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Jorge Guevara (not verified)

I lost my USA passport at security check point at LAX on Jan 01, 2011. Please call me at 720-217-6486 if found.

Jorge Guevara

Randal Holmbeck

Lost an electronics bag from the luggage when it went through TSA after checkin.
It is a black "Fanny pack" with a bug of electronics in it., which I suspect might have been pulled out in TSA and not put back in. Any idea of how to proceed?

Rennie Muzii (not verified)

Lost keys with GMC Key, BMW Key and BMW keychain. BWM Key has a sticker on back "X-5" Please call 503 781 2702

Nathan Collins

I believe I lost a California driver's license for Nathan T. Collins somewhere near terminal 5 on Jan 1st, 2011. Please contact if you found this item.

Irenio Riggle (not verified)

forgot to grab it out of the white tub with my change while holding my son before boarding flight 2404 from LAX to Fort Worth Texas on Jan 1 2011 at 10:55a.m. its a 14K Medium Length Mens gold chain please contact me 757 773 0407 or my fiance at 909 367 5183 please call me if found


ipod touch with green cover lost. please contact 954 297 14 68. Reward if found!!!!

ozzy (not verified)

Left my bracelet in the walk through security plastic tubs before entering the terminal @ Delta on 12/31/10. Please contact me if you found it.

SileNT (not verified)

Not sure if adding a comment about lost items without leaving any contact form is a good idea...

karen Westbrook

Lost or stolen wallet. Brownish black wallet, folds over once. Women's wallet. If found please notify at 310-518-9423 Medical card and DL, cards.

Schrager (not verified)

I lost my wallet at some point while waiting for my flight in terminal 3. It's brown, has about 70$ in it as well as pictures with sentimental value and the normal wallet contents..
Reward if found! 805-714-1870

Doug Galuk (not verified)

A red carry on bag left at TSA LAX (terminal 5?) on 12-30-10 please call The Galuk's at 715-424-1655

Anonymous (not verified)

My camera fell out along the curbside dropoff area of American Airlines, Terminal 4, at approximately 3:00 PM on December 26. It is a Canon turquoise power shot small digital camera and the pictures of my little ones are priceless! Last pic taken was a blowup snowman background and family shot. HELP!!

alejandra (not verified)

i have lost my laptop in the carpark on the 15th on december its a compac if you found it can you contact me to the following email please thank you


Lost my wallet between last customs check and Santa Barbara Airbus pick up location at Tom Bradley Airport on 12/29/2010 at about 2:00 PM. Beige/white wallet. Credit cards, drivers license and medical identification. Please notify me if found. Thank you
805 698-8400

Anonymous (not verified)

i have lost a hardcover vince flynn book, a small pink and white pillow and a sequined orange headphones on the flight., please email me if you have found them. the headphones are for a dance routine and the book i am almost finished with....

Srinivasa (not verified)

My Flip Ultra camcorder is stolen at the LAX carryon baggage screening area. I was in the screening area around 4:30 PM on 27th December.
I need this Camcorder really bad. I visited sequoia national forest with my family , we have our valuable memories there.


Joe (not verified)

Lost an aluminum Macbook at LAX Terminal 6 around 2:30 pm near gates 66-68 (Allegiant Air)
Was in black sleeve with velcro closures
If found please call Joe at 310-345-9493

San Jose Mom (not verified)

My husband lost his iphone and when we contact LA lost & found they said they found one iphone 3G. If no one from LA lost & found reaches you yet, you might want to call them to find out if the one they found is yours. Good luck and happy new year.


Lost my Iphone 3GS on a EL AL flight number LY006 this morning please contact me 310 9623555
Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

My son left behind in the US Airway terminal his Nintendo DS case with six DS games (I believe it's blue). He lost it today, Dec 28. Gate #8 this morning. U.S. Airway.
He is very upset (Christmas present).
If found, please call 714-743-1084.
Thank you,

LaDona (not verified)

LOST 15" Black MacBook on 12/27/10 at 8:30 a.m. at American Airlines Security leaving LAX to Kennedy Airport NY. If found please call me at 760-331-7447. THANK YOU.

Pijaranee Pornpaisanvijit (not verified)

I left my Lenovo laptop/black color at LAX domestic gate 67B on December 18, 2010. My flight was Frontier Airline 1006 heading to Denver dept. 18.45pm. If anyone found it, please contact me at 303-905-6262 or at my email My address is 1402 Red Mountain Dr., Longmont, CO 80504. Thanks & W-Rgds, Pijaranee/

Zini Joshi (not verified)

I have lost a Blue and a Brown jacket at the Boarding Gate of Emirates flight EK 218 on Dec 21 2010. If found, please call at 805-750-0302 or email me at
Thank you very much for any and all help,
Zini Joshi


on 12/17/10 I lost my Porsche key with a silver flash drive connected that had my name on it ---"Fred Stalley" please return for a reward if found. Thanks contact me at 310-251-7850.

Nathaniel Baer (not verified)

I have lost a 13 inch macbook pro in a gray case, the case has InCase written on it. My name is Nathaniel Baer, and I am a nice guy. If you lost something, you would want it returned to you, no?
Call me at 3108494634.

