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LAX Address

Los Angeles International Airport
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Los Angeles Airport Parking - You can use two types of parking: Economy LAX Airport Parking (Parking Lot B and C) or Terminal LAX Airport Parking in the Central Terminal Area more

LAX Airport Car Rental - Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones. Car rental companies that operate at airport are: Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz more

Los Angeles LAX Airport Terminals - There are 9 operating airline terminals ...

Directions to Los Angeles International Airport

Anonymous (not verified)

We arrive at LAX terminal 1 at 15.40, need to get to Tom Bradley International for 23.30pm flight to Australia. How far from one terminal to the other? How many hours out to we need to check in for flight to Australia?

Anonymous (not verified)

How do I get from Terminal 6 to LAX transportation Center Bay 12?

Anonymous (not verified)

hi all we have a 5 hour lay-over is there a kids play area in airport for my 3 & 5 year olds

Anonymous (not verified)

I arrive at Terminal 4 on AA and have a connecting flight on US Air Terminal 1. How do I get there? do I need to be rescreened by TSA? How much time should I allow for this? Please advise.

Sherwyn (not verified)

hi. We are family of 5 arriving LAX Terminal 5 in Dec at 8 am on Northwest Airlines from Japan and connecting to another NorthWest Airlines flight to Las Vagas departing LAX at terminal 6 at 10.10 am. Would there be sufficient time to do so? We certainly hope to avoid a mad dash not knowing how long Customs clearance (we are holding non-USA passports) will take and whether we have to claim luggage to recheck in again. We appreciate any form of advice as we have not booked the connecting flight yet. Thank you very much.

Anonymous (not verified)

2hours transit time in lax airport is not enough as customs take long time.


I am on a connecting flight that is stopped in LAX for 13 hours. Can I leave the airport and come back or do I need to pay for a visa? I am an Australian citizen. I am flying to Central America on my next flight.


We are flying in from overseas to Terminal 2 and have to go through Immigration and Customs before rechecking our bags for the next internal flight at terminal 5. Could anyone tell me where the connecting baggage desk is at Terminal 2 and if it is well signed. We had a bad experience at Dulles and I'd feel easier knowing where it is.

stefania sblendorio

Good Evening,

the 3 rd September, I've lost my camera at the terminal 4. I was
departing to London, by the flight nr.AA136. I'm sure that I've lost the
camera at the terminal, because I shot a photo, in a terminal's bar. I've
already call the Bar, and they have suggested me to write to you.

The camera is a digital HP, is grey, the typy should be E317. It's an old
camera, but to me it's very important to get back the camera for the pics,
I shot during my US's holiday.

Please me, give me a feedback,


Stefania Sblendorio


A dark gray laptop bag with a light gray Chinese laptop was left at the load-in area on 8/31. Please, please contact if you have found it.

Anonymous (not verified)

I would like to know if two little kittens from Norway arrived today at LAX airport, I need to know because I think I'm victim of extortion by phone.They suposed to arrive today at 1 10pm and they were traveling from Norway to Paris and then to here LAX the flight was AirFrance

ED SEAVER (not verified)

Lost LapTop at US Customs LA Airport yesterday.


Anonymous (not verified)

I have an hour and 14 minutes between fllights. Taking into consideration the 1/2 hour before take-off boarding on my next flight, what is the best way to go between terminals? Can I walk? If so, should I do it inside, or outside? Any detailed info will help since I've never been through LAX before.



Hi, I will travel from Dallas to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I will depart from Dallas (DFW) to LAX on 01 Sep 09. May flight to Malaysia is on 03 Sep 09. So i need any information about the nearest hotel to Tom Bradley Intl Terminal. I am student, so I appriciate if any 2 or 3 star hotel suggestions. My next question is, how far Terminal 4 to Tom Bradley Intl Terminal? Thank You for help.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am a first time immigrant to US, do I have to pay custom money for one persian Rug that I am bringing with me? appreciate your help.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi there, On December 30th 2008 we will be flying with United airlines from Orlando FL to LAX and then on to Sydney Australia (Also with United).

