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Los Angeles International Airport
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Jhn (not verified)

Could you please tell me how much time it takes arriving from europe to LA term B and having to catch a plan term 4 for Hawaii. As a european ev, with ESTA, it may take longer and the next flight leaves exactly 2 hours after my hour of arrival. Is it ok? whats the best way, shuttle? foot?Rushing after a 12:40 flight is not easy..In advance thank you

Kit (not verified)

Hey all, I'll be arriving at LAX on a Saturday, late morning, How easy is it for me to get public transit to downtown area?

I'll also be stopping there on my way back from another trip with a 12 hour layover. Is there anything I can do within those 12 hours? Do they have locker rentals?


hollylans (not verified)

Hi ,
my mom is 71 yrs old and traveled by herself from LAX to Taipe . She lost her wallet at gate 122 before boarding Eva around 1 : 55 AM on 8/26/2011 the wallet had over 3, 000 U.S dollars cash and gold . she reported the airplane service right away,and I reported to LAX police . there are no answers . what is next action i should take to help my mother , she is so much upset about it??? thanks

Sheri (not verified)

Lost on August 27th at LAX. Green Hulk backpack with the name Jess Weiner on it. Please email if you find it, thank you!

Anonymous (not verified)

I will arrive lax from thailand on sep14 at 0900pm and have a domestics connecting flight to seattle on sep15 at 0930am by virgin airlines. Can we reload our checked luggage for virgin airlines and going out to stay at hotel and come back for checkin on sep15? How many hours can we reload our luggage for transit pax who stay overnight and wait for connecting flight?

Erin (not verified)

I was at LAX today and observed a young girl emptying the entire contents of her suitcase into a trash can. As it turns out she did not have enough money to be able to pay for her luggage so she threw away all her belongings in the suitcase. 4-5 security people stood and watched this while the young girl sobbed and they did nothing. They offered no assistance or advise. After all her clothes, shoes etc were thrown away and she started to make her way to her gate via security, a security official instructed someone to have a janitor come empty the trash so nothing could come back on them. My sisters and I paid for her luggage and some nice gentleman who had been observing as well helped us take her clothes back out of the trash and put back in her suitcase. I want to know who the hell I can contact in regards to this pathetic behavior on the part of airport security

Anonymous (not verified)

Appalling. What have we become? So sweet of you to assist her

Anonymous (not verified)

I don't see how this is an airport security issue. That's something between the airline and the passenger. I don't see any security threats by emptying clothing articles into a garbage can. If airport security were to pay for every passenger who needs to check an additional bag they would have to borrow a couple thousands a week just break even. But just for mere curiosity; what would you suggest TSA do in this case?? You did a great thing.


I don't know who you contact but I want to thank you for what a wonderful thing you did. The world needs more people like you because there aren't many left. Thanks again.

Anonymous (not verified)

You can maybe try TSA? Thanks for doing such a kind thing. We need more people like you in this world.

Anonymous (not verified)

My wife is coming in on LAX on Lasca flight 604
on 8/10/2011 at terminal 2. Flight arrives near midnight and I wonder if they would be bussed to Tom Bradley terminal for Customs. I want to meet her and if I should go to the Tom Bradley terminal.


I left my sony vaio vgn-fz290 laptop at terminal 2 security checkpoint!!! It was on Friday Aug. 5 around 4:30 - 5pm! I was traveling to London on Virgin Atlantic!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you have any information call:

760.534.4849 or
760.409.9710 or send email:


My mother is in the end of her life stage where she is being cared for back home in Rochester, ny.I Live in Los angles California , I need to be with her in her final days alive. My automobile was broken into last week and the thirds got my laptop,a guitar,and my wallet that had no cash in it but my only piece of identification that I posed .can anyone please tell me how I can satisfy airport security of my orebody and be allowed to board the plane enroute to my mother that awaits me for her comfort in he final days. I am scheduled to leave lax on Monday morning.what can I do to assure my acceptance on the plane without any grief. Please help us.thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if I am able to leave a bag in a locker at LAX airport and if so how much it would cost? (It only needs to be for 2 days.


Hi all.
I arrive at TBIT at 4:40 PM and i am supposed to have a connecting plane at T7 (United) at 7:25 PM. Do you think i have a chance ... I think it can be a little short...

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, I was travelling from LAX to Sydney on V Australia on Monday, July 25th, terminal 34. I left a pair of leather, orange flat sandals in the terminal bathroom area. If found please let me know or does anyone know another way to contact the airport for lost items? Thanks.


