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LAX Address

Los Angeles International Airport
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Los Angeles Airport Parking - You can use two types of parking: Economy LAX Airport Parking (Parking Lot B and C) or Terminal LAX Airport Parking in the Central Terminal Area more

LAX Airport Car Rental - Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones. Car rental companies that operate at airport are: Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz more

Los Angeles LAX Airport Terminals - There are 9 operating airline terminals ...

Directions to Los Angeles International Airport

Anonymous (not verified)

Is a hotel,across from the airport. I would like to see LA.

romulo solis (not verified)

hello my uncle took a plane to aguascalientes today in the mornig, he should be there already but we dont know wat happen

Anonymous (not verified)

My ticket name is incrrect name. It is just a spelling miss. It would can allowed to aboard???

Anonymous (not verified)

You have to make sure your name on your ticket is the same as your passport or government Id. If it is not the same as your government I'd you have. Change the reservation to the correct name on your ticket.

Lissa (not verified)

How much time do I need to allow to transfer from LAX international (flying in from Sydney Australia) to LAX domestic termininal for a connecting flight to Vegas?
And, if we miss our flight do you have to pay for another one?


This site only gives from Santa Barbara or Irvine???????

Anonymous (not verified)

I will arrive from Sydney July at terminal 5 by Delta and then next delta flight to SLC. Pls let me know whether I should collect my luggage before proceeding to board the domestic Delta to SLC.
Please advise the proper procedure for US customs check, and luggage check in/out?

Anonymous (not verified)

I am flying into LAX and need to catch another flight to San Fran. They are not organised as a transit and will be with separate airline providers. How much time do I need to factor in between the flights?


Can you tell me how to go about transfering from AA T4 to Int'l terminal. We have 2.5 hours to connect with our flight to Sydney. What kind of time will we need to pick up luggage, transfer terminals and check in with qantas?

Anonymous (not verified)


Anonymous (not verified)

We are flying AA into LA from Toronto and connecting to a Qantas flight to Sydney Australia. Any idea if we will need to pick up our bags or will they be sent on from our first check in. How long will we need to do US customs and immigration and will we need to change terminals? If so how do we do this and how much time do we need. According to our tickets we only have 2.5 hours between flights.

jeymal (not verified)

i want to know how much it is to check in a 32" flat screen tv, and how do i pack it, where going to manila on feb 25, tnx


How early should I arrive for Cathay pacific lax to Hong Kong in October 2012?

Anonymous (not verified)

I will be going to Hong Kong for LAX with Cathay Pacific. How early should I get the airport and are there problems with the construction in of Bradley terminal?


just a question. I will arrive from aukcland new zealand in T2 at 10h30 AM and have a domestic flight in T5 at 1h15 PM (13h15) I have around 2h45min and have 2 children with me and (I think) only one suitcase + hand luggages, I am not an amreican citizen .....Do you think its enough for the time or do you think I must change my domestic flight???
thanks for your reply

Monica (not verified)

Does anyone know how to reach AA at LAX. I have a disabled traveler that I dropped off and they wheeled her to her gate. It is boarding and I just received notification of a gate change. I am concerned that the airport people that wheeled her to the gate will not realize that she is at a gate for the wrong flight.
I am freaking out as I have no way to reach her and the LAX website is no help whatsoever!
Please Help

LT Alex Cassady (not verified)

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4fins (not verified)


I am flying to Vancouver with Delta in two weeks time. The flight leaves Brisbane Australia at 0730 an arrives LAX Terminal 5 at 1115. There is a transit time of 3.5 hours then change to another Delta fight to Salt Lake City. Two more hours of waiting at the Salt Lake city Terminal 2 before boarding another Delta flight to Vancouver. My queries are
1. As an international passenger arriving at LAX do I need to go through the US Customs and collect my luggage before proceeding to board the domestic Delta or is there a cordoned off area for transit passengers as in some Australian airports. Is 3.5 hours enough time to clear customs, check in etc at LAX ?

