LAX Airport Hotels

4 Star Los Angeles International Airport Hotels

Radisson Hotel LAX
0.0 Mile

Marriott Airport
1.1 Miles

Crowne Plaza LAX
1.0 Mile

Hilton LAX
1.2 Miles

Renaissance LAX Airport
0.9 Miles

Embassy Suites Airport
1.0 Mile

Sheraton Gateway Hotel
1.1 Miles

3 Star Los Angeles LAX Airport

Ramada Plaza Hotel LAX
3.0 Miles

Courtyard LAX
1.0 Mile

Four Points
0.9 Miles

Holiday Inn Express
5.0 Miles

Hawthorn Suites
4.0 Miles

Holiday Inn
0.0 Miles

Quality Hotel LAX
1.0 Mile

2 Star Los Angeles Airport Hotels

Howard Johnson Hotel
2.0 Miles

1 Star LAX Airport Hotels


Is there a lounge at Thomas Bradley International that you can pay to use with shower facilities ?

Anonymous (not verified)

Anyone unsure of what to do in LA between flights should get in touch with their Travel Agent who booked their flights.

Travel Agents are fantastic & it is part of their service to give you advise & suggestions for your entire journey.

I never book travel without my agent & am happy to pay the $50-$100 charge for their wisdom, advise & assistance.
EVERYONE should invest in a good Travel Agent - then you woudln't have these worries!

Anita (not verified)


I have 10-12 hrs wait for a connection flight in November. Is there any lounges inside the airport where i can rest, eat and shower? I do not want to come out of the airport, is there anything like the lounges in Singapore in LAX airport - close to terminal 4?

Any advice, sugestions?

Hermann (not verified)

We arrive at LAX on AC from YYZ. Staying the night at the Holiday Inn LAX for departure on SQ11 next afternoon. Just where about is the Holiday Inn located at LAX and how far from the Bradley Building for our departure?

Anonymous (not verified)

On Tuesday 3rd June my daughter is arriving in LA on a flight from Auckland and has booked on a tour to fill in a few hours. The tour leaves from the Hilton Hotel. How should she get from the terminal to the hotel?
Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)

Hilton shuttle bus lower level under the green sign. free

Anonymous (not verified)

Does LAX provide a hotel with rooms we can rent per hour, within the airport?

Natalie (not verified)


my flight is in 1 week and I have a 12 hr layover in LAX. since i can't store my luggage onsite, i will remain at the airport. WHAT CAN I DO THERE? on the way over I had 6 hrs and was SO bored. is there a lounge? somewhere I can sleep that isn't 4 star. I am a student! Please let me know as soon as possible!


Anonymous (not verified)

I have same sitution

Anonymous (not verified)

Has anyone managed to find a hotel room to hire for a few hours at LAX ? We have a 15 hour stopover from 7am-midnight, after a 20 hour flight, so would be great to get bed to rest before the next flight...

Anonymous (not verified)

You should contact your travel agent who booked your flights - I am surprised they haven't given you recommendations or suggestions for your layover.
You're Travel Agent will be able to give you suggestions of what you can do as part of their service, and may even be able to assist you in pre-booking arrangements