Brian (not verified)

I lost my black laptop bag and my laptop on 12/23/10. I might have misplaced it in the parking lot(P3) and just left it on the cart. Please email me at if you find it. Thank you.

mbright (not verified)

Lost my 13" Apple Macbook Pro laptop on December 18, 2010 in the American Airlines terminal around 11:30 AM at gate 46B. Reward offered if returned. Thank you.


I lost my black HP laptop compaq mini on the 20th December, 2010, at the security check point of LAX, around 8.30 am.

Please let me know if you find it.

Thanks for your service.


hi i lost my laptop brand compact on wednesday 16th of dic on the flight coming from sydney in united airlines NMM5KX i lost it in the check point i will really apprecite it if you can contact me to this email

Sanjeev (not verified)

I lost my wallet at gate 85(for united airlines terminal), it has my driving license and some indian ccurrency and US dollars of about 300$ values. Please call me at 916 802 4049 if anyone has found it. It also has my credit and debit card and my visiting cards as well(hp). You can also reach me at

Your help is highly appreciated.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost a dark gray ipod nano on flight #867 from SFO to LAX. Please contact me if you found it.


I lost a mobile phone and a white plastic document bag at LAX airport on december 15 2010 afternoon .the mobile phone model:samsung gt-s5230c.there is my flight ticket information in the document me at:626 227 thank you!


I lost my US passport on Friday Dec 10 if anyone has found please advise!! Thanks so much.
Name: Shelly Peebles email:


Lost iPhone4 with CA Drivers License (Angela Talley) and Nordstroms Visa credit card at LAX departing American Terminal on December 11th. A substantial reward is offered for return of the phone, no questions asked.

Please contact me at


I lost my Brazilian passport on my way to a flight to Los Angeles on Dec.14th, 2010. I believe my passport was left either inside airplane or at LAX.
Issued on Sept. 15th, 2009 and valid until Oct. 25th, 2012.
I am visiting my daughter for the holidays and would really appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.

gabriel Valda

Lost Passport!!! fly international in 2 days !!!
name is gabriel valda , lost an american passport
please call 857-891-8430
or email

Tiana Branner (not verified)

I lost my California Drivers License December 16 2010 in the LAX airport.. The name reads Tiana Branner
If you have seen it or have it can you call (626)5901943

Thank you so much!
Happy Holidays!

Elizabeth K

$100 reward for return of lost car keys! I lost my car keys at LAX - American Airlines domestic terminal on Friday morning, December 10th, sometime between 6am and 7:30am. In addition to car keys, there are membership cards to vendors and a secure RSA login. Please contact me if you have them. Thanks!!

Kyoko (not verified)

Hello. I lost my phone at LAX last Saturday. My phone is a black sumsung folded type one. I took continental airlines 1803 from LA to Miami. The boarding time for the flight was 9:10PM and I think I left my phone at gate62 around that time.
If you happen to keep it, could you please contact me?
Thank you.

cindy (not verified)

i lost BMW key on 12/9. probably feel out of my purse or jacket during checkpoint.

Anonymous (not verified)

I have lost grey watches Romanson at 46a gates area around 2.00-3.30 pm Dec 13.
Please, contact me if found.

Lucy (not verified)

I left my navy blue UCLA tote at LAX in terminal 1 at Comacho's on 12/09/10. Please email me if this bag is found. Cash reward offered.

Amadew Walt (not verified)

Help! I think I lost my coat at the LAX airport on December 3rd, 2010. It's special to me - my mother's design Maggie Walt Design.


To whomever took my purplish bag with the camera & camcorder (& baby items & a spiral notebook)inside: cash reward offered for the return of cameras &/or pics & videos on them. Bag was last seen on the Enterprise car rental shuttle going to LAX around 330 or 4 p.m. Monday 11-29-10. Please email me.


I lost my black backpack after leaving it on the airplane. It contains my laptop, my hosue keys, car keys and sunglasses. I will pay 500$ for its return. Weird thing is I know someone from the airline found it because when I called up, someone from Jetblue told me they had found a black backpack. When I went to retrieve it, it was "never found" and a voicemail was supposedly left on my phone which has still never been received.

Jimmy T (not verified)


I arrived at LAX 12/3/10 at 10:30pm. I left my bag outside the arrival area at Southwest Airlines. Anyone from that flight see a black Northface backpack?

Inside has a book called the "i Brain", a lime green ipod shuffle, a silver dell laptop, and my car key fob.

Anyone picked it up? Please let me know.

I really appreciate if you get back to me.


Jimmy T

Jihad Awwad (not verified)

Hi I lost my bag at or around the screening checkpoint at terminal two by the customs guards.
the bag has an HP bran Laptop along with some chemistry text books and few Cables and chargers.
the color is Charcoal
if found please contact 9097320213 or

Jihad Awwad

$500 reward for safe return


Lost my iphone 4 outside terminal 1 (southwest) early on monday around 5 am. If anyone has found it, I am offering a $300 reward. Thank you.


my bright purplish pink bag was lost somewhere between enterprise rental company and LAX airport. I believe it says JOY on the outside, more importantly it had a medium black camera bag in it with a SONY 40GB camcorder and a Panasonic Lumix camera inside it, both full of 9 days of our family's trip. I truly don't care about the cameras, but I would love to get those pictures and videos! Please whoever has it send me an email so I could tell you where to send the photos!