We Arrive at LAX (Terminal 7) at 9:09pm and depart from (Terminal 7) at 10:17pm. Is this cutting it too short?

Will we have to re collect/check in our luggage or would that be done in Orlando and be sent straight through to Sydney?

Any help would be much appreciated..

Anonymous (not verified)

Leaving from Phoenix Az I will be arriving LAX via Southwest Airlines. Transfering to Qantas how long will it take to get to departure gate for Qantas. Also will my luggage be booked through from Phoenix to Sydney or do I have to pick it up from Southwest

Anonymous (not verified)

Is there a flat-rate taxi at LAX that will take four people to the Port of Los Angeles at San Pedro for $50? We will be arriving o Delta Airlines from Ft.Lauderdale.
What is the cheapest way to get to the Port and back. We are concerned about shuttle service as I have read many really serious delay problems with the shuttle.

Anonymous (not verified)

my mom from other country used your public phones but ended up wasting her money because she did not understand how to use it.

Can you please teach me how to use them ?


I left a black, lightweight short coat on QANTAS QF15 arriving in LAX on July 11th. I was sitting in seat 74D and forgot to collect it from the luggage bin. If it is found please call me in Vermont on 802 318 4936 or send me an email.

Anonymous (not verified)

My mother-in-law is flying in on United to pick up a dog she bought. Seller wants to meet somewhere between terminals 7 & 8. Is there a dedicated pet care location in that area of LAX?

Alex (not verified)

I'm trying to find a passenger from Russia. She should have come in within the past 24 hours either via Delta or Aeroflot. Her name is Svetlana Stevic. She is about 5'8", blonde with brown eyes. Her English is okay. I need her to contact me as soon as possible.

Mark (not verified)

Please help me out here,

I will be in the USA for a short holiday and then leaving the USA bij booking a flight to Belize with a 12 hour transit in between, can I leave the airport? Do I have to go trough customs and security? Will I be having my luggage back?

I will be flighing from San Francisco to LAX (transfer of 12 hours) and then further to Belize.

I am a european passport holder.

Thank you.



I am coming from Sydney to LAX TBIT the on to Seattle through Alaskan air in terminal 3 i wish to stay internal and do not want to go external with all my luggage.

anno (not verified)

I am arriving on an AA flight (internal) and thansfering to Tom bradly International to the Emirates flight to DXB.

I have 2 questions:

1) What is the skyteam lounge like in TB? Is it beyond immigration,. or landside, as i am a smoker.

2) Arriving on AA flight, can I walk to the airport, or do I need to somehow take airport transit?

Thanx and regards


Where can I see the flight schedules

Anonymous (not verified)

Are there public showers to use in LAX?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I'm just wondering is there safe luggage lockers or counter to hold my bags overnight in LAX?

Anonymous (not verified)

no lockers...

Judy (not verified)

I am arriving on Delta flight from salt lake city and need to tell my son what terminal to pick me up... Can you tell me what terminal Delta arrives into.

Dr O

Delta in Terminal 5

Viv (not verified)

does anyone knw how someone can get a hold of a family member that is getting ready to leave overseas but shouldn't because there is a family can someone get a hold of them

rose (not verified)

I am arriving in LAX at 7.00am, terminal 3 via v.australia. I am then due to take a flight on Mexicana at terminal B at 10.20am. Do I have enought time to clear customs and try to find my way to Mexicana in Terminal B?

Debra (not verified)

Hello, can anyone help me. I am travelling to the USA in August. I am arriving at terminal B at 0700 and leaving on Delta at terminal 5 at 1130....will that be enough time to go through customs and baggage and also does anyone know the quickest way to get to terminal 5....all answers are appreciated....thank you

Dr O

You'll have plenty of time. You can easily walk between the two terminals or take the LAX shuttle bus.

