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Anonymous (not verified)

Lost wallet (black with plastic see-through front) containing my CA license, bar card and other miscellaneous cards. The wallet was lost at the TSA check in for a Virgin America flight to San Francisco. This occurred between 4:15 pm and 5 pm on Dec 17. Please contact (818) 968-0784 if u recover this item.


Pennsylvania drivers license lost at terminal 5 in LAX. Fri 12/16 If found please call Adam at 215-901-5408

Anonymous (not verified)

Left my drivers license at American airlines security checkpoint at around 8am this morning (Friday, December 16). California license of Ayana elizabeth Johnson. If found please call (917-519-0133) or email ( Thank you!

Anonymous (not verified)

I LOST MY I PHONE 11/23/2011 while changing planes at LAX. Black with an old white case with gray trim. my e-mail address:
32 gb. Iphone4 reward

Anonymous (not verified)

Eric J (not verified)

my wife lost her watch at or near the TSA in LAX Terminal 3 (near gate 31A) on 12/8/2011. it was a wedding gift so she's pretty upset. a webpage that gives a similar description was put in the homepage line and embedded here:

thank you for your time.

Anonymous (not verified)

Mike (not verified)

This morning on 12/12/2011 I left behind my MacBook Pro 13'' Screen. BRAND NEW LAPTOP!
Reward if you can help me recover it.

Terminal 7

Contact me at 310.752.6066

Shona Billings

Lost Small Floral Green Address Book
This has taken me a while to do. As you can imagine this address book is also kind of like a diary and I have lost so many people and contacts therein. In the first page I did have my name, address and phone details and offered a reward if found. We had been in USA for a month and I had been very careful with this item but on 21st September, 2011, somewhere between LA Airport and Faa'a Airport in Tahiti, my address book vanished. I did contact Air Tahiti Nui but no luck. I obviously didn't have my big handbag closed at some point and the address book slipped out.

Anonymous (not verified)

Anonymous (not verified)

Trisha Roth (not verified)

Lost drivers license
Trisha Rothenberg Roth

Dec 9 between 4:45 am and 5:30
Flight @ 6:10 am
Between security and starbacks
Cell 310 990 4951

Anonymous (not verified)

i lost a black kindle in an orange leather case around thanksgiving!!! any information please email me at

Cruze. (not verified)

I might have dropped a blue transparent make up bag. I was at burger cafe and i believe its where i left it. I appreciate any information.

Alekxi (not verified)

Forgot to take my passport after check up. Its a peruvian passport. Any info is welcome.

Anonymous (not verified)

I have to thank Alaska airlines flight & ground staff for being amazingly honest and friendly. I left my Ipad in the front pocket of my seat on a flight from Vancouver to LAX. Did not realize I was missing it until 24 hours later. I filed a lost and found form on their website, then called Alaska airlines directly in a panic. They gave me the phone number to the LAX baggage claim, which then directed me to the Alaska Air accounts department on site where they hold the valuable lost personal items. I talked to a great guy named Patrick that identified my lost Ipad, and said he would hold on to it for me to come and pick up. Amazing! Thank you so much Alaska Air. Nice to know there are caring, honest people still around.

Miss walker. (not verified)

On 27th i Forgot to pick my LA galaxy scarf from the bathroom stores. Any information with its recovery is highly appreciated.

Cheung. (not verified)

To thank the l&f staff at lax. They found my iphone and sent to my address. I luv you guys for the great effort you shown..

Shaun k (not verified)

I Left bike gloves at screening point. They got a pocket with my 4gb SD card. I called tsa with no responce. Some help me.

Anonymous (not verified)

A bunch of keys were left at terminal 4. They have a silver key holder with toy revolver. Reward for the return.

KJ Traveller. (not verified)

I forgot to get my 2 books at the scanning desk. They are by mills & boom. Reply via this mail.

Anonymous (not verified)

I left my camera in a black case at the sits in the taxi rank. Where do i start now?

Anonymous (not verified)

Be careful, I posted a lost item and was contacted via email by someone claiming to have found my item and that they left it in Kenya with a sergent. This is a scam!


I left my Ipad on flight 721 from San Francisco to LAX. It is a white Ipad with a gray cover.


Please message me if found.

Thank you

Junko (not verified)

I am afraid that I lost my mobile phone around and in the security check point.

Mobile phone
Model: Sharp 006SH
Color: Red
Date: 25 Nov. 2011 around 13:00
Flight: DL7980 (AM19) -> DL 1559 (Transit)
Terminal 2 -> Terminal 5

If you find the item, please contact me. Your further cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Ras Kimono. (not verified)


I'm sorry to be bothering someone, but I misplaced something whilst catching a flight at this airport recently and was wondering if it would be possible to have someone check the Lost & Found please? It is a black cap and has pink embroidery on the front that says "KIMONO" at the back. It is really special to me as I had it made on my very first and only trip to USA and has my name on it. If it is there, I would gladly pay to have it sent back to me. Please inform me if it has been found on .

