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LAX Address

Los Angeles International Airport
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Los Angeles Airport Parking - You can use two types of parking: Economy LAX Airport Parking (Parking Lot B and C) or Terminal LAX Airport Parking in the Central Terminal Area more

LAX Airport Car Rental - Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones. Car rental companies that operate at airport are: Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz more

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Anonymous (not verified)

is there a western union money transfer at lax and what days and time does it operate

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I have some questions. I got a plane arrive LAX in T7 and I need to transfer to TbIT to get another plane. I got like 1hr and a half to transfer, I want to ask what is the fastest way for me to go and how long it takes? And because I got the different airline, so I need to get my luggage after the first plane then go to TBIT and go to check out the e-ticket ship the luggage, right? Or they can just transfer? And my friend she lives in LA and she want to come over T7 and has a same plane with me in TBIT, where is the easiest way for us to find each other? Is there any place?
Thank you a lot.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am arriving LAX, going onto Vancouver, but will straight away be heading to ALASKA. Need sim card for phones, and also Mobile wireless broadband stick and data to go. Does anyone know if Verizon, or for that matter, any phone company is available at LAX


At terminal B. Need info about meeting place for arriving visitors.

Ineke (not verified)


I have a 12 hour wait at LAX airport flying between Colombia and Australia. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to leave the airport and do some sight seeing? I have an Australian and British passport.

Lost My Old Motorola Razr (not verified)

Last Saturday, April 3, 2010, I may have misplaced my old silver Motorola Razr.... The phone has a cracked screen and is probably worstless to anyone who found it. In the other hand, it has in it my SIM card with all my contacts and their phone numbers.

If you think you have my phone, please send me an e-mail.

I will be happy to give you a Thank You Gift Certificate if I can recover the phone.

Thank you in advance!



Anonymous (not verified)

can anyone tell us how long we should allow in LAX between flights to clear customs and travel between terminal b and terminal 1. We are travelling from LAX to las vegas. We are arriving at 9.30 am. in LAX from Australia. Many thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

I did this in late August 09.
From deplaning it took 21/2 hrs to be sitting at gate 10 in Terminal 1.waiting to board.
It was a 07.05am landing at T-Bit from Australia flying VAustralia,
Yours is a later arrival so it should take longer.
We walked at a brisk rate from Bradley to Terminal 1.Quite an easy walk.When you exit Bradley turn left and follow the foothpath.Hope this helps.Have a great time at Vegas.

Scared to loose my flight (not verified)

We are two non US nationals travelling from Mex to London. We arrive to Tom Bradley and depart from T2 three hours later.
Would we have enough time to clear out customs, collect baggage and drop it again in T2, to board in?
How long does it take to clear customs in Tom Bradley?
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous (not verified)

To clear inmigration & customs at Tom Bradley, it will take about 60 to 75 minutezs. Once you exit the terminal, T2 it is located to your left (about 10 to 15 minutes walking).

Anonymous (not verified)

It seems that when airlines loose luggage, they do not want to be contacted. They go to great lengths to hide and make it impossible to call anyone. I believe it is their hope that people will give up and forget about their missing bags. Does anyone know how to contact United Airlines at LAX regaring lost baggage? It sounds simple, but trust me, they only want you to call them if you are going to buy tickets.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying to LAX arriving virgin atlantic 3.10 pm. connecting via hawian airlines 5.50pm same evening. can anyone confirm they are same (terminal 2) location and will i have enough time to connect.
any advice from anyone that has done the same flight combo previously would be most appreciated

Anonymous (not verified)

what is actual flying time for phoenix to lax?

Anonymous (not verified)

It may sound stupid, but do you need a passport to flight to Arizona or just your ID?

Anonymous (not verified)

You don't need it along as you are not coming from another country

Anonymous (not verified)

just your id. you only need your passport if you are flying out of the country.


We are arriving in LAX tomorrow night at 8:45p.m. (hopefully). We need to retrieve our baggage from Continental and make it to Quantas for a flight departure 3 hours later. Is this enough time? Are there Sky Caps available at both terminals? We have a ton of luggage.

dee (not verified)

Can you please tell me how long it would take walking from terminal 2 to terminal 7.At los Angeles airpoort.

Anonymous (not verified)

Does anyone know if it's possible to transfer from terminal four to terminal one at LAX without exiting security? I recently used a tunnel to get from Term 4 to Term 6, took about 10 minutes. Are there tunnels going across the U as well? (I know that T4 is in the opposite corner of the U from T1).


Arriving at Terminal 1 at 9:30 am and departing from Terminal 5 at 11:00 am do I have enough time?

Anonymous (not verified)

Time needed to transfer Terminal 7 to TBIT

Arriving UA840 Terminal 7 from Sydney @ 1017 and departing TBIT @1120, only have carry on baggage, is this possible?

Erin (not verified)

Hello, I am flying from Melbourne with V Australia (arrives in Tom Bradley) and have a 11 hour stopover until my flight to Vancouver (terminal 3) leaves. Am I allowed to leave the airport during this time?

Anonymous (not verified)

yes you can leave the airport area.

upon return you have to go through security and re check your bags if you collected them. allow at least 45 minutes to do this.

Fabiola Carrizosa (not verified)

My name is Fabiola Carrizosa, and I lost my Verizon Wireless Cell phone on December 26, 2009. It got lost on Flight 1095 on Continental Airlines flight from Houston, Texas to LAX. It is a black flip Phone, with both a keypad and view screens on the front and inside. If you can turn on the phone by holding down the END button, there is a picture of a couple in the inside screen and a picture with pink and blue polka dots on the outside. If you find this phone, you can reach me at 323-791-1900. Ask for Fabby. I would greatly appreciated if anyone who has seen a phone like this to call me. Thank you!!!

Anonymous (not verified)

sign up for ""... the easiest way to find your lost phone

Lisa hamdalla (not verified)

I arrived at the LAX on December 25th 2009 on flight #99.
I'm missing one black luggage. With a yellow ribbon(ribbon may possibly have fallen off).
In the bag contains handmade dresses,cds, frames, and other items that are irreplaceable and all hand made. If anyone finds this bag please contact me. A big reward will be offered.
Thank you!
-Lisa Hamdalla

number: 909 912-2454

Anonymous (not verified)

How far ahead of flight do we need to arrive today? News reports give no specifics, saying to allow anything from "a little extra time" to "extra extra extra time." What are the real times to get to gate (with printed boarding pass)? Flying Delta LAX to Atlanta 4:45 pm.


Hi there,

My flight to LAX lands at Terminal 7 then I have 2 hours to catch a connecting flight from Terminal 7 to NY. I was wondering will i need to clear customs at LAX or JFK? Like everyone here, I am a bit concerned that i won't have enough time.


Anonymous (not verified)

yes you go through customs after you get off the plane then go to your connecting flight as it is in every country

Anonymous (not verified)

customs usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes if you arrive in terminals 2 4 or 6 and about 45 minutes to 90 minutes at terminal B. you will be doing customs in los angeles if this is the first u.s. city on your trip. after you clear customes go to your terminal with your bags and recheck them in at the check in counter upper level of the terminal and go thru securtiy.

Anonymous (not verified)

Can I have food for to go insaid of airplan

Anonymous (not verified)

Yes, but this must be purchased in the airport once you get past security.

Suzette Walsh (not verified)

I left my folders and daytimer while going through security clearance. Did anyone find the blue folders with a small black daytimer around the pass through in one of the plastic boxes? Please let me know so I can have someone from my office pickup important documents that are needed for patient care inside. Call 832 894 9190
I work with Advanced Wound Care and am in desperate need of this paperwork.

paul t

can i buy a camera at lax airport? iam looking to buy a digital slr camera, when i arrive there saturday morning before i change my filght, thanks for your help x

Anonymous (not verified)

Will have a 2 hour layover between connecting flights from LAX to San Diego. Need medical oxygen during this time. Is there an office of the airport where that can be arranged and how to do so?

Anonymous (not verified)


I would like to know if it is necessary to re-check your luggage if you arrive with one airline and then have to take a plane of another airline. I would pretty much appreciate if somebody could tell me that. I am about to buy my second flight ticket with a different airline and my decision depends pretty much on the time I have left to catch the plane.

In principle, I would be arriving at 20:48 pm and my next flight would depart at 23.55 pm. If I have to pick-up my luggage, go out, change terminals and check-in again with the second airline, might be that I don't have enough time.

Thanks a lot !

Anonymous (not verified)

I've always found that if you have booked your own connecting flight even if it with the same airline, you are then responsible for transferring your bags. The only time the airlines take responsibility for it is if the two (or more) flights are booked as ONE BOOKING, like they are if you go through an agent. Then they will move them for you. It sounds like you have booked the second flight separately and so you will have to collect your own bags and check them again. You will also have to clear customs.

Anonymous (not verified)

it looks like you should be able to connect even if you did have to claim your bags you have enough time .

when you check in make sure to tell the employee to transfer your bag to the 2nd company . give them flight info such as airline, flight number, and final destenation and double check the white tag sticker it has the right info on it. this is the only way that your bag will get to the other airline without hassel.

suzy (not verified)

i need to store a suitcase for 2-3 weeks near lax airport, and would like to find a reasonable inexpensive place. thanks

Margie Phelps (not verified)

I was flying out on Thursday (11/12/09) from LAX and needed wheel chair assistance. And it was on my boarding pass that I needed one. I am 71 and can hardly get around on my own. The man took me to my gate 55a and dumped me. I had to walk on to the plane. He would not leave the chair with me. Which I found out later is against the law to make me get out of the chair. Plus he (my fault) pulled the trick that he only had change for a $10 when I had a $20.... my bad. But in Salt Lake the lady there was wonderful..... she took me to the restroom, took me to get something to eat and then put me by two others in chairs at my gate. This is a sad way to treat the elderly and the handicapped. I would not fly into that airport ever again.

Anonymous (not verified)

how much do i pay for extra wt. of babbage?

Charlene (not verified)

Hi could anyone kindly advise me on how do i get to terminal 4 (AA) from TBIT

Also how long does it roughly take to clear thru the customs and get to the T4.I have roughly abt 3 hrs in between the flights.

i am arriving on xmas eve..Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

terminal 4 is next to bradley.

when you exit the main "meet and Greet" area go outside to the sidewalk and turn right and walk 3 minutes to the escelator or elevator and go to upper level to recheck into quantus or american airlines.


Terminal 4 is right next to TBIT. It is about a 5-10 minute walk, depending on how much luggage you have.
Exiting TBIT, Terminal 4 is to your right. You will have to go through Security again, though.

>how long to exit Customs in Terminal 4?
On Christmas Eve? I have NO IDEA.

3 hours between flights should be enough. If you are already CHECKED THROUGH to your next flight, they will wait for you.

Ken P. (not verified)

Depending on how much baggage you have, it will only take a few minutes. They are right next to each other.
Exiting TBIT, Teerminal 4 will be towards YOUR right.

See this web page for map:

Enjoy your flight. If you have some time in Los Angeles, do come and see our J.Paul Getty Museum of Art.
It's world class. Parking is a hassle and requires reservation. (ONLY for parking), so pay the extra money to buy a seat on a tour bus whose destination is the museum.

Anonymous (not verified)

Was wondering if there where lockers available. I plan to come into town for just a few hours but need a place to keep and change of clothing.

Anonymous (not verified)

No lockers available in LAX since september 11. American authorities are affraid of bombs and things like that. Everyone is a potential suspect. Be careful if are coming from outside US.

Anonymous (not verified)

Is there any service for LAX that helps an elderly person get their luggage off the turn style and out to the shuttle bus?
Thanks for your help.

Shu Ying (not verified)

CAn you advice directions (eg shuttle bus or other public transport) on how to travel between Irvine Metro to LAX please.
many thanks
Shu Ying


I left my passport on oct 1st, around midnight inside the tray of a luggage cart just outside the Tom Bradley International Terminal, near the parking lot. The passport, of mexican nationality was inside of one of those leather passport sleeves black colored along with a small book about music printed in spanish. I need it badly, if anyone found it, please contact me, I'll appreciate it, we even may discuss a reward or something. My mobile is 9097582433. Thx in advance!