Bob (not verified)

You will have enough time to clear immigrations, customs, and get to your departure gate. Below is a site that shows the layout of the terminals at LAX. There is a baggage recheck station just outside the customs hall, if your baggage is checked to your final destination you can recheck it there. If it is only checked to LAX you will have to take it with you to the Delta Terminal.
If you recheck your bags you can easily walk to terminal 5. I have flown into terminal B, cleared immigrations and customs, and walked to terminal 7 for a United flight, with a two hour window between arrival and departure.
Enjoy your visit.

Debra (not verified)

Thankyou Bob, this is my first flight to the USA and LA seems a bit am going Aust to LA to Atlanta to Pitts so all will go well and a very long thankyou for the map info and by the look at it i just need to come out of the TBIA and turn right and walk to T5...seems easy
and then just check in at delta and they should transfer my bags right through to Pitts..
Thanks again for your help....debra

jjakian (not verified)

yes you have enogh time as delta terminal is near to tombradly international terminal and u need 5 minutes taxi ride,also customes takes about one houres maximom from landing to street ,have a good flight and welcome to america

Mason (not verified)

I was just wondering... What does the 'X' stand for inLAX???

Anonymous (not verified)

It's just a way the international flight authorities found to name the airport. It doesn't make any sense regarding the name of the city. As you know, all the airports in the world have 3 letter in their name. The international airport of Sao Paulo, for example is called GRU. But that's because it is located in a city near SP named Guarulhos.

Joanna (not verified)

Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone knows the procedure for picking up luggage at LAX? I want to prepare my 12 & 13 year old neice & nephew (first time flying and they are alone) on what to expect when they land at LAX. It's an international flight from Toronto Canada (clearing customs in Toronto before they leave). Do they have to pick up their luggage on their own before coming to the arrivals area or is it like San Diego where anyone can come into the baggage area to help pick up luggage?

Thanks in advance for your help!



jacob (not verified)

i bought a laptop and I take it out of the US
next week on an international flight to Europe.
Can I get refund of the sales tax I paid during the purchase?

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be travelling in the States, wondering if I could get tax refund? If so, what is the process?


We are from south america and bought laptop in usa and would like to get the refund of the sales taxes we paid. how do we do ?
tks in advance


I have a daughter that is going from Delta that arrives to Terminal 5 and she has to make a connecting flight to China at Terminal 2. What is the best way for her to get from terminal to terminal. Her flight is in the evening hours, is the shuttle bus there the best route?


HI can you advise if there is a Western Union Office in or walking distance from LAX?

Thank you

Linda M (not verified)

Hi there, I am travelling to the US in August to see my daughter, and I have an eight hour stop-over at LA on the way to Charlotte, NC. Is that time enough to be able to go and have a quick look at Hollywood Boulevard and Rodeo Drive? If so, what is the best way to do this? Are there buses going to Hollywood from the airport, or should I take a taxi? About how much would it cost in a taxi to get from the airport to Hollywood? I have never been there before and would love to be able to take a walk up Hollywood Boulevard or Rodeo Drive, it would be amazing to be able to see them in person, instead of on Google Earth or TV. My flight from Auckland gets into LA at 2.30 p.m. and the flight to Charlotte leaves LA at 10.40 p.m. Is that enough time????

Dr O

Best to rent a car with GPS system and drive there your self. Planning on 2.5 hours for round trip travel(including car rental& return process). Need to be back to airport at least 1.5 hours prior to flight departure time.

Andres (not verified)


I'll be connecting from Bangkok to Washington Dulles via Los Angeles on United Airlines all the way.

My connection time at LAX is a little over 1:30, arriving at 11:10am, will I be able to make the connection? Do you know what is the minimum legal time for this connection? I understand since it's United it's all going to be in Terminal 7.

My boss did this booking for me, I'd have chosen a broader time myself but well. I'm travelling on a non-US (UK) passport.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous (not verified)

United will be responsible for your baggage, just double check with the UNITED Counter agent, to book your bags all the way through to Bangkok, when you get to LAX, and you have time go to the check baggage area that your bag does not come out in lax, past experience, sometimes origin departure agent forget to check your bags all the way through to final destination.

United will connect you with next available flight if you miss the connecting flight.