Thank you so much

Farida Lowe. (not verified)

I travelled back to the UK on flightVS4006 on September 13th 2011 at 19.30. When going through security I removed my bracelet. I retrieved it afterwards from the tray, and remember putting it back on my wrist. However the catch is tricky and I obviously didnt secure it properly. I didnt notice until it was too late that it wasnt on my wrist. It is just a very slim, twisted, white gold bracelet, with about 8 or 9 tiny diamonds. The value is about £225,000, but the emotional value is far greater as it was a present from my granddaughters for my 60th birthday last year. The awful thing is that I probably didn't need to take it off in the first place! However, if by some wonderful chance it was handed in, please contact me as soon as possible. Virgin airlines took ages to supply me with this contact, which is why I haven't tried sooner. Thank you.

Kamal Tunga. (not verified)

I think I had left my tripod for my camera next to the seats on the terminal 3 platform for the airtrain (or by the airtran ticket machines) yesterday at around 10:20am. It has beige/silver legs and black handles and black rubber footing. If anyone finds this please can you hand it in to an Airtrain representative or to the lost and found office. Thanks.

Morris. (not verified)

I lost my camera case whitin a memory card memory stick Sony 4GB) that contained my pics from mi visit to NY. that happened on Oct 20 in terminal 6 after security zone at about 7:00 pm while awaiting a fly to miami on American Airlines. They mean so much to me and my wife. Please contact me by email.
Thank you.

jamie. (not verified)

I'm confused! There're contradicting reports that my prescription glasses were left at at terminal 4. A lost and found official informed me they had it in their office. A lady in the same office tells me that it was probably left in the delta plane.
Sir/Madam kindly check carefully. I need a real answer and not confusion...

RODNEY. (not verified)

someone took my baggage by mistake and i have his. if you come across this notice please get in-touch with me for arrangements.
thanks. rod.

Anonymous (not verified)

what is the process of being compensated if your item has been lost at the screening desk. is there away to reach the lost and found desk regarding compensation.

Anonymous (not verified)

any direct number to lost and found office. A NUMBER THAT HAS A PERSON ANSWERING AND NOT MACHINE.

Anonymous (not verified)

i had 3 weeks traying to call the lax tsa lost and found and nobody answer.


I lost my blue ipod nano on Monday morning at the LAX KLM terminal gate 28 at around 1:40 pm.
I left it plugged into an outlet on the middle column to the left of the gate door, when facing the gate door. Any news on this would be greatly appreciated.

dianne (not verified)

i didn't know that there was this site to notify people that my camera is lost.
lost a camera in terminal 10, i think i left it on the cart. sentimental photos in the chip. reward if found. my contacts are,


hey i lost my Cannon Camera in a black case in the LAX check point tuesday 22 of november if you have any information please let me know

Anonymous (not verified)


Do not give personal information outside of your email.

There are people who read these sites, create elaborate stories about your treasured lost item. They will give you hope then ask you for money. Especially if the product is miraculously found in ‘Africa’.

They are liars, cheats, and thieves. Do not give them the time of day and especially your money.

maria alvarez (not verified)

monday 21 around 10 pm i left my ipad in the bathroom of delta airlines. it has a red cover if anyone seen it please return it :) thank you thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

If you are contacted by someone claiming to have found your lost item, whether they claim to have it at airport security, police station or what seem to be other secure places. DO NOT SEND MONEY for mailing your personal items back to you. This is a scam. Investigate carefully before giving out personal information like your full name, address, phone number it can be collected and used for other scams.

Anonymous (not verified)

So True. I was a victim of fraud. Somehow somebody got my inforation from my bank and sent money to West Africa Nigeria through Western Union. I was so upset. People work so hard for there money and this happens. So sad:(

Anonymous (not verified)

Left my yale cap on my Virgin flight #409 from New York to Los Angeles on 11/20. It is blue with a white y. if you find it please contact me at my email. thank you very much


I lost my blackberry phone at Terminal 2 on Thursday Nov. 17. It probably was dropped on the sidewalk just outside the lower (arrival) level of Terminal 2. It is not in a case. Please contact Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost a black leather jacket with red interior on Friday, Nov. 18, 2011. I left it under a chair at the waiting area of Gate 51A. I was on the Delta flight to Orlando that left LAX at 10:45am.

If you find it, please email me at:


Anonymous (not verified)

lost pair of Rx sunglasses at the check in kiosk for Alaska Airlines. Lost on Friday, Nov 18th at approx 0730. Please contact if found. Thank you

Kevin Donnelly

Hey Everyone, please help my daughter she had spent 10 days in LA last week and on the way to LAX Airport had lost her camera this was last Sunday 6/11/11 she thinks between the car park and the terminal 1 it was a red nikon digital camera i would really appreciate it if someone could give me some information.

Thank you in advance.

Kevin Donnelly


On November 11,2011 at 10:55 pm I lost my kodak red digital camera( small size) which had a black cover. I was flying to palm springs from gate 86. I believe I left it on the seats while waiting to board the plane. My airline was united airlines. Please call me at 760-586-9355 if you have any info thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost small Sony power shot camera on Wednesday, November 2nd between 1:30 pm & 3:30pm in LAX near or in Lufthansa terminal. Important images needed

Anonymous (not verified)

on delta flight seat 3c atlanta to lax arriving 5pm on 11/13. I lost intricate design ring sentimental for 5th anniversary.
please call 951-768-7908

Rachael Claire (not verified)

Lost Macbook Pro laptop with red cover on Nov. 10th. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE return!!