2. There is a free checked in baggage allowance of 23 kg for international passenger. Does this apply to the LAX – Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake City legs as well?

Thanks in anticipation.

Malia (not verified)

I have booked a flight from BNA to SYD, via American+Qantas with a less than 2 hour connection in LAX. Arriving Term. 4, Dept. Term B. Will I have to retrieve my luggage from my first leg from BNA to LAX then check in again from LAX to SYD, or will they check my bags all the way through? Is under 2 hours enough time to transfer from Term. 4 to Term. B and go through security, etc? I assume I have to get out of security and re-enter in Term. B?

Anonymous (not verified)

Can someone take me through the steps of getting from terminal 4 to tbit to atn terminal?




I will arrive 9:30P.M. from terminal 4.Going to TBIT for flight on ATN at 11:30P.M. Is this enough time to get to ATN check-in? Will plane wait if delayed for some reason?


i arrive in terminal 2 at 13.20 and i have my connection flight at 16.30 in tom bradley terminal. how long does it take to change terminal, police control and customs?

Mei (not verified)


I will be flying in via SQ to LAX at 1150hrs. Connecting Southwest flight to Las Vegas at 1500hrs.

How do i transfer to my connecting flight? Clear customs at Intl' aiport, take luggage and then take shuttle bus to Terminal 1(?) for Southwest flight? Enough time to do all this?

Many thanks!

Dave Becks (not verified)

It will take at least 1.5 hours to clear US Immigration and Customs. With Southwest Airline, you will not be able to check-in your luggage all the way to Las Vegas. You will have to re-check it at Southwest counter at Terminal 1. Don't worry, bags fly free on Southwest.

From the international terminal walk north and Terminal 1 is the furtherst out. Don't waste your time with Airport shuttle, walking is faster.

Yes, you will have ample time. Good luck!

jhart2 (not verified)

Our teenage daughter will be dropped off at the LAX airport for her return flight. Will it be hard for her to find Terminal 1?


Anyone have any idea if we can get a VAT or GST refund at LAX?


I recently booked a flight from Phoenix to LAX, arriving at Terminal 5 at 1528, in order to connect with a flight in Terminal 2 at 2130. However, I was notified tonight (4 days before my flight!) that the flight was moved up to 1735. Is 2 hours, 7 minutes enough time to make it between terminals 5 and 2? Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)


I will be leaving from LAX to PHX on 4/27, but need to know where i can self park and how to get there. Not sure what would be the closes parking to terminal 5.


Anonymous (not verified)

Can u fly from LAX with under 1 ounce of marijuana, with proper documentation. With it in your checked luggage.?

SAM (not verified)

I have got a few boxes coming into LAX from out of the country through Emirates frieght and I was trying to find out how long approx would it take to clear customs ?, can I pick it up over the weekend? and finally what number do i need to call to check up on this. I have been trying to get through to LAX but no response . Can anyone shed some light please.


Or, does anyone know where I can get this information, who to contact? About the pet dog requirements, from Russia..for Immigration..

thanks, again..


My finance will be bringing her small dog, from Russia, in two months.. Does anyone know what the requirements are, besides prior, 30 day Rabies Vaccination, for LAX Customs, for dogs? I hear she may also need a "chip" to show country of origin, for her pet. But I can get no information, for the customs specifically at LAX.



Dear Sir,

My Wife and I will be arriving at LAX on 12 Mar 12 around 12:50 on Singapore Airlines flight SQ12. Can someone tell me at which terminal that flight arrives?

Kind regards
Dr Pieter Berveling

Uma (not verified)

Dr. Pieter,
Please see the link below for lax terminal map Singapore airline will be in " Tom Bradley Int’l Terminal (Terminal B)

Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself in LA.


Lost prescription eyeglasses in black Costco eyeglass case lost in Lax Feb 11th.If my eyeglasses are found please contact through this site.

