not verified)

I lost a small pink zippered pouch containing my jewelry at LAX on October 28, 2010. I may have left it on an American Airlines flight 254 from OGG to LAX. I will offer a reward, no questions asked. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

I forgot my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 on the waiting room at the end of the wing (close to gate 25). It is a dark blue camera and it was in its case (Sony case).

I can be reached at 415-259-9393

Priceless pictures in it :(


Anonymous (not verified)

On 27 Oct 2010 I was at LAX Airport to catch a flight from Tom Bradely Terminal . After arriving I lost my Blackberry curve cell phone.
It is black in color and is *not* the touch screen. This happened between 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. If found please email back.
Currently I am out of country and will be back around Dec beginning.
My address is
238 E Fern Ave #108
CA, 92373

Eric Buch (not verified)

I set down my black HTC Incredible phone (has Verizon logo beneath screen) on a seat near gate 66 in terminal 6 on Oct 29 at 2pm. Then I boarded my flight in a hurry and left the phone behind. Please contact me if you know where I can find it. Thanks.


My father's name is Baatar Puntsag. He was transfering to Los angeles to Denver . When he was checking, he putted his all staff in checking line at terminal 7 . He came from mongolia with Korean airline in 26 of october. Exactly right in checking line , he putted his camera in to basket but he forgot to get to back. How can we get it back ? I wrote a lot email TSA. but one one answer me . What should i do chould check it for me . His flight was KE FROM KOREA IN 26 OF OCTOBER. iF YOU find it , could call or email to me 213 290 7320 Chantsaldulam Baatar

Joy Hmura (not verified)

My name is Joy Hmura. I boarded the AA405 flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Texas. I believe I left a wallet on board with my ID and credit cards. If you can contact me at 1-928-208-5096 I will give specifics about the wallet in order to verify myself as its owner. Thank you.

Henry A. Fields Sr. (not verified)

I lost my Home Depot ID Bagde on 10/24/10. I was at terminal 5 checkpoint. My flight was with Delta Airlines from LAX to Atlanta. The badge is bright orange and has the words "Home Depot" on it. My return flight was on Thursday the 28th. I want to the LAX TSA checkpoint for terminal 5 and was told that my iten had been retrieved and logged in. Please email or call my cell at 1-562-333-1914. Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

If you lost a camera in the women's resroom at LAX on Saturday night, October 30th around 9:00 P.M. please call me with
description of camera and photos.

Call (714) 898-6333 Ask for Trixie

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi ,
I lost my black Sony camera at LAX back in October. EIther on the Avis shuttle or in the womens bathroom before my flight. Can describe pictures!



I lost my Ipod Classic 120 gig on the airplane comming in on Sept. 29th. It's black with some scruff and wear. It had a pair of Creative EP-630 on it. The content of the ipod was important to me and I'd really like it back.

If you have seen it please contact me on geaclaesson'at'

Wendell (not verified)

We lost my son's carry on bag Thursday Oct 27th in and around Gate 66. We were supposed to get on the 10:35 Continental flight to Newark but it had been delayed till 12:30.
The bag was a black bag with a sports theme (basketballs, baseballs etc) print on it. It's a backpack that also had a folding handle for pulling it.
It contained some toys that he bought while in LA and coloring books. Also had a blue water bottle on the side pouch.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I picked up a laptop at LAX on 10/28/10 around 11:00 pm while going thru security at Terminal 6 for a Continental Flight. The laptop that I picked up does not belong to me. If you happended to picked up an IBM Thinkpad by mistake, please give me a call at 832-236-0397.

The laptop that I picked up in error is an IBM thinkpad T500 SN R8-6C459-10/05. Thank you.


Zebra Print Bag, seat 37


My name is Doug White and I forgot to grab my disposable camera going through security check while changing planes at Terminal 4 for American at about 5am 10/25.
It is an underwater plastic encased camera with bright green film advance and shutter button. It is a Walgreens model called Wphoto 800 speed 27 exposure.
Please email me if it was located...thank you!

Tom Wilson (not verified)

I lost my 80 gig ipod in a purple cloth bag, with white earbuds on a plane coming from Chicago to LAX last Sunday. Long shot, I know, but if you picked it up, please give me a shout. Or hey, enjoy my playlists.

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost my Massachusetts Drivers License at LAX on Tuesday, October 26th. Name on the license is James Bastille. I was flying on Alaska Airlines. Please call 508.989.3233 if found. Thanks.

joe ireland (not verified)

colleague of mine lost iphone at AA terminal near gate 47B

background is picture of galaxy

please email or call 310-205-7771 if you have found it

thank you !

Hannah Kim (not verified)

I lost my Bluejeans Jacket at 8th Oct in LAX.
It's Hollister, M size.
I might drop my jacket near from the coffe place or in a restroom.
This is my favorite Jacket.
Please find my Hollister bluejeans jacket.

melissa miko (not verified)

I lost my phone outside at Delta at LAX wed oct 20. it is a verizon Droid X with a pink jelly cover. Please call me at 860-739-0349 or email if you found it. Thank you


On Oct. 13, 2010, our connection from LAX to SFO, I lost my carry-on bag which contained my Nikon DX340 and the priceless photos of my daughter's wedding (pre-post photographs). I suspect that I left it next to the bench in front of TSA where passengers put their shoes back on. I'm not concerned about the other contents but would like the return of my camera.

To anyone finding this bag: A small black, leather -patched, multi-pockets, roll-away. Shape is unique: top is smaller than bottom; with pockets on both side at bottom ~ zippered pockets in front. Flight was on United leaving LAX @5:57 p.m. 10/13 enroute to San Francisco.

Please contact me here or at email:


Anonymous (not verified)

Somewhere between Detroit and LAX and Maui, I lost my red wallet. It contained a PA driver's license, Citi credit card, Wegmans grocery card, PNC bank card, cash, and more. I'm almost positive it might have fallen out of my purse on the flights, 1619 and 2477, both Delta, on 10/13/10. Please, send text message or call 570-441-6516.

Anonymous (not verified)

If anyone found a black wallet in a women's bathroom stall near gate 67A, Spirit Airlines, please contact me. It was lost around 9:45p to 10p on Friday October 9th, 2010. It has some valuable things inside that I urgently need.

Please email me at

Thank you