I'm flying from Pittsburgh to Sydney. I'll be arriving at LAX with an hour and a half to get through customs, I imagine grab my bag and get it rechecked, and get from terminal 7 to B. Keep in mind I'll be arriving at 9pm to LAX so it's off peak hours I believe. Is it dooable?

Anonymous (not verified)

I read on the LAX website that if you arrive into TBIT that you do not need to exit and reenter security if your connecting flight is in terminal 1,2 or 3? Can anyone confirm this?

I arrive into TBIT from MEX at 6:15pm and have 1.5 hours before my connecting flight leaves from terminal 1. No checked bags, just a carry on and I'll print my boarding pass for the connecting flight in advance. Think I'll make it?

Anonymous (not verified)

Is there a pharmacy at lax?

Aussie (not verified)

I am arriving with Air Canada from Vancouver into terminal 8 and need to go through customs before departing from terminal 4 on Qantas for Australia ... how much time does it take between terminals? Will I have enough time if there is two hours 40 minutes between flights? thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

You will clear US Customs in Vancouver. Plenty of time at LAX

Kb (not verified)

Just wondering if you had enough time and made your flight? I'm going to try make a flight with 2 hours. Will have to go through customs as well as I'll be entering the States then flying straight out to Houstan.


I am coming in on Air Tahiti 10:15 am (assuming its on time) Terminal B and need to transfer to an Air Canada flight at 1:25 pm Terminal 2. What is the fastest way to do this? Does everybody have to claim their baggage first, or can you check it through (from Tahiti to Toronto)? My flights are on a Sunday after Labor Day. Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

Is there a western union agent at LAX?

Pasin Maapaisansin (not verified)

Hello. My name is Pasin from Thailand. My passport number is R-731464. I travelled from Los Angeles to Bangkok on 1 June 2011 with TG-795. I forgot a SONY VAIO green laptop computer at the security check point. It is in the pink soft case. I called TSA lost and found many times and left the message to the answering machine. However, there was no response from them. Could you please do me a favor passing this message to the right person to contact me and advise how to get it back. The laptop contains a lot of significant information about my education. So, I really need it. You can also contact my mum by "". My cell phone number is +66858102500, and +66819276401 is my mum's. I'm grateful to your help. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Pasin M.


Arriving from Holland with my dog on KLM. I have all the papers required. Where will I pick him up and what if any special process happens when we arrive? It's a long flight so wondering what happens when I arrive. First time traveling with a pet.

Anonymous (not verified)

Next week, i departure from LA to taipei. I want to buy Ipad 2 at Airport (duty free). Where is store in airport sales Ipad2.

Jenny Holloway (not verified)

Whilst waiting at Gate 57 at LAX on May 10, 10pm, for Delta flight 17 to board my daughter lost her new (2 weeks old) apple Mac laptop between or on the seat at the boarding gate lounge. It is in a newly purchased navy blue/Grey sleeve with blue lining. Please reply if you may have it or find it & I will organize postage. We live in Sydney, Australia. Thank you in anticipation.


Hi, I Left a Black I phone 3 on Flight VA 11 on the 8th of March 2011, which was flying from Sydney, the flight got in to LAX at 8.45 am. is there and chance you have it?? Thank You!


I will be arriving in terminal 3 and departing out of terminal 4. Is there a way to get to terminal 4 without going out of security and back in?

Anonymous (not verified)

Travelling LAX to BNA mid day Sun 17th Southwest Terminal. Security line diverted to auxilliary screening area to handle the volume. I have hip replacements which set off metal detectors. Upon reaching the head of the line, I saw no body scanners. Did I have an option to ask not to go thru the metal detectors? If so, did I have a right to ask to be taken at the front of the line in the area in which the scanners were? It wouldn't be much of a choice if I had to go to the end of the line stretching out the building and down the sidewalk for several hundred feet as I would risk missing my flight. Instead, I endured an "enhanced body search". I promise, you want to avoid these if possible. Anybody with a similar experience or advice?

Anonymous (not verified)

If I am arriving at LAX via allegiant and flying out via frontier and i have already checked in in advance can i just go to the frontier gate or do i have to go through security? My flight comes in 20 minutes before i need to be on the next one. How far is it from the allegiant gate to the frontier gate? Thanks so much!!

Valerie (not verified)

My parents are visiting USA and arriving at LAX on a Monday at 6:55pm. I understand that they need to get their luggage and go through customs before they can go check in for their domestic flight out of LAX to ABQ. The problem is, I was wondering if there would be sufficient time to get their luggage and go through customs within one hour? Their domestic flight from LAX to ABQ requires them to check in latest by 7:55pm. And this is not a connecting flight.

I would really appreciate any input I can get in regards to this matter.


Anonymous (not verified)

Valerie, this is not sufficient time to make this connection as the lines in International Terminal immigration are often long and get longer again when you have to clear security for the next flight. Would suggest 2 hours minimum and 3 to be safe. Hope this helps.


Arrive LAX from Mexico with about two hours to connect with a European flight with a different carrier. Do I have to clear US customs first? Is there anything I can do to expedite?

World Traveler (not verified)

Yes, When arriving from an international destination & the first United States airport that you arrive into, You do have to clear passport control & customs since all USA airports don't have transit hall (International arrivals only) in them due to security issues, etc... Allow extra time to recheck baggage,etc since you have to once again clear airport security before you can continue onto your connecting flight.... (Remember all duty-free liquids have to be put into your check baggage after customs before rechecking in your baggage since you can't take it with you though airport security)...

Enjoy the trip & happy/safe travels....


I will be arriving at gate 53A and depart from gate 75A.... is 55 minutes long enough to make my connection? Is there a quick way to get between these gates?

jacqueaad (not verified)

would like to know if Tom Bradley is terminal B.We would also like to know how long it takes to get to Terminal 3 ( walking).I have noticed as well that you don't mention V Australia in the list of Airlines.


As I will be travelling to the USA late March, Could someone please help me out...
I will be flying with United Airlines from Melbourne, Australia via Sydney and then via SFO to LAX with a 3.30 hr layover in SFO. On arrival in SFO will I need to collect my luggage & go thru customs or will it go straight thru to LAX?

Anonymous (not verified)

On arrival in SFO, you need to collect luggage & go thru customs. Then TSA check again before boarding to LAX.


PLEASE HELP - Will 2hrs 15min be enough time to clear customs from T4 LAX pick up bag then depart from T7 or T8? What is quickest way to get to T7/T8?


Last Friday with Delta at lost electronic equipment, Brower timing system around 10PM, it is in a small suitcase (red and black with a zipper on top)

NicoleL (not verified)

I'm arriving from Syd QF flight arriving terminal 4 LAX at 10am. Will I have enough time to clear customs and pick up baggage to get a flight at terminal 7 LAX leaving 12.45 including check in baggage?

Diane (not verified)

My name is Diane , I was at LAX airport January
28th checking in at Terminal 7 for gate 75 around 7:30p.m. I left my Laptop at the security checkpoint. Ive called
TSA a ton of times and left a bunch of messages, I know you guys are
super busy but PLease Please PLease let me know if someone is looking
into this matter. I can give you whatever information you may need to locate my laptop.

Please Please Please PLEASE help. I can be reached at 503-680-5323 or 630 584 5567 Thank you sooo much in advance,

J Powell

On the 2nd of January 2011 I caught a flight (American Airlines) from JFK airport to LAX. I then caught a connecting Qantas flight from LAX to Brisbane airport. When I had arrived in Brisbane I was told that my bag was still in LAX (although my husbands bag had arrived) and that it would be sent out a day later...

When my bag arrived at my house, I discovered it had been broken into while awaiting transit at LAX. My neatly packed bag was a mess.

A fund raiser- a breast cancer pink pocket knife given to me by my favourite uncle in NYC who has been courageously battling cancer for the past five years, two handbags, a travel hairdryer, my battery recharger for my camera, and two boxes of Floris soaps (a present for my 94 year old grandmother) were all removed from my bag. I also had an artists' wooden hand - a present for my son. I had closed it into a fist to make it easier to pack- but when I opened the bag the "robber" had modelled it into a rude middle finger pose. Very funny.

Who ever you are- perhaps an employee of LAX baggage handlers??- keep the rest and good luck to you- but please send the pocket knife back to me. I will even send you another to replace the one you stole from me- after all the pocket knife would mean nothing to you- but means so much to me.

mdow (not verified)

Hey i was just wondering how much time you had after you landed in lax to go get your baggage then go get checked into you internally flight? how much time should i have for all of that?

Todd (not verified)

Welcome to LAX, dirty, poor service and have I mentioned dirty?! Sitting in the Presidents Lounge for Continental Airlines I am amazed at how dirty, backward and such poor customer service this airport displays. Prague airport and the terminal 1 in Budapest are better!

Anonymous (not verified)

Can I bring alcohol bottles from mexico? if so is there a limit?


I need to page a passenger and the number is always busy.

Erin Galligan (not verified)

this is a shot in the dark...but my passport was lost leaving the international arrivals on 11/22. name is Erin Galligan, USA PP, DOB 11/24/1982...if you found it can you please email me

fingers crossed, thanks.