LeeLee123 (not verified)

Hi, I am planning to fly into LAX with my 3 daughters (youngest is 19 mo) in the next few weeks. I will probably have 7 suitcases, and it will be tricky to get my luggage, get through customs and recheck it all. I see there is something called 'Skycaps' of which I am not familiar. Can I expect help in this situation, and from whom? Or should I make other plans to get all my luggage in (ie freight)?



Hi was wondering if you could shed some light on the booking website Car Rentals 8 i have read some bad reports about scamming. Any information would be great. Thanks

Nat (not verified)

Does anyone know of any luggage storage places in or around the airport?
Or has anyone had any reviews on


Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, Does anyone know where China Airlines is??


I'm arriving at terminal 1 tomorrow and catching a flight from terminal2. Can someone give me directions? Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

We are looking to book a flight on Southwest from Tucson to LAX and then going onto to Manila, Phillipines on Phillipine Air. We are wondering how much time we need to allow for the connection at LAX both on inbound and outbound--we found tickets that would work but the LAX time for the returning connections (arriving from Manila into LAX and then getting over to SW airlines) is 1 hour 45 minutes and we are wondering if that will be enough time--the ticket is for a 79 year old man--who is in pretty good health but couldn't do any "sprints!" thru the airport.

Anonymous (not verified)

I was wondering how easy it is to go through united's security? I usually fly southwest and it's a breeze getting checked in and through security. Is it the same for each airline? Do they each have their own security check point?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi i'll be in LAX tom for my flight tomorrow and i'll be bringing 2 laptops and 1 hand-carry. will it be possible that I may have to surrender one of my laptops?

Parked around 5:30 am Oct. 30, 2011. Left around 8:30 am same day. Attendant took my ticket and said 8.00. Gave him a $20 and he gave me $9.00 change. After checking, I was overcharged and didn't receive the correct change. I asked him about the change and he yelled, I gave you your change!

Of course you are in a line and don't want to hold up other cars. The attendant was black, heavy, had hard time even reaching for my ticket and had a bad eye. I felt bad because he could have been disabled and lucky to have a job.

Later I got angry because I felt ripped off and since there is nobody to report him to on site, he could be making a little extra money on the side. I am sorry if he is handicapped, but I thought you should know if he is not able to make the correct change or if he is dishonest. As a senior citizen, I can use all my change.

Anonymous (not verified)

if someone is detained by customs in lax where will they be sent to what jail?

Anonymous (not verified)

My boyfriend is arriving back home at LAX the day before I do and would like to retrieve my car from the off-site parking to drive himself home with (and then pick me up the next day!). Where can I leave the key for him at the airport?


Lost a red folder holding two certificates from Industrial Hygiene Class. Left in seat back on US Airways flight 1437, from Charlotee, in 6C, on Friday, September 16 at 8:30 pm. I went to lost luggage and the employee said he went to the plane and could not find it. I know it was there. It was slightly wedged under the tray. He was gone some time and longer than it should have taken. I am doubting he actually went and looked. If you happened to find it please contact me. Thanks. BTW: I hope to never fly US Airways again. Not a feel good experience. I used to only fly this airline and after the merger with American West service got bad. Want more info? Contact me about the flight attendants.

Anonymous (not verified)

How long does it generally take to clear customs at 7am on a weekday

Amanda (not verified)

I travel to china quite frequently for work. Last month going through customs the guy asked for my drivers license in addition to my passport, found this odd in an uncomfortable way, told him I only travel with my passport, as my DL in china is obsolete, duh! He made me pull out everything in my wallet and says why do you have so many credit cards, I said I have 3, Amex, mc, visa because when you travel some countries only accept certain cards, he looked at me like I was nuts. Then I was thinking after he let me through, he was good looking, not my type, mind you I looked like a hot mess in my eyes, why the hell would he need my license, is he planning to stalk me, truly made me uncomfortable. Is this standard to ask someone for their DL and credit cards...... Wtf? Traveled everywhere for the past 10 years and never was asked for this. Anyone know why? Thoughts?


Please file a complaint with TSA. This is not standard procedure. ID is all that is required. Something does not sound right here. I hope you took the persons name or it will be unlikely anything can be done.