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Los Angeles International Airport
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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LAX Airport Car Rental - Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones. Car rental companies that operate at airport are: Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz more

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Anonymous (not verified)

Don't fly March 30, 2011.

A national boycott of airline travel is being called for on March 30, 2011. This is in response to the uncontrolled and unwarranted abuses by TSA against airline travelers. This symbolic day is the date the Boston Port Act became effective in 1774. This was one of the Intolerable Acts committed by the British that was one of the first steps in the unification of the thirteen colonies and an underlying reason for the American Revolution.

This is not a protest against the airlines themselves, but they have a tremendous ability to put pressure on TSA to abandon their abusive ways and provide security, not abuse. The website at is being designed for the purpose of asking passengers not to travel on March 30, 2011.

Anonymous (not verified)

I arrive from Sydney at Terminal B at 9:45AM on December 24 (American Airlines) and fly out from Terminal 4 to Miami at 9:20PM (American Airlines) that night where I will get another flight to Bogota also on American Airlines. Will I have enough time to leave the airport and come back? Will I be able to get my bags send straight through to Bogota from Sydney? Are there any airport taxes I will have to pay upon leaving/returning to the airport?


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Anonymous (not verified)

Can I purchase an inexpensive mobile phone upon arrival at LAX airport. Pls advise location and name of store, if possible.

Many thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

I arrive in Terminal 7 and have to go to Tom Bradley International. I need to recheck luggage. What will I need to do?

Anonymous (not verified)

Will I even need to recheck my luggage?

INATIZZI (not verified)

Air France not located in Tom's in Terminal 2. Is Customs also located in Terminal 2?


We're arriving at LAX from Sydney at 7:30 AM, after a 14 hour flight.
Our continuing leg to Chicago leaves 17 hours later, at midnite the same day.
The question is, "Is there an airport area hotel that will advance guarantee us a room at 8:00 AM, and allow us to check out about 9:00 PM?"


We're flying into LAX from Chicago on American. The next day, we're flying out to Auckland on Qantas.
Can I purchase and use a 0ne-day pass to the AA Admiral's Club, even though we're flying Qantas that day?


I will be travelling with 2 children. Will arrive at LAX on United from Sydney at 9:53am and need to change connecting flight to Houston (IAH) at 2:40 pm by United 3788 (operated by Continental). Questions:
1) Arriving in an international flight and connecting to a domestic flight - do I need to change terminals?
2) If yes - can I walk to the terminal for the domestic flight? How long will it take?
3) Is just over 4 hours enough for me with 2 little kids?

Thanks in advance.


Is there an Interfaith Chapel in Terminal 4? if so, where?


My husband and I returned from a dream come true trip to Ireland, He must
be on supplemental oxygen which required travelling with a personal O2
concentrator, 10 lithium batteries weighing about 5 lbs each and the
battery chargers. To eliminate one more carry on I packed our camera in a
suitcase. When we arrived home the camera was gone, the once neatly folded
and packed clothes were all tossed around,

That camera was full of wonderful memories of my husband's dream come true

I am trusting the camera was inadvertently overlooked following TSA
Security check, and it will be returned to us. A claim has been filed with
our final carrier and with TSA.

Any suggestions on what else we can do?



Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Mr/Mrs,

I'm Mongolian, have a valid visitor visa of Canada, and wanna to fly on Monday (4.Oct) from Seoul to Toronto through Los -Angeles, USA. And also i will return to Seoul through Chicago.

Need I transit visa of USA for this case?


thank you




don't know how long but does not seem possible.


Thanks for the confirmation.
I can't imagine this being possible either so I've booked another airline for this trip with a 2 hour connection at LAX.

Anonymous (not verified)

hi - your best flight from JFK to LAX to Sydney is Qantas 108 - it's a direct flight - although has a stopover in LAX. You'll be able to have your seat allocated and is a great flight.
it's the one I always take.


New York (JFK) Depart 6:05 pm to Los Angeles (LAX) Arrive 9:39 pm Terminal 7 UNITED AIRLINES Flight #25 with connection Los Angeles (LAX)Depart 10:15 pm Terminal 7 to Sydney (SYD) Arrive 7:50 am +2 days UNITED AIRLINES Flight #839. Same terminal but connection time is only 36 minutes --- this sounds impossible. Does anyone know about this flight connection, these connecting flights are listed serveal times a week. Also what happens if the connection is missed, the 10:15 flight may be the last until the following morning.
I appreciate some information. Thanks, Nardi

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying from JFK to LAX on 4/30 with a connecting flight in 1 hour from LAX to Sydney Australia. Do I go thru customs / passport control in NYC JFK or in LAX and is the one hour layover in LAX enough time. All United flights. and do I have to get bags in LAX to check in for international flights. will they be check thru in JFK? all the way.

Kyong A (not verified)

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gary (not verified)

I am trying to get to Oceanside ,how do I go upon arrival at terminal B at 6.03 am?IS there a direct bus to the train station or to an intercity bus terminal and if so where do I catch it.
thanks Gary


Hi, I'm flying in from Australia on the 22nd with VAustralia, and change from Tom Bradley to Terminal 3 - with only 3 hours to get through customs and to my connecting flight. What can I do to avoid missing my connecting flight, if customs/entry at Tom Bradley is crazy? Or who would I speak to? I have to check my luggage through to my ongoing flight an hour ahead of departure, which will be with me at TBI. I have a recovering broken ankle (broke it 10 weeks ago) so won't be running to catch my flight!!! Cheers


My teenage daughter is arriving at Terminal 7 or 8, United Express, then connecting (departing) at Terminal 3 Horizon. Any tips for walking from T7 or T8 to T3? We understand she has to go to the upper level for departing. We read somewhere that not all the terminals are connected inside? Do you know which ones? We understand there is a shuttle, but she has a small carry-on and prefers to walk.

Will she have to go through any security between T8(arrival) and T3 (depart)?

She has plenty of time between flights...just looking for any navigating tips you might have. Thank you!


My wife and I will have a 9 or 10 hour layover in LA in September (mid-day thru evening.) Is there a nearby movie theater or something else to use to kill time?


We lost our digital Canon PowerShot SX20 camera in a black case on Saturday evening 7/24/10 on a flight coming back from Cleveland - Continental Airlines. It was in a paper bag under the seat on the plane. We are offering a $50.00 reward for the camera and case. It was a gift to my husband who takes nature photos for watercoloring painting. If you have found it, and have it in your possession, please email me at: No questions asked, if returned. Thank you!


I will be arriving at LA from Australia on United flight 840 at 10.17am and then flying to Houston on United flight 6243 only 1 hour and 33 minutes later. This seems like it isn't enough time. Do I pass through customs at LA or in Houston and do I have enough time to catch the connecting flight?

Anonymous (not verified)

have done this many times .. you come through customs and there is a place you can recheck your bags so only you have to get to the gate .. they have been very helpful whenever i have done it . and it is plenty of time .. just remember to recheck your bags straight after customs clearance


In November we will be returning from a trip at noon and our flight for home does not leave until 10PM that night. Several people have told us that the airport or hotels near the airport will have rooms available where we can hang out or sleep for those 10 hours. If so, where do I call for more information.


Ms WONG WTL (not verified)

Passenger will be arrive LAX from SAN by AA3096 on 25JUL10 21:40 and transit to HKG immediately by CX883 on 25Jul10 23:50.
So she would like to know is there have a CX transit counter located in terminal 4 for easy check in ? and does she need to clear customs and immigration ?

Rick (not verified)

My family and I arrive on QF15 on the 14th September 2010 @ 07.00am and need to clear customs collect our luggage and get to Terminal 3 to catch an Alaskan Airlines flight at 10.35am.

How long will it take us to get to Terminal 3 and should we take a shuttle? Is there shuttles available and should we book this prior to our arrival? Will Alaskan Airlines hold the flight for us it it takes a long time to get through customs?



Lien (not verified)

With 3 and half hours, I think you have more than enough time to clear customs and make connection. All 9 LAX terminals have a shuttle station and will carry passengers to any terminal where they make connections. Since the shuttles run counter clockwise and Quantas arrives at terminal B, and if you look on LAX map, terminal 3 would be the last terminal by shuttle and it might take 15 to 20 minutes. But if you walk, it would the the first terminal on your right after existing terminal B. No, Alaska airlines will not hold the flight for you because delay by clearing customs.

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost my Vietnamese (GREEN) passport (Last Name: Ma) at LAX international terminal on July 2, 2010 around 2-3PM. If found, please contact me at - Thank you so much

Anonymous (not verified)

We will be arriving at LA Airport - Terminal 2 on a Air NewZealand Flight at 2.30pm (14.30) and have to collect our bags and connect with a United Flight to Canada at 5pm (17.00) This gives us a 2 1/2 hours between flights (with 2 children). How long does it take to walk or do we get on a shuttle from terminal 2 to terminal 7. Any advice would be appreciated


im coming from sydney on Qantas and arrive at 9.45 am . I need to book a flight to San Diego on American Airlines so how long will it take to get thru customs and security so i make the flight on time

karen (not verified)

I will be picking someone up from lax today. flight is an international flight arriving at terminal 7, united airlines.
Will they go throough customs and immigration at terminal 7 and come out at terminal 6, or will they come out at the Tom Bradly building (4)?

Anonymous (not verified)

someone asked me what the X stands for in LAX and I still dont have an answer for him.. so, what is it?

Anonymous (not verified)

"X" as added to LAX is the equivalent of a nonsense syllable. It means nothing. (Also added to PDX for Portland, OR.) All airport designators must have three letters, so if two are all that is needed to properly designate the city, an X is added to make it three.

Anonymous (not verified)

I will arrive LAX on Quantas from Auckland at 6:30 am Terminal 4. My connection fly is 8:00 am with Continental (Terminal 6). Will I have enough time?

Anonymous (not verified)

How did this work out?

How long did it take to get through customs and get to you gate?

Anonymous (not verified)

First of all, Quantas fly QF25 from Auckland arrives LAX at Terminal B (Tom Bradley international terminal), not terminal 4 and on average it is at the gate 15 minutes early. You will likely have 1 hour and 45 minutes to clear customs and make connection. I would suggest you to take taxi from terminal B to Terminal 6 (2 or 3 minutes drive) instead of wasting 15 to 20 minutes walking or taking shuttle bus. (Be sure to tip taxi driver generously)

Anonymous (not verified)

With luck you will make it. Quantas fly QF25 from Auckland arrives LAX on average 15 minutes early, so you will be likely to have 1 hours 45 minutes to clear customs and make connection. My suggestion is you should take taxi from Terminal B for 2 or 3 minute drive to Terminal 6, instead of wasting 15 or 20 minutes walking or taking shuttle bus. (Be sure to tip taxi driver generously)

Anonymous (not verified)

My sister is flying into LAX on Sunday, 6/13 on El Al. I have never traveled internationally and am trying to guage how long it will take her to get "out" once she's landed. If her flight lands at 6:35 am, should I expect to see her by 8:00 am? Is there a better estimate of time than an hour and a half? Also, is the international baggage area accessible to the public or does she have to get her bag as part of the exit process? She has mobility issues and I'm concerned about this also.

Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

It usually takes me around 45 minutes to clear immigration. Sometimes it can take up to an hour on a slow day. So, maybe it's best that you are ready to meet her around 7:15 to 7:30.

Lot's of luck

Anonymous (not verified)

i will be at lax all day .. is there a waiting area or a restraunt with ac i can use to charge my laptop ??

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi there...I am flying into Terminal 2 with NZ on Friday and then will be connecting onto AC within 2 hours for a flight to Vancouver. I have been told that upon arrival we will be put on a bus to be transferred to the Tom Bradley terminal to clear customs after which we will then need to walk back to Terminal 2 to catch our connecting flight (not far I believe). As I am responsible for a group of 33 people I would just like to verify if this is correct? Also, if this is the case, do we carry our bags back to Terminal 2 or will there be an AC desk in Tom Bradley to drop our bags back to? Thank you in anticipation.

Anonymous (not verified)

Is there a way to avoid going through security again transfering between American, terminal 4, and United, terminal 7?

Kit (not verified)

I'm catching a flight from Sydney to london via LA with v Australia and virgin Atlantic. My ticket info says I arrive at terminal 2 (but I'm told they arrive at the Tom Bradley international terminal) and my virgin Atlantic flight leaves out of terminal 3. I have four hours in between flights and I purchased my ticket from the travel agent. Do I have to pickup and recheck in my baggage? And will I have enough time to get to the other terminal?

Anonymous (not verified)


I am a first traveler to LAX airport. How do i get from the terminal which we land with V Australia to get to the terminal connecting flight with American Airlines??

how long does it take to walk around???

what do we do, to get there?

Anonymous (not verified)

I want to store my bag(s) for a few days at LAX where do I do it and how much does it cost? Also which termianl is Alaska airlines uses. Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

My friends will be arr from Korean Airlines at 9A and will need to connect to United at 1230P for a domestic flight out. I don't know distances between international and domestic terminals with these planes. Do yu think they would have enough time from Immigration in LAX and transfer to United for